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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 12 (v.2) - Scene 12- catch him, before he gets away!

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017



Scene 12- Catch him, before he gets away!

(Sergeant Ritchie and Officer John escort April back to the police station locking her in one of their old cells.)(Steve , Jake, Callum and Rachel all headed back to Jake's home awaiting news from the police)

Steve: Jake, you go take a seat in the living room i will make you a cup of tea or coffee

Jake: Tea please

(looks at Jake) hmmm let me guess 2 sugars and a little dot of milk?

Jake: correct, the mugs are in the top cupboard of the left of the oven.

(Steve walks out of the living room and into the kitchen whilst Jake takes a seat in the living room staring at the wall where a picture was placed of him, Callum and Danielle from a summer vacation 10 years ago. Callum walks in and sits beside his father)

Jake: What if we don't get her back? What if we are going through all this trouble and she's already dead? What if i lose my little girl?

Callum:(Takes a hold of Jakes hand and looks at him) Dad, don't think like that, we need to stay positive. The police will find her they have too, you are not gonna lose your little girl.

Jake: But you don't know that? What if she ends up blaming me for her been taken away huh then what do i do? for the rest of my days know that my daughter sees me as a failure because i allowed her to go to San Francisco with her mother which eventually leads to her kidnapping. I'm meant to be her father, I was meant to protect her from these kind of things not allow her to walk into danger like that, how does a father do that to their child?

Callum: If you are having to ask your self those questions then maybe you don't know Danielle at all. She knows that what happened with April and Paul was not your fault, you didn't know that April was planning on killing her own daughter out of spite and jealousy and Danielle knows you would do all you could to help protect her from things like that. Remember you wouldn't let her go ice skating until the age of 12 because you were too afraid she would fall and hit her head.

( As the two boys are talking Steve hears a knock on the door and heads over to answer it, he opens up the door and sees Sergeant Ritchie standing ther) 

Sergeant Ritchie: This officer has been ordered to stay here incase of any up coming phone call to be made in order to help find Danielle, my apologies for the intrusion.

(Steve lets the officer in and nods his head understanding. He leads him off into the livingroom, he knocks on the door to let Jake and Callum know he was entering)

Steve: There is some one here who would like a word

( Jake and Callum both turn their heads to look at him) 

Officer McDonald: Hi, my name is officer McDonald and i am in charge of the communication unit down at the station. If you receive a phone call you have to remain on that call with that person for around 30 seconds to a minute to allow me the time to  find the location where the phone call is being made. Is that clear?

( They all nod their head agreeing to what he said and they carry on what they were doing.) 

Callum: Dad stop beating yourself up for this because it isn't your fault. 

Jake: I should never have let her leave in the first place. 

Callum: We both know it didn't matter if she stayed or went my mother would have found a way to hurt her. April isn't stupid, she knows what she is doing. 

Down at the station- 

Sergeant Ritchie: Well April, we hope you enjoy your stay in this cell, you will receive no phone call privileges and will only be aloud out of the cell if being taken to a interrogation room or to a prison.

(April stands in the cell looking in disgust and he walks out leaving her alone and walks over to the detective at the main desk) 

: (whispers to detective at the desk) Keep a close eye on that one, some things not right with her. If you see a sudden change in body language, attitude, movement etc you let me know and  give her a full body search, you might as well give her a orange jump suit. i hear that's her favorite color.

( Sergeant Ritchie and Officer John begin to walk out the booking room )

Officer John: What are we meant to do now?

Sergeant Ritchie:( Turns to Officer John) look right now i need you to go gather everyone whose available in the parade room in five minutes we have lots of work to do. (Starts pinning up peices of information on the board in the parade room. He takes a step back to have a look at all the information he and his collegues have managed to pile together. Everyone enters allowing him to stand at the podium in the parade room looking upon everyone in the room) Does any one have any new information about the disappearance of Danielle Louise Backworth?

( no response)

Alright here is what we are going to do i need all hands on deck here, all personals who are free i need you working this case. Alverez and Shaw i want you to look into the warehouse stood at Creek River, we need to know everything about it: when it was built, the blue prints, any secret hiding places , previous owners and once you have done that you come straight to me and tell me don't go to anyone else. John and Nash i want you both to look into that £250,000 that Jake gave April. By the look on April's face today that money is long gone and i want to know where it went and why. Got it!! The rest of you double check everyones backgrounds i want to make sure we haven't missed any vital information and if we have missed something we have a little bit of time to go over it. I want a few officers outside the Backworth house incase any one shows up or if it appears anyone is watching the house etc. That's all, get out there, serve protect, don't screw up and keep the streets clean.

Backworth Household-

(Jake, Callum, Rachel and Steve are all sat in the living room drinking  their tea all feeling on edge and helpless)

Rachel: I seriously can't believe that woman ( she shakes her head thinking about April. 


Rachel: Who do you think I'm talking about, April of course. She stands there acting like she hasn't done anything wrong as if she is a proud mother that did everything she could for her child. The funny thing is so many people buy her pathetic petty story and they feel bad for her when she tells them that her daughter never listens to her, or cares and they always think that Danielle is the problem but she isn't she never was. 

Callum: Rachel stop it.

Rachel: Why? She may be your mother but that means squat when your sister is out there missing. 

Callum: okay I get your point! ( he glares over at her wanting her to stop talking) 

Rachel: No, you don't get my point. You are trying to defend a woman who is involved in your sisters kidnapping. What the hell man!

Jake: Stop it, just stop it. I've had enough of all of this, all everyone seems to do is argue ( he shouts to them all having been fed up of hearing everyone bicker over everything)I'm more concerned about the fact my daughter is missing rather than listen to you bitch about a horrid mother who doesn't give a crap about her daughter.

( Steve interrupts trying to get his attention)

Steve: Jake

( Jake continues to talk)

Jake: So if you don't mind could you both just stop, You are acting just as pathetic as she is rightnow, You are both sitting there arguing about her when there could be other things we could be doing right now

 ( he says it a little louder this time but Jake continues to ramble on ) 

Jake: She is out there god knows where, we don't know if she is still alive, so maybe you guys could shut the hell up for one second. Just one second ....

Steve: JAKE! ( explodes at him fed up of him not listening to what he has to say) 

(Turns to Steve) WHAT!

Steve: (angry tone) Your bloody phone is ringing

(Shouts) Officer McDonald, what do i do?

( Officer McDonald runs into the living room and Jake holds the phone in his hand feeling unprepared and nervous)

Officer McDonald: Right, you are going to need to pick up the phone, remember what we talked about you need to stay on that call for minimum a minute to ensure that we have enough time to locate where the call is coming from and who it is on the other line. We don't have a lot of time so calm collectively pick up the phone like you normally would. I will be sitting in the corner listening in.

(Jake nods and picks up the phone)

Jake: Hello, who is this?

Paul: Have you got my money?

Jake: Who is this?

Paul: Have you got my money?

( Jake looks to Officer McDonald, Officer McDonald hand gestures to keep going)

Jake: I don't know what money you are talking about?

Paul: Of course you know what money I am talking about, April told me she sorted a deal out with you. I want my money and i want it know!

Jake: Fine, how much money do you need?

Paul: £600,000, April told me she had the money, Where the hell is she man!

Jake: Okay I will get it too you, but first i need to know if Danielle is still alive?

Paul: Still alive? hmm lets see, how about i send you a picture of her, the only problem is you may not like what you see so you need to ensure me that i will get this money ....TODAY!

Jake: Alright i got that, i have the money in my bank just tell me the drop off point and you have it. Just give me five hours or so. 

(Officer McDonald gives Jake a thumbs up to tell him that he is doing okay)

Paul: No you see that isn't going to work for me, you see I don't plan on being here in five hours time so like i said i need that money now! You need to meet me at that cute little coffee shop on the side of main in one hour. If you are not there well say goodbye to your little girl.

(Paul hangs up the phone)

Callum: Did you get it?

 (Officer McDonald looks up at Callum with disappointment) so far nothing. It might take a few minutes to load but it's not looking good. 

( Callum stands up throwing the tea mug off the living room wall in anger while Jake stands with the phone up to his ear not knowing what else he could have done to make him stay on the line. 

Officer McDonald: Wait a second (walks out the room and calls his boss) We got him boss.

Sergeant Ritchie: Where is he?

Officer McDonald: We just got a call four minutes ago, Paul has been located to be in the warehouse on creek river, you don't have a lot of time left. If Jake doesn't meet him in one hour at sugar cafe then he is going to kill her.

Sergeant Ritchie: Good work,  You stay with the family and i will rally everyone up and get them out there.

Police station- 

(Sergeant Ritchie gets off the phone with Officer McDonald) (opens office door shouting on Officer John and he comes running over to him)

Sergeant Ritchie: Officer John? Gather everyone in the parade room right now, we caught a break. ( He Walks into conference room) Navy commander Backworth?

James: Yes sir?

(James stands up walking over to Sergeant Ritchie)

( James and Sergeant Ritchie exit the room) We got some new information on the case with Danielle, i want you in the parade room to listen in. ( stands in front of podium)

(James sits at the back of the room on the table listening in)

Sergeant Ritchie: Right, I want to know everything we found out today. Officer Alverez and Officer Shaw what did you find out about the warehouse?

: ( looking back on note book): We went back through every owner and it has stayed in the same family line more or less. Both the family cabin and the warehouse was owned by the Donovon family.

Sergeant Ritchie: Is there any connection between the Donovon family and the Backworth family?

Officer Shaw: The only connection we found was one of the great granddaughters of the original owner Ted Donovon was engaged to Callum Backworth for 2 years and they were together for 5 years. There was never a problem with them, I spoke to her they were both young when they got together and both agreed to go their separate ways. The family cabin was then taken over by Mr Owen Smith which now belongs to the Backworth family as of 4 days ago.

Sergeant Ritchie: Good work, Officer John and Officer Nash did you find out where that £250,000 went?

Officer Nash: April accepted the £250,000 but it is a dead end from there, we found no money being transferred into her bank or into any one else's bank accounts , there is nothing connecting that money to April. Over all we got nothing.

James: (Stands up off desk) What help is that gonna be?

 (turns around) Its not really helpful

Sergeant Ritchie: That's not really helpful at all but heres the thing, Jake got a phone call  roughly five minutes ago from Paul, he requested that Jake needs to give him the £600,000 that April told him he was gonna get and he needs it tonight and if he doesn't get it then Danielle is gonna die, As a part of the deal Paul sent Jake photo evidence that Danielle is still alive, for those who can't stand gruesome photos step outside now ( clicks remote for tv, photo appears of Danielle hand cuffed to a pipe) We also received a location of where Paul is and he is in the warehouse, so all that background checks we did is gonna come to use because in fifty five minutes Jake is meant to go meet him at a coffee shop but if i get my way we are raiding the warehouse and we are gonna catch that son of a bitch. I want every officer available to suit up and we are going to surround that warehouse.


(Danielle blindfolded, hand cuffed to a copper metal pole connected to a boiling boiler along with tape wrapped around her legs)

Danielle: Can i please get a sip of water?

think this is? Who the hell do you think i am? A bloody butler, no. You don't deserve a sip of water.  (Takes Blindfold off of Danielle eyes) (walks over the sink and fills a glass of water, pulls a chair over in front of her)  You mean you want this glass of nice cold water? 

Danielle: (looks to Paul in desperation) (Begging tone) Please!

Paul: Maybe you should ask nicer

Danielle: (Nice tone) Please!

Paul: ( looks to Danielle, tilts head leaning forward on chair. Goes to hand over glass, pulls back just as its about to reach her hands) Nah, I think I'm a little bit parched myself. ( starts to drink water) 

Danielle: You bastard! 

(Paul shoots up off the chair, throws it at the pipe above her which breaks leaving the shattered glass to come down on her) (Daniellejumps in a fright burning skin on pole and lets out a howl from the pain. 

runs getting the grey tape strapping it over her mouth, harshly pulls the blindfold over her eyes. He makes his way back over to his seat and sits down looking at her) 

(Police come barging through the warehouse doors and begin searching the room. Paul hears the noises and lifts his head up, he lunges off his chair and goes to escape leaving Danielle where she was. 

Officer Alverez: Hands ups ( he yells when he spots Paul trying to run and chases after him ) 

(comes out in front of Paul with his gun pointed at him) I would listen to him if i were you.

( stops) Or what? what are you gonna do?

Officer Shaw: Why don't you try run and you will see what we will do.

( pause) Or well maybe i should kill you ( Officer Alverez shoots Paul in the shoulder) You bastard!

Officer Shaw: So you gonna do what you are told? 

(Officer Alverez tackles Paul to the ground from behind)

( hand cuffs Paul)

(Sergeant Ritchie and Officer John search the rest of the warehouse and find Danielle handcuffed.

Sergeant Ritchie: We need some help in here! ( he calls out to them all) 

Officer John: What the hell did he do to her? ( he looks down at a bloodied Danielle feeling horrified at her mangled body) 


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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