Moving On UP!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.2) - scene 2- San Francisco dreaming

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Scene 2- San Francisco dreaming

( Danielle is in the car with her mother as they park the car at the airport. The entire journey the pair sat in silence not wanting and not willing to say a word to each other. Every now and then Danielle would catch a glimpse of her mother looking at her but she refused to look back and continued to stare out of the window wishing and praying she was some where different, Any where but here) ( Danielle brushes a tear off her face when she realises they are running down her face and dropping onto her clothes. Before exiting the car she looks at her mother in hopes she will realise the pain she is causing by taking her away from her father. April looks at her and for a second her face seems full of regret before she looks away. 

April: Danielle, we are here. Get out the car.

Danielle: wow, you are so nice mother, you couldn't have been more pleasant ( sarcasm)

( April ignores Danielle and gets out the car, she makes her way to the boot takes the suitcases out of the boot. Danielle opens up the door and steps out the car, she clothes the door and looks at her mother who walks away leaving Danielle to carry the cases. She walks over to the suitcases and pulls up the handles attempting to walk with them. She gets over to the enterance of the airport and takes a cart to put the suitcases on to make it easier for herself while April heads inside leaving her to it. The pair stand in the que until it is their turn. Danielle steps forward and her mother barges in front of her. She goes to lift up the case and put it on the conveyor belt when April snatches it out of her not caring that she could hurt her daughter in the process. 

Danielle: Seriously? ( She blurts out while scowling at her mother at her blatant disrespect for her) 

April:What? ( she looks up at her like she did nothing wrong) 

Danielle: you! Did you have to snatch the suitcases out my hand, where you trying to break the damn thing. I thought you were taught when you were young not to snatch things from people but I guess that's some thing else you just ignored.

( Leans in towards Danielle) Just remember i won't think twice about snapping that hand of yours.

Checkpoint lady: excuse me mam, is everything alright there?

April: Yes, my daughter just needs to learn manners.

Danielle: Coming from you.

Checkpoint lady: Mam, if i could see your passports please. 

April: Darn it, i must have left them in the car. ( she looks over to Danielle) Danielle get them.

( Looks at her mother, thinking of the right answer) hmm this is a tough one... nope ( She attempts to delay her hoping that they could miss their flight and have to stay but she knew she was being neive and that would never happen in a million years) 

April: You little bit..

Checkpoint lady: Sorry but with out your passport i can't let you through.

( April storms off in a hurry to retrieve the passports leaving Danielle standing there)

Danielle: look I'm sorry about her... she has no manners at all.

Checkpoint lady: It's fine we all have bad days, Traveling can be stressful for many people 

Danielle: You don't understand my mother, she's like that all the time. Now she's dragging me away from the only two people who love me my dad and brother. 

Ceckpoint Lady: I'm really sorry to hear, It's against protocol but i can deny her access and you could miss your flight. 

Danielle: Thank you but if only it were that easy... she would try to have you fired and that ain't right. I wont allow her to destroy any body else's life.

(April hurries back over to them with the passports in her hand)

( looks at Danielle)

Danielle: Well i thought you needed the exercise (Pause) people were asking me if you were pregnant... i just had to tell them it's your food baby. ( checkpoint lady tried to contain her laugh)

Checkpoint lady: Here you go mam, have a safe flight enjoy. ( She hands her back over the passport after making sure everything on it was fine but part of her wished she didn't have to let her through at all) 

( Danielle smiles at her before her mother drags her away. The two wait in the airport for their plane and two hours laters their plane lands in San Fransisco their new home. After Danielle picks up the bags they make their way to the car and head to their new house. ) 

April;  You never fail to surprise me at how rude you are to your family. 

Danielle: Yeah well heres the thing, I have a lot of respect for my dad and my brother ( Callum) but you I have none. I have already told you before i do not want anything to do with you and yet you keep forcing me to do all these things that i don't want to do.

April: yeah well, this is all going to change. (She vows to change her daughters attitude towards her) 

Danielle: The hatred i feel about about you will never truly go away. ( She shakes her head at her because no matter what her mother does the memories of everything she ever did to her, every nasty comment, every painful thing she did to her will never go away. 

April: We need to go shopping for school clothes ( She says as she approaches their new home in their car)

Danielle: I don't need any. Dad already made sure that i had fresh clothes before i came here because he knew that you would try use my money just to spend on your self. is he wrong?

April: That's not the point. He has just taken away something that could have helped up bond.

Danielle: Ah yeah because me picking up a skirt that sits only a quarter down my leg isn't going to bother you, or me picking up two of my favorite football jerseys so i can watch the game in my room alone on Sunday won't bother you either, but what will bother you is my dad already going shopping with me to ensure you don't spend my money.

April: we are here. ( She parks outside of the house) 

( Danielle instantly swings the car door open and gets out wanting time alone to herself. She takes her suitcases out the boot of the car and leaves her mother to get her own.) 

Good i am going to my bed.( Danielle storms off to her bed room after her mother opens the door dragging her things with her) 

April: you can't just walk away when i am trying to talk to you about these things. It's damn right disrespectful.

Danielle: Hmm well i wonder were i learned that from. How about the mother who kept walking out on me my whole life. You can't give me into trouble for something that you constantly do. 

( She carries her suitcases upstairs to her room and closes her bedroom door behind her. She lets go off her cases and looks around her room at bland walls and a bed that looks like it was eighty years old.) 

(Danielle sleeps through the rest of the night missing out on supper and wakes up at two am at the sound of laughter coming from down stairs. She climbs off her bed and gets changed into her her tartan shorts and white tank top. She opens up her bedroom door and heads down stairs wanting to get some water to take up to her room) 

April: Danielle? Is that you? ( She turns her head to look out into the hall) 

Danielle; what do you care?

April; come into the living room i would like you to meet someone.

 Danielle: And what is it you want?

April: This is Paul ( She introduces them both to each other with a smile on her face) 

 Hi ( Stands at the door glaring at Paul and wraps her arms around her waist feeling uncomfortable

April: Come on be nice.

Danielle: Oh i get it now, This is the reason you moved here, to shack up with him... let me guess he's wealthy or is it because he's got the best drugs and can get booze cheap.

April: It is nothing like that

Danielle: well let me save you some trouble what is it peter?  she will do what she does best strings you along for a few weeks then bang she meets a new guy on the street and you are old news (Pause) if you think about it she kind of acts like a hooker.

(Paul flings himself off the sofa and grabs Danielle by the throat pins her against the wall)

Paul: Don't you ever talk to your mother like that again. ( he threatens her, Danielles eyes widden in fear at what is happening as she tries to pry her hands off her throat, her eyes begging him to get off her) 

 ( Barely able to breath or speak) or what? you going to kill me? go ahead I've nothing to live for

( Paul takes his hand away from her throat and lets her go. April walks over to her and slaps Danielle for being so direspectful towards them both believeing she deserves better while Danielle grasps onto it trying to get air into her taking deep breaths in and out as her eyes fills with tears in fear for her life and in fear of what might happen to her) 

April: you will soon learn who has the power in this relationship.

( Danielle walks out the room and heads towards the staircase. She pretends to run upstairs but stays within listening distance to hear what they have to say)

April: You have to promise me you will do what you can to ensure she stays here.

Paul: I will do what ever it takes. I only have one question, why?

April: ( she ponders wheither she should answer him or not while all Danielle could think about is if she really wanted to her to stick around perhaps threatening her with violence isn't the best way to go around it.) I'm not her biological mother.  Her biological mother Sophie met Jake when they were in high school and she recently came back hoping to get to know her daughter,but i said no. she will take away everything i have. I built a relationship with Jake for the past 14 years and it will all go away.

( Danielle over hears what is said and quietly makes her way upstairs where she closes her bedroom door behind her and picks the lock to get it to lock as it can only be locked from the outside. She Crawls into bed and breaks down into tears holding onto her throat.)( She remembers seeing Aprils car keys on the table beside the stair case and begins to come up with a plan) (Danielle sneaks down stairs and grabs the keys off the table and tipp toes back upstairs again locking her door behind her. She looks at her suitcases in the corner of her room and opens up her bedroom window. She considers taking her things with her but shakes her head only thinking about getting out of there. She grabs her phone off her bed and takes her old keys out and puts them in her jacket pocket. She climbs out her bed room window like she has done a million times before after learning to do it at her mothers when she needed time away from her or wanted to have some fun. She climbs into the car trying to make little noise as possible and makes her way towards the airport only thinking of one thing her father) 

April: You shouldn't have done that.

Paul: I bet she learned her lesson.

April; You could have ruined everything

Paul: Luckily i didn't. Don't worry about it. Tomorrow I will make her breakfast and i will apologies to her. you know what young girls are like she will be to afraid to tell any one she will just go through with it .

April: I have put all my faith in you. I'm trying to protect her.

( Paul leans over and kisses Aprils cheek)(After managing to get a flight at the airport , Danielle finds a way back to her fathers house. She opens up the front door of her dads house and stumbled inside with her heart pounding inside her chest. She walks towards the living room full of anger towards her father for keeping this secret from her for so long) 

Danielle: why, why didn't you just tell me April wasn't my real mum? ( She blurts out standing at the door way looking at her father) 

( Jake turns his head as he sits on the sofa and looks at her in shock to see her standing there and looks at her speechless) 

Jake: How did you find out? ( he stands up off the sofa and looks at her) wait how did you get here?

(pause) well my so called mum had a guy over and i heard them speaking about how they need to ensure i stay with them so that Sophie won't get in touch with me because for some magical reason she finally wants to know her daughter after 16 years. The next thing i remember i was on a flight back to LA.

Jake: Look sweetie, i didn't tell you because after you were born i didn't know Sophie was pregnant until the day she left you on my doorstep, I didn't want you to have to grow up without a mother like i did. I missed out on so many opportunities so i hired a nanny to start with but i soon came to fall in love with her so we came to a agreement that to ensure you lived some what of a normal life that she would be your mother.

Danielle: I just wish you told me. (She looks at him with the look of pain in her eyes feeling betrayed and lied too) 

Jake: I wanted too but i didn't want to give you false hope that one day your mother would come back.

( She walks into the living room and hugs her father wanting to let him know that as much as she was angry that it was okay and because she needed to feel safe and the only way that was going to happen was being in his arms like what he would do when she was a child.)( Danielle sits down on a chair furthest away from Jake and Sophie with a scarf wrapped round her neck and her jacket still on).

Danielle:it's nice to see you again Sophie. ( She smiles over at her) 

Sophie: You too Danielle.

Jake: It's really warm in the house why don't you get yourself ready for bed and we can have a movie night 

( Puts her hand up to her neck instantly without thinking) No.

 Sophie gives Danielle a odd look) I've worked with police i know when someone is hiding something.

Jake: What aren't you telling us ( he sits forward on his seat) 

Danielle: Nothing just leave it.

( Danielle gets up to walk away)( Jake takes a hold of her arm as she walks past to stop her)

( Jake takes off her scarf and puts it on the edge of the sofa.) stop it... please

Jake; What the hell is that! ( he looks at her wanting answers about what happened considering when she left the house she had no marks on her) 

Sophie: oh my god. ( she stands up off the sofa and walks over to them in shock) 

Jake: Please Dani, tell me what happened. ( he begs her wanting her to let him in) 

Danielle: it's nothing. ( she lies feeling afraid to tell him what happened , afraid that he won't believe her. Afraid that April will come back to her) 

Sophie: it doesn't look like nothing.

Jake; Someone strangled you, why? who was it?

(pause) i blanked out for a while i don't remember anything. ( Tears start forming in her eyes as she looks up at her father) 

 ( Both look at each other worried)

Jake: i do not know, but I will find out one way or another

( Jake picks up his phone off the sofa and walks off into the kitchen to make a call while Sophie pulls Danielle into a hug to try and comfort her rubbing her hand up and down her back to let her know that it is okay.) 

Jake: Dad i need your help...


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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