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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 23 (v.2) - Scene 23- Roses Are Red, Violet's Are Blue, And I'm Here For You!

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Scene 23- Roses Are Red, Violet's Are Blue, And I'm Here For You!

(Wedding Dance- (9pm)

Ronaldo Alverez: Come one Danielle, We need to stand up. We can't have people staring at us.

) Ronaldo what's going on?

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle she is in a hell of a lot of pain.

Doctor Charlie: Do you know why?

Ronaldo Alverez: I  have no idea, I was going to have you take a look at her tomorrow but uncle she is in really bad shape.

Doctor Charlie: Okay I have an Idea, Let me grab my kit. I might have something to help her.

( Maci and James- Bar)

Maci: James look i really am sorry for not being there for Jake, I made my work a priority because I knew he was always going to have you. 

James: That's the thing Maci, I wasn't always there for him. After he had Danielle I stuck around for a year because I couldn't watch him struggle trying to raise her because he was too stubborn to allow me to help him out.

Maci: I should have been there for his funeral but I didn't know.

James: Of course you didn't know because you wasn't around.

Maci: You are one to talk.

James: I might not have been around but i always checked in with Jake to make sure him and my grandkids were doing fine. So don't turn this back on me. I will not allow you to do this yet again, i will not stand by and let you blame me for what my son went through in his life.

( Rachel and Tyler- sitting at a table) 

Rachel: Thank you Tyler for helping me through everything, It has been a well extremely hard year for me and you managed to help me through it all.

Tyler: Rachel you are more than welcome ( smiles) ( puts his hand on top of hers and Looks over to Danielle in the corner) Is Danielle always like that?

Rachel: Most days yes, Things for her just seem to be getting worse. I think Paul has been trying to get in contact with her and she is keeping it a secret from everyone because she doesn't want them to find out and for it to end up like it did three months ago, Everyone tip toeing around her always keeping an eye never letting her be alone. She just wants to live a normal life and well she just wants to be able to walk again but it doesn't seem to want to work that way. The pain is getting a lot worse for her, Ronaldo was telling me she is barely sleeping and when she does she wakes screaming in pain, She can't shower her self any more where as a few weeks ago she was able to do it all her self and now she can barely move. 

Tyler: That must suck for her, The idea that even after being kidnapped and tortured she is still having to live through all the pain and the memories each day and it never truly disappears. All she wants is for her body to start working the way it should but instead it just keeps failing on her. ( Pause) I remember the girl who didn't feel any kind of pain she was always smiling and laughing even when her mum was being a total bitch to her, she always made it through with a smile and now well the only time i have seen her smile is when she is with her fiancee.

( Callum and Lily walk up to Rachel And Tyler)

Callum: Tyler is it alright if we can have a word with Rachel?

Tyler: Sure ( Goes to stand up) 

Rachel: It's alright Tyler, you can stay.

Lily: Rachel I want to thank you for what you did today, not many people would 1- allow their fiancee's ex be their brides maid let alone say they don't want to marry Callum. 2- For coming up to me and telling me that I am meant to be the one who marries him. 

Rachel: Lily it is more than alright though, I'm a 16 year old girl who was about to marry her best friends brother and when I seen the chemistry you both had when we were in the hospital visiting Sophie i knew that me and him didn't have any of that. Yeah we loved each other but ( Pause)

Callum: I dreamed what it would be like planning my wedding and when it actually came to it, I realized the dream that i had was completely different to the reality, With me and you Rachel I wanted to get married straight away but with Lily i  enjoyed picking out what our dance song would be and who would stand beside up at our wedding. Things just wasn't really the same and i think we both knew that. But i saw you and Tyler sitting here and it made me see that you two should be together. I knew that when Tyler came to the door you were more than a friend to him, the only reason i knew that was because he used to look at my little sister the way he looks at you but this time it is far more intense. 

Rachel: I want you both to be happy together just like i will be happy with Tyler and I will move all of my things out of your house as soon as I can, I will probably pop by tomorrow while you guys are off on your honeymoon. 

Lily: Don't change your friendship with Callum just because you are no longer together as a couple okay because i don't want to be the reason that you guys are no longer talking. 

Rachel: I'm not just going to stop talking to him plus I am going to be around for Danielle, She is going through a hard time and right now I need to focus on being her friend not her brothers ex- fiancee 

Callum: Please look after her while we are away, I need her to be safe, I need her to be alive and well.

( Danielle and Ronaldo in the corner of the Room)

Doctor Charlie: Danielle, I need to do Tests on you ASAP!  I am really worried about what is going on and I don't know what the hell is happening.

Danielle: Doctor Charlie I need your help, You need to protect my baby. It can't get hurt.

Doctor Charlie: Ronaldo, What has Danielle been drinking tonight?

Ronaldo Alverez: She has been drinking Cola and J20's why?

Doctor Charlie: I think she has been poisoned, we need to get her to the hospital right now.

Ronaldo Alverez: ( whispers) That's going to be a problem, We are locked in here and someone is about to try kill her.

Doctor Charlie: What the hell do you mean? ( Ronaldo hands over the letter) How long ago did she get this?

Ronaldo Alverez: Five minutes ago, I know this is a problem. Phone service is down and I have no idea what is about to happen. 

(Explosion goes off at the back door beside Danielle and Ronaldo) ( Everyone Screams and attempt sot run 

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle( shouts out) ( holding onto her hand) I love you

Danielle:  I love you too. ( eyes start fading shut) 

( wood begins falling all over and the front door bursts opens. a women and a man walk over with their faces hiden)

Women: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, And I'm Here For You!( Turns to Partner) Grab her! 

( Women's accomplice hits Ronaldo and Charlie across their heads making them disorientated and picks Danielle up and carries her out) 

Ronaldo Alverez: Danielle! ( begging tone)

Woman: Trust me Ronaldo, my plan isn't to hurt your little bitty baby, I'm here to hurt Danielle!

( Tears run down Ronaldo's face as he watches everyone he loves scream in pain unable to move or stand) 

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