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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 13 (v.2) - scene 13- Please Tell Me She's Gonna Be okay?

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017



Scene 13- Please Tell Me She's Gonna Be Okay?

Paramedics rush into the warehouse in aid to help Danielle with her injuries after being given the all clear. Sergeant Ritchie was about to take the tape off of her mouth.

Officer Alverez: Wait Sergeant, we need to take photos first ( He lifts his head haven forgotten about protocol only wanting to get her home to her family) 

Sergeant Ritchie: You're right. Danielle, my name is Sergeant Ethan Ritchie and me and your family have been searching for you for a long time. It is  good feeling to see you alive and i think there is a few people who will be really happy to see you, but firstly we need to take photos of you in your current condition before we can get you to safety is that alright.

(Danielle mumbles and groans Sergeant Ritchie goes to get up to leave when Danielle attempts to grab onto his arm)

Danielle: (mumbles) Please don't leave.

( stands up moving out of the way to allow Officer Alverez to take the photos) (Moments later he gets back down on his knees to comfort Danielle) Hello Danielle, It's me Sergeant Ritchie, I'm going to take off the blind fold and duck tape, this may hurt a little. ( Removes the blind fold and duck tape off her face)

Officer Alverez: I'm so sorry to keep doing this to you Danielle , please forgive me but we do need to take more photos.  I hope that's alright 

( Tears run down Danielle's face) It's alright but please hurry

(More photos are taken of her and her condition )

Officer John: Sergeant Ritchie, You need to come have a look at this!

(Sergeant Ritchie leaves Danielle with Officer Alvarez_

Officer Alverez: Is it alright if i come over and un-handcuff you?

(Danielle nods her head, He slowly walks over to uncuff her. He gently places the cuff on the floor placing his hand out , Danielle grabs a hold and hugs him feeling thankful to be alive and safe. 

 (Sobs)(Starts to crumble to the ground)(Officer Alverez picks her up with his arms under her legs on on her back) (Carries to the paramedics)

Officer Alverez: We don't know the extent of her injuries but by the looks of things she is going down hill fast, We need to get her to a hospital ASAP!( Places on the stretcher. The paramedics do what they can before they rush off to the hospital)

Backworth household

(James gets a phone call leading him to leave the living room and everyone attempts to listen in to what is being said. 

James: mhm , Yes i understand ( Heputs down phone and looks around for a minute. He puts his hands on the edge of the kitchen counter and leans on it with his head down looking at the ground. He brings himself together and walks into the living room)

(stands up off couch) What's going on?

(looks over at family with a disappointed face) They... They found her

(looks in shock) alive or dead?

(grabs a hold of Callum's arm) alive.(goes straight in to hug Callum) (Jake cries in shock and happiness at the news) Come, we need to get to the hospital, she is in a bad condition.

( They all rush out of the door not caring how they looked or what state they left the house in because all they cared about was seeing Danielle again. 


( They all rush into the hospital wanting to see Danielle , Jake heads over to the reception desk with his father while everyone else stands around feeling unsure of what to do with themselves. 

(walks over to reception desk) excuse me (he says with desperation in his voice and in his eyes as the receptionsit looks u at him) I'm looking for my grand- daughter. 

Receptionist: Sir, take deep breaths in and out ( she looks at Jake as the tears come streaming out his eyes as he begins to hyperventilate(looks over to him) Sir, What is your grand-daughters name? ( she looks back to James trying to get the information she needs) 

James: Danielle Louise Backworth, She was taken in about 10 minutes ago.

(Receptionist instantly looks up knowing already where she is. 

Receptionist: Alright Sir, before we take you to see your grand-daughter, we need you to go with this officer here ( she looks over to the police and nods her head over at them)If you can just talk to Officer Alvarez here just to make sure everything is as it should be. 

(Backworth family follow officer Alverez into a private Room set up to do back ground checks on all those entering Danielle's room)

Officer Alverez: My apologies ladies and gentleman for this, i know you must be going through a really difficult time but we are just taking percussions after the first incident.

Jake: How? How is she?

Officer Alverez: I was one of the Officers that helped her, When we found her she was in a bad state so we need you to prepare yourself for what you may see. Another thing we need to discuss with you is, If Paul Scott does need to go to trail, We would need you all to testify in court. (back ground checks are cleared allowing them all to go see Danielle) If you can follow me and do not tell anyone of her whereabouts.

( Officer Alvarez gathers up all his papers into a pile and gets up off his seat. He opens the door for the family to leave the room and takes them across to Ward 201 where Danielle is being kept. He stands outside the room and looks at them ) 

Officer Alverez: Danielle is behind this door, she may be disorientated, embarrassed , maybe afraid to talk or move. Don't pressure her into anything , she will talk in her own time and you have to understand that may take a while.

Doctor Charlie: Officer Alverez, is this a good time to speak to the Backworth family? ( he says as he comes out of Danielle's room) 

Officer Alvarez: It is ( he nods his head and walks away leaving the family to talk to the doctor about her condition) 

Callum: Officer Alverez ( he calls out and he stops and turns to look at Callum)Thank you ( Callum puts out his hand and the both shake before he walks off again) 

Doctor Charlie: I just wanted to talk to you because we wanted to fill you in with the situation. Danielle has been in emergency surgery to fix a brain bleed. She will need to go back into surgery in the next few days once she has become stronger, this will allow us to go back into her brain allowing us to see if there is any more damage. She has some burns on her, arms, legs and back this should disappear with in four weeks minimum. Her face is pretty badly beaten up and appears she could have a broken arm. So far that is all we know but hopefully by six months time she should be fully recovered but heres the problem when she was thrown over the banister and she broke numerous bones due to what ever happened in that ware house you got to understand if we put her in anymore surgery there will be a large risk that we could paralyze her especially because we will need to work so closely to the spinal cord. When you go in she will be a little bit hazy and unsure of her where abouts.

(Doctor Charlie walks away as the family all look at each other feeling devistated at the news. They walk into the room and see Danielle lying on the bed hooked up to oxygen. 

Rachel: Oh my god ( she blurts out not being able to hide her emotions. 

Jake: My baby girl, what have they done to you? ( he takes a seat down beside her and takes a hold of her hand. 

Danielle; (Pause) Could be worse, I could look like you. ( she smirks up at him and Jake wipes away the tears in his eyes as he lets out a little laugh. 

James: You're awake? ( he says as he enters the room to see her talking to her father) 

(Joking tone) Sorry, were you expecting me to be dead?

James: oh god no, that is not what i meant.

( Looks at James) Granda, she is just joking

Danielle: Is officer Alverez around?

Steve: Yeah, i can go get him if you would like?

(Danielle nods her head and Steve gets up and leaves the room to find Officer Alvarez for her.) 

Danielle: Thank you all for being here, it really does mean a lot to me. ( she looks around at them all. 

Callum; I know you were missing me and all but did you really have to get yourself kidnapped just to get me to come home ( he jokes to her trying to lighten up the mood) 

Danielle; Sorry i couldn't help myself. I just thought all of this would be a great plan you know ( She smirks at him and they both let out a little laugh) 

( Steve comes walking in the door with Officer Alvarez behind him) 

Danielle: Can you all go get a coffee and maybe a sleep or shower. So i can speak to the Officer alone.

kisses her forehead)

James: (squeezes her hand) we will be down the hall.

Callum;( Looks to Danielle) No funny business while we are gone, We don't need to come back to you not breathing.

( Callum puts his arm round her shoulder as they walk out the room)

Steve: I'm glad you are safe ( he smiles up at her having felt worried about her since finding out she was missing) 

Sophie: I get you don't really know me, and i never stuck around with your dad but I'm here now. ( She assures her daughter that she isn't going anywhere before following the family out of the room) 

Officer Alverez: What can i do for you? ( walks over to the end of the bed. 

( smiles)

Officer Alverez: Hello Danielle, I know all about you, I am Officer Ronaldo Alverez, I'm twenty

Danielle: Oh yeah, i forgot you have to get all that information on me, i just wanted to thank you for saving me and being patient with me. If it wasn't for you then there is a high chance that i wouldn't be here right now with my family.

Officer Alverez: It's not a problem, I am glad I could be there for you and your family. Is there anything else i could do for you?

Danielle: If it is alright, i was hoping if some how i would be able to make it up to you for saving my life

 (Danielle smiles) If that's all i better go back to work, eg making sure you stay alive. (Officer Alverez puts his hand gently on her arm knowing how much she is struggling) Goodbye Danielle, I will see you soon.

( He leaves the room allowing her to be alone with her thoughts) 

Danielle ( Inner Voice) - I know i have been rescued from that horrid place and i know i should feel better, I should feel happy that i am no longer chained up but it still feels like I'm there. The memories so predominant in my head, The smell of his after shave lingering on me. I'm meant to feel safe and yet i don't. I don't feel safe alone, I don't feel safe with my family. I don't know who to trust anymore? Can i even trust anyone?


(Sophie walks over to the table where Jake is sat and sits down ) 

Sophie: Here is your black coffee with 2 sugars. ( she hands it over to him and he takes it from her hand)  I can't believe what our daughter has just been through. I thought when i got in touch with you before I came here that she was doing well.

Jake: She was, the only problem we had was April being a jealous bitch.

Sophie: Funny how things change huh. ( she takes a drink from her cup)  Look i am really sorry about leaving all those years ago, i missed so much of her child hood. ( Jake looks up at her) 

Jake: Marry me? ( he blurts out) 

(Looks up in confusion) What? 

Jake: Marry me? ( he repeats to her feeling sure that this is the right thing. After everything that has happened the past month all he wants is for his family to be together again... to be happy together.) 

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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