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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 22 (v.2) - Scene 22- To The Bride And Groom

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Scene 22- To The Bride And Groom

Rachel and Callum's wedding day-28th August- Backworth Household

(Living Room- Danielle and Rachel sitting getting their hair and make up done by Teresa)

Danielle: Don't get mad at me for saying this but are you sure marrying my brother is something you want to do?

Rachel: ( Looks over to Danielle) For once In my life I am sure of it, Just to let you know Lily is coming over in the next five minutes because I have asked her to be my brides maid.

Danielle: That was very kind of you

Rachel: Well i thought it would Be a nice act of kindness you know plus everyone is very close friends with her so i thought that i should try too.

( Tyler walks through the front door with Lily)

Lily: Danielle, It is me and Tyler don't worry alright ( walks into the living room) We brought bubbly ( Puts bottle in the air ) I'll get the glasses.

Tyler: Are you girls ready to party?

Danielle: Hell yeah! 

Rachel: Danielle are you forgetting something?

Danielle: Nope,not that i know on 

Rachel: You are pregnant 

Danielle: One glass isn't going to hurt come one.

Lily: (hands over champagne) Are you excited Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah I think I am.

Lily: How long have you and Callum been together?

Rachel: Hmm about three months or so.

Lily: Been with someone for Three month and you manage to get them to tie the knot, I was with someone for about six years and we never got the chance. Bravo to you.

Callum's household-

( Callum sat in the living room with Ronaldo and James having a pint of beer)

Callum: Ronaldo i just wanted to thank you for deciding to fill in for Steve as my best man. It really does mean a lot to me and Granda i want to thank you for filling in for my dad it sucks at the fact that he isn't here.

( Ronaldo gets a text message and he picks up his phone to look at it) 

James: Please don't tell me something is wrong( Looking at Ronaldo)

Ronaldo Alverez: The only thing that is wrong is the factor my pregnant fiancee is having a glass of champagne while Rachel, Lily and Tyler celebrate.( Pause) Yo dude, ( hits Callum's chest lightly) Did you know Lily is going to be a bridesmaid?

Callum: Yeah She told me yesterday morning.

James: Look Boys, I'm going to give you some advice. Ronaldo , Danielle knows exactly what she is doing. She will just be having one glass to celebrate the fact that both her best friend and her brother are getting married today, She loves that baby inside her and there is no way she would chance harming it. As for you Callum, If you have a problem with Lily being your fiancee's bridesmaid then either you seriously despise the girl or you still love her. Either way you got to figure that out because you are getting married in less than four hours. 

Ronaldo Alverez: James has got a point you know.

Callum: I didn't tell Rachel because I didn't want to hurt her but on one of the days that me and Rachel went into the hospital to visit Sophie, Me and Lily had a moment of passion out side.

James: Well son, You need to decide right now who you want to be with, either way you are going to be hurting someone. ( Pats his shoulder and walks to the kitchen getting another pint.

( Backworth Household)

Danielle: Thank you Teresa for coming here. ( walking Teresa out the door)

Teresa: I hope this wedding will go better for you guys, compared to the last one. ( takes a hold of Danielle's hand) I'm so sorry for your loss.

Danielle: I hope this one goes better too, Thank you

Teresa; ( hands Danielle the letter and walks out the house) If you are ever needing anything just give me a shout alright.

( Danielle smiles and closes the front door)

Tyler: Danielle? Everything alright?

Danielle:Yeah i will be a few minutes.

( woman's voice)Roses are red, Violets are blue, I hear the bells and I'm coming for you! This is not Paul, Beware young one. I am coming for you! Believe it or not Paul actually cares, but for I, well just beware.  To the Bride and Groom, how long will it last. If i remember correctly at the last, 6 hours in and the groom was dead. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Beware Danielle. I'm coming for you!

( Danielle puts the Letter in her pocket and Rachel comes running out living room) 

 Danielle gets a fright) I'm sorry did i just scare you

) What ever it's okay.

Wedding Chapel- December 28th- 2pm

( Guests are seated and waiting for the enterance of the bride. 

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle, Are you able to walk?

Danielle: no  But I'm going to push myself through it

James: (Goes on his knees looking Danielle in the eyes) Once this is over, We are getting Doctor Charlie to do tests on you. 

Danielle: No it's alright, I'm fine. 

James: No your not, You are in pain worse then ever.

Ronaldo Alverez: I went down stairs for five minutes last night and I had to run up stairs because i could hear you screaming in pain. I don't care what you say I'm having my uncle do tests on you.

Rachel: Guys I'm freaking out( Pacing around the room) I'm so damn nervous right now.

( sits Rachel down on a chair ) It's all going to be okay. Callum is in there right now waiting to spend the rest of his life with you. Girl you need to calm down. 

Organizer: Ladies and gentleman, Are you ready?( looks around) Can i have Lily and Tyler at the very front behind i want Danielle and Ronaldo and Lastly Rachel and James. As soon as the music begins Lily and Tyler 

Rachel: Actually I think i would like to start walking out alone then have James come down from beside Callum and walk with me.  ( organizer nods yes) (James goes and stands beside Callum) 

( music begins- Lily and Tyler begin to walk down and Callum instantly smiles at her and tries to hide it) 

James: ( Leans into Callum) I see the way that you look at her son, You need to decide right now who you are wanting to spend your life with. 

( Lily stands up on the left podium whilst Tyler sits down in the front row seats beside Sophie and Kara) ( Danielle and Ronaldo start walking down)

Ronaldo Alverez:( whispers) Look at your brother, smile and forget about the pain.

Danielle; I'm trying i swear. It's just really hard ( Clenching onto his left arm) ( He holds her up with his right arm around her waist)

Ronaldo Alverez: Just think baby, soon enough this will be me and you at our wedding maybe with a baby flower girl or groomsman

Danielle: I can't wait.

( Ronaldo Sits Danielle Down on her wheel chair which was higher up than Lily Then stands beside Callum)

Ronaldo Alverez: Here we go man, Only the rest of your life.

( Rachel starts walking down with her ball gown dress trailing on the ground. James goes and meets her half way andwalks her to Callum. Callum takes her hand)

Minister: Again the Backworth family has asked me just to skip to the point no religious stuff so here we go. Ladies and gentleman we are all gathered here today to celebrate the love that these two have for one another. If anyone has any objections please speak now or forever hold your peace ( all look around) ( Callum looks to Danielle and Lily. Rachel clicks on and remains smiling at him) Alright here we go, Do you Callum James Backworth take the Rachel Rebecca Glennie to love and to hold, through sickness and health till death do you part! 

Callum: ( looking Rachel dead in the eye) I Callum James Backworth, take you Rachel Rebecca Glennie to love and to hold through sickness and in health till death do us part. 

Minister: ( Turns to Rachel) And do you Rachel Rebecca Glennie take Callum James Backworth to love and to hold through sickness and in health till death do you part.

Rachel; I Rachel Rebecca Glennie (pause) Can not do any of those things ( Takes hand away from Callum) because i have come to the realization that Although you are in love with me, You still love your ex- fiancee Lily more. I'm not going to be the girl to stand in the way of you both ( Hands Callum back ring) I would like Lily to come up here and stand with you during this time because this is where she belongs. Just so happens me and her have the same ring size ( smilesand walks over to Lily knowing that she was never ready for this moment) Go.( Pause) Go marry the man of your dreams ( Rachel stands where Lily Stood and Lily stands up with Callum)

Lily: Is this what you want?

Callum: Yes ( smiles at her and Takes a hold of her hand) It always was ( they Both turn to Rachel) 

( smiles) Go ahead

Minister: Well this is a change lets try this again. Skipping the end i presume ( everyone nods) ( Danielle takes a hold of  Rachel's hand) Do You Callum James Backworth take Lily Donovon's hand in marriage?

Callum: I do ( places ring on Lily's finger)

Minister: Do you Lily Donovon take Callum James Backworth's hand in marriage( pause) Please say yes.

(Everyone lets out a little laugh to themselves) 

Lily: I do( Places ring on Callum's finger)

Minister: I now pronounce you husband and wife ( looks to Callum) You may kiss the bride.

( Lily and Callum kiss and Everyone stands cheers)

Wedding Dance- 7pm

DJ: Everyone welcome Mr and Mrs Lily and Callum Backworth to the stage for their first dance ( All About Us comes on)

(Danielle smiles at them)

Rachel: It was the right thing to do plus I realized it wasn't right especially when I saw Tyler sitting in the front row and all I could think of is how last month i cheated on Callum with Tyler and I had so much more passion with Tyler and well It all just came together in the end really.

Tyler: Hope you both aren't speaking about me again ( Sarcastic tone)

( girls chuckle) 

Rachel: Who would have thought that this day would have went this way huh.

Danielle: What you and Callum completely switching partners? Yeah no one seen that one coming for sure.

Tyler: We are all happy so screw all them haters man. ( puts his arms round the girls)

Ronaldo Alverez: Can you please take your arm off my fiancee please. Me and my baby's got to dance. ( Smiles and places out his hand)

Tyler: Did you just say plural as in more than one baby? ( excited tone) ( Tyler and Rachel look at each other)

Ronaldo Alverez: I was just talking about Danielle and our child but hell if it's twins I am all for it.

( Danielle gets up off her chair)

Danielle: Come on lets dance.

Ronaldo Alverez: Are you sure?

Danielle: Just hold me close.

( Ronaldo holds Danielle close in his arms) ( Kara and James sat at the bar)

Kara: Look at our grandkids, they both look so happy tonight. ( smiles)

James: I think Danielle is really worried that something is going to happen here tonight

Kara: Does she need to be?

James: Not that i know of but after what happened at her dad's wedding then I wouldn't be surprised. 

Kara: This family doesn't need any more surprises. 

( Jake's mum walks towards Kara and James)

James: Maci is that you?

Maci: Hello James, nice to see you again ( Hugs and kisses cheek)

Kara: James didn't tell me you were coming to visit ( gives James a strange look)

Maci: I didn't tell anyone, I found out Callum was having his wedding and i thought it would be the perfect time to come back. ( Danielle and Ronaldo walk Up to Maci)

Danielle: Grandma? What are you doing here?

Maci: I came to see your brother's wedding sweetie ( hugs Danielle)

James: So you can come to your grandsons wedding but you can't go to your own sons wedding or funeral

Maci: Now now now, don't get hissy with me mister. I came for Jake's wedding but it turned out i had the wrong month, I came a month early they said. As for his funeral i have heard none of this.

Danielle: Grandma, i tried phoning and texting and emailing you, I didn't get a reply back once.

Maci: I had to completely change my contacts.What Happened to him?

Danielle:  I don't want to talk about it so I'm just going to go dance.

Bartender: hands over letter) ( Danielle goes into the corner of the dance hall and Ronaldo follows her)

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle, what's going on?

Danielle: oh it's nothing, probably just a sympathy letter.

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle please tell me the truth, Ever since your birthday something strange has been going on.

Danielle: let me read this then i will talk to you.

Letter: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, It's about time that you go kaboom. By time you read this letter, it will be too late because now you are all stuck in there and all about to become dead meat."

(Danielle falls into Ronaldo's arms not  being able to handle the stress anymore) ( Ronaldo grabs the note) 

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle, You need to tell me right now what is going on. ( Both sit on the floor) ( Ronaldo sits behind Danielle as they again start Rocking) 

Danielle: It started on the day of my birthday I got a letter that said Happy birthday etc, it was from Paul but for once i wasn't worried but then he warned me someone was coming after me but he didn't know who. Here's the thing I got a letter from the person this morning it said

" Roses are red, Violets are blue, I hear the bells and I'm coming for you! This is not Paul, Beware young one. I am coming for you! Believe it or not Paul actually cares, but for I, well just beware. Danielle, I'm coming for you! To the Bride and Groom, how long will it last. If i remember correctly at the last, 6 hours in and the groom was dead. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Beware Danielle. I'm coming for you!" 

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle why didn't you tell me this.

Danielle: I was too worried. Things were finally going well.

( Hugs Danielle tight she leans her head on his shoulder and begins to cry. 

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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