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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 21 (v.2) - Scene 21- One Year Less To Live

Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



Scene 21- One Year Less To Live

Backworth household- May 15th,2017

( Danielle is awake in her bed looking around her room just listening to the silence)

Danielle: Great today is my birthday and well my life is pretty much crap. I used to enjoy my birthday every year because i always knew my dad was going to be here to celebrate with me but he isn't this year. Maybe this is going to be my last birthday? I wonder, Hmm is this what my life is going to be like constantly wondering when my last day alive is going to be? How ironic. 

( She hears her phone notification go off and reaches over to see she has a message from Ronaldo) 

Ronaldo Alverez: Morning Baby, Happy birthday. I should be home very soon don't worry to much and please when you hear us don't crawl under the bed. ( Danielle puts down the phone) 

Callum: ( opens the front door) ( shouts) Danielle? It's me Callum. 

Danielle: I will be down in a few moments ( gets out of bed) ( walks down stairs with out wheel chair) 

Callum: You are walking? Shouldn't  you be in your wheel chair?

Danielle: I should be in the wheel chair but I don't want to be.( walks into kitchen  and takes a seat down on dining room chair) Why are you here any way?

Callum: Well it is your birthday so I thought i would pop on over. ( hugs Danielle) Happy birthday!

Danielle:  You didn't have to come over to my house at nine in the morning just to say happy birthday. What are you really here for?

Callum: I got a phone call from Lily at the Hospital, she told me about what happened between you and Sophie, I just wanted to check up on you and see if you are okay? Also this letter was in your mail box( Hands over letter) Is it your test results? ( walks over to fridge and begins pouring Apple juice into a glass)

Danielle: What happened between me and Sophie doesn't matter she was going through a bad day and she felt the need to blame someone for dad's death and it just so happened to be me and you know what I am completely fine with it and i understand what she is going through. No it isn't the test results i got them a few days ago but i haven't opened them yet.I am fine and i am going to be fine thank you for checking but you should be in your bed with your fiancee right now.

Callum: It doesn't make it right for her to blame you, doesn't she realise you have been through enough with out her having a go? I am here if you want to talk about your results, i hear i can be a good listener ( supportive tone) I would be in bed with my fiancee right now but at the moment she is not there, I woke up and she was gone. My guess she is sorting out the final wedding preparations for the big day. ( rolls his eyes not really feeling up to i. ) 

Danielle: You don't seem too excited about your wedding.

Callum: (Sits down beside Danielle) I thought it was going to be amazing, I had this great idea what all this was going to be like but it just doesn't feel the way i think it should be. I have already been through the preparations with Lily but i just want to get married now.

Danielle: oh speaking of Lily, I hope you don't mind but I invited her to my birthday party, Hope it won't cause any bother with you and Rachel.

Callum: ( Knock at front door) Let me get it.

Danielle; ( stand up) Nope, I got this. ( walks over to front door) (opens with the chain still attached) Who are you and what do you want?

Tyler: My name is Tyler Riley Jared and I am here looking for two of my friend Rachel Rebecca Glennie and Danielle Louise Backworth, I came to surprise them both. I used to go to school with them when i was 7 years old.

Danielle: (Peering round door) Have you got any proof on you Tyler? ( he reaches into his pocket) 

( looks at photos) Two seconds ( unlocks door) I hope you don't find me rude, It's just this family have been through a lot recently. Come on in ( she lets him in the house and closes the door behind her. 

Tyler: ( Turns to Callum) Do you know when Rachel and Danielle will be back home?

(Danielle Grabs a hold of door handle placing all weight down collapsing because her legs can't take the weight of her. ) 

Callum: ( Runs towards Danielle) Danielle(  He shouts and Grabs a hold of her and he carries her towards the livingroom) 

( Goes to the other side of Danielle helping her to the living room) ( Sits her down on the seat and sits beside her) I hope i was not intruding but Rachel sent me an invitation to her wedding and when i met her a month ago and she told me what you were going through and well i felt bad so decided when i heard your birthday was coming up for me to come here 2 weeks before the wedding.( Try's to take a hold of Danielle's hand)

Danielle: I will go get a hold of Rachel (She stands up  to grab her phone )

Callum: Dani would you just sit down a minute

Danielle: No, I have things to do ( She shakes her head refusing to listen to him)

Callum: Stop being like dad and just listen to me ( he shouts at her trying to look after her) ( she ignores him any way and heads into the kitchen to grab her phone)

Danielle: Hey Rachel It's me Danielle i know you are busy and not picking up your phone right now but Tyler came to my door this morning and well i thought i should let you know. ( Hangs up phone) ( sees letter in corner of the eye she starts reading letter)

Letter: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Dani! Happy birthday to you! Well Dani today is your 17th birthday and well I'm pretty gutted that i can't be with you today but i know that it doesn't matter where I am I will always be with you. I am going to drop of your birthday present to you at roughly nine ish tonight out in the back garden.  This is going to need to be our little secret just like the other thing and remember if you do tell someone i am going to find out because i have eyes and ears all over. I just wanted you to know Dani that i never wanted to hurt you, i just wanted to make you feel safe and loved. Happy birthday and i will see you later! 

(Danielle drops the house phone on the floor after reading the letter) 

Callum: ( shouts) Danielle, are you okay?

Danielle: Yeah i just fell a little that's all, You two just keep on talking( she slides her self down at the kitchen door which faces the front door rocking back and fourth) ( Danielle hears banging outside the front of the house)( crawls underneath kitchen table and adjusts chairs so no one can see her and stuffs the letter in her pockets and rocks back and fourth)

( James comes stumbling in with Ronaldo Alverez laughing)

James: Sweetheart we're home. ( walks into the living room and looks over at Callum surprised to see him)Callum I wasn't expecting you to be here. It's great to see you my boy ( Walks over to Callum and give him a Hugs) 

Callum: Granda, it's great to see you again. You want a cup of tea?

James: I'll get it myself( looks to Tyler) And who are you? 

Tyler: Hello, my name is Tyler, I am a old friend of Danielle and Rachel. 

Ronaldo Alverez:Where is Danielle?( he looks around

Tyler: She was in the kitchen trying to get in touch with Rachel 

Ronaldo Alverez: ( walks into the kitchen with James) Hmm she must not be here

James: (Points to underneath the table) i found her

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle, I know you are under the table( he moves the chairs and gets on knees looking at Danielle) So are you Gonna tell me what you are doing under there ( Danielle continues rocking back and fourth and he crawls under neath the table ) (Sits behind Danielle as she continues to rock) Hey it's going to be okay, What happened?( Danielle keeps rocking back and forth staring at the ground) ( Ronaldo wraps his arms around her) What's this in your pocket? Is it your results?

Danielle: ( nods telling a lie) Yeah

Ronaldo Alverez: What does it say?

Danielle: I don't want to talk about it just now. 

Ronaldo Alverez: That's alright ( Continues to rock with Danielle for a few more moments) See it's all okay. Lets get out from underneath this table ( He crawls out and stands up, he places out his hand) Take my hand. ( Looks around for chair) Where is your chair at?

Danielle: (Takes a hold of hand and comes out of the table I ( pause) I've been walking around with out it. 

James: Well sweet heart sitting underneath tables isn't doing much. You got to get ready for your day.

Ronaldo: You have to remember what Lucas said, you can't over do it. 

Danielle; I know that i just, i didn't want to feel weak anymore. I wanted to be able to walk around for longer than five minutes without crashing to the ground. 

James; One day you are going to get there but it is going to take time ( he wraps his arm around her holding her up wishing that there was more he could do for her) 

Danielle's Birthday Party- 5pm

( Danielle sits in her wheel chair while her grandma sits beside her at the table) 

( Hands over gift)

Danielle: Thank you Grandma but you didn't need to get me a gift you know just being here was good enough. That's the greatest gift that i need. 

Kara: I'm Sorry that your mum hasn't turned up yet but look around you have all this amazing people around you.

Danielle: ( looks around) Do you think she will show?

Kara: Honestly I don't know. Don't sit down in the dumps go and have fun. 


( hugs them both) The squad is back together.

Rachel: We are indeed, who would have thought it huh.

Tyler: Look at us three all practically parentless 

Rachel: hah who would have thought it. Tyler studying Law, I'm away to get married and Danielle well She got her test results and won't tell anyone what they say.

Danielle: Trust me I will but just now is well not the right time to do so ( she gives them a weak hearted smile) 

Tyler: That's one thing i never did understand about you Danielle, I could never tell if something good or bad was about to happen with you. You could fall and smash your head open and yet for some reason you some how managed to make it seem like it was a good thing.

Rachel: Come on, it was a good thing. The girl got her head stitched together and was in hospital and it gave all three of us the reason not to go to school for a whole week because we were " Too concerned for our friends health and wellbeing"

Danielle: That was more than true, I still remember being taken into the head mistresses office so she could give us a lecture about it and i was all to blame. 

Tyler: Well we did use you as our excuse.

 ( All chuckle) 

Ronaldo Alverez: ( walks over to the three of them) I hope I'm not disturbing?

Rachel: No you aren't ( Looks at Danielle) I feel sorry for you having to put up with Danielle.

Ronaldo Alverez: Is she really that bad?

Tyler: Trust me, You should have seen this girl at ten years old. Man you would not be with her today .

Rachel: Yeah she was pretty bad you could say

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle Turn around isn't that your mom?

(Danielle turns around and sees Sophie walking over with the triplets) 

Sophie: Can I have a word alone with my daughter? ( Rachel, Tyler and Alverez walk away) 

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle, I will be over there beside the bar with your grand father. 

Callum and Rachel walk over taking the triplet away from them wanting to spend as much time as they can with them. 

Sophie: I am really sorry for what I said at the hospital the other day, i really hope you can forgive me.

Danielle: Look mum, It's already forgotten about i just want to move on from it if that is alright?

Callum: Hey Lily

Lily: Hello Callum, Rachel. Good to see you both here

Rachel: It's great to see you too ( Hands invite)

Lily: Thank you so much

Rachel: I better take these two for a walk before they start getting antsy ( she gives them a smile and takes the triplets a walk around the hall) 

Callum; How have things been?

Lily: Pretty good, Has Danielle told you her test results?

Callum: No, she won't talk to anyone about it

.( pause) Look i don't need to go to your wedding if it is going to make things well you could say awkward.

Callum: No you should come if you want to. I'm pretty sure Danielle would like to see you there, Seems like you two have became awfully close friends.

Lily: Yeah we have( Callum turns round) 

Callum: What is he doing here?

( Steve storms over to Danielle and Sophie) 

Steve: Danielle we need to talk

Danielle: Steve what are you doing here? ( everyone turns around and stares) ( James and Ronaldo Alverez go to run over) No one move.

Steve: I know your little secret

Danielle: (Rolls her eyes) What secret are you talking about?

Steve: ( continues walking to Danielle) Don't play games with me.

Danielle: How stupid have you got to be? I'm not playing games with you.

Steve: Why didn't you tell me?

Danielle: Steve. I don't know what the hell you are talking about. (

Steve: Let me refresh your memory, I saw your test results.

Danielle: What the hell are you doing with my test results 

Steve: I had to know, So i snuck into your house once you all left and i found them.

Danielle: You had no right being in my room! 

Steve: Yeah well you had no right to keep this from me.

Danielle: It hasn't nothing to do with you.

Steve: Ladies and gentleman i would like to reveal to you what exactly was on Danielle's test results.

Danielle: That is no place for you to say.

Steve: So here's the thing guys, Danielle has been keeping a secret from us all. Danielle is Pregnant and this beautiful light blue baggy dress is covering her little bump.

Danielle: ( stands up and pushes Steve) Will you get out!

Steve: Why, i have a right to be here since I'm the father of the child you are carrying. 

Danielle: ( Looks To Ronaldo and she watches his face fills with sadness) Steve, It's not your child.

Steve: What you mean it's not my child?

Danielle: Do i really have to explain this to you? I am two monthspregnant, i opened the results this morning and you and me havent had sex in about 9 months 

Steve: ( looks shocked) Who the hell's child is this

( Shakes head at Steve) Get out of here.

Steve: You can't tell me what to do (gets in Danielle's face)

) Steve you better leave now, whilst you can.

Steve: Oh look who it is Ronaldo Alverez, the guy who got engaged to my girl oh and then you knocked her up. You don't deserve to be in her life she deserves someone better.

Rachel: Someone better, Steve you haven't been around. You weren't even around when she was in hospital you just came to play hookie but she never gave in to you.

Steve: Oh look if it isn't my sister, the 16 year old about to marry her best friends brother. You guys were like siblings.

Rachel: We could have said the same about you and Danielle, You were Callum's brother and you not only betrayed him but you also betrayed your girlfriend. You fairly have changed.

Danielle: Steve changed a long time ago, now a days he just goes around looking for sex and hitting young women.

Steve: You stupid Bitchy, You said you weren't going to say anything ( Slaps Danielle) 

(Ronaldo Clenches his fist and punches Steve. Him and James throw him outside and he heads back to see Danielle) 

Ronaldo:  Hey baby, how you holding up?

Danielle: I'm so fed up of this ( She shakes her head at him and he kneels down in front of her) 

Ronaldo: I promise you we will figure out what is going on and you will get to go back to living a normal life. 

Danielle; A normal life? Ronaldo my father is dead, I was kidnapped and someone tried to kill me and now i'm pregnant. How is that normal?

Ronaldo: I mean it's not but the Backworth family have a strange way of what Normal means. 

Backworth household- 9pm

( After getting home Danielle goes outside to see what was left for her James follows her)

James: Wow that is a gorgeous baby crib, Where did you get it from?(

Danielle:It really is stunning, I got it as a birthday present from someone. It was dropped of earlier on. ( she smiles looking at it) 

James: Hey look there is a note ( Picks it up and hands to Danielle) Why didn't you tell anyone about your results?

Danielle: ( Takes note) I didn't want to put Alverez on the spot and make him have to stick around we first got together out of love then engaged due to both our love but also he was doing his job and i didn't want him to feel like he was only marrying me because of his job and now he has a baby on the way. He should get to choose what he wants and not just have everything happening because of work.

James: ( puts arm around Danielle hugging her) Trust me Danielle, That boy loves you more than Steve ever did and more than Steve ever will. He didn't have to propose to you or be in the house all the time to look after you, He knows you so well to the point he is crawling under neath a table to help calm you down and he is the only one who knows how to. All he did while we were away was make sure that you were safe that we were protecting you

Danielle: Thank you( Smiles)

James: I'm going to head inside, you coming?

Danielle: Nah I'll stay here a little longer. ( James walks away and Danielle opens the note)

Note:  How's your birthday been then? Was it all unicorns and bubbles, every thing you wished for huh? I hope you enjoy the crib it is make from a very expensive rare kind of oak and i wanted the best for you and your baby. I know you are most likely creeped out but there is so many things that you don't know Danielle. I found out the rumours in Pelican Bay State Prison, Your test results was leaked there and I just wanted to help you out since you no longer have your father around. Danielle I really do need to talk to you, there is things that you need to know. Please come see me some time and remember I'm not the one trying to hurt you. Rumours are that Rachel is about to get Married in a few weeks and well someone is planning something, I'm not sure what or who. Take care Danielle and please look after that little kiddie winkle, Love Paul.

( Danielle goes inside the house placing the note with the letter received from this morning she painfully makes her way upstairs and puts the letters into her fathers Safe. She locks it back up then crawls into her bed and Lays on her side staring at the blank wall) 

Ronaldo Alverez: ( Takes off his clothes and joins Danielle in bed) ( Wraps his arm around Danielle placing his hand on her belly) You and our beautiful baby need to get some sleep. We have a rather busy few months ahead  of us and I seriously can't wait. 


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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