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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 26 (v.2) - Scene 26- Hold My Hand, It's All Going To Be Okay!

Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



Scene 26- Hold My Hand, Everything is Going To Be Okay!

( Hospital- 2 am)

( Ronaldo runs into the hospital with James and Sergeant Ethan Ritchie and run up to the desk) 

Ronaldo Alverez: Where is she? Where the hell is my fiancee? 

( stands up off chair) Excuse me sir, Can you please calm down and tell me what your fiancee's name is? 

Ronaldo Alverez: Her name is Danielle louise Backworth, she is pregnant, i need to know where she is! 

Receptionist: Can you please just take a seat over there and I will get a hold of someone in charge.( pages Doctor Lucas Charlie) 

The three of them pace around the waiting room waiting for some news. 

( comes running down the corridor) ( turns to reception) Where is he? ( receptionist points over to Ronaldo) Ronaldo( he calls out) 

( stands up off chair) Where is she? ( he walks over to him) 

Doctor Lucas Charlie: I don't have time to answer questions, just come with me ( grabs a hold of his arm) James get him a wheelchair right now! ( James runs and gets a wheelchair) ( Lucas Charlie puts Ronaldo in the chair and runs all the way over to the OR)

Ronaldo Alverez: Is she in there?

Doctor Lucas Charlie: yes, she is. We need to put a gown on and gloves. ( Picks up gown puts it onto Ronaldo) Ronaldo? How long has your chest been bleeding for?

Ronaldo Alverez: Since we were talking to Paul in Pelican Bay State Prison. It's nothing, I'm fine. More than fine but I just want to see my fiancee!

Doctor Lucas Charlie: I can't believe I'm going to say this but you get in there and be with your girl while you can and then we will sort you out. (Pretends he didn't see the blood) ( puts the gloves on his and Ronaldo's hands and also a hair net and rolls Ronaldo into the room) 

Ronaldo: Oh my god, Danielle!

Doctor Lucas Charlie: You can go over and hold her hand you know. Honestly we don't know if she is going to make it.

rolls over to Danielle and takes a hold of her hand) Hey baby, I'm here like i said i would. I am always going to be here for you and you know that don't you. Just hold my hand, everything is going to be okay! Do you hear me?Everything is going to be fine and if it's not then we can take it day by day just like we usually do but here is the thing you can't leave me. I'm not going to let you leave me. That's not okay. We are supposed to get married and I am supposed to help you with our baby ( gripping onto her hand) 

( puts hand on Ronaldo's shoulder) I'm here son, let it all out.

( Ward 101)

( James walks in and looks at everyone)

James: Whats going on?

Callum: Danielle is in the OR, it doesn't look like she will make it. There is no sign of who toke her all that we were told is she was dumped outside of the hospital by a black SUV. 

( hugs Callum) It will be okay, how are you lot doing anyway?

Callum: Sore which is fairly usual 

Sophie: I just want to go home, I don't want to be in this hospital anymore. I don't think I can. 

( looks to Callum) I know this may be the wrong timing but i would just like to say congratulations of your wedding even if it wasn't with Rachel. ( smiles) 

( smiles) I'm just thankful to be alive right about now. I just feel rather lucky that i didn't end up like my father.

Sophie: Don't just don't.

( Callum looks to Sophie) 

Rachel: He does have a right to speak about his dad you know. 

Sophie: If i don't want someone to talk about my husband then thats final no one gets to talk about my husband.

Kara: So you are telling me than my grandson can't talk about his father because you didn't give him any kind of permission. Sophie grow up, Yes Jake was your husband but i think you seem to keep forgetting is the factor that he was a father to two of his very smart beautiful children before he was your husband so if anyone truly has the right to say when someone can speak about Jake and when not to then I think it would be Callum and Danielle. ( Pause) ( disappointed and angry tone) How do you think you would feel if i said to you when you were 20 years old that because my husband died that you could no longer speak about him in my presents that i didn't want to say anything about him. How exactly would you feel?(Pause) You would be absolutely devistated wouldn't you because although he was my husband for 35 years he was your father and that is how you saw it. When your father died all i head from you was " That's my dad, how could something like that happen to my dad. I can't let go of my dad"

Sophie: But mum that is different.

Kara: No the hell it isn't. That boy lost his father and you are acting in such a disgusting matter. I am truly disappointed in you and this isn't the first time you have said something to his children, Yes you are important because you are his wife but heres the thing so are they. For once in your life Sophie can you not just think of somebody else apart from your self or can you not do that.

Sophie: I don't understand why you are being such a bitch. 

Kara: Well i don't understand why you are being such an unconsiderably silly little cow. 

Callum: Come on guys,enough of this. I've heard enough bickering the past few months than i ever have. 

Rachel: Just stop it! ( angry tone) Look around us, ask yourself is this really what we all should be doing? bickering at one another while someone we love is down at the OR fighting for her life again! Look at us all( Looks around the room) We were all targets from a hideous attack and this is what they are going to want all of us to turn on each other, we are all pawns in someones sick game and if you guys don't stop arguing i will be walking out of here and i will not be coming back. I love Danielle so much, she is my best friend and i wouldn't want to leave her but if i have to leave because you guys are being selfish assholes then so be it. I would rather have no family or friends rather than having family and friends who are constantly yelling about how much pain we are in!! ( angry tone) 

Tyler: You guys know she is right, It's turning into a competition about who is more hurt about the death of Jake. What does it really matter, you all lost someone you loved, yes the love may be more significant but you know what it shouldn't be this way.

( They hear a Knock on door and they all turn their heads.Ronaldo Alverez pops his head round the door slightly) 

Ronaldo Alverez: Is it safe to come in? I heard you guys sort of shouting down the hall ( questionitive tone) 

Lily: ( Looks at his face) You've been crying( pause) Like a lot, Is she okay.( Pause)  Don't just stand there with your head round the corner come in and tell us whats going on.  

Ronaldo:You are right ( opens the door fully) ( walking in with a baby fast asleep in his arms and Doctor Charlie stood behind him)I'm going to need you all to be quiet. ( walking slowly into the room) I would like you to meet Baby Boy Alverez. 

( Lily walks over to Ronaldo and gushes over his boy)

Lily: Oh Ronaldo ( She Smiles at him)

Ronaldo: Would you like to hold him?

Lily: ( big smile on face) Of course ( Takes a hold of baby Alverez) How is Danielle?

Ronaldo: ( Takes a seat) Currently she is in recovery, for a while i thought i was going to lose her but thankfully she managed to pull through and her and the baby are both healthy and safe, she has a few bruises around the place but Doctor Charlie has assured me that Danielle is going to be fine and we have nothing to be worrying about.

Doctor Charlie: ( Pause) Any one at all?

Officer John: We aren't at liberty to discuss the on going case but I feel like I need to be honest with you all, the only lead that we had was Paul and by what I have heard I don't think he has any kind of part with what happened to your family. We are trying our best to find out what is going on.

Rachel: So what are we meant to do in the mean time? Wait until one of us gets butchered by some wacko loony. 

Officer John: I'm sorry but all you can do at the moment is just sit and wait until we have answers. Because with out answers we have nothing. 

Danielle: ( Door opens) ( gets rolled in ) You will probably get answers from me, I'm probably the only reason you will get answers and don't get your hopes up because lets face it when was the last time we could relay on someone who previously tried to kill us to actually help. So don't look all disappointed if this completely blows up in our faces.

Rachel: Really Danielle? Could you not come up with anything other than " completely blows up in our faces" because honestly we have already had that this week and i would really appreciate it if i didn't need to go through that horror again. 

Danielle: Okay fair enough that wasn't the best thing i could have said to be fair. ( Looks around) Look guys i just want to apologise i had no clue what the hell was going on and i had no idea this would happen. 

 Ronaldo Alverez: Everyone look around, we are all in this room together and i think it is beyond time we tell everyone what's going on. Everyone come out  into the open about any secrets they may be hiding because right now it is digging us into a deeper hole than we need to be in. So as of right now i'm gonna be a cop. I'm not going to be the nice friendly fiancee or almost brother in law i want answers and i want to help keep this family same especially now that there is 4 helpless babies who can't do anything to help themself. 

Nurse: ( Knocks on door and enters room) I hope I'm not interupting anything ?

Doctor Charlie: No no, what can we help you with?

Nurse: This letter was left at the front reception it is addressed to Danielle. ( hands it over) Before you all go cop mode. I have already had a detective check it out as a percausion.

Danielle: opens up the letter) ( clears throat) 

Roses Are Red, Violets are blue, Please tell me you didn't think you got away?

Meet me on the 30th of this month or believe me dear there will be much more blood to pay and it will all be on your hands. Now sweetie we wouldn't want that would we now?

You either meet me at Deathvine Street or you are all going to be six feet under. I'll give you some time to think about it.

Tick tock, Tick tock. The bitch is back And I won't be going anywhere!

James: Great just bloody great! We all nearly get blown up and now we have to face that bitch.I'm done with these childish games.I'm done with people threatening the ones i love. From now on I will be going out there and doing what ever needs to be done( Looks to Sergeant Ethan Ritchie) And don't try to stop me!

Sergent Ethan Ritchie: ( Puts his hand out to shake James) You are not doing this alone, i have got your back. Even if it is going after them because heres the thing Danielle and all of you are just as much as family as my siblings are and i doubt that will be going anywhere any time soon. 

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