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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 16 (v.2) - scene16 - Till death do us part!

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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Submitted: May 28, 2017



Scene 16- Till death do us part!


Hospital, Ward 201- March 1st ,2017- Two weeks since the wedding

( Danielle is lying in her bed staring up at the celing thinking back to the day of the wedding. She hears a knock at her door but she doesn't move a muscle and stays silent hoping who ever it was would go away. )

Officer Alverez: ( he walks into her room and stands beside her bed) Come on Danielle ( she turns her head looking away from him) You can't do this to me. You made a promise. 

Danielle: Yeah, well what else am i meant to do huh? be all smiles and talk about fluffy unicorns and rainbows as if my father didn't just die while holding me in his arms.

( Ronaldo sits on the chair beside her bed while she unleashes all her anger onto him over the loss of her father) 

Officer Alverez: It's not your fault, stop blaming yourself.

Danielle: That's the thing it clearly is, that whole night the shooter could have shot him at any time so why wait? ( she looks at him waiting for a justified answer) Huh? Why wait for him to be with me to shoot. I'm not stupid you know, stop tip toeing around me. That's why i enjoyed you being here in the first place because you were the only one who didn't tip toe around me so don't you dare start now.

Officer Alverez: If it is anyone's fault it should be mine, I promised that i would protect and look after you, and what is the one thing i didn't do ( He looks at her feeling frustrated with himself for allowing someone to die on his watch) I didn't protect you like i said i would,so maybe just maybe that bullet was meant to be for you and then what? is that some how meant to make you feel better that i messed up not only as a police officer but as your friend because your dad wanted one happy moment with his daughter on his wedding day whilst i stood less then 10 feet away from you talking to your doctor. Yeah that might be my fault but you know what I will not be the reason you are going to be late to his funeral so stop bloody blaming yourself and get the hell out of bed because if you don't then i sure as hell don't have any problem picking you up and dragging you out. ( he sighs at herand sits back in chair. He then leans forward and Puts his head in his hands. As he looks down at the ground he hears Danielle bursts out in tears and he looks up at her.) Oh my god, Danielle i am sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you i swear. It's just all this emotion is getting to me and I shouldn't be feeling this way. I thought i was protecting my best friend and the girl i may in fact love but i just led her straight into a trap. ( he stands up and stands by the side of her bed wishing he didn't say anything. 

(Danielle puts her arms out to hug him and he leans forward and kisses her forehead. Danielle lets out a little laugh to herself 

Officer Alverez; What is so funny? ( he looks down at her confused) 

Danielle: I didn't expect that. (she pauses)thanks for not tip toeing around me huh. Also you just said you loved me

Officer Alverez: Get over yourself, You ain't that special.

( Danielle grabs a hold of his shirt pulling him close to her. She presses her lips against his then pushes him away)

Danielle: Are you just going to stand there or are you actually going to help me out of bed. ( She raises her eye brow at him and struggles to get herself up. 

Ronaldo: Some one is clearly feeling better ( he looks at her and pulls her chair closes to her) 

Danielle; Yeah what ever ( She rolls her eyes and he helps her onto her chair) 

Funeral Directors

( Everyone gathers at Jakes funeral and are seated. Sophie sits in between Callum and Danielle as they hold onto her hand to help her through this hard time) 

Danielle; Stay strong mum! It will be okay! ( she whispers her as she rubs her thumb up and down her hand. 

Sophie: This is the last place you should have to be right about now. ( she scowls over to Officer Alvarez wishing hadn't toke her) Officer Alverez may I have a quick word with you ( she gets up off her seat and pulls him aside) Thank you for looking after her, I know this is really hard on both of you since I know you both are rather stubborn and right about now you are both blaming yourselves but here is the thing the only person you can blame is the one who shot Jake and took his life away it is not your fault or hers because you were not the ones who pulled the trigger on the gun. I have only fully Known my daughter for Four months now but heres the thing she is going to push you away as much as she can until the point where you feel the need to walk away but you can't do that to her because right about now you are one of the only things that is keeping her going and if she loses you then i would hate to think what kind of horrible path she would make her way down. 

Ronaldo: Professionally speaking it is my duty to look after your daughter and make sure she sees another day. Privately speaking your daughter is an incredible person, she is stubborn which can be incredibly annoying at time especially when you can't get her to see sense but I promise you i'm not going any where. 

Sophie; Thank you. 

( Ronaldo puts his hand on Sophie's back and accompanies her back over to the rest of the family. Sophie sits back down beside Callum and Danielle and Ronaldo nods her head at her before he takes a seat beside Danielle. He turns and looks at Danielle who has tears coming down her face unable to hide her pain any longer as she stares at the coffin of her father. He takes his hand and slides it into hers making it known that he is there for her.

Callum: I am really shocked that Steve hasn't spoke to you since the wedding. ( he looks over to Danielle) 

Danielle: honestly I'm not surprised at all with the way our conversation went down.

Sophie: What conversation?

Danielle: I'll tell you all about it later

( Service begins) 

Funeral Director: I know that it was requested by Jake's wife Sophie that a few members of his family speak to you all today. 

 (Stood up from the front row and stood in front of the podium) This has got to be one of the hardest things someone has to do, saying good bye to someone they love after being taken from us is such a tragedy that no one can forget and i certainly won't. I will never forget the one and only Jake James Backworth because how do you forget a man who had a child at the age of seventeen who had nothing, he had no money, no job he didn't even know his girlfriend was pregnant with his child until the day his baby girl Danielle was left on his front step, and you know what for a man who had nothing he gave that girl everything she could possibly need and hope for and even more, he had it rough for the first eight years of his daughter's life and he worked very hard to get where he did today. He not only raised a wonderful daughter but when he got with his first wife April she had a four year old child and you know what he took that little boy and he made him his own and treated him like his own to this day. Jake was such an inspiring man and helped every person he could with out a doubt, I remember the day when i got told my family was killed and the first thing Jake did was took me into his home and made it my own until i figured out what i was doing with my life, he wasn't my father but he would sit with me and listen to me cry every night after i lost them and he would make me hot chocolate with marsh mellows and cream to cheer me up. That man became my best friend when i was at the age of ten and he decided to fill the shoes of my father so that i didn't have to go through any of it on my own. I was more than grateful to have that man in my life and unfortunately i have lost another father. I will always love him and always miss him ( She steps away from the podium and takes a seat back down on her chair)

( Callum lets go of Sophies hand and looks over to Danielle before standing up and walking over in front of everyone) 

Callum: Thank you all for coming here today to my father's funeral. There is so many things i could say but i don't need to express how i feel towards my dad because he already knew how i felt. He was my hero more like my superman who one day appeared in my life and because this amazing guy to me and my sister when our mother would just leave us in our room with nothing for supper . Many of you may sit there and think wait a minute Jake isn't his real father but you know what i don't need to have his dna for him to be my father. It doesn't work like that, losing my dad is the worst thing that has happened to me and i can't imagine a pain worse than the feeling I am faced with right now. I came back home because i wanted to spent time with my family because we haven't exactly done that in a while you know it's fair to say we have been through such a rollercoaster through happy ness and tears. I can't imagine a world where my father doesn't exist in it but i guess I am going to have to take a day at a time and pray that it gets easier.

( Callum stands down and Sophie gets up off her seat and hugs him before the pair sit down. Officer Alverez rolls Danielle in front of everyone and she looks at them unsure if she will be able to get the words out) 

Danielle: Thank you all again for coming to my dad's funeral and please do forgive me if i end up weeping like a little baby while i speak to you. My dad was always my hero he decided at such a young age instead of giving me away to and he decided to care for me all by himself he was not only my dad but he was also my mum, he had to teach me how to sew and well sometimes i had to remind him what delicates should not go in the washing machine if you know what i mean but i will never get to see my dad again, he will never see me and Callum grown up, he won't see me get married to the man of my dreams or even walk me down the isle when ever that time comes and he will never get to see his grand children. I never thought that when i was in his arms whilst we he danced me around the dance floor in that moment would be the last time i got to hug him or smell his deodorant but you know what foreshadows that great memory is the fact seconds later he was shot whilst holding me and we all know the bullet was meant to be for me. He was finally going to  get the happy ending he deserved and he didn't even manage to get through a full day of marriage without having to say goodbye to it. My dad was always looking over my shoulder telling me what the right path i should go down was even if it meant i made a few mistakes in the process. I could guarantee i would see my dad at least three times a day in hospital because he always made sure to make time for me but now i will have to go back and i will just have to sit there just waiting ( Pause) praying that he will walk through the door but the sad thing is I know he won't be coming through the door any time soon and it completely breaks my heart at the thought of it. My dad was a great father and even though at times he could be annoying and would embarrass me and Callum at our high school parties I always knew that he was going to be there for me. We are all so lucky to know such a amazing and honorable man and he made his country proud with all the sacrifices he made not only with his job but also at home with his family. I don't know how i am going to go through my day without him being in it and i am going to love and miss him forever. ( Officer Alverez rolls her away from the podium and they sit back beside her family) 

James: (Stands up and walks over to the podium on his way there he takes a hold of Callum and Danielle's hands before carrying on walking) most of you here formally know me as Navy Seal Commander James Jake Backworth, i am the proud father of Jake. I may not have seen my son all the time but that wasn't due to i didn't want to see him or that i didn't love him because i did more than anything but when Danielle appeared at his front door, Jake told me he wanted to make it on his own and he didn't want any help from me so i gave him a block of cash to get him and his daughter through their first year and he would need to get a job etc and i couldn't stand by and watch my son struggle through the first few years of that Childs life so i went back to the navy but i always ensured there was money for Jake aside. I wish i could have been there for him and watch my grand children growing up but things just ended up getting in the way.  Jake eventually joined the navy with his old man when he met April, of course i was never fond of her one of the reasons why i never really came back. Jake was a wonderful man and a hell of a wonder, he saved so many mens lives not only in the navy but in the army. He stood up for what he believed in, Danielle and Callum Your father was extremely proud of you and spoke about you. It would be an honor to be allowed to place the American flag on Jake's coffin after all he has done for our country. 

A group of men walk over to the coffin and folds up the flag and places it on top. 

(grave site)

(Sophie, Callum, Danielle and James all throw a red rose on top of the coffin. Sophie turns around and sees camera men and crew with cameras pointing at them as they berry Jake. Ronaldo turns around and sees what is going on. He walks away from the family and over to them finding it disrespectful to be interupting and disturbing a funeral. 

News reporter: Is there anything you can tell us about the deceased funeral, do you know who killed him? what is the family feeling right now ( points Camera in Officer Alverez's face)

Officer Alverez:How rude can you get? Don't you see the family is suffering after the loss of a loved one and you are standing here saying "anything you can tell us about the deceased funeral" Do you even know his name? How about you come back when you find your heart ( he snaps at them before he begins to walk away but stops and turns around) Actually no don't, don't ever come near that grieving family again. ( walks off in anger and makes his way back over to the family) 

( Takes a hold of Danielle's wheelchair) Lets get you lot home you need it. ( he begins to wheel her away from the grave knowing if they didn't leave now then she would never want to leave) 

 ( takes a hold of James arm) If it alright with you, can we just got to the hospital with Danielle.

James: I will do anything you girls want ( he nods his head at them)


( walks into Danielle's room) Well Danielle, Lets get you back into bed shall we and then we get check how you are doing. How does that sound? (moves chair beside her bed) You wanna try out what we learned the other day. I'm here if you need me. (Danielle grabs a hold of her bed pulling herself up she shuffles herself back and manages Pulls her legs onto the bed) Right lets get these boots off you. ( He helps her get off her boots knowing that her family was a little busy) Now you got the choice of what you want to wear but remember later we have to take a walk over to x-ray. 

 (pause) You know what i will put on my pink and blue tartan pyjama bottoms and my white long sleeve top which have the three little buttons with the pocket and i suppose I could put on my light blue fluffy socks.

Doctor Charlie: You will be rocking down that corridor in style, but before that can happen everyone needs to leave so the nurses can come in and help you. 

(Everyone leaves the room to allow Danielle to get comfortable. Callum turns his head and sees Steve comes waltzing round the hospital corner and over to them) 

Callum: ( He rolls his eyes at him) What are you doing here man?

Steve: I came to see my best friend and girlfriend.

: ( stands up off hospital chair) Yeah right. Your drunk and you came here to see is Danielle wanted to go play hookie.

Steve: Shut up bitch.

(grabs a hold of Steve's arm) Don't you dare speak to her like that, you have no right.

(He laughs at them) 

(Callum goes to hit Steve but Officer Alverez grabs a hold of Steve and pull him away)

Officer Alverez: Time to go man, before you get yourself into any trouble.(walks him out and Callum and James follow from behind) 

(Outside hospital)

Steve: You shouldn't have been there, You shouldn't have been the one to walk her down the isle ( he shouts at Ronaldo in anger) That should have been me. I should have been the one to hold her up and to make her smile whilst she walked done the isle but it wasn't me it was you and that broke my heart man.

Callum: Steve, yeah it should have been you but heres the thing apart from that day we found her that was the only time you were here to genuinely see if she was okay and the other what two times was because your left hand got lonely, did you even question how Danielle felt? huh? she had to lay in that bed day in and day out waiting for the person she loved to show up.

Steve: Exactly loved... she moved on man. Her feelings changed.

( Stands in front of Steve) do you blame her? while she waited for you to turn up every day, Officer Alverez was standing outside her room which led them to build a friendship with each other. She spent over 60 days with him and to start with every time i came in she begged me not to leave because she didn't want to be alone and hated the fact she was being watched the whole time so i told her to make friendly with people and she did and eventually when none of us was there, Doctor Charlie, the nurses and Officer Alverez became her best friends because she could count on them being there 24/7.

( looks directly to Officer Alverez) yeah but it didn't mean you had to become her carer. Always helping her in and out of bed, to the bath room etc. 

Officer Alverez: You came on the first day and that was basically it, did you notice for the first month she was here when ever her family came in to see her she refused to get changed or go to the bathroom unless absolutely urgent. You wanna know why because she was scared to be alone in a closed space where the door was locked and she was unable to move and Doctor Charlie discovered that I was the only person she trusted and you wanna know why because I was one of the men who found her in the warehouse and saved her. I spoke to her and held her hand whilst repeating everything that was about to happen.( looks at Steve) Do you really think i wanted this to happen to your relationship no not at all but you got to understand that you didn't show up and you weren't there for her and that is where you screwed up. 

( touches Officer Alverez and Callum's arms ) boys we better get back up stairs. 

( The boys back away from Steve knowing it was the right thing to have done even though they wanted to hit him for the way he was treating Danielle, for the way he always treated Danielle. like she was his property and he could do what ever he wanted. 


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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