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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 14 (v.2) - Scene 14- Can you hear the bells?

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



Scene 14- Can you hear the bells?

Hospital - February, 2017 - Two Months after Being Found

(Danielle is sat up on her bed while she reads a book in her hand, Doctor Charlie comes walking into her room_ 

Doctor Charlie: Good morning Danielle, how are you feeling today?

(Looks over to Doctor Charlie) and puts her book down on her table)I am fine today.

Doctor Charlie: Are you just saying that so i will let you go home?

Danielle: (Smiles)You could say that.

(Officer Alverez walks into her room and looks at the doctor) 

Officer Alverez: How she doing today? ( he asks having found that him and Danielle have a great connection with one another with all the time they have spend together since the incident) 

Doctor Charlie: She claims "She's fine" but by the look on her face every time she goes to moves tells a different story.

Danielle:wow, wait a minute, that ain't fair.

( Pause) (Danielle rolls her eyes) Ah yes, the only reason you would get out for your father's wedding was if 1. you actually felt better and 2. you had an armed escort with you because we are still unaware if anyone is coming after you 3. The day after the wedding you have to come back here. 

Danielle: But i do feel better and my Granda will be there so i am sticking by the deal.

( Smiles at her finding her stubborn ness annoying at times)

Doctor Charlie: I have decided to let you out any way, it is only going to be for a few days. Your whole family will have my number on standby incase anything happens. You will need to keep doing your physio therapy will you are away because if you don't we might never get your legs fully recovered. 

Danielle: Yeah yeah i know. so do you know who this stupid armed escort is gonna be yet. ( She looks over to Officer Alvarez half expecting it to be some old fat guy) 

Officer Alverez: No but does it matter. ( he shrugs his shoulder at her knowing who ever it is will be fully qualified to have her back) 

Danielle: Of course it matters, if they are going to be following me around all the time.

(Jake swings open the hospital room door and walks into the room. 

Jake: Good morning sweetheart ( he smiles at her and sees the Officer Alvarez and Doctor Charlie in the room with her. Ah, Doctor Charlie how's my baby girl doing today? ( he walks over to Danielle and puts a bag of maltesers on her table. 

Doctor Charlie: Honestly, she says she is fine but i am a little concerned over her spine but that is some thing we can discuss after she comes back to the hospital.... She can go home. 

 ( He walks over and Shakes his hand feeling grateful that she can be there for the wedding after all the doubts everyone had)

Doctor Charlie: Remember take it easy, if you don't then you will have to go back down to surgery.(Doctor Charlie and Alverez leave the room walking down to the nurses station) I need you to keep a close eye on that girl do you hear me, if you see one little drop of blood she has and i mean she has to come back because she could have a brain bleed, she could end up clotting or bleeding some place else. If she begins to get breath less you come straight back here,(At the nurses station) if she ends up in a huge amount of pain she comes back her. Her life is going to be in your hands , I'm trusting you with that girls life, do you hear me?

Officer Alverez: I know the protocol, if anything happens that shouldn't trust me we will  be right back here within a matter of seconds even if that means she ends up missing her dad's wedding then so be it. I will not let that girl die on me, not after everything we did to bloody save her. 

(Signing forms) I have spoke to Jake, I have told him the exact same thing as i have told you and he is fully on board and supports the decision. He has also allowed me to come to the wedding dance so that i can check up on Danielle.

(Jake comes down the corridor pushing Danielle's wheelchair carrying some of her things)

Jake: Thank you for allowing her home for my wedding.

(hands over forms) these are your papers clarifying you are taking a few days out of hospital to go home but will be back. Take care, i will see you soon.( Stands at nurses station watching them walk/ stroll away)

Officer Alverez: Take it, that would be my cue. Been good working with you doctor( Shakes hand) I shall report to you very soon. ( Goes chasing after Jake and Danielle) Jake (catches up to Jake and Danielle) Let me take one of those bags for you. (takes Danielle's bags and walks with them through the hospital 

Jake: Thank you ma boy, You've done wonders to this family, You have helped us out through so much i don't know how i can thank you enough.

Officer Alverez: No problem sir, It's just my job. 

Danielle: Ugh do you guys have to be so soppy, you sound like a couple who have just started dating, it is so gross. ( she pretends to make a sick face at them and Jake shakes his head at her) 

Officer Alvarez: That's rich coming from the girl who was full of soppyness when she first came to the hospital (he raises her eye brow at her. 

Danielle; That's different, i could have died

Officer Alvarez : Still soppiness( he lets out a smirk at her) 

Danielle; Call it what you want but it's never happening again. 

Jake: (standing at hospital exit) Lets get you home, where you belong.

(They make their way over to the car and Jake helps Danielle inside. While Officer Alverez folds up the wheelchair and lifts it into the boot of the car. He closes the boot door and Jake nods his head at him, Jake gets into the driver seat and Alverez climbs into the back of the car. Jake begins to drive home as a police car follows them in the ditstance.) 

Turns around looking out back of window) Is that car going to be following us every where?

Officer Alverez:Afraid so Danielle.

(looks through mirror to Danielle) You looking forward to the wedding then?

Jake nods  his head at her having known she would eventually share her opinion) well here it goes, try not get mad.So Sophie just came back into our lives  Four months ago and you are away to marry her. Do you not think it feels a little rushed, she walked out of your life 17 years ago with out turning back with no phone calls, checking in none of it. How do you even know if you really truly know who she really is, you don't. How can you be able to trust that she won't just run away again like all those other times or how do you know she ain't just using you for your money, and what about me, am i just meant to forgive her for leaving me on your door step and when she comes back we are meant to play happy families. Maybe she is being genuine but maybe she isn't 

Jake: I'm not mad at you for speaking the truth, i have already thought of all those possibilities, Officer Alverez can back me up on it, he has been the one i have went to. A part of me doesn't want to forgive her for just walking out but at the same time, this is our second chance at having a happy family why can't we just take it? If we get married and she walks out then so be it, it would have just proved she never wanted to be in our lives but if she sticks around then maybe it's a sign that she does want to be here and that she has learned from her mistakes. 

Danielle: Do what is going to make you happy, at the end of the day if you get married and things don't work out at home or things don't feel right then i won't be there to see it because by the looks of things i am meant to be in hospital for a couple of good months.

Jake: I am so proud of you, do you know that. I want you to know i will never put her before you,you have been my rock for all those years but she just came around. ( Coming up to the house) . When you go in, the house might be a little chaotic.

. (Danielle chuckles to herself) 

Jake: Now that is something i have missed.

Danielle: And what would that be?

(Jake smile at her as he pulls up to the drive) 

(Jake parks the car and Officer Alverez is the first to get out, he opens up the boot and takes Danielle's wheel chair out. He unfolds it and walks over to her and opens up her door. 

Officer Alverez: You ready to let me sweep you off your feet Danielle?

Danielle: Both chuckle to themselves) (Ronaldo Alverez picks her up off the car seat and helps get her on the wheel chair). Thank you, You are more than welcome to roll me inside.

Officer Alverez: Isn't that suppose to be your fathers job?

(Looks over at them both smiling) Nah roll away

( Jake opens the front door walks into house with her bags in hand and dumbs them on the stair case out of the way with while Officer Alvarez pushes Danielle through the door and into the house

Alverez: Does it feel good to be home?

( Smiles)

Rachel:(comes running through the kitchen and into the lobby) It's so good to see you (Hugs Danielle) First things first, we need you to try on your made of honors dress so that we can get it altered in time. 

Officer Alverez: Maybe you should give her a little time to adjust being home instead of bombarding her with made of honor dresses. ( Rolls Danielle into the living room)

Danielle: (Looks up to Alverez and smiles at the fact she has someone on her side. He stands beside her and he takes a hold of her hand)  It's okay, i would rather get it done now, won't be getting much relaxing done today.

(Sophie comes into the living room and the pair move out of her way.)

Sophie: It is great to see you doing well, everyone has been really worried about you, you know.

Danielle: Yeah i have heard, you want me to be your made of honor? why?

(Rachel nods her head and gets up off the sofa. she walks out the room to give them time alone.)

Officer Alverez: I'm sorry miss, I am not really meant to.( he shakes his head not feeling keen on the idea

Danielle:I'll be fine Ronaldo ( she assures him and he hesitates before heading out the living room and to the kitchen with Rachel) 

Sophie: I spoke to your dad, and i get that you have concerns.I understand that you are afraid i will just walk out on you both when i have had enough of playing happy family, but it is nothing like that. I came back here because i wanted to get to know you both better, i wanted to change my mistake which has haunted me all my life. I understand it may be a little difficult to trust me but were you also told ever since you were taken i have been with your father the whole time and i was up to see you in hospital basically ever day to see you. That was out of love not out of using you for my own advantage.I want you to be my made of honor because you are my daughter.

Danielle: Alright, i will be your made of honor.

(smiles and hugs Danielle) So what's going on with you and that Officer Alverez, on first name bases now huh.

Danielle: He saved my life, it was really hard being in the hospital alone most of the time and we was always just stood outside the door just gazing at the wall, so i invited him into my room we started talking and he has been my rock ever since. He's been helping me through everything and he doesn't tip toe around me either. He has been the only one to really make me smile in Two months.

Sophie: what about Steve, hasn't he been around?

Danielle: Not really no, i think that is why i have such a great bond with Ronaldo because he found me. Plus he is a couple years older and he was there when Steve wasn't.

(They hear a knock on the livingroom door and turn their heads to see Rachel stood witht he dresses in her hand. 

 (Danielle wheels her way out of the living room and her and Rachel head into the downstairs bedroom to try on the dresses to see if they fit or not. 

Rachel: Hey are you alright, you look like you are in a lot of pain doing that ( Rachel observes Danielle struggling to get changed) Do you want me to get Officer Alverez? He will be able to hold you up.

Danielle: (looks at Rachel whilst struggling to get the dress on) Absolutely not. The dresses are beautiful ( she pauses ) pity i won't be able to walk down the isle.

Rachel: Nonsense , i heard Doctor Charlie speaking with your dad.


Rachel: I will tell you later. When there isn't a lot of nosy ears around.(Chuckle)

Danielle: Has there been much change around here?

Rachel: I could say no, but that would be a lie. The laughter and enjoyment kinda disappeared when you went missing then it never reappeared, this is probably the first time i have heard this much laughter  in a long time.

(Front door opens and Callum walks into the house)

Callum: Dad I'm here, what do you need help with now? You better not have blocked that toilet again?

(whispers to Rachel not feeling comfortable with her brother seeing her in adress as he will most likely to mock her for it and Rachel nods her head)

Jake:(looks to Callum) well, i will need to stay at your house tonight, since this one has been turned into the land of the brides. 

Callum: (Steve and a few other of Callum's friends are stood in the kitchen) I'm surprised no one is at the hospital.(Looks confused) 

Rolls into the kitchen) and why would that be?

Callum: ( looks over shocked) You got out? Dad told me last night they weren't gonna let you.

Danielle: They weren't until they got this random phone call from some complete stranger who went on a rampage about not letting his sister go to her parents wedding( Pause) I'm sure it was something like that.

Callum: Oh god, I thought that was just a dream.

Danielle:( rolls her eyes) Typically been drinking again.

Callum: (disappointed at himself) I should have caught on when i seen Officer Alverez in the corner speaking to my grandpa.

tands beside Callum and screws up his face with a nasty tone) and why is he here?

(Room goes silent and Danielle rolls away)

 after Danielle) We should go out to dinner?

Danielle: I'm not really in the mood to be anyones charity case right now, go with out me.(Locks herself in the bathroom)

Rachel: (Goes up to Steve) Good one.

Steve: What the hell did i do wrong? ( he shrugs his shoulders not seeing all the mistakes he has been making) 

James: How about the fact, You have been up to see her once or twice since she was attacked but you think you are entitled to have a attitude over someone who is here to protect her. Get over yourself man. 

Callum: (walks past the bathroom) See you later Dani.

( outside bathroom) I will see you later Dani, and if i don't then i will see you tomorrow okay. Don't over do it and be nice to Officer Alverez. 



© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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