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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 19 (v.2) - Scene 19- I'm Here To Stay!

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Scene 19- I'm Here To Stay!

Pelican Bay State Prison- maximum security- 3 days later

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: ( Walks up to reception) I'm looking for Detective Donald Ramerese?

Officer Deryck Dean Roger: May i ask who is requesting him?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: My name is Sergeant Ethan Ritchie, I am with the Los Angles Naval base along with Officer Ronaldo Alverez, behind us we have Navy Commander Officer James Jake Backworth, We are here to see April Sharah Donald and Paul Scott. We spoke on the phone apon our arrival.

Officer Deryck Dean Roger: May i see your badges( Sergeant Ethan Ritchie and Officer Ronaldo Alverez take out their badges and hand it over)( Checks over details - checking they are who they say they are) Here you go ( Hands back badges) ( Turns round) Officer Foster, Call Detective Donald Ramerese and tell him that there is two agents here from Navy base and  a navy commander. ( Officer Amy Foster calls Sergeant Donald Ramerese)

Officer Amy Foster: Alright Officers, Empty your pockets i want guns any sharp objects out. Just you and your uniform. ( boys empty their pockets placing all belongings into a tray) If you would like to come with me, This is a maximum security so no one should be able to get out to harm you and if anyone does their is over enough officers to help ( walks over to Sergeant Donald Ramerese) ( knock on office door) 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: Come in ( Stands up off seat) 

( Officer Ronaldo Alverez, James and Sergeant Ethan Ritchie walk in)

Officer Amy Foster: Sorry to disturb you but you have some visitors.

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: That's alright, Let them in.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: ( Walks over to Sergeant Donald Ramerese) ( Shakes his hand) Thank you for allowing us to come here today. 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: It's not a problem, please take a seat gentleman. Is there anything i can do for you?

James: We are here about my grand-daughter.

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: Ah yes Danielle, It is such a tragedy what happened to her and at the age of sixteen that horrific, but what can i do?

James: We need to talk to both April and Paul, We need to find out what they are planning against Danielle and when they are going to stop terrorizing her. This has been going on for far to long and it needs to end now!. 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: If you don't mind me asking how long has it been going on for?

James: Huh? Since she was four years old. Do you remember? You was the lead detective on her case and it was revealed that she was being trafficked to Mexico and some how he managed to escape. Then for the next thirteen years he spent planning on how to get her back but by this time he fell in love with her adoptive mother April and well you know how the story goes on from there. 

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: I think the whole world knows how the story goes, it's been plastered all over the news and papers. We still get mail three month later from people asking how she is, if we found her, some apologizing for her father's death etc

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: How did you lose him all those years ago?

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: He just disappeared off the face of the earth, no one could find him then after a year or two people just start giving up, saying that he was dead and wasn't coming back so we just closed the case.

James: So a four year old little girl is almost sex trafficked 1840 miles away from her home and you just close the case and give up, how many more girls have been trafficked by then (he spits out in anger at what he is hearing come out of the Detectives mouth) 

Officer Ronaldo Alverez:If it is alright can we go see April Sharah Donald now?

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: Come with me ( Walks out office  and leads them down the cell halls)


( Sophie sitting on her bed looking at her babies in the incubator) 

Doctor Lily Donovon: ( Walks into the room) How is our newly mother doing?

Sophie: ( looks over) Honestly? I am terrified to death.

Doctor Lily Donovon: Why you so scared?

Sophie: Because they are premature, I know what the chances are of them surviving and my husband just died because someone tried to shoot my daughter who says that they aren't going to kill my kids too. They are too little to defend themselves. I can't lose my  babies as well as my husband because then i would have lost everything. 

Doctor Lily Donovon: I can assure you that your babies are doing fine and they are going to be fine and the last i hear April and Paul was behind bars. You are going to raise incredible children trust me.( reassuring tone). Apart from that i need you to go for a walk today, we need to strengthen you up especially if you want to be around for Danielle's birthday. 

Sophie: I don't know what happened between you and Callum but you are a very sweet girl and he really has missed out on you.

Doctor Lily Donovon: I wouldn't say so he is all over that Rachel girl.

( Callum and Rachel walk into Sophie's room) 

Callum: Yo Sophie, i got your favorites. Jelly doughnuts with lots of sugar ( Doughnuts in hand and he freezes staring at Lily) How rude of me, Good afternoon Lily! ( he smiles at her not being able to control himself) 

Sophie: Oh my god, I love you. You are such a lifesaver. I've been craving for one of those, please tell me it's from babycakes bakery? ( Begging tone as her Eyes bulge out of her eye socket)

Doctor Lily Donovon: Callum ( Nods head) Rachel( nods head) , good to see you both again.

Callum: Lucky for you they are from babycakes bakery, only the finest ( opens up box) 

Doctor Lily Donovon: No thank you, it would be rude of me to take one. ( Politely declines)

Rachel: Go ahead take one, You deserve a treat after what you did for this family.

( Doctor Lily Donovon smiles and takes a doughnut) 

Doctor Lily Donovon: I really should get back to work ( Turns to Sophie) We will talk later.

Rachel: ( nudges Callum) Go talk to her 

Callum:( He follows outside of the room and calls on her)Hey wait up please.

Doctor Lily Donovon: I've got work to do sorry ( she continues walking on not wanting to talk to him) 

Callum: ( takes a hold of her arm) Please, I just want to talk to you.

Doctor Lily Donovon: About what Callum?Your brother and sisters are fine, Sophie is going to pull through and you well you moved in with a sixteen year old girl. Everything is fine so what could you possibly need to talk to me about

Callum: ( Continues to follow Lily outside in the pouring rain) I want to apologize, you deserve it.

( Stood in the middle of the parking lot) You don't need to apologize to me Callum, we were both young and well pretty reckless. 

: ( walking towards her) But it doesn't mean i feel any less guilty. 

Doctor Lily Donovon: So is that what you are doing? Making up with what went wrong with us with that poor girl inside? 

Callum: It's not like that.

Doctor Lily Donovon: Callum( Looks directly in eyes) That looks exactly what it's like. Do you even love her? or are you filling the empty void that always remained in your heart?

Callum: I love her i do

Doctor Lily Donovon: But?

Callum: But what? 

Doctor Lily Donovon: Callum when are you going to learn, I know you better than you know yourself. There is something you are hiding ( she points out to him before walking away not willing to listen to his lies) 

Callum: But i still love you ( he blurts out to her never having fully been able to get over her after all these years. After all he intended on making her his wife) 

Doctor Lily Donovon: ( turns round for a split second) Callum, We moved on. You are with someone else and well even though i still love you, it's not right and i will not hurt that girl in there who is best friends with your sister and is looking after your dads triplets. ( continues to walk away)

(Callum Chases her in the rain, he gently takes a hold of her hand and turns her around, he slides his hand on the side of her face and leans in to kiss her. Lily doesn't pull away but feels a tug pulling him closer to her and she puts her hands through his wet hair.) ( The pull away from each other and she looks at him with her mouth slightly open in shock

Callum: I know ( He says to her knowing that he has to let her go and and he watches her walk away from him and this time he doesn't chase after her but just stands in the rain. He makes his way back inside and heads back to the bathroom to dry himself up before going back into Sophie's room) 

( Kisses his cheek) Jesus you are soaking

Callum: Yeah( pause) ( in a daze) It's raining outside.

Sophie: Nothing like a nice old catch up in the rain huh?( Getting on to something)

Rachel: What you guys talk about?(She looks out the window as the rain comes down_ 

Callum: ( walks over to baby brother and places hand in incubator) Old times you could say.

Sophie: ( Puts her hand on Callum's shoulder) Never know Callum, pretty sure she is still single. You may still have a chance.

(Rachel quickly turns around disappointed at what she is hearing)

Callum: Emm No, That won't be happening any time soon. I had Rachel move in with me

Sophie: I'm sorry that much have sounded rude of me 

Callum: no, it's alright ( he looks down at TJ wishing that him and Lily could be together wondering what their life would have looked like if they didn't call off the wedding) This little fella seems to be getting stronger day by day.

Sophie: He's a fighter, just like his daddy. ( she smiles at them) 

Pelican Bay State Prison- maximum security

( April's in interview room- chained to table and 4 officers outside room)( The door opens and Officer Ronaldo Alverez walks in with Sergeant Ethan Ritchie and Navy commander James Jake Backworth)

April: Well well well, Look what the cat dragged in

James: Well, well, well. If it isn't the bitch in cuffs

April: Ouch ( she screws up her face at him) 

James: ( mocking tone)  I didn't know you had any.

April: And they just keep coming.( Officer Ronaldo Alverez and Sergeant Ethan Ritchie stand at back of room) Good evening Sergeant Ethan Ritchie, could say it's been a while since we last spoke

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Two months to be exact.

April:Hmm of course it is, because you always seems to be sending your men in and it makes me wonder are you trying to avoid me ( Joking tone) ( Looks over to Officer Ronaldo Alverez) And you, i don't think I've met you before ( Pause) ( taps finger on table and attempts to think if she knows him ) No, we haven't because I'm pretty sure I would remember a face like yours. What can i do for you fellas today then?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: We are here about ( Interrupted by April)

April: Interrupts: You are here about Danielle, go figure.

James: We need to Know

April: You need to Know If I'm planning to kill her?

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: ( Rolls eyes)  We will ask the questions,  you answer not interrupt an officer of the law, is that clear?

April: Ooh you're a feisty one aren't you ( seductive tone having found a new sense of obsession) 

Officer Ronaldo Alverez:(he shakes his head at her) Lucky for me, i would never be desperate enough or degraded myself to be in the company of you and what you are thinking. Don't think any man would be desperate enough.

April: Well, I thought that James was the only bitchy one here. You must have met my daughter. She really is something.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Look, we aren't here for small chit chat. We want facts and information. 

April: I don't know anything, nor do I want to. I haven't heard any thing from Paul and I don't know what his plans are. 

James: angry tone) You can't play us we know you were a part of the murder of Jake at his wedding.

April: Wait what?

James: Don't play dumb with me.

April: I wasn't part in the killing of Jake trust me, I would never want any harm to come to him.

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: Well you can't say the same for Danielle huh? 

April: I can admit i wanted Danielle out of my life because I was jealous that she was more important to Jake than I ever was going to be. I know I was wrong for what I did to my daughter, I never knew Paul was going to react the way he did. I'm sorry but I can't help.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Did you know that he hurt your daughter so bad to the point she still can't move her legs properly, she is terrified to be alone at all. It took her two weeks to trust anyone other than Officer Ronaldo Alverez and that's only because me and him was the ones to find her and un-tie her. 

April: I'm sorry, I really am ( she apologises feeling guilty)

Ronaldo; An apology isn't going to make up for what she went through. 

 Callum and Rachel's house

Rachel: ( walks down stairs and sits in the living room,Callum walks over with tea for them both) So are you gonna tell me what happened outside the hospital? ( she takes the cup from his hand) 

Callum: ( Sits down on opposite chair from Rachel) There's nothing to tell, We were just talking that's all.

Rachel: More like talking about the fact that I'm a sixteen year old girl dating a twenty year old.

Callum: Rachel, it's not like that. ( takes sip of tea)

Rachel: Then what is it like because i feel like I'm being pretty stupid here, making the wrong decisions etc

Callum: You're not making the wrong decisions i promise ( looks her dead in the eye)

Rachel: How exactly am i meant to know that when you are still love her. (She mentions to him because she can see it in his eyes every time Lily walks in the room. 

Callum: I'm in love with you, I'm not in love with her.

Rachel: ( smiles) Even though that makes me feel special, it doesn't change anything.

Callum: What have i got to do to prove to you that I'm serious about this? That I am serious about me and you?

Rachel: I don't know Callum. I don't know anymore. When people look at me they think what is going on in that girls head does she even know what she is doing? and honestly i am beginning to question myself. What are we doing Callum? What am i to you? The girl to get over the girl you love? The girl you can use advantage of? Your little sisters best friend?

Callum: Rachel, will you just be quiet for just a second ( puts cup on the table)  You are the girl i love, You are the person that i want to call my wife. I'm not using you to get over no one or take advantage of you and i defiantly don't define you as my little sister's best friend. I even asked you to move in with me.

Rachel: I feel like I'm just some guest in your house. 

Callum: Well we need to change that then.

Rachel: ( puts cup on floor and stands up) I don't know if we can Callum. I don't think I'm ever going to feel like I'm good enough for you.

Callum: Rachel don't walk away please.

Rachel: ( reaches the door) Why? Give me a reason why I should stay?

Callum: ( Stands up) Because i love you.

Rachel:( sighs)  That's not good enough for me Callum, You say you love me but yet you can't prove it all you ca prove that you love me is by because you gave me a drawer for my clothes. ( Opens door and starts walking out)

Callum: I want to marry you?

Rachel: ( turns round) yeah, Maybe if it was in five years time

Callum: No, I want to marry you right now! ( and just like his father he couldn't help but put his head over his heart, He didn't want to be alone and he felt hurt that the woman he loved had rejected him. He wanted someone to love him) 

Pelican Bay State Prison- Maximum security- 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: ( walks with Alverez, Sergeant Ritchie and James down the halls)  You guys should come back tomorrow or maybe in a few days to see Paul, Right now it's getting late and well I don't want you men around here.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: ( nods) That is definitley understandable. ( Shakes hand) Thank you for your co-operation. It really does mean a lot

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: Just glad i can help with something ( Pause) ( looks out window) You men take care out there. Appears to be a storm brewing, I suggest going to a hotel and Wait it out.

James: Thank you man ( Shakes hand) 

( Sergeant Donald Ramerese walks away into his office and the others walk back to the reception desk)

( hands back over valuables)

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: Not exactly. ( disappointed and frustrated tone) ( takes valuables)

Officer Amy foster: ( walking over to desk) Well if it makes you feel better, you got a better reaction. She always throws her food at us like a petty little baby. ( laughs) 

Hospital- Sophie's Room- 

( Doctor Lily Donovon walks in and sees Sophie lying in her bed) 

Sophie: Hi doctor ( she says feeling quite weak and drained

Doctor Lily Donovon: Hello Sophie, How you feeling?

Sophie: I've been better.

Doctor Lily Donovon: Is there anything we can do?

Sophie: Bring my husband back to life? ( her heart begins to break as she wished Jake could be with her)

( women walks into room and stands at the door) 

Women: I can't give you your husband back but I can give you your mother. ( She Smiles  over to her while her hand touches the top of door frame) 

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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