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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 17 (v.2) - Scene 17- Where Do We Go From Here?

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



Scene 17- Where Do We Go From Here?


(Sophie walks up to Doctor Charlie at the nurses station) 

Sophie: Doctor Charlie ( She calls on him and he turns around to look at her. 

Doctor Charlie: Ah Sophie, I didn't expect you to be here at this time of the day, How are you feeling? ( He says to her surprised to see her standing in front of him) and if you don't mind me asking why you here so early?

Sophie: I didn't expect myself to be here this early either but i was hoping to see you. I'm hanging on at the moment ( she puts a smile on her face pretending that she is fine when the truth was it felt like someone was constanlty stabbing a dagger in and out of her chest never giving her a break. 

Doctor Charlie: Walk with me ( he suggests to her and she nods her head and they walk over to the coffee cart down the hall) What can i do for you then?

Sophie: Well i was hoping to ask you if it was alright to take Danielle to one of my appointments?

Doctor Charlie: Yeah that will be fine but I hope it's not going to be too personal with the officers still following Danielle ( he holds out a coffee cup to her coffee?

Sophie: No thank you, ( She turns it down shaking her head) I will be fine with it.

Doctor Charlie: ( He puts his hand on the top of her shoulder) Of course it is fine. If there is anything I can do for you or Danielle just Let me know okay.

Sophie: Thank you ( They both turn around and begin making their way over to Danielle's room to see her) How is she doing?

Doctor Charlie: Honestly? ( he stops out side of her room and looks at Sophie with a disappointed look on his face) not really good. She still isn't walking and I know that this is a struggle for her, but it could still take time you know. She just has to try not rush it, She will be able to do it when she's ready and when that day comes she will know but something is holding her back. 

Sophie: Because Jake died she is giving up... She's lost her hope 

Doctor Charlie: Now i'm not saying that at all 

Sophie: No but i am. You can see it in her eyes,the fire she once had is gone. Her face rarely ever lights up any more and she refuses the idea of going back home to the house because she will be reminded that he is no longer there. 

Doctor Charlie : I am really sorry about Jake, Sophie. I know none of this has been easy on your family and i wish if there was something i could do i would help. 

Sophie: I appreciate your kind words, It means a lot to us all. 

( They both head inside the room and see Danielle alone watching tv) 

Sophie: I am completely and utterly surprised, your bed buddy isn't here and sitting up smiling.( she looks around looking for Ronaldo which makes Danielle laugh a little) 

Danielle: He's away getting some coffee. 

Sophie: ( walks over to Danielle pulling over her chair) Right Lazy bones get up and out of bed we are going some where.

 Danielle: (eyes open wide) Does this some where involve really tasty food?

Sophie: no far from it. ( she shakes her head and sees the disapproval growing on her daughters face) 

Danielle: Well what you just standing there for, lets get out of here before Ronaldo sees ( Sophie walks over to Danielle to help her get into the chair when the door opens and Ronaldo walks inside. 

Ronaldo Alverez: Unfortunately for you, You are still stuck with me.

Danielle: yeah until this afternoon when you finally go back to the station ( she smirks at him) 

Ronaldo Alverez: Are you that sick of me already?

Sophie: Of course she's not. (she takes a hold of the wheelchair handles and pushes Danielle out of the room. 

Ronaldo Alverez: Where are we going? ( he watches her push Danielle out of the room and down the hall. 

Sophie: if you shut up and walk faster you will find out.( she replies to him as she turns his head and they make across the hospital and sit int he waiting door. 

Danielle: A doctors appointment at a baby fertility for who? ( Danielle looks around realising where she is. Ronaldo looks at Danielle and shrugs his shoulders having no idea what is going on. After a ten minutes one of the doctors room doors open. 

Doctor: Backworth ( shouts out and Sophie gets up and rolls Danielle into the room) Good morning ladies, my name is Doctor Lily Donovon and you must be Sophie and Danielle.

Danielle: (looks up in shock) Lily Donovon as in, my brother's ex-fiancee Lily Donovon.

Doctor Lily Donovon: Ah yes, you could say that ( she smiles at Danielle and takes a seat at her desk) 

Danielle: It is wonderful to see you again, what's it been like a year. ( She smiles at her thinking about some of the fun they used to get up to together) I'm sorry about what happened with Callum 

Doctor Lily Donovon: It's great to see you as well, Feels like a life time huh? What happened between me and Callum it wasn't meant to be. We were young and stupid and frankly we still are. ( She shakes Sophies hand having never met her before) 

Danielle: May I ask why we are both here? ( confused tone and facial expression)

Doctor Lily Donovon: Well Danielle, Do you remember when you were brought in after you were kidnapped do you remember signing a document?

Danielle: Yes ( She replies confused not really remembering much) 

Doctor Lily Donovon: and do you remember Doctor Lucas Charlie telling you that every two weeks after your attack we would do tests on you to see if what ever Paul Scott did while you were with him had any consequences but every time the nurses went to do them over the past two months you couldn't bring yourself to go through with it. How would you feel about it now? You appear to be in a much better place now than what you was. 


Danielle: As much as it makes me sick to my stomach i am willing to do what ever it takes( she nods her head at her)I just want all of this over and done with so i can move on with my life. 

Doctor Lily Donovon: And as for your mum here, well she is here to get tested. Sophie if you are still willing can you please lay on the bed and pull up your t-shirt and open your trouser button. ( Scan comes up on the screen) In a second if there is anything there it will appear on the screen. ( wait's a few moments as the gel is rubbed over the stomach)Look here we go.

Sophie: ( she stares at the screen)Oh my god. I see a heart beat( tears begin to form in her eyes) 

Doctor Lily Donovon: Correction three.( Turns round to Danielle) don't be afraid to come closer

( Danielle looks over at her mother and realises that she is pregnant with her dads babies. She feels a lump forming in her throat at the thought of them having one last peice of him in their life) 

. ( trying to reassure her)

Danielle:  No (pause) No, it's not okay. You are pregnant with my dads babies and he was shot two weeks ago at his own wedding. So no it's not okay , none of this is okay and don't pretend that it is. 

Doctor Lily Donovon: Danielle, don't take me as being rude here but aren't you happy that your mum and dad are having a baby?( she asks her not understanding what she is feeling) 

Danielle: I am happy but i would be a lot happier if my dad was around to see it.

Sophie: I understand i really do. As much as you are happy to be getting siblings it isn't right that your dad doesn't get to be here to watch them grow up, to watch you and callum grow up. He should never have died in the first place. 

Danielle; He was never meant to die ( Tears start forming in her eyes as the guilt begins to get to the best of her) lets just move on. 

Doctor Lily Donovon: Are you sure you want to do this?

Danielle: If i don't do this now then i never will ( she responds knowing that she needs to find out if Paul raped her

Callum's House- 

Rachel: Callum your coffee is ready ( shouts politely as she puts the spoon in the sink. 

Callum: Just coming. 

( Rachel walks around Callum's house with one of his shirts on and a pair of pants. She has a look at his medals that is hung in a cabinet when Callum walks down the stairs )

Callum: Thank you dear ( he says behind her with the cup in his hand

Rachel: Do you find it strange me being here?

Callum: No why would you think that?

Rachel: Because look at me ( pause) I'm sixteen years old sleeping with a 20 year old and I am your little sisters best friend (As Rachel was listing their differences they hear a Knock at front door)

Callum: two seconds, trust me I am not dodging the conversation i swear. 

( Callum walks off leaving her in the livingroom, he puts his cup down on the coffee table and makes his way to the front door. he opens it up and Sees Steve standing in front of him. 

Steve: Well if it isn't my best friend. (looks over Callum's shoulder) Oh and if it isn't my little sister with you too. Well i guess two for the price of one i guess right. 

Callum: If you are here just to be an asshole then take it some where else because frankly I'm not interested in it alright and just for your information me and Rachel live together, I'm not just going to see her to play hookie unlike you. 

Steve: Believe it or not but I'm not here to be a asshole but i am here to apologies, i have been really annoyed and frustrated the past few months over Danielle and Officer Alverez and well after the funeral i just decided to go for a pint and well one pint let to two and you know what happens from there and i was being really nasty to everyone and I know myself that what happened between me and Danielle was my own fault because i couldn't face seeing her in the hospital after knowing she went through. 

Rachel: Yeah well it doesn't mean you had to act the way you did, you legit stood in the middle of the hospital corridor screaming and shouting at everyone, You got escorted out by a police officers , James and Callum and then it carried on outside the hospital. 

Steve: Look i am sorry, believe me or not but it's true.You can believe what you want but i really am trying to make up for the mistakes i have made ( he looks at Callum and Rachel and can see the distrust on their face)I should get going, it was clearly a bad idea coming here. 

Callum: Wait, would you like to at least come in for a cup of tea, you know could be like old times.

Steve: Nah it's okay how about next time? I have a few more people to go visit.

( Callum nods his head and Steve walks away from the house. Callum closes the door and turns to Rachel feeling defeated) 

Rachel: Nice cover up, good to know i ain't no booty call.. ( She lets out a little chuckle at him) 

Callum: It might have been a cover up but heres the thing i would easily have you living here than you living on your own. 

Rachel: So what i can just be on call 24/7 to be your booty call and you don't need to cover it up.

Callum: No I want you to live here because I love you, not because you're a booty call which you're not.

( Rachel walks over to him and puts her hand on his chest and kisses him) 

Rachel: Well i suppose when you put it that way .

Hospital Room 

Doctor Charlie: Well how did your little outing go?

Danielle: It was emotional to say the least.

Doctor Charlie:What the hell happened? ( he looks up from his paper work to Danielle and Sophie. 

Sophie: ( Stands at window and looks out into the distance) I am pregnant with triplets.

Doctor Charlie: Wow ( He smiles at her feeling happy for her) That is exciting news( he looks over to Michelle) Don't you think?

( Danielle smiles back at him feeling confused, part of her wants to be happy for her mother but yet all she can feel is sadness because they will never get to know the man she grew up with.) 

Doctor Charlie: The reason i came here was because I wanted to speak to you about maybe going home? 

Danielle: ( face fills with sadness) Honestly I'm not too sure If i am ready to go home yet.

Doctor Charlie: This is a surprise since you have practically been begging me to let you go home since you got in here.

Danielle: (Sitting on wheel chair in corner of the room) Yeah well people change don't they.

Doctor Charlie: (he walks over to her and sits on the edge of her bed) What's really going on Danielle?

(pause) I'm scared to go home. 

Sophie: Why sweetheart?

Danielle: ( Looks at her mother knowing she has to be open with them) Because I was with Family when i was beaten then i was in hospital with a lot of security and i will be in my dad's house with no dad, no doctor and no nurses. What if i get taken?

Doctor Charlie: Well here's the thing, no one is going to be able to take you even if you are in your house. You defiantly won't be alone because your grandad will be moving in with you and Sergeant Ethan Ritchie has arranged for Officer Ronaldo Alverez to be staying with you until said other wise and as for doctor and nurses. Are you forgetting (pause) ( Puts hand on Danielle's hand) I am your family doctor, I have no other patient's right this moment so i can be with you at any time. This was all arranged with your father, Me and two nurses was to be staying in the spare house at the back of your garden this allowing us to stay along with place all our medical equipment in. How does that sound?

Danielle: I suppose that is a not so bad idea( she shrugs her shoulder but the feeling inside her doesn't go away) But i can't have so many people stop living their lives just for me.

Doctor Charlie: We have orders to keep you safe and hell that is what we are going to do and anyway we are all your friends. We won't let you go through this along you understand that right?

 Backworth Household- 3 Days later

(Danielle sits in the living room watching boxes coming and going in and out of the house, her grandfather walks into the living room and looks over at her) 

James: There you are? I have been looking for you every where. ( bends over hugging Danielle) I hope you don't mind us all coming in here and well basically taking over your house.

Danielle: It's okay Granda, i completely understand. There is most likely still a hit out for me some where and most of my important treatment is done so they hospital board owners have decided I nor any of the patients are safe there this being why they cut a deal with Doctor Charlie. ( Pause) (Looks over to James) I'm, not so dumb as i look you know. ( smirks) Any way I don't have any objections with seeing you more regularly.

James: I know, I missed a whole lifetime and now in one swoop you got this guy coming to stay with you. Also you have to decide where the hell you are placing Alverez, will he be staying with you or will he be in the room 4 doors down?  

Danielle: 4 doors down, seems like the best shot 

James: Are you sure you are alright with us being here?

Danielle: Trust me it's fine Granda, now it's getting late so I'm  going to put the kettle on have a cup of tea and go to bed if that's alright

(James smiles and lets her roll away into the kitchen to make some tea. She sees her mum sitting at the dining room table

Danielle: Hey, you want some tea?

Sophie: No, I'm alright ( She looks up at her) I'm going to go call for an ambulance

Danielle: What why? ( Danielle turns around to look at her mother) 

Sophie: Some thing doesn't feel right Dani, Some thing feels wrong ( She stands up off her chair and holds onto her stomach. 

Danielle: You sit down, I'll call the ambulance ( She takes her phone out of the little bag attached to her wheelchair and begins to call an ambulance for her mother) 

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