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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 11 (v.2) - scene 11- Stop keeping Secrets!

Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017



Scene 11- Stop Keeping Secrets!

Police station- 

( Officer John is inside Sergeant RIctchies office to speak to him about Danielle's case after having a bad feeling in his stomach ever since the case was handed to him to solve. )

Officer John : Something doesn't feel right about any of this. No one seems to know anything, how is that possible?

Sergeant Ritchie: Someone has got to know something,they are being very shady with the things they are saying.

Officer John: Aye, but how do we get it out of them?

 (James walks into Sergeant Ritchie's office)

James: Stick them all in a room together, they will fight it out of each other. Trust me, have you ever been stuck in a room with them all as they argue. It's like there is a tsunami  and they are all the water trying to drown each other. It is well( Pause) A natural disaster.

Officer John: If that's true, some things might get revealed that they don't want people to know.(Looks to Sergeant Ritchie) It's a good idea.(Pause) Might even work.

(Officer John sits down on the chair and picks up the file to look at the back ground of the family members. )

Officer John: but how would we get them all. They aren't stupid, they would know something was going on (looks to James) wouldn't they....

Sergeant Ritchie: Why don't we tell them we have found new evidence. Get them all to meet some where special and signified to Danielle, but we would need to be able to lock them in the room. (Pause) (Look at James) Any idea?

James: ( walks towards the window in the office ) Honestly... no clue.

Officer John: why do we not stick them in one of the classes in her school?

Sergeant Ritchie: Which one?

James: Music room? I remember when she was wee there was this creative arts i would take her when she was around 3 years old. She would always sit me down on one of the raggid broken wooden chairs getting me to play the guitar as she danced around or some times she would sit and attempt to play they piano. was rather funny some times.

Officer John: where is it?

James: Down on Washington street. No one goes there anymore. It was called Dance for the unique.

Sergeant Ritchie: (gets up off his desk chair) (Puts hands on his desk):Right here's the plan.

1- we need to check out the room. add microphones , camera's and change one of the mirrors so that we can see them but the can't see us.

2-  Once that is done we split up. (looks to James) You get Jake, Callum and Sophie to that place. ( Turns to officer John ) You get Rachel and Steve and I will take care of April.

3- At different times we all get them in one room. April being the last one in.

4- we lock the door and let them at it. hopefully they will reveal what ever it is they are hiding

James:This needs to work ( he pipes up to them not understanding why they couldn't all just be open in the first place when they spoke to the police instead of dragging it out and potentially making it worse for Danielle in the long run ( The other two nods their heads knowing themselves they need this to work in order to get further on the case) 

5 hours later- Dance for the unique

Callum: Grandad what are we doing here? ( he looks around the room not having seen it in a long time. 

James: It's got to do with Danielle, take a seat you might we here a while.

(Sophie sits down, Jake and Callum look around the room confused)

Sophie: Why would he take us here and not tell us anything?

(A few moments later the door open and Rachel and Steve enter and see the three of them inside) )

Rachel: ( Sees Jake, Callum and Sophie. Runs towards Jake) Jake. (hugs him)

Jake: Oh Rachel dear, I'm sorry I haven't got in touch with you.

(Steve walks up to Callum)

Callum: Hey bro, didn't expect to see you here ( both grab each others hands and go in for a hug)

Steve: I didn't expect to see you here either. I'm sorry i haven't spoken to you, i just found out the other day when your grandad showed up to my door asking about her. I never knew. (Pause) I just (Pause) I just want to see her.

(April walks in with Sergeant Ritchie and everyone scowls at her having to trust in her)

Sophie: What's that bitch doing here. ( Folds arms and crosses her legs on the chair giving April a glare)

Sergeant Ritchie: Sit down the lot of you. Don't even bother saying a bloody word (Pushes April in the door) You lot are hiding something from us and we will find out. i can assure you on that, no one is leaving here until we find out what it is and if no one says anything you will be getting locked up for participation in the kidnapping and possibly soon to be death of Danielle Louise Backworth. So i suggest you better start talking. ( Storms out, slamming the door behind him before locking it).

April: Great, just great. what could be worse than being locked in a jail cell ( pause) ( looks around) oh wait... i know being locked in a room with a bunch of morons. Yup that sounds about right.

Rachel: Are you kidding me ( Walks up into Aprils face) If it wasn't for you, none of us would bloody be here, but no yet again April had to get jealous because her life wasn't bloody perfect. Look around sweet heart do you think any of us have a perfect life( Pause) ( Looks around) the answer would be no. so why don't you just give it a rest.

April: Give it a rest? how can i give it a rest when all of you keep destroying my life.

Rachel: Well none of us telt you to bide now did we?

April: You are just like her (thinking of Danielle)  you have the same attitude as she does and nd look where it got her (Pause) Kidnapped. and I'm pretty sure you will end up in the same place.

( Rachel pushes April causing her to fall to the ground 

Rachel : I've had enough of all of you's. ( Walks away from April grabs a seat beside the door and sits down)  That's our Danielle( looks to Jake) Your daughter (Turns to Callum) Your sister ( looks to Steve) Your girlfriend and my friend and all we are doing is bickering. If one of us was in her position she would be hunting us down like we were some animals. (looks to April) she wouldn't be stood here taking your crap. She may not have liked you and maybe she didn't even love you but if you think back to every night when you were sat in your room crying where was she huh ( pause ) (Raised voice)  Where was she? (April looks up at Rachel from the ground not answering) Answer me! where was she?

April: Sat beside me with tissues and food.

Rachel: Yes she was! And what did you do huh? You got her Kidnapped. After all she did for you! (Angry tone) How could you do that.

(Rachel looks away in disgust) Rachel: you say you love her, but you are sat her keeping secrets which could help find her. Is that really what you call love?

Jake: (stands up off a chair)  I know the police have or are most likely going to look through my bank account and they will see that the week Danielle went missing i toke £250,000  out. The day before she left for San Francisco she got a letter from a high end school saying (Takes letter out of pocket)

"Dear Danielle,

We are happy to congratulate you on the acceptance to Performing School of Arts" (Jake looks up and stops reading)  the money was to give to April so that she could get out of San Francisco and live a life she always wanted. I have never seen her look so happier when we read the letter, but when she came home she handed me back the money saying she didn't need it.

Steve: I paid of April,  I got a phone call from Danielle the same day she went away she told me about the offer. We were so excited but then she got upset because April refused to take the £250,000 so i sent Danielle £600,000 through digital banking and paid off April to leave her alone, unfortunately by time April go the money Paul had already went after Danielle.

Jake: you did what? (Walks towards Steve)

Steve; Please sir, don't take it as me being rude. I was only trying to protect Danielle  i wanted to do all i could to keep her safe and when she got home she was going to tell you. ( pause) I'm guessing something came up.

Jake: Thank you son. (puts out hand ) ( Steve shakes it) Why didn't i know about you and my daughter better yet how did you get all that money from?

Steve: She wanted to keep it a secret, she knew that when ever something was going on at home or she just wanted out for a little bit she could come meet me. We often went to that Family cabin you guys would go to but there was also this warehouse we would go to out in the woods. The warehouse was mostly used for parties but we enjoyed our adventures so would go for a hike. We always thought the warehouse was abandoned but one time there was a few of us went out there but when we went in , there was boxes all over the place and some guy came storming in wafting a gun about. He took a keen eye for Danielle, we all thought he was just some creep none of us went back there.

Callum: wait are you talking about the one up beside creek river. Everyone used to go up there. The place was so damaged no one would buy it. Me and Lily met there when we were fourteen was a great night.

Rachel; your fiancee Lily? I always got told you both bumped into each other in a market.

Callum: Well ex- fiancee now, but nah that was our lame ass cover up.

Rachel: What happened? Last time i heard you two were so loved up you couldn't even see what was going on around you.

Callum: yeah, well it's over now.

(Sergeant Ritchie walks in the room and looks at them all)Sergeant Ritchie: We got what we needed. April you are coming back with us, the rest of you are free to go.

Jake: Steve, you're going to come home with us. (Steve nodded not wanting to be alone to think about Danielle endlessly) 


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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