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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 15 (v.2) - Scene 15- Here comes the Bride!

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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Submitted: May 28, 2017



Scene 15- Here comes the Bride!

Backworth household

(In bed- looking up at roof) (monologue) Today is the day that my parents get married, this is meant to be one of the best days of my life seeing my parents get married but it's not... it's far from it. It just feels like another miserable day, stuck in a wheelchair unable to move or do anything for myself and i got to sit there with everyone looking pretending that I am happy.I miss this The house.... my house. well it doesn't feel like my house anymore. I miss the silence with no chaos or questions being asked just me and my dad the way it used to be but now theres this women who walked into our lives after 17 years expecting me to be happy for her( Pause) I will never trust her, no matter how good her intentions may be.

(Sophie hears a knock on the front door and races for it knowing that it is the hair dresser and make up artist to do the girls make up) 

 she shouts out to them all and opens up the door) 

Teresa: Good morning, My name is Teresa looking for the Backworth family for the wedding

Sophie: Come on in ( she lets her into the house and closes the door behind her before Leading her to living room and Rachel walks in with tea in her hand) Ah Rachel you're here first, sit down, shut up and let her make you pretty.


(Danielle hears a knock at her bedroom, she turns her head and looks at it) 

Danielle: what? ( she calls out to them, She sees the door open and Officer Alverez standing there) 

Officer Alverez: Sorry to disturb you but i thought you should know that, the beautician lady is here.

(Turns her head) Yeah what ever. (she looks away not having a care) 

 Walks over and sits on her bed) Right what's wrong with you, why you being a grump you were all excited yesterday?

pulls herself up on her bed) Look at me, how am i meant to be happy when i can't do anything myself, I know why you are here (pause) (gives him a stern look) She told you to carry me down stairs didn't she?(Rolls her eyes)

smiles) No she never, she seems a little too occupied and any way i thought you would have preferred to see a handsome face in the morning, I've been helping you out since we found you in that warehouse so for me to help you isn't a problem,I understand why you don't want your family's help but where have i been all the time you were in hospital?

(Chuckles) Okay maybe i did prefer seeing your face walk through that door rather than a really smiley giggle person. (pause) Fair enough you have been right beside me the whole time always helping me out but it's still pretty embarrassing.

Officer Alverez: Yeah and how many times have i been sat beside you or in the room and I've spilt coffee all over me or tripped and right proper embarrassed my self, like the time when you dropped a bit of paper on the floor, i bent over to pick it up and what happened again? (pause) oh yeah i split my trousers.  I am here not as a officer but as a friend to help yo skinny ass down stairs to get your hair done.

(  she hugs Ronaldo) You are a pretty great person you know that.

( He pulls the duvet off her and puts his arm around her back and under her legs and Picks Danielle up carries her down the stairs he places her into the chair and pushes her into the living room) And here is the star of the show.

Teresa: Wow , how long have you two been together for then?

Danielle:We aren't together, Ronaldo saved me from a warehouse and has been protecting me ever since.

( Goes up to Alverez) Well Officer Alverez, you have done a great job of protecting her and managing to place a smile on that girls face.( Ronaldo nods her head at them, he walks out of the room leaving them too it)

Over At Callum's house-

Callum: ( tieing his tie) So dad are you nervous for the big day?

Jake: ( looks over to Callum whilst drinking coffee in the kitchen) I am more nervous about Danielle than i am about getting married.

Callum: Dad she is just going through a tough time, Can you really blame her? she was nearly killed, then kidnapped she might never walk again. Would you really be going through your day with a smile on your face as if nothing has happened to you, One good thing came out of it ( Pause) I haven't seen her smile like that since the day she got accepted into Nevada.

Jake: You are right there. I just don't want to see her get hurt that's all.

Callum: Are you kidding me? Officer Alverez isn't going to hurt her, He has been there more for her more than we have and that is saying something. You have to admit, you feel more safe having him around don't you?

. ( Pause) What is going on with you and Rachel?

Callum: I haven't really got a chance to speak to Danielle about it, but we have been out a few times you know but it's Danielle's best friend isn't that weird?

Jake: son? you just got to follow your heart. We better hurry or we will be late.

Backworth house-

Sophie: (standing in the kitchen with a cup in her hand in her wedding dress on) Are you girls ready?

Danielle; ( wheels over to her mum) Will you stop drinking so much coffee (Takes cup away from her and puts it in between her legs and wheels over to the sink) 

Sophie: Danielle, that purple dress looks gorgeous on you, especially with the diamonds on the sweetheart neckline and the design on the middle ( Pause ) It looks stunning.

Danielle: Even the slit? ( she pours the coffee down the sink and turns to face her mum showing off her leg) 

Sophie( Smiles) Even the slit

Danielle: You look nice too even if your dress is a little plain 

Rachel:( walks into the kitchen looking herself up and down)  Please tell me the peach doesn't make my skin look too pail.

( Sophie and Danielle chuckle and shake no)

Sophie: Officer Alverez!( he lifts his head up from his phone to look at her) i want you to take my daughter down the isle.

Officer Alverez:  Are you sure about that?

Sophie: Of course, You have been helping my daughter out this far on, you might as well continue it.

Rachel: Girls photo time ( She pulls out her phone camera )

( Sophie grabs a hold Officer Alverez arm and drags him in the photo with photo. He stands behind Danielle's wheelchair and puts his left hand on her left shoulder) 

Danielle: We better get going. ( She looks over to her mum) We wouldn't want to be late for you wedding. 

Ronaldo helps Danielle out to the car and before closing the door he looks at her and lifts her head up by placing his finger on her chin. 

Ronaldo; You know you can do this 

Danielle: I know, It's just i don't want to look back on this day and be reminded of the wheelchair and everything that happened to me. 

Ronaldo; I know you don't but the reality of it is there is nothing you can do to change it. 

Danielle: That's what makes this hurt that much more is there is nothing i can do. 

Ronaldo; I promise you that once day you will look back on this day and you will feel proud of how far you have come. 

Wedding reception-

Rachel:(walks up to Danielle)  Have you decided what you are going to do yet?

(Danielle smiles and nods her head at her, she wheels her self over to her mum) 

Danielle: Mum? I have decided i want to walk down the isle.

Sophie: Are you sure?

Danielle: Yes, but don't tell anyone apart from the guy in charge so he can move it.

Mr Watson: Right girls, here is your time to shine! Rachel when the music starts you stand on the right of Callum and you walk down the isle next will be Danielle and Alverez and last Sophie, any problems?

(Sophie whispers to Mr Watson Danielle's plan and he nods his head he goes out into the hall and the music plays) (Rachel and Callum begin to walk down the stairs)

(Turns round to Sophie) Are you sure this is okay? Wouldn't Steve rather be doing this? Does Jake really want me to stand up beside him and Callum?

Sophie: (whispers) Will you be quiet, of course he wants you up there now get ready!

( Danielle stands up off the wheelchair)

(worried tone)

Danielle: give me your hand, we are gonna hold onto these flowers together and put your arm round my waist, If i can't do it then pick me up and carry me down okay 

 (hesitates) Fine! but you owe me later, I'm going to end up being bald with all the stress you put me through.

(Alverez grabs a hold of her, holding her up and they begin to walk down the aisle together slowly and she looks up at her dad with a smile. Although she was struggling and was in pain she kept going not wanting to give up. 

(Turns round to Callum) (Whispers) Is she really?

(Smiles) She sure is dad?

(concerned tone)

Pause) come on distract me (both continue smiling)

 ( Slight chuckle) and may i add you look stunning today( pause) It comes to a surprise( Joking tone)

Danielle: You know that ain't what i mean.

Officer Alverez: You are a special girl, You know that.

Danielle: Thank you, That's one thing i love and appreicate about you. 

Looks to Danielle and smiles)

(They Get to end of the isle and helps sit her down back on her chair and stands behind Callum) ( Sophie walks down isle and Jakes face lightens up never having believed that he would have ever made it to this moment. 

Minister: The couple asked me to make this short and sweet so here we go, Do you Jake James Backworth take the Sophie Kelly Geller Mcduff to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hold, through sickness and health till death do you part"

(Takes ring from Callum) I do.(places ring on Sophie's finger)

Minister: And do you Sophie Kelly Geller Mcduff take the Jake James Backworth to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hold, through sickness and health till death you part"

( Takes ring from Danielle) I do ( places ring on Jake's finger)

 turns to Jake) You may kiss your bride.

( Jake and Sophie kiss on another and everyone stands in applause feeling happy for the couple. They all watch the pair walk towards the exit hand in hand with each other. Outside they take photos and head off to a garden area where a professional takes family photos. After the photos they went to their meal which was at half four.) 

Wedding dance-7pm

DJ: Can we get a round of a plause for the newly Mr and Mrs Backworth as they come to the floor for their first dance.

( Everyone claps and gather round to watch the dance) ( Song "Hero" is played)

Sophie: Please everyone join us on the floor.

(Danielle sat at a table beside the dance floor looking out at everyone having fun dancing)

(goes up to Danielle) Well, i think i see a stranger sitting there

Danielle: well i could sure enough say the same thing for you.

(Pause)  what was stopping you from picking up the phone

Danielle: Are you kidding me Steve! I phoned you five times a day every day for four weeks and guess what i got an answering machine every time and you know how many times you called me back zero ( she bitches at him as he attemted to turn it back on her ) So yeah what was wrong with you picking up the phone.

Steve: You can't just turn this on me! 

Danielle: Why? Why can't i?

Steve: because ever since the police found you no one seems to be able to peel you away from that Officer guy.

Bitchy tone) That "Officer Guy" saved my life in that warehouse and he was assigned to follow me around and protect me because if you remember i was almost killed then i was kidnapped by the same person. ( Pause) oh wait and where were you? huh( pause) Ah yes i remember not there.

Steve: ( Sits down at the table) I tried to be there for you!

(mocks him ) How about when i left about a thousand messages on your phone telling you how i was scared i was never going to walk again or that i really needed to see you. So yeah that "Officer guy" He was always there stood outside my door so when i felt lonely we would start talking and he was there for me every time i weeped my eyes out in pain and in fear of not walking. He was there for me every time the doctor came around and yeah he was doing his duty but you know what he became my friend and well you... you were meant to be my boyfriend, i remember hearing you when i was found crying holding onto my hand begging "Danielle, wake up, please i can't live with out you. Please you need to wake up i love. I promise i will be with you every step of the way.

Steve: I should have been the one to walk you down the isle that should have been my choice, it should have been me, you should have asked me.( he snaps at her upset at the idea he was never asked.)

Danielle: I didn't ask him to walk me down, My dad did, my dad asked him to stand up beside him and my brother because he was honored to have a nice guy being around to protect me. Do you know that "officer guy" he chooses to help me every day, get in and out of bed, in and out of my chair. I could have got someone to care for me but i said no what's the point it was his choice to help me even when in hospital. He enjoys the conversations we have had, you know it should have been you that was meant to help me to the toilet and the shower but you weren't there so you know what he stepped up because he felt like he had to because 3/4 of my day i was alone with no family there. So it was his choice to be my carer and you know what i wouldn't have it any other way.( Pause) I was really happy when i found out he was going to be helping me down the isle and it wasn't you because i can trust him more. 

(Officer Alverez walks up to Danielle and Steve)

Officer Alverez: I hope i am not disturbing something but people was starting to stare.

Danielle: No not at all. ( she turns her head and looks at him)Ronaldo dance with me?

Officer Alverez: You are not strong enough ( he shakes his head not feeling like it's a good idead

Danielle: Please ( she looks at him with a hint of desperation in her eyes wanting away from Steve) 

( He helps her up off her chair and takes her to the dance floor where he helps waltz her around the room)

 he looks at her concerned having heard some of the conversation)

?( trying to pan off she doesn't know anything)

Ronaldo Alverez: You know what I am talking about, That argument about me?

Danielle: We can talk about it later.

Ronaldo Alverez: He isn't happy that I'm looking after you is he?

Danielle: It's his own fault. 

Ronaldo Alverez: If you want me to go i can, i can get someone else to look after you? I don't want to destroy your relationship.

Pause) I don't want you to leave. You didn't destroy it he did.

( Jake cuts in)

Jake: May i dance with my daughter?

Smiles) Of course you can, careful she is fragile. 

(Jake hold's Danielle in his arms and dances. Ronaldo walks off and goes to talk to Doctor Charlie)

Doctor Charlie: How is she?

( smiles as they watch her) 

Doctor Charlie: I know what's going on here.

Ronaldo Alverez: What? nothings going on?

Doctor Charlie: You have a soft spot for that girl. You know you can't get attached.

Ronaldo Alverez: I know we aren't meant to but there is just something about her.

Doctor Charlie: Trust me, I've been there, I fell at the age of 23 and then 10 years later I'm married with 2 kids with the same women. When you know, you know.

turn their heads around the room trying to figure out what is going on. The crowd starts to scream  and run off in different directions while Jake and Danielle fall to the ground) 

(Shouts covered in blood looking down at her father) 

( Falls to her knees and shouts for her husband) 

Callum: (Drops his and Rachel's champagne glasses) DAD!

(Shoots up from her chair seat) JAKE!

James: (Runs out bathroom) SON!

(Doctor Charlie and Alverez run over to them both. Ronaldo pulls out his gun on the look out for a shooter as he covers Doctor Charlie and he pulls his phone out of his suit pocket. 

Officer Alverez: This is Officer Alverez, We have a shooting at the Backworth wedding, we have one casualty, shot wound to the shoulder. ( he hangs up the phone and puts it back in his pocket. He Pulls Danielle off her dad)

(shouts) no, don't touch me ( try's to put up a fight)

(grabs a hold of Danielle) Look at me( pause) Danielle! Look at me! If you want your father to live you need to let Doctor Charlie help him.( Callum rushes over) As of right now I am on Official police duty. No one leaves or comes in. Take a hold of her and don't let her go. I will be back!( Callum picks Danielle up and pulls her off to the side while Ronaldo runs over to the window to see if he can see anyone with a gun in their hand


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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