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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Scene 10- Forgive me, She Did What?

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Scene 10- Forgive Me, She Did What?

 Police station -

 Officer John and Navy Officer James are in Sergeant Ritchie's office talking. Jake comes walking into the room after being lead by the assistant. He steps inside the room and looks at the three of them sat togehter discussing Danielle's case)

Jake: Have you found my baby girl yet?

(James gets up off his seat and walks over to Jake)

James: No not yet, We have spoke to a lot of people and no one seems to know anything or be connected in any way.

Jake: How is that possible?

Sergeant Ritchie: What did you find out from that Rachel girl? anything useful?

Officer John: Well she had a boyfriend by the name of Steve. We were planning on questioning him next. 

Jake: Wait a minute (pause) I know that kid. He's my sons friend he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Sergeant Ritchie: It wouldn't hurt to talk to him.

Jake: Please, hurry up and find my girl.

Sergeant Ritchie: both of you go home( Looks to Jake and James)

James: No I'm staying

Sergeant Ritchie: That's an order.

(Jake and James walk out of the police station  and walk towards Jake's car. They get into the car and head towards Jake's house not knowing what else to do with themselves)( Whilst Sergeant Ritchie and Officer john headed to Steve )House. They get out of their car and look up at he house, the walk over to the front door and knock. They wait patiently before Steve opens up the door and looks surprised to see them. 

Sergeant Ritchie: I'm Sergeant Ritchie and (looks to officer john) this is one of my officers John, we are from the Los Angeles Police Department. Does Steve Evens live here?

Steve: That would be me, How may i help you?

Officer John; We are here to ask questions about Danielle Backworth.

Steve: Come on in, Is she okay? ( he opens up the door allowing them inside and leads them off into the kitchen) 

Sergeant Ritchie: You don't know do you?

Steve: Know what? What's going on? ( he looks at them having no idea why they are here at his door. I just boiled the kettle, do you want some tea?

Sergeant Ritchie: No thank you 

( Officer John shakes his head no and Steve takes a mug off the drying rack to use) 

officer John: when was the last time you saw Danielle?

( Steve making the tea)

Steve: Honestly the day before she went to move away to San Francisco. ( he holds his cup in his hands and leans on the counter while talking to the officers) 

Sergeant Ritchie:  When was the last time you spoke to her.

Steve: Emm it must have been a while now, I got a text message from her ( He pulls his phone out of his pocket and Shows them the message) saying "Hi babe,me and my dad are going to our old family cabin for a wee while. I don't get phone service there so i will message you when i get back so we can meet up."

Officer John: Did you not find it suspicious that two weeks have went by with out hearing from her.

Steve: Honestly no, Danielle and her dad are very adventurous,one time they went to Paris for a whole month. Some times when me and her would have a bad day, we would pack our bags and go up to the cabin because we knew there was no cell service, it was peace and quiet for us.

Sergeant Ritchie: wait (pause) You haven't spoke to anyone, Rachel? Callum? Jake?

Steve: No what's going on? ( really concerned feeling like hes missing something) Why would i have needed to speak to them?

Officer John: There is no easy way to say this but (Pause) Danielle was kidnapped. We don't know where she is.

( Steve lifts his head to look at them in shock at hearing the news having had no idea she was gone.) 

Steve: Why am i just hearing of this now. Is she okay? Do you have any information about her whereabouts?

Sergeant Ritchie; Unfortunately not.

Steve: Well do something . FIND HER! ( He shouts at them in anger at one only being told about it now and the fact that she is still missing and it appears that the police have nothing to go on) 

Officer John: We are trying our best.

(Sergeant Ritchie's phone goes off and he takes it out of his pocket and walks a little away from them) 

Sergeant Ritchie: This is Sergeant Ritchie how may i help?( pause  for 10 seconds ) we will be right there.

(Sergeant Ritchie  walks back over to the pair) 

Steve: Is everything alright?

Sergeant Ritchie: We are needed back at the station Officer John 

Steve: Is it about Danielle? Has she been found?

Sergeant Ritchie; I'm afraid not but we really must get going. 

( Sergeant Rtichie and Officer John walk out of the house leaving Steve with his thoughts making him wonder why no one told him that his girlfriend was missing. ) 

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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