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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 20 (v.2) - Scene 20- What Are You Doing Here?

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



Scene 20- What Are You Doing Here?

Hospital- Monday 25th April 2017- 10 am

Sophie:Mum? ( she sits up on her bed shocked to see her mother in front of her. 

Kara :Yes it's me, in the flesh and blood.( walks further into the room)

Sophie: What Are You Doing Here?

Doctor Lily Donovon: ( walks over to Kara) Hello, my name is Doctor Lily Donovon, i helped deliver your three beautiful little grand children ( looks over to them and smiles and the pair shakes hands)

Kara: Hello Doctor Lily Donovon. My name is Kara  Marla Geller Mcduff, i am Sophie's mother. It's good to meet you. Good to know that my grand children are in safe hands.

Doctor Lily Donovon: Well I can't say the same for Danielle. 

Kara: ( looks to Sophie confused) Why? what's been going on? I haven't heard from Sophie at all since she Left New Jersey Five months ago.

Sophie: Well Mum, It's a really long story. We can talk about it later? 

Doctor Lily Donovon: The babies are strong enough to be held, ( she looks to Sophie) Would you like to hold them? ( Sophie nods her head at her and she hands over Kayla to her )

Sophie: mum would you like to hold your grandchild?(Kara smiles)

Doctor Lily Donovon: (She gently hands over Michelle Kelly Backworth)  This little fighter here is Michelle Kelly Backworth. She is a tough one beware( all chuckle)

( Danielle comes rolling in looking down at her phone)

Danielle: Hey ma, Got a phone call from Lily saying we can take the littles ones for a walk you up for it ( Looks up to See Kara)  Oh I'm sorry you have a visitor how rude of me.

Kara: Ma? ( She looks at Sophie confused and Sophie smiles at her not knowing what to say) 

Kara: Wow you fairly have changed. ( she looks at Danielle up and down trying to get a good look at her) 

Danielle( wheels over to brother and sister)  Can I ?

( Lily hands over TJ to Danielle and cradles him in his arms)

Kara: I really am sorry Danielle

Danielle: For what? Leaving me motherless or because my dad died? or should i say was killed. 

Kara: Both, I would hate for those guys to grow up with out a parent must be awful.

Sophie: Yeah well we can't get all that we want. I wanted to live a happy long life with Jake and yet he was killed only six hours into our wedding

Kara: That isn't anyone's fault.

Sophie: my husband was shot whilst he held his daughter in his arms whilst they danced. My children will grow up without a father in their life because someone decided to try kill Danielle and my husband paid for it. I always wake up at night and i always get the same dream me on the ground watching him bleed out knowing he wasn't meant to be the one who died.

( cradling TJ) I get it, It was meant to be me. I was meant to be the one who died and you know what i wish i did because i wouldn't have to be reminded by you every time you are in a bad mood or having a rough day that I'm the reason that my father is dead. Thank you because yet again I'm the reminder that It's all my fault. If only i decided not to dance with him, Or maybe If we chose not to dance so close to the DJ. Maybe if i just decided not to go at all then my dad would still be here.

Kara: Would you two stop, this isn't going to be good for the kids. Sophie I can't believe you ( disappointed tone and disgusted facial expression) I raised you to be better than this, You are sitting there blaming your daughter for the death of her father, are you forgetting something? You walked away from him 16 years ago and he was there for her for her the entire time. He was her father before he was your husband. 

( Sophie looks away in guilt knowing that her mother was right and she hated her for it. 

Danielle: I'm going to go, clearly I'm not wanted here ( Hands Lily her baby brother)

Sophie: Danielle, I'm sorry.( she apologises to her in guilt realising what she has done. 

Danielle: I'm not sure If i can forgive you, not after you keep blaming me. ( Turns to Kara) It was nice to see you, unfortunate about the circumstances. ( starts rolling away)

Doctor Lily Donovon: Danielle wait up ( she chases after her)Have You got your results yet?

Danielle: Yeah i did, this morning. I came here so i could read them with my mum but I guess that won't be happening.  ( pause) Lily i forgot to speak with you,I know it sounds corney buti am meant to be having a birthday party soon and I wanted you to be there.

: ( Smiles) Of course i will be there ( Hugs Danielle and they continue  to walk down the hall)

Pelican Bay State Prison- Maximum- ( 10 am) 

( Sergeant Ethan Ritchie, Officer Ronaldo Alverez and Navy Commanding Officer James all walked in)

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Good morning Officer Rogers and Foster, How you both doing today?

Officer Amy Foster: I've been better ( puts trays on desk)

James: ( looks around) Why what's up?

Officer Amy Foster: There has been a lot of talk since you guys left two days ago

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: About what? ( curious) ( empties pockets)

Officer Amy Foster: About that Danielle girl you guys been talking about.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: What about her?

Officer Deryck Dean Rogers: You are best to speak to the serge about that. ( Takes tray off counters and locks away)  I'll take you to him. ( walking through corridors) That girl you guys are on about well she is a big thing around here, don't ask me why.

James: Looks like we have another mystery on our hands.

( Knock on Sergeant Donald Ramerese Door) 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: Come in ( Stand up off chair) welcome Fellas ( shakes hands)

( Sergeant Ethan Ritchie, Officer Ronaldo Alverez and James sit down)

James: We need to know what Officer Amy Foster is talking about, What has been going on since we left this place?

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: The inmates have been talking about Danielle

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: Saying what?

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: That's the thing, I don't know no one will talk.

James: Well sitting here isn't doing us any use now is it? ( Gets up and walks out the door wanting answers and he wasn't willing to sit around and wait for them) 

Backworth Household-

( Danielle sitting in the living room flapping the results letter in her hands not feeling sure if she can open them or not) 

Doctor Charlie: ( walks into the living room) Hello Danielle. ( Looks over at her worried) 

Danielle: Hello Lucas, Is there anything I can do for you?( looks over at him) 

Lucas Charlie: I just wanted to see how you were doing that's all.

Danielle: I'm actually pretty well. 

Lucas Charlie: Have you spoke to Ronaldo recently?

( looks away) no not really, but i expected that when i told him to go to the prison. 

Lucas Charlie: Have you opened your results letter yet?

( holds up letter) 

( They hear a Knock on Front Door and Danielle turns her head and goes to get up to answer it) 

Lucas Charlie: No you stay there, let me get it. ( He gets up and answers the door)

Kara: I'm looking for someone with the name Of Danielle Louise Backworth, Her mother told me she stays here?

Lucas Charlie: Who are you?

Kara: I'm her grand- mother, my name is Kara Marla Geller Mcduff.

Lucas Charlie: Stay here ( closes door) ( walks to Danielle) Do you know someone with the Name Kara Marla Geller Mcduff, she has black hair, brown eyes medium height and old?

Danielle: Yeah she's my grand- mother, Why?

Lucas Charlie: She is at your front door.

Danielle: Let her in, it's okay 

Lucas Charlie: ( walks back to front door) Come on in.( he lets her into the house and closes the door behind her) 

Kara: And who are you?

Lucas Charlie: I am Danielle's Doctor, Doctor Lucas Charlie, please to meet you. ( moves arm out wards letting Kara into the living room)

Kara: Hello Danielle, I hope i am not interrupting or anything. ( Smiles)

( Stuff's letter down the side of the sofa)

Kara: I came to apologise for the way your mother reacted in the hospital I was totally appalled by her behaviour. I don't know what came over her. 

Danielle: I get it, she was upset and she needed someone to blame and it just so happened to be me because I was the reason he got shot.

( leaves room)

Kara: It doesn't make it right though. Look I don't know what Sophie told you but I'm not to blame for her leaving you on her fathers door step. It was her and her father who came up with the idea, I wasn't in town when it all happened, I was in Miami on a fashion job when it all took place. I was gone for eight months and was shocked when they packed their bags and told me they were moving to Miami. I didn't find out Sophie had a baby until three months after you were born and the only reason i found out was because she had complications with the birth and i had to take her to the hospital. I tried to find you but they wouldn't tell me who the father was or anything until 15 years later. 

Danielle: Look it's alright, You don't need to explain yourself to me. 

Kara: But i feel like i do because all i ever wanted to do was be a part of your life and I never got the chance and i feel like i need to make it up to you now.

Danielle: You can make it up to me now by sticking around and not running back off to Miami and maybe you could come to my birthday, we can get to know each other more.

Pelican Bay State Prison- Maximum Security- 

( Paul Scott- Interview Room)

( James sat down directly across from Paul, Officer Ronaldo Alverez and Sergeant Ethan Ritchie in both corners both facing Paul)

Paul Scott: Well well well, we meet again huh?( Pause) ( turns to Alverez) what do i owe the pleasure?

James: We just want to talk.

 ( He raises eyebrow and looks to Sergeant Ethan Ritchie) Let me guess, You are here because of my pretty little girl Danielle. What kind of trouble has she gotten herself into this time ( Smile on his face) ( hands clenched together)

James: Danielle hasn't gotten herself into any kind of trouble

Paul: How is my girl doing? ( Looks directly in James eyes)

James: Well You see, after you threw my grand-daughter over the bannister then kidnapped and torture her she hasn't been able to walk, stuck in wheel chair day in, day out. But that's what you wanted right( Pause) oh wait no you wanted her dead, Isn't that why you had someone try shoot her at her dad's wedding but the plan back fired when the shooter killed her dad instead.

 Paul: You seem to think you have all your facts, you are wrong ( he tuts and shakes his head at them) 

Officer Ronaldo Alverez: Then what are the facts?

Paul: Well you see, I never wanted to Kill Danielle,that was what her foolish mother wanted. I on the other hand, I wanted to make her my doll. She was going to be my prize possession. I may have been a little bit angry that Danielle was disrespectful to April, because I needed my girl to be polite and well mannered, so i had to teach her a few lessons. If you get what I mean? I just wanted her to be mine, from the day that i saw her when she was three ears old I knew that she had to be mine. She would have been if people didn't stick their noises in other peoples business. You can't even prove I sent an attack on her either, i was here the whole time with no phone calls and no interactions apart from Police officers. 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: I'm guessing you still want her to be your doll, so what's your plan, when are you next going to send a hit against her?

Paul: I'm not planning any thing against her. You should know me by now I won't do anything unless I am the one who's committing the crime, I would never trust someone as precious as her in the life of a amateur. You know I'm not stupid enough to do that. 

James: Then who the hell killed my son

Paul: I don't know but It wasn't me ( angry tone) I will not allow someone to degrade that girl and butcher her like a pig. She deserves better than that. All I wanted was to give that girl a life of hope. I met her in the park when she was three years old and i could see she wasn't happy. She would sit on the sing watching April and Jake argue constantly. I wasn't going to sex traffic her, I was going to put her in boarding school and change her name so that she could finally be happy and once that was all over I was going to take her home back to her parents but as you can see that never went the way it planned. 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Why? Why help her?

Paul: Because i used to be the boy on the swing watching his parents argue then it turned to watching them do drugs and alcohol.

James: Thirteen years later why go back for her?

Paul: I seen she was becoming more unhappy so I planted my self into April's life. You know the rest. 

James: ( Looks Paul dead in the eye) Did you rape my grand- daughter?

Paul: Like i said earlier I will not allow someone to degrade Danielle, why the hell would I go and do it myself.

Grace Bridal Couture-

Rachel: Danielle look at all theses amazing wedding dresses.

Bridal Consultant: Hello ladies, Who is the lucky bride?

Rachel: I am ( pause) well we both are. It's complicated.

Bridal Consultant: ( Looks at Danielle) Forgive me for being rude but you look an awful like a girl I saw On television.

Danielle: Hello, My name is Danielle Backworth. yeah that was most likely me (She shakes her hand

Bridal Consultant: What can we do for you ladies?

Rachel: My wedding is in Four month and I really need a dress. 

Bridal Consultant: What kind of dress are you looking for?

Rachel: I was thinking Ball gown , lots of bling, I have to stand out you know. Fairy tale wedding. 

Bridal Consultant: Lets get you some dresses then. ( takes a few dresses out and places Rachel in a dressing room)  ( walks up to Danielle who is looking at dresses) What about you? Are you looking for a dress?

Danielle: I wasn't really planning too. ( smiles) ( looks away upset)

Bridal Consultant: Why don't you pick out one any way just in case ( smiles) 

( Girls go dress shopping and Danielle sits outside changing rooms)

Danielle: How are things going with you and Callum? 

Rachel; ( in changing rooms) Things have been pretty good. Little strange seeing Lily in the hospital.

Danielle: Trust me, You don't have to worry about Lily. She isn't that type of girl you know

Rachel: ( comes out changing room) I've got my dress. Suppose we better pay for this and make our way home before people start to get suspicious with that cop car outside.( Danielle smiles) How are things with Steve? Have you spoken to him? 

Danielle: Nope, not since the day I turned down his proposal. 

Rachel: Hmm, No one has seen him recently must have moved some where else

Danielle; Honestly i'm not in the mood to talk about him. Everything just feels like it's piling up to the surface and soon enough i'm going to break and i won't be able to stop. 


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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