Chapter 10: Chapter 10-

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 10- 

I can hear them talking in the halls, everyone making comments to each other about me. About what i have been through . They all come in with sympathy in their eyes and are sweet as they talk to me. I wish i could say i took pleasure in these small talks but it's always one sided. When ever i go try and speak the nurses and doctors urge me to be quiet and that it's not the right time. They say it could take four to six weeks for my vocal cords to heal properly and if i try and talk too soon it will only make the recovery time longer and more painful. It's not something that i wanted to hear and it infuriates me to the bone but my grandpa takes pleasure in the silence i'm sure.  Although often he looks at me as if he is longing for me to speak which i never do. The doctors keep sedatives locked up for in case i have another panic attack or episode as i call it. The doctor came back and told me that although he understands why it happened that i need to be sure it doesn't happen again as it will be only causing more danger to myself. He says he understands but how could he?

He hasn't been in my position, knows not of what i feel or the nightmares that wrack my brain as i sleep. He does not see the faces that haunt my sleep or how i feel locked in a cage with no sign of escape. Once he leaves the nurses show more care, perhaps it's because they know and have seen what i go through at night. The trembles, the sweats, the screams that plague my sleep. They see the terror in my eyes when they accidentally wake me in the night to perform my obs. They wipe the tears i cry away as i wish for death. He understands nothing of what i feel, nothing of what i have been through. 

The conversation becomes louder in the hall as i hear "She needs to be told the truth." I can't help but listen to what is being said. Being here has turned me into a nosy old lady who is desperate to have a bit of gossip to keep me going through the day. I stare at the wall ahead of me unable to turn to look out the window as much as it tempts me "If it's truly her, then her family deserves to know the truth. They have every right to see her"

"And if it is her decision. If she doesn't wish to see them they should leave but if she wished to see them, then they are more than welcome. I have stated that from the beginning" The voice becomes more familiar. The rustiness and hoarse from lack of sleep. 

"And how is she to make a choice if she doesn't know the truth." A female voice becomes clearer as they stand by the room door. 

"And how many times do you need to be told, When the doctor thinks she is fit enough she will be told" His voice is angered, it's not often i hear him speak in such a tone but when he does it's often a losing battle." Or are you along with them incompetent that you would put her life at risk." 

"In case you have forgotten this is a hospital where patients need quiet and peace. If you cannot lower you voices and abide by our rules we have no other choice but to ask you to leave" Nurse Ricks announces to them clear as day. A small curl forms at the side of my mouth by this. 

The voices become hushed and i watch as my grandpa re-enters my room with a fresh cup of coffee in his hand. I have so many thoughts inside my head, so much i wanted to know but i don't think i'll like what i hear. Why else would they hide something from me for so long? They are trying to protect me. I push my nurses button as my grandpa takes a seat beside me "Are you okay?" he asks in a hurried and quick voice. His face growing with concern as he looks at me. 

I reach over and pick up the white board and pen from the table and begin to write "Doctor Charlie?" I blink my eyes twice to my grandpa but i'm unaware if he saw or not. 

The nurse hurries in and makes her way toward me "Are you alright Miss Parrino?" Her voice so angelic as she speaks. I turn the board to face her allowing her to read it "Ah, i'll go have a look" She makes her way back out the room saying no more and i keep my eyes on The Boss. Ever since he has been here he has been so tense so on edge. He often leaves for work but tries to limit it till night time when he knows his presence here is not needed as i sleep most of the time. I know he knows who it was, the carvings are familiar to him. The sound of the bottom of heeled dress shoes click against the ground as they enter my room and as i see him he smiles at me. 

"Looking good today Ainsley. Have you done something different with you hair?" He jokes with me which makes it easier to get through the day when he's not complaining to me. "What can i do for you?"

I clear my board once again and respond with "What are you hiding from me?" I show them both and they both give each other the same look. Both uncertain if they should talk or remain in silence. I clear the board "If you don't tell me, i will get one of those detectives down her and tell me." This however has no effect on them "I know you think i'm not strong enough. That i have been through too much to know or that it will cause a break down but i need to know".

Doctor Charlie sighs as he looks my way "Tell her" he then looks toward me "But if you start having a panic attack or a break down remember we tried to delay in telling you. To protect you." 

I blink my eyes twice towards him and raise my left hand showing only my thumbs up. I understood what he was saying and he is right, I'd only have myself to blame. I'm pushing them to do this because i can no longer take the unknowing. 

"There's no way to say this" Grandpa starts to speak and my eyes turn to him "My sweet Ainsley. I just want you to know that I Love You, I Love You for who you are. You Ainsley are my grand-baby and you will always be my grand-baby" 

I smile at him and reach my hand out for him to take a hold, initially he hesitates but leans forward and holds it gently in his hand. He leans his body forward and presses his lips against the smooth skin on my hand before resting his other hand on top. 

"We both know Mother isn't a good person. You know the reason i left her all those years ago. I couldn't understand her, her obsessions, her behaviours. She was everything i hated and for a father to say that about their child is wrong i know but i have no love for her. No loyalty. When you were five years old your Mother came knocking at my door and i was going to turn her away until i saw you. So young as you clung onto her body, cold from the air and i let her in. I allowed her to stay for the sake of you. Without long i grew to love you, as you grew i began to notice some things. You were nothing like your Mother. You showed more love in your heart in a week than she had in a year and perhaps that's why i loved you so dearly because you reminded me of nothing of her. You didn't look like her, act like her. You have physically nothing in common with her and i thought perhaps you were just luck to gain all your fathers attributes"

I remain in silence listening to his story as his voice creaks more as he talks "Within the first week i knew the words she spoke was not the truth and she confessed that your parents had died in a car crash. She told me she had taken you in because she was close with your parents and couldn't bare to leave you alone. .... I didn't know....When you arrived at the hospital your DNA was taken and when run through the database two identity's appeared. One is you and one who was reported missing Thirteen years ago by her father."

I screw up my face at this revelation, this can't be right. My fathers dead, died at sea when i was four. "Angela was married to a man when she was younger, the relationship ended badly and i believe she stole you from your father out of spite . She is not your biological Mother but she did legally adopt you as her own." 

My mouth drops open in shock. How could this be real? "The police have been in touch with your biological family and if you want to meet them then it is entirely your decision. They have been here every day since they found out the news. Your fathers name is Jake and he works in the navy. Your mother's name is shawyna. Your granddad is also there and he goes by the name of James. You also have a brother in the navy."

My eyes rush around the room as i absorb this information "Grandpa, How did this happen?" I write to him as the tears form in my eyes" how could she do that to me?" 

He shakes his head to me "I don't know sweetie" I hear him swallow his saliva and i could feel his heart break inside of his chest like mine did. He is my grandpa and yet he isn't. It doesn't seem fair to take me away from such a privilege, from such a love. But I should have know, all those children we took in the night. She started it off with me . How could i have been so foolish not to have seen this. I clear the board again "I don't need them. You are my grandpa, You're always going to be my grandpa. I only need you." 

Perhaps my mind had fallen victim to their ways but i couldn't bare to break away after all they are family. His eyes fills with tears, it filled me with a kind of happiness that he shared that much love for me. A person who isn't related to him by blood. That he could love me over his own daughter. That he would let me walk away from The Organisation untouched. "These people could give you a world where you could be safe, where you don't have to worry about if anyone is home or if god forbid on of our rivals came looking for us" he points out to me and it's like he is trying to push me away, trying ot lead me into their arms but i won't have it. 

"I don't want them!!!" i write to him making my opinion seen. He reaches his hand over to my face and brushes his thumb against my cheek like he would when i was upset as a little girl. 

"Then it is your decision but you should at least allow yourself to meet with them. Allow them the closure of knowing you are alive" He advises to me and although he comes across as a complete ass, he has the biggest heart for the people he loves.... well for me at least. 

"Fine" I write down and show him. It's not what i want. I don't want a family who wasn't in my life when i needed them. I want the family i've already got. The family who always has my back when i need them the most. Who would break anyone in half if they dared to hurt me, unless it was them themselves. The family who watched me grow up as a child and become the person i am today. 

I blink my eyes slowly as i look up a the roof. It explains her hate towards me, the two men she wanted to love her the most in the world left her. The two men who she craved love from loved me more than her. She was always the second choice, no wonder she was so jealous all of the time. She wanted to be perfect for them which must have been where her obsession began with being pure. She took away the one thing my father loved My grandpa nearly lost what he loved the most, me. She didn't see me as her child, she saw me as her enemy. She see's me as someone who is impure and needs to be healed and helped. Not allowing him to leave me alone. How have i gone most of my life not realising it was a lie. 


Submitted: January 27, 2017

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