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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 25 (v.2) - Scene 25- Where The Hell Is My Fiancee?

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Scene 25- Where The Hell Is my Fiancee?

 Hospital Room- 

James: Ronaldo! What the hell have you just said? ( he sits forward in his chair) 

Ronaldo: That ... ( he shakes his head trying to get his mind together) That was a letter Danielle received, I don't know who by and I don't know why. She didn't tell me until we were at the wedding dance. I was so mad at her for not telling me what was going on.

Callum: What does this mean?

James: ( stares out the window) It means ( Pause) ( turns around) It means those bloody bastards have stole my grand-daughter! ( Angry storms to the door)  I will not hold back and i will shoot that son of a bitch with out no hesitation. 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: ( puts arm out stopping James) You are not shooting anyone, anyway I think it's time we visit a certain someone. 

Ronaldo: ( He lifts his head and looks to Sergeant Ethan Ritchie) I can't believe i am actually saying this but if i know who you are referring too, Then i don't believe he is involved in this. But, ( Pause) It can't hurt to check. 

( Basement) 

Danielle: ( tied up in a corner) You know what I'm not even going to be afraid anymore, because frankly I've had enough of this bullshit. ( looking around the room) You have tortured and tormented me for so long and I have had more than enough. So if you are planning on killing me just get the bloody job over and done with because I can't be bothered with your petty games. 

Women: ( Walks over to Danielle)with her face still covered) Oh Danielle, You really were one for the dramatics weren't you. If I am to kill you well, I want to do it on my own terms and conditions not because you tell me so. ( Pause) ( Looking down on her) And you, well you are the one in the corner all handcuffed and not in control. 

Danielle: You can put on this show acting as if you are this big person, that because you blew up a building just to kidnap me that you are this macho women. That no one is better than you, but hun i think you are forgetting that you are standing there with a mask on afraid that i will recognise who you are. I'm not afraid, I have been in this situation more than once, You are the one who is truly afraid because i know how this goes you most likely have orders from the big wigs to keep me alive, and that is why right now I'm not laying on this floor bleeding out. ( pause) Oh let me guess, you are wondering how i magically knew that. Well just look at you two, he has been pacing around the room for the past half an hour as if he has filled his shorts and you well i can see it in your eye that you are dying to get rid of me but you haven't which makes me believe there is someone else involved in this.

Women: I could just tell you who it is. Do you want to know?

Danielle: Oh the suspense is just killing me, why don't you tell me already.

Women: It's none other than the notorious Paul, You know him don't you? Oh yeah he recently nearly had you killed, that was actually pretty funny, pity that he couldn't go through with it, either way you were always going to end up being six feet under some how, so why not make it fun ( Vindictive laugh) ( Man pulls her aside) 

Man: ( whispers) Come on enough.

Women: ( Glares at her) ( Walks over to Danielle with a pole in her hand andWallops Danielle with it then turns to him) Oh sorry did you not like that ( grabs Danielle's arm) If you don't want it to happen again, I suggest you keep your mouth shut!

Danielle: Wow you really are a selfricious little whore. Surprised you didn't go for the belly, that really would have hurt me or wait have you got direct orders not to kill me or my baby. God almighty better hope I don't go into labour any time soon, then we could both be screwed because we all the the chances of a pre-mature baby and well with the state of this place there would be no way that neither of us would survive, so practically you would be screwed. But then again wouldn't that be a good thing, 1'- being the factor i wouldn't need to deal with your petty shit 2- neither would my baby and well 3- you wouldn't have blood on your hands. 

Women: ( walks away) I'm so done with you

Danielle: That's because I'm right isn't it. You can't handle the fact that some one actually know more than you. Wow.

Women: ( walks up to man) I have to be somewhere, you are in charge of her. You let her go, i will be after you and that is a promise

Pelican Bay State Prison- 4pm -2nd September, 2017

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: I didn't expect to see you three back so soon, anything i can help with? ( Puts out his hand) Wow Ronaldo You look a right mess, what happened?

Ronaldo Alverez: Lets just say There was a explosion and my fiancee is missing and these two smuggled me out of the hospital. ( Smirks) 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: Okay boys, you know the process here. Officer Deryck Rogers and Officer Amy Foster are at the reception. They will take care of you. 

( Walks over to receptions)

James: Long time no see ( To Officer Deryck Rogers) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: Yeah wasn't it just the other week you were here. Suppose we are going to be getting regular visits, maybe you should start bringing up coffee and donuts. ( Suggestive tone) 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: We will remember for the next time ( Hands over weapon) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: Let me go grab Officer Amy Foster, New rules two people must lock away all personals weapon. ( turns shouts into the little officer) Officer Foster, You are needed at the front desk. ( whispers) I advice not to stare

 ( Boys look at each other confused) ( Amy comes out of the office)

Officer Amy Foster: What can i help with ?

Officer Deryck Rogers: Just the usual weapon lock up

Ronaldo Alverez: It's nice to see you again Officer Amy Foster

Officer Amy Foster: Ah yes, nice to see you all too ( takes weapon) ( places into safe) 

James: If you don't mind me asking what happened to you head?  ( looking at the big cut  with bruises around it)

Officer Amy Foster: Oh that ( chuckles) That is nothing, I fell down the stairs yesterday and cut myself on a piece of glass. I'm a bit of a klutz.

 James:( smiles) It happens to the best of us.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Take care Officer Foster.

Officer Amy Foster: You too, I heard about what happened at the wedding, I'm just thankful no one died.  ( Looks around) I best be getting back to work. ( goes back into small office)

Ronaldo Alverez: Officer Deryck Rogers, you look after your self too, this world is a dangerous place.

Officer Deryck Rogers: It truly is, let me buzz you in ( Lets the boys into the prison) 

Basement- Danielle

Danielle: Look i know the bitch is gone, so why don't you just  let me go. I won't rat you out i swear, to be fair you seen rather scared of her

( Silence) 

Oh so this is how it's going to go, I'm going to talk and talk and probably slate you but you are just gonna sit there and take it because well you are scared.

( Silence) 

Wow, that is pretty low. A pathetic little man, I wonder what your family thinks of you, a complete and utter disgrace. I could just imagine if you have children then wow i could just see you being the low life father whose never around or lets everyone stand all over them and he just lets them. I have to feel sorry for you. Having a pathetic life like that ( chuckles) I'm guessing you just thought you were going to kidnap me at my brothers wedding and i would be to scared that i would be sitting here practically begging for my life, you got it wrong brother. I'm nothing like that. I'm not going to sit on by and let you degrade me like a fool.

Pelican Bay State Prison- 

( Opens door the door to see Paul sat chained to the table) 

Paul: Back so soon, This is a treat for me ( sees Ronaldo) And what happened to you?

James: You stupid son of a bitch! 

Ronaldo Alverez: ( grabs a hold of James) ( whispers) Settle down.

Paul: Someone appears to be in a bit of a bad mood, are you on your period?

Ronaldo Alverez: Shut up and answer our questions.

Paul: Once you tell me why you look like shit and are bleeding.

Ronaldo Alverez: You see we were at a wedding and there was a explosion and Danielle was kidnapped yet again, You wouldn't happen to know anything about that now would you?

Paul: ( sits forward on seat) What do you mean she was kidnapped. I had nothing to do with that. You got to believe me, I told you before and i will tell you again I was never going to hurt Danielle and I never would. She means more to me than that.

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: You keep saying that but you aren't telling us why.

Paul: I don't want to say anything until i speak to Danielle, I only want to talk to her then I will reveal everything to you from start to finish and i won't keep any details out.

James: ( puts hands on desk) Look here's the thing Paul, there is three of us here and only one of us believes you so you are going to have to do a hell of a lot better than that. 

Paul: I don't know what you expect me to say, I don't know who has Danielle and trust me if i did then i would be hunted their ass down myself now sitting here having chit chat with the three musketeers now would I. If one of you believes me then you should question if i supposingly do know where she is why would i sit here and not say a thing?

( All huddle into a corner) 

James: ( whispers) I can't believe I am actually saying this but i think for once Paul has a pretty good point, for some bizarre reason he actually cares about Danielle so we need to ask our selves what exactly would he get out of it? ( pause) ( turns and look at Paul) ( turns back to boys) You know it yourselves if he wanted anything to happen to Danielle he would do it himself he wouldn't let some amateur do it now would he?

Ronaldo Alverez: Where exactly do we go from here then?

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: That's a question I don't really know how to answer.

Ronaldo Alverez: ( Puts his head in his hands) ( punches wall) I need to find her, I need my fiancee and my baby safe and alive( Pause) ( about to cry) I need to find them.

( James takes a hold of Ronaldo and hugs him) 

James; We are going to do everything we can Ronaldo so we can find them both.

Paul: I hope I'm not interrupting anything over there but I just wanted to tell Officer Alverez something. ( takes a deep breath) Is it alright if i can have a moment alone with him?

( James and Sergeant Ethan Ritchie look at Ronaldo and Ronaldo nods) 

Ronaldo Alverez: Was it it? What do you want?

Paul: Please take a seat, you look like you are in a lot of pain. ( Ronaldo sits down) I'm really happy that you are in Danielle's life, you really do take great care of her and that's all i ever wanted for her.tTo make sure that she was safe and yeah i did some pretty horrible things to try and ensure it but none of you really know the full story of what happened. I think you are going to be a great dad to that baby do you know that.

Basement- 8pm

Danielle: Still getting the silent treatment huh? what a shocker! ( sarcastic tone) ( Door opens in walks women) Finally some one i can talk to, Your lame ass partner over there wasn't said a word to me. Frankly i think hes a little bit scared of you.

Women: And well he should be. ( pause) (Glares at Danielle ) You on the other hand, you not so much. You are rather confident i would say. 

Danielle: Well you have to be when you have been through as much as i have and honestly I ain't going to sit here and weep like a baby begging for you to let me go, ugh that's so damn pathetic, why would i waste that un-necessary energy. 

Women: Why don't you take some of your advice you know and stop talking because then you will save even more energy and well that makes this much more fun for me not having to listen to you constantly. ( Danielle sits quiet for a few minutes with her head down) what's wrong with you? You are being rather quiet?

Danielle: ( quiet volume) Yeah I'm fine, I toke some of my own advice. 

Women: No no no, something is defiantly wrong ( walks over to Danielle) Look at me! ( Pause) Look at me! ( Grabs a hold of Danielle's face and pulls it up) Your white, what the hell happened?

Danielle: Nothing. All I've done is sit here well of course since I'm tied here and him ( tries to point) he has sat there the whole time.

Women: ( stands up ) ( looks round) Did you give her something to eat or drink?

Danielle: No he didn't, I've been patiently waiting for some food and frankly I'm pretty parched too. ( Danielle scrunches up her face in pain) 

Women: What was that?

Danielle: It's nothing.

Women: Don't lie to me bitch! ( Hits Danielle and spots blood ) We have a problem. ( gets on knees) How did you not notice? ( She shouts at him )

Danielle: He sat on his ass the whole time ( She shrugs her shoulders at him) 

Man: Miss what? 

Woman: The blood pouring out of her you stupid idiot. 

Man; I had no part of that ( he gets up off the sofa and walks over to them) 

Women: They are going to kill us if we get her killed

Man:What the hell are we meant to do?

Woman: You are so stupid ( She shouts at hi) 

( Hospital- 9pm) 

( A car drives past the enterance of the hospital the back door of the car opens up and Danielle's  body is pushed out.A nurse getting fresh air spots what is going on and shouts for help) 

Nurses: ( rolling Danielle in on a gurney) Quickly, we need help. Unknown victim left in parking lot, around the ages of 17- 19. She is bleeding out and has various contusions around the body but unknown the extent.

Doctor Lucas Charlie:( Picks up the letter on Danielle's body) 

"Roses Are Red,Violets are blue, tick tock tick tock, oh no. Danielle's time is up"

 Oh my god ( grabs a hold of the gurney) Call the OR! ( shouts) and someone get a hold of Sergeant Ethan Ritchie right now!

Pelican Bay State Prison- 

( Sergeant Ethan Ritchie storms into the room and looks at  Ronaldo)

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Ronaldo we need to get to the hospital right now!

( Ronaldo stands up and looks at him ) 

Paul: Look after her for me. Don't tell her what i told you, not until she is ready or unless she wants to talk to me. 

James; Ronaldo we need to go now! ( dragging Ronaldo away)

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