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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 18 (v.2) - Scene 18- It's A Little Premature

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



Scene 18- It's A Little Premature


The paramedics come rushing through the A&E doors with Sophie strapped onto the gourney screaming in pain as she clutches onto her stomach. The doctors and nurses rush over to help after hearing through the radio of their arrival. 

Doctor Oliver Fenwick: What have we got? ( he looks up at the paramedic as Sophie lets out a scream) 

Paramedic(checks clipboard) Sophie Kelly Geller Mcduff Backworth. She has severe stomach pain and is currently Five month pregnant with triplets. On the ride over here we gave her oxygen and she had taken acetaminophen before we got there for her pain. 

Doctor Oliver Fenwick: Take her into Trauma room 3( he points them off intot he right directionSomeone page Doctor Lily Donovon. ( he shouts out to the nurses then follows the paramedica into Trauma Room Three) Get me a pair of gloves( Puts on plastic apron over scrubs) (puts on gloves)

(Paramedics transfer Sophie from gurney to hospital bed and the take their supplies away leaving the doctors to do their job

Rushes down) What's going on?

Doctor Oliver Fenwick: We have a patient here, Sophie Kelly Geller Mcduff Backworth experiencing severe stomach pain. She is roughly ( he pauses looking at her chart)You'll need to check her chart. How many months along in her pregnancy she is.

Doctor Lily Donovon: She is Five months pregnant, I Had a appointment with her 3 days ago, she is have triplets. 

Doctor Oliver Fenwick: She appears to have an abruption in her placenta.

Doctor Lily Donovon: I'll book an OR. 

Police Station- 

(Callum and Rachel stand outside the police station ) 

 (Takes a hold of Callum's hand) Are you sure you want to do this?

Callum: Yes I need to know (Officer Nash turns around) I was wondering if i can have a word?

) What can i do for you?

Callum: We were wondering if Sergeant Ethan Ritchie was going around?

Officer Lindsey Nash: Ah yes, he is in his office right over there ( points across the room)

 ( They walk towards the office Knocks on Sergeant Ethan Ritchie's door)

Sergeant Ritchie: Come in( he's sat at his desk, Callum and Rachel walk in) 

Callum: We were hoping to have a word with you?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Ah yes( Callum and Rachel sit down.) Is there anything i can get you? A cup of tea? coffee?

Rachel: Tea please? two sugars and a dash of milk

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: ( he walks over to his kettle and makes them some tea) What can i do for you today? ( Once the tea is made he hands it over to them) 

Callum: Well, We haven't heard anything from you guys since my dad got killed. I just want to know what's going on ( Takes a drink of tea) Who the hell killed my father?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Honestly, we don't know who it is. We have our suspicions but we have no proof and it is taking us a lot longer to get some. 

( Looks directly in Sergeant's eyes) 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: I can't say for definite but, it makes sense. 

Rachel: The bullet wasn't meant for him either was it?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Unfortunately It doesn't appear so.

Rachel: He's just going to keep coming after us even from behind bars.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: I know that wasn't some thing you wanted to hear. We are sending a few officer up to take a visit to the prison and have a word with the following people April and Paul and hopefully today we will get something out of them.

Callum:Please you have to do something( He begs them not wanting to watch his family die in front of his eyes when his phone begins to ring in his pocket. He takes out his phone and notices he has a missed call from Danielle and a message) 

Rachel:( She looks at Callum concerned ) Callum what's wrong? 

Callum: ( Picks up his coat from the back of the chair) We got to go.

Rachel: Where are we going? ( she looks at him confused still sitting down) 

Callum: The hospital come on ( He makes his way over to the hospital door

Sergeant Ritchie: Is everything okay?

Callum: i don't know 

(Sergeant Ethan Ritchie Quickly stands up and they all run out the door in fear of what could have happened. 

Hospital - 

(Danielle is at in the waiting room waiting to hear news about her mother) 

( Doctor Charlie walks up to Danielle) Huh, it's funny seeing you in the waiting room other than being the patient ( he jokes to her which brings a smile to her face 

Danielle: Pretty ironic huh? ( she smiles at him and he takes a seat beside her) 

Doctor Charlie: You could say so, Have you spoke to my nephew today?

Danielle: I spoke to him last night but I haven't seen him this morning, why? 

Doctor Charlie: He seems worried 

Danielle: Worried about what?

Doctor Charlie: I think he's worried that he is just needed for his job and that's all that you and your family see him as. Just the guy who is protecting you. I think he feels that he isn't good enough for you and your family and that you don't see him as the guy who is in love with you.  (He shares with her wanting to know what her real feeling are and where she stands) 

Danielle: ( She lifts her head up and looks at Lucas) I need to talk to him because i don't just see him as the officer who is made to protect me because he is more than that in my eyes and i need to tell him before it's too late.

Doctor Charlie: What about your test results? Have they came back yet?

Danielle: Nope not yet, she said it will roughly take a week or so. 

Doctor Charlie: Have you thought of what you are going to do if the results come back positive from Paul?

Danielle: I haven't really thought that far a head at the moment just trying to figure out things as they come really.

Doctor Charlie: What about your mum? Have you heard anything from the doctors yet?

) All i have been told is that she had a abruption in her placenta and look you don't need to give me the look. I know the chances of them kids surviving and it's very slim to say the least.

( Doctor Charlie takes a hold of Danielle's hand and she turns her head and smiles at him) ( the doors open and Doctor Lily Donovon walks out and makes her way over to Danielle) 

Doctor Lily Backworth: Miss Backworth ( she nods head at doctor Charlie) ( looks to Danielle) Danielle. I'm going to give you the good news first. Your mum survived the procedure and she is recovering very well as for the babies it is too soon to tell. They are premature so only time will tell, they could survive but they may not and you know that's the risk that is going to take place. 

 Danielle: ( Danielle Hugs Lily feeling grateful for all her help )  Is it alright to go through and see them.

Doctor Lily Donovon: Of course(she nods her head agreeing

( Lily takes a hold of Danielle's wheelchair handles and leads her through to see her mum but before going to see her she stops by the baby room. 

Doctor Lily Donovon: I would like you to meet your new siblings, Over here on the left ( points) We  have none other than Michelle Kelly Backworth, and beside Michelle ( points) we have little baby Tyler-Jake Backworth and cuddling right into him would be Kayla Louise Backworth. We have chosen to add the two together because their health was really bad so we thought that because they had been in such an enclosed space together for Five months that this may help them a little better and if you look at their oxygen levels you can see an increase. 

( Callum comes racing through the door behind him Rachel and Sergeant Ethan Ritchie)

Callum: Danielle? What's going on ? Is everything okay? ( he leans over trying to catch his breath) 

Doctor Lily Donovon: Callum? (She looks at him then turns away to look at the babies again) Meet your little brother and sisters.

Callum: Lily? Is that you? ( He looks at her in shock to see her stood in front of him) 

Doctor Lily Donovon: In the flesh.

Callum: Wow, It's so good to see you again, you appear to be doing well for yourself.

Who's that behind you? She seems terrified to say a thing?

Danielle: That's my best friend, You remember Rachel right?

Doctor Lily Donovon: Oh yes, You were in braces and had your hair in pig tails last time i saw you. Appears people do change.

( he looks her up and down feeling breath taken by how gorgeous she still looks. ) 

Danielle: Sergeant Ethan Ritchie? I'm surprised to see you here.

( He walks over to her with a smile) 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Honestly, when i heard you were in trouble i feared for the worst. Especially since i have your boyfriend or well Copper friend Officer Alverez down at the station at this current moment.

Danielle: No harm done.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Yeah this time, that's why I want to have a chat with you some time. 

Doctor Lily Donovon: Look all of you need to go home! There is nothing you can do here and frankly Sophie will just want some time alone to herself. 

Danielle; Are you sure? Cause i can easily stay here with her

Doctor Lily Donovon: Doctors orders go home ( She repeats and Danielle nods her head) 

Backworth Household

Danielle: Sergeant Ethan Ritchie would you like a cup of tea?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Yeah that sounds pretty good, one sugar please

Danielle: What about you Officer Alverez? Would you like some tea?

( Officer Alverez nods and they Both sit down at the table) 

Danielle: So what exactly can i do for you? ( she turns round to look at them as the kettle boils) 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Honestly, I wanted to discuss with you the one thing i have been avoiding, I think Paul Scott and April Sharah Donald was behind the murder of your father, I don't know how and i sure as hell don't know why. I Have men trying to get information out of them but I can't get anything. 

Danielle: I was kind of expecting that, but what can i do?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Well i came up with a bizarre idea, I know that you and Officer Alverez have shared a bond for the past what two months so I have decided to put him on full time protection of you and have him move in with you, for your protection. ( Looks to Alverez and Danielle) 

Danielle: We were already doing that ( she pours the water into the cup and adds in the milk. she finishes making their tea and hands it over to them before joining them at the table0 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Yes i know, but i want it to appear as if you and Officer Alverez is dating or even better engaged and that way It confuses Paul and makes him not question why two month down the line he is still living with you. 

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: What help is that suppose to do?

Danielle: Because you would be with me every where and it wouldn't make it suspicious at all. I understand but Officer Alverez if young he shouldn't need to stop dating girls and fake a relationship with me just because someone is trying to kill me.

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: Honestly it wouldn't make a difference, I am here all the time as it is.

D Yeah and you two already bicker like a married couple, so basically nothing would really be changing now would it?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: See? He agrees with me it is a lot better for both parties. 

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: I'm in, i will do it wither it is real or fake, your protection means everything to me. ( he shares with her knowing within him self how strong his feelings are towards her) 

Danielle: Well i guess I am well and truly stuck with you now 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: just make it look proper.

Officer Alverez: It turns out that i was having a bit of a clear out this morning and came across a very important ring. ( Gets down on one knee in front of Danielle) Will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me? I promise i could try cut down with all the witty responses and i will continue to humf you out of bed just so you can get left over Chinese at four o'clock in the morning and i won't complain about it. Marry me?

Danielle: Well how can you turn down an offer like that huh? ( she leans forward and kisses him and he slides the ring on her finger)wow it's gorgeous

Officer Alverez: Well it was my grandmother's. 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Keep doing that and no one will suspect a thing ( he looks over to Ronaldo) We need to get back to business You can't get blind sighted okay? We want to have two undercover agents with you at all time especially now that Sophie isvulnerable with the triplets but we will introduce you to them and that way if one of them change unexpectedly then you can call me. ( he looks at his watch) I better get going, the president is coming down to the station to discuss official business. ( He takes a drink from his cup and stands up off his chair. He walks over to Danielle and puts his hand on her shoulder) Take care of yourself and i mean it (

 Walks Sergeant Ethan Ritchie to the door) 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Take care of her (Him and Ronaldo shake each others hands having an understanding and he goes to walk away before turning to look at Ronaldo and Danielle) Actually how would you feel sitting in on an interview with April and Paul? ( wanting to get his insight) 

Danielle: Do it, I'll be fine ( she shouts out encouraging him to do it. 

Ronaldo: ( Are you sure?

Danielle: Yes might be good to get a break from it all

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: We will talk later ( he walks over to her and kisses her on the top of her forehead) 

Danielle: It is perfectly fine, now go.

( Officer Ronaldo Alverez walks out the house with Sergeant Ethan Ritchie)

(Doctor Charlie comes in the back door) 

Doctor Charlie: Danielle, It's just me Doctor Charlie. ( he calls out to her)( He walks into the kitchen to see her with a baseball bat in her hand)  Danielle, It's okay but the bat down. ( she drops the bat on the floor and begins to get emotional over the fear she has ) 

Doctor Charlie: Hey it's okay ( he walks over to her and takes a hold of her hand) It will be okay, I'm going to need you in about 15 minutes for some tests if that's alright? ( Danielle nods) Go put your feet up and relax, the door is locked no one will get in unless they have a key.  ( Doctor Charlie leaves and danielle heads into the living room where she slides herself up onto the sofa and begins to relax. She hears the front door beginning to unlock and the fear starts to rise inside of her. She leans forward and grabs her taser gun out her wheel chair bag and holds it in her hand. 

Steve: IAnyone home ( He calls out as he walks through the hall) 

Danielle: What are you doing here? (She looks at him confused still clenching onto the taser) 

Steve: relax, I came here to apologize.( he holds up his hand at her) 

Danielle: What for this time ( She rolls her eyes at him feeling aggrivated especially after last time. 

Pause) ( Disappointed tone) You could say i changed when you came back, I didn't know what to do. And it didn't exactly make me the best boyfriend and i got mad when everyone brought it up. 

( Danielle gets into her wheel chair and rolls away ) 

Danielle wait ( gets down on one knee and Danielle turns around)

Danielle: Steve! 

Steve: Marry me ? ( He smiles up at her while holding the ring in the box. 

( Doctor charlie walks back into the house and stands behind Danielle witnessing Steve's proposal) 

Danielle: I'm ( Pause) I'm engaged.

Steve: ( Jumps up in happiness) ( Doctor Charlie goes to walk away in disappointment) I knew you would say yes ( Danielle looks away from him) 

 ( disappointed tone) ( Doctor Charlie turns back around wanting to hear what she was going to say. 

Danielle: I got told by Sergeant Ethan Ritchie that the best way to protect my family was to make it seem like I was moving on with my lifeAs if i had forgotten that i was kidnapped. ( Looks to Steve with tears) I'm so sorry, i had to make it seems like I'm in love with someone else so that it didn't make it suspicious a police officer being at my house.

(Steve Goes to walk away)

Danielle: Steve please don't walk away. Can we talk about it?

Steve: I think every thing that needs to be said has been.

Danielle: No it hasn't, it's more complicated than that.

Steve: How can it be?

Danielle: The other day I had to get tested to see if I'm pregnant with Paul's child. ( Pause) Being engaged to someone else it's easier for the both of us and that way we are no longer hurting each other.

Walks out the door) 

( Danielle closes her eyes and sighs feeling like her whole life is a mess and that it is crumbling around her) 

( Turns around to see Doctor Charlie) I'm so sorry

Doctor Charlie: I get it, you're in love with Ronaldo but you still didn't want to hurt Steve.

Danielle: After all the pain Steve has put my through i can't help but not want to hurt him. It's not in my nature. 

Doctor Charlie: Everyone knows that, you always put other peoples feelings before yours but isn't it time that you put how you feel first ( he suggest to her wanting to make sure that she gets everything she wants in life) 

Danielle: I don't even know what i want in my life anymore that's the problem. 

Doctor Charlie: I think you do know but you are either too scared to admit it or you don't want to do it because your father isn't here with you. 


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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