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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 24 (v.2) - Scene 24- Plan Wasn't To Kill Them!

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Scene 24- Plan Wasn't To Kill Them!

( Danielle at the back of a truck with a black bag over her head and her Hands and feet tied together)

Danielle: Please! Please don't hurt me! 

( Women in front seat chuckles to her self finding it funny to hear her begging for her life)

 Wedding dance/ explosion site

( Maci and James at the bar with Glass bottles all over them )

Maci: ( takes a hold of hand) ( Tears running out of eyes andglass sticking in body she leans over to James Shakes his body) Please wake up James! I need you to wake up !  

James: I'm okay ( He whispers to her) 

FireFighter: We have two survivors over here. ( Rush over to Maci and James) Careful they appear seriously injured.

FireFighter 2: Lostly Lift the lad up( Turns to James) I will take him


Paramedic 1:  ( rush in the hospital with Maci on the gerney) I have an unknown female, approximetely aged approximetely in mid 50's, She has glass from the bar, not sure how extensive it is. There's a man behind us with roughly the same injuries.

Paramedic 2: ( hands off James to nurses) 

The Car

Danielle: Where the hell am i going? What are you going to do to me?

Women: ( face covered) Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, If You Don't Shut Up, I'm Going To Kill You!

Danielle: You evil Little Bitch!

Women: Why don't you try looking in the mirror every once in a while, then you might see who the true evil bitch is. Hunny that aint me.

Danielle; Tell me how I'm a bitch? What exactly have i done?

Woman: If you don't know then clearly you are a worse person that i thought. 

Wedding Dance/ Explosion

( Callum And Lily) 

Callum: Lily Takes a hold of Callum's waist)

Lily: Callum wait stop!) 

Callum: I don't care if there is a peice of stick sticking out of me, I just need to get you out of here and safe. ( Continues to hold up Lily Limping to the door)

Lily: Callum, lets call on one of the paramedics.

Callum: No, they have to focus on those who are in a worse condition than we are.

( Fire Fighter runs into the building and bumps into Callum and Lily)

Fire Fighter: ( Looks at Callum) Oh dear lord. ( looks to Lily) I'm so sorry this is my first proper day on the job. ( Lily smiles) Lets get you two out of here. ( Looks at Lily) Are you able to walk on your own? ( Lily nods while holding onto Callum the fire fighters leads him out of the building) Can you both tell me your names?

( Pause) Backworth . My name is Lily Backworth and he is my husband Callum James Backworth. 

Fire Fighter: I'm going to go hand you off to a paramedic now alright.( Walks over to paramedic) I have a male and female here, Male is Callum James Backworth and this is his wife Lily. 

Paramedic 1: If you would like to come this way Lily, ( Places Callum on stretcher) ( drives off to Hospital) 


Paramedic 1: I have a patient here with the name of Callum James Backworth aged 20 and his wife Lily Backworth aged 19. Callum has a stab wound in the stomach from a peice of collapsed wood from the building after the explosion and Lily Backworth has debris all over her body from the wood possibly broken foot. 

Doctor Fedwick: Place them in trauma room 3 and 4

Lily: ( Pain in eyes)

Doctor Fedwick: ( Takes a hold of Lily's hand) We will do everything we possibly can.

 Danielle- Back of car

Danielle:  Please don't hurt my baby. ( she begs them not caring if she gets hurt but only about her baby) 

Woman: I'm not interested in hurting your baby, I am more interested in hurting you.

Danielle: I don't know what I've done to hurt you but please just let me go!

Wedding Dance- Explosion

( Ronaldo And Doctor Charlie) 

Doctor Charlie: Come on Ronaldo, You need to get up.

Ronaldo Alverez: They toke her( Tears running out his eyes)

Doctor Charlie: What?

Ronaldo Alverez: They Took Danielle , We got to go save her(His eyes close and he starts having a sezuire) 

Doctor Charlie: HELP! ( fire fighters come rushing over) 


Doctor Fedwick: What have we got?

Doctor Charlie: Oliver, it's my nephew. Please you got to save him. ( Rushes Ronaldo to trauma room 4)

 Please, You have to find Danielle, Someone has taken her.

Doctor Charlie: Ronaldo, I am going to ensure that i do everything i can so that the police can find her.

( Doctor Charlie leaves Trauma Room 4) ( Chases after Sergeant Ethan Ritchie) 

Doctor Charlie: Sergent Ethan Ritchie hold up  Runs after him) We need to talk! It's urgent!

Sergent Ethan Ritchie: Whats up?

Doctor Charlie: It's my nephew Ronaldo, He told me at the wedding after the explosion went off someone came in and kidnapped Danielle. 

Sergent Ethan Ritchie: How long ago was this? 

 I'm not sure. ( pause) I blanked out for a bit

Sergent Ethan Ritchie: Is he able to talk, Ronaldo?

Doctor Charlie: No Serg, He's in bad shape.

Large on Call Room- 7 hours later

( Maci and James are sat beside each other Holding hands)

Maci: What the hell just happened?

James: I don't know but i sure as hell am going to find out. 

Maci: (Looking around the room) Where the hell is everyone else?

Officer John: ( Walks over to Maci and James) I wanted to apologise for everything that your family is going through. i know it must be really difficult for you all. ( Pause) I also hope you don't mind being kept in here. It's just no one knows what is going on or why so its easier for you all just to be in the same place.

James: We both understand but how long is it going to be until we see the rest of our family, I need to know how my grand kids are. I'm one of the only things they have left in their lives.

( Doctor Charlie walks into the room with Lily)

Doctor Charlie:  Come on let's take a seat  Sits Lily down beside James and Stands over beside Officer John and whispers) I've direct orders from Sergent Ethan Ritchie " do not tell them anything"

James: ( Grabs a hold of Lily's hand)Sweetheart it's okay. Everything is going to be fine. 

Lily: ( Crying I just want my husband back ( Weeps into James arms) 

James: Shhh, It's going to be okay. ( Looks at Officer John)  If you aren't going to tell us anything could you at least give this girl some tissues. 

( Officer John hands Lily tissues)

Officer John: I really am sorry you know

Lily: Why can't you tell us anything( Still sobbing into James) 

Doctor Charlie: It's more difficult than you know, we have to wait until everyone is here.

James: How worse can it get? ( Catches on to what Doctor Charlie was talking about)

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: ( He walks into the room) How are you doing old friend? ( concerned tone)

James: We are doing alright ( pause) More like as good as we can be in this type of situation. 

( Kara and Sophie get escorted into the room by Officer Heritio Shaw)

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Come on in Ladies. Come take a seat. ( Helps sit them down) Sophie? Where's the triplets? 


Sophie: They are with Doctor Oliver Fedwick, He told me he would quickly have a quick check over them and send them in. 

Maci: ( Looks over to Sophie) And how are you doing sweet heart?

Sophie: I just have a few scrapes and bruises nothing serious.

( Doctor Oliver Fedwick walks in with the triplets in their pram ) 

Doctor Oliver Fedwick: They are in luck, all three babies are in perfect health and have not one scratch on their body.

Officer John: Wow they fairly are lucky, if you don't mind me asking how far away were you from the explosion? 

Sophie: No it's fine, Me and the triplets was down stairs waiting for the cab at the main doors to take us home. That's the main reason why we aren't effected by the blast. ( Pause) Honestly i couldn't wait to get out of the place and take my littles ones home.

( Rachel comes storming in the room)

Rachel: ( Arm in sling) I can't believe it!

James: What's wrong?

Rachel:  I tried talking to the Doctors about Tyler,Danielle, Ronaldo and Callum and all they told me was Tyler has just been put in recovery after his surgery. Callum and Ronaldo are still in surgery one with  large peice of wood in their stomach and one have severe debris in their chest and there is a 80% chance that they will survive, one wrong move and they are both dead.As for Danielle everyone refuses to speak about it. ( Spits out annoyed and stands by the window) 

Sophie: What do you mean no one will talk about Danielle?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: ( Pause) She was taken from the wedding dance. She was taken when the explosion went off by an unknown male and female.

Kara: Weren't you guys meant to make sure that something like this didn't happen.

Officer John: There was so many of us there, we never saw any of it coming.

Lily: You guys knew everyone that was there and those who weren't, I just don't understand how this happened. 

7 Hours later

( Tyler, Callum and Ronaldo's bed's are all place in the same room.Everyone around them

Callum: ( holding on to Lily's hand) Hey sweet cheeks. Glad to see you're alive.

Lily: Well i could say the same thing to you mr, You had us all worried.

Callum: What happened? 

Doctor Fedwick: ( comes into room) How are you all doing ?

Tyler: Painful( Pause) Very painful

Doctor Fedwick: This was left at the reception, i thought you should all take a look at it ( Hands to Callum and he opens up letter) 

Letter: Roses are Reds, Violets are blue, You do what I say, She won't come back dead.

Doctor Fedwick: Does any of you know what this means?

Ronaldo Alverez: Oh my god, no ( looking around the room in fear he begins trys ripping out tubes and moniters) ( Whispers) I gotta go find her.

Lucas Charlie: ( rushes over to Ronaldo and pins him down) No don't do that.

Ronaldo Alverez: I need to go find her.

Callum: What do you mean?

Ronaldo Alverez: I mean i need to go find her, ( Pause) I need to go find my fiancee ( Lucas holding him down) Get off me! ( restlessly) 

" Roses are red, Violets are blue, I hear the bells and I'm coming for you! This is not Paul, Beware young one. I am coming for you! Believe it or not Paul actually cares, but for I, well just beware. Danielle, I'm coming for you! To the Bride and Groom, how long will it last. If i remember correctly at the last, 6 hours in and the groom was dead. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Beware Danielle. I'm coming for you!"

(Ronaldo Repeats the letter out to them that Danielle shared with him before the explosion) 


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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