Chapter 14: (v.2) Chapter 14-

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 14-

The fear of leaving the hospital was rushing through my body like a wild fire unable to be stopped. I didn't know what was to come of me but death seemed like the right answer. Whenever i open my eyes i try to avoid looking at them because they look at me and think "This our little girl" but i'm not a little girl anymore, i'm practically a woman. They want to see me as an innocent, someone who doesn't know how dark the world is. They want me to be happy but being forced to stay with them makes me the least happy. I don't know them and i certainly don't trust them. What if they are just as bad as Mother, then who will save me? Won't be The Boss because he'll be locked up.  Apparently some kind of deal was made that i was not a part of. I shouldn't be surprised byt hat, of course Grandpa would do anything to make sure i went away with that family... People may not think it but he does have a large loving heart. They just don't get to see it. But i'm also not stupid i know the kind of torture he performs on people. I know he has wiped out whole families due to late payments, so i know he isn't a saint either. But he is my grandpa and i wouldn't want it any other way i suppose. But i know if i go with that family she will do all that she can to hunt me down.

"Ainsley, Are you ready?" I hear a voice speak out to me and i take my eyes away from the blue floor and glance over to see Jake stood there with a wheelchair in his hands. How humiliating. 

I feel myself glower at him before holding up a sign saying "I don't have much of a choice do i ?" He tilts his head at me and i roll my eyes. The two agents in charge of my protective detail stand huddled together by the reception desk mumbling to each other and on the odd occasion glancing my way. With no one looking i slide a piece of paper under the mattress. Once hidden i slide myself up off the bed and walk a few steps over to the wheelchair. I wish i could say i had recovered by now but my body was still weak. Some days were better than others but today the stress pushed any progress i made back. I take a deep breath in wishing that.... Well wishing i wasn't here at all. 

"We're all set to go" Agent Callihan announces as they walk towards us with my discharge papers in hand. I look at the pair of them so helplessly, the look on my face practically begging them to let me go freely. To let me go alone. For a brief second i could have sworn i seen a slight ting of sympathy in their eyes. 

Jake pulls the handles of the wheelchair and turns the chair around, he pushes me out of the room and heads towards the exit door. With every step he took i could feel my heart sinking inside of me. With him behind me i couldn't help but think about what i would do for if he went to attack me. How would i fend for myself. 

"You don't have to worry" I hear the softness in his voice as he speaks to me, i turn my head to look at Agent Alvarez who can clearly see the concern presented on y face. 

"Yes because it's not like i haven't been almost killed twice already, Why wouldn't i have to worry" I write down on the board. Being in hospital for three weeks has really made me realise that it's so easy to die, to be killed. To Have your life taken away from you. 

"Are you sure it's that and not the factor that your Grandfathers locked up and you don't know where he is and can't contact him?" Agent Alvarez questions me and i shoot a glare at him. 

I turn my head away from him and look in front of me, my eyes following the cracks on the hospital walls all the way to near the hospital exit "I'm going to fetch the car to make it easier for you, stay here" I didn't bother trying to listen what they were saying because it didn't appease me. I knew nothing they said was going to help me or make my situation better so what was the point.  I feel a breeze go past me from the door and i look up to see Agent Callihan sat on the bench in front of me. 

"You know, it wouldn't hurt to just try with them" He expresses to me and i know what he is saying is right but i don't know these people. I don't want to grow to know those people. To accept them would feel like a betrayal on my grandpa, to Mother, My brothers and sisters, to my real family. The ones who raised me, who took me school shopping and made sure i was fed. The ones who made sure i never got lost and loved me. The ones who never gave up on me. Is it wrong of me to judge my biological family so harshly perhaps but they considered me dead. They stopped looking for me, had a funeral for me and for what so they could feel better and get peace. What about my peace? 

Agent Callihan lifts his head and i know that means it's time to go much to my dismay. I take a deep breath in as the nerves fills up inside me and it's like agent Alvarez caught on as he stands behind my wheelchair "He's right yo know" he whispers to me making it so that he wasn't heard by anyone.  I ignore what he said not willing to get into an argument over the matter which i was destined to lose. They may be right but it doesn't mean i have to listen to them. 

As we approach the exit Jake comes rushing inside "She's here. I just saw her enter the hospital" He tries to catch his breath as he gasps. 

"Stay with her and get out of here!" The agents demand as the  crowd in the hall becomes loud and screams fill the air. I turn my head and see a body drop to the floor, he was right she was here. 

Jake grabbed a hold of the wheelchair and sped off in a direction. I don't know if he knows where he is going but he just starts running until he has nothing left in him and has to stop. "I won't let her have you" 

"If only that were your choice." Angela speaks from behind him, her voice was so calm and collected. She knew exactly what she was doing. "My dearest darling Jake, How long it has been" She raises her hand and i see the wrench she so often loves to use on her victims. It wouldn't surprise me if my blood was still present. Oh how much joy that would fill her with is greatly. Jake drops to the floor and she grabs a hold of my wheelchair and walks off calmly as if nothing happened. "I told you i'd come get you baby girl" She tells me and i feel shivers rush down my spine. I had already chosen to come back to the family but i hadn't quite anticipated if they wanted to see me. For my life is still in danger for death could still be my fate. 

We approach the car and i can hear the Agents rushing after us. The passenger side door opens and a hand is held out. I look up at the face and i should have known to expect to see him here. I almost hesitate but this was my wish, i chose to stay loyal to them even if it results in my death. I take a hold of his hand and pull myself in which felt like the largest step. Once seated i rest my head on the chair and close my eyes. I look so embarrassing. I pull myself together and use my right hand to pull the seat belt around my body and plugged it in. I feel eyes beaming at me so i lift my head to see Ricki beside me. He nods his head at me, i look to the front and see Angela looking at me through the mirror. 

"You know i'm not a display piece in a museum, you both don't have to stare at me every time i move" I write down on the board and turn it around for them all to read. 

"You've done well Ainsley, I half expected you to rat us out. You could have choose to go with them but yet you came with us so willingly. You practically begged for them to let you come back to us". Angela praises me but it still feels so wrong. 

"I promise you Ainsley, I won't hurt you if you tell me where she is" Ricki speaks softly in my ear and i shake my head to him. 

I gulp down my saliva and begin to write on the board "She's gone. He took her that night..." I turn the board for them both to read and i hear a disappointed sigh  escape from them. 

"Angela, you must know something" he exhales to her and for the first time i can't help but feel confused. He truly sounds like he cares about her. But i couldn't allow her to suffer at his hand with abuse. To have her be raised the way that i was. To become a murdering monster like myself who has no control over their lives or what they do. Who can  only speak when told. 

"If she left in the arms of Lucian then they are both dead. A few nights after he escaped, we found the bodies of a teenage boy and a child. Burned to a crisp to the point they were barely identifiable but we knew who it was. We could have gave them everything but they took it for granted.... Unlike you" She looks my way and for a moment i swear i can see a smile pressed on her face. 

The sound of her words as she spoke of them being dead, I already knew it some how but i never wanted to admit it. Because to admit they were dead would destroy the hope i have left in me and to destroy that would to give me nothing to fight for. 

With the car filled with silence, the engine continues to roar as we continue on the road. The journey felt like it lasted hours with no one speaking a word to each other but the truth was it only took an hour and a half to get back home, To the school i was sent. We began rolling up when the words "Your home for a while, at least until all things settle and we can take you back home to the church. Of course the police will be looking for you so to making it known you are safe and well with no need of their help will surely send them on their way." Angela speaks up. 

I slightly nod my head making it known that i was listening to what was said. I glance at the school taking it all in and sure the school was large and it had plenty of rooms. The garden was humongous  and the drive could fit many of cars. It would often remind me of a suburban home, something none of us get to receive. The neighbour hood is quite but everyone knows everyone.... or so they think. I'm so used to being in the church that some times when i'm here i wonder what are all the loud noises, The bar the keeps the street up. The group of thugs that walk the streets threatening who ever they can. Where's the drug dealers making sure they are getting their money on time. Where's the silent sound of terror? This definitely isn't home. I take deep breaths in and out as they park the car up front. Here we are all made to stay silent and if we don't then it's time to break out the good old trusted muzzle. 

"It looks quieter than usual" i say to myself. I must admit i'm not surprised they moved me up here. They don't want cops sniffing around in places they shouldn't be. 

"You don't look worried" Ricki mentions to Angela and i can't help express my confusion on my face. 

"I know they'll come here but when they do they'll realise that nothing bad is going on. They'll see this is the best place for her and after that she's yours" Angela responds to him and i feel my heart sink inside of me. Surely knowing i'm pure is good enough for them but no i can see her plan clearly now. I have been claimed and purified not it's time to make it official. My enemy in the night is the person who is going to have dominance over me. She sold me to him. Hell i shouldn't be surprised, she sold me to him a long time ago and with Boss no longer being around there's no one who will stop her this time. 

He wasn't here just to find out about our daughter, he is here for me but this time it's different. I suppose i should feel relief that they no longer want to kill me but in my eyes i may as well be dead. Regret i feel inside of me, I should have listened to Grandpa. I should have turned on them when i had the chance. But maybe, maybe if he finds out that they have taken me then he will confess his sins to save me... Is that too much to hope for?

I glance at them both waiting for someone to make a movement but no one does so. It's like none of us know what to do, I unclip my seat belt and open up the door which seemed to encourage everyone else to do the same. I swing my legs round to make it easier to get out of the car when i hear "Don't even bother Ainsley" I shoot a quick glare at Ricki and although he was right i didn't like it. To have freedom would be nice, but it doesn't matter what choice i made freedom was out of the question. As i get a proper glance at Angela's face i feel my own becoming white as a ghost. She leans forward "Don't worry, i'm not going to kill you, soon you won't be my problem" I could see by the look on her face that she wasn't quite sure if she had regret over not killing me. She knows she would be better off without me,  she would be free and so would i. 

She comes away from me and Ricki hands the wheelchair. To sit in it would be to make myself vulnerable but to not would to also make myself vulnerable and go against hospital advice. "You earned it. You survived The Midnight Killer and passed our purity test. With what we did to you, you should be dead and yet here you are alive and well. If that isn't a sign from god then i don't know what is." Angela expresses her opinion and views with us and i know i can't argue with her so i do as she says and take a seat. She looks at me with a slight shock in her eyes "Maybe you are teachable after all". 

"It would appear you have trained her well since the first time i met her. She no longer fights you or your commands" Ricki compliments her work and it disgusts me. But i know now is not the right time to fight, if i need to i will but when it's the right time. Will i regret the decision i have come to have made, perhaps but they are family. This is my life  so why fight the inevitable. 



Submitted: May 26, 2017

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