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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 27 (v.1) - Scene 27- Baby, I'll Never Leave!

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



Scene 27- Baby, I'll Never Leave!

 Hospital- 2 weeks later- September 12th, 2017)

( Danielle in hospital bed)

Doctor Lucas Charlie: ( Walks into Ward 101) Good morning my lovely ( Smile) How are you feeling today?

Danielle: ( Looks to Doctor Charlie) Well for once in the past year i can admit that I am really well. Maybe the best i have been in a while ( looks over at crib) That might just be because i have this beautiful baby in my life.

Doctor Lucas Charlie: ( sits beside Danielle) Yeah well motherhood will do that to you. How do you feel about going home today with your beautiful baby boy?

Danielle: I am really nervous. Not only because I am a new mother and i have no idea what the hell i have to do but because i want him to be safe and i don't know if he is going to be same. It's not just at home its here its everywhere. I'm just so nervous that something is going to happen to him. ( Pause) As strange as it sounds I actually trust that Paul isn't going to do anything to harm me or the baby. I think he genuinely wants me to go see him and for him to tell me the truth and I think i am going to do it.( Pause) Don't be so quick to judge. I have my reasons and i feel like i need to go and see him just to ensure that i won't get hurt. I am doing this for my family. I have someone else to think about now.

Doctor Lucas Charlie: I get why you want to go see him, It is totally understandable but first of all you need to pick a name for your baby before you go home and there is something a lot more scarier that you have to confront first.

Danielle: ( looks confused) What is that exactly?

Doctor Lucas Charlie: That would be meeting the Alvarez family.

Danielle: ( sits up on bed) Wait what? when?

Doctor Lucas Charlie: What i here from a phone call i received this morning. They are on their way here.

Danielle: As in on their way here to the hospital or to LA or to my home?

Doctor Lucas Charlie: I presume that they will be waiting in your house for you coming home. 

Danielle: Oh yeah i wonder what they are going to say about me living at home with my mum and my three little baby siblings. How wonderful.

Doctor Lucas Charlie: No? Don't you remember? Sophie moved out of the house with the kids a month ago,the house just belongs to you, Ronaldo and Baby boy Alvarez.

( Ronaldo Walks in) 

Ronaldo: Hello baby ( kisses Danielle's forehead) ( Takes baby boy Alvarez out of the crib) He just steals another piece of my heart every time i see him. ( smiles) Are we ready to go?

Doctor Lucas Charlie: A little early are we?

Ronaldo: Apologies, I couldn't quiet help myself. I am far too excited that i couldn't wait to get over here and see you both ( Looks at Lucas) I suppose it was alright to see you as well.

Danielle: Wait a second( Looking at Ronaldo) So you came here to take us home but where exactly is the baby seat?

Ronaldo: That my dear would still be in the car 

Doctor Lucas Charlie: Well I have examined Danielle and i think i can say her and baby boy Alvarez can be sent home. ( smiles) 

Danielle's home- Living room

Rachel: Guys i just got off the phone with Danielle her and Ronaldo are coming home with the baby. Of course Lucas is going to be with them. They should roughly be around an hour till they get here so why don't i put on some coffee while we wait?( goes of to kitchen) 

( knock at front door) 

James: I'll get the door ( he gets up off his seat and walks over to the front door and answers it ) Hello? ( Pause) Agatha? Is that you?

Agatha: si, si. It's so good to see you again.

James: What's it been? 10 or so years? ( hugs Agatha) Sorry, You all must think of me rude. I'm James Jake Backworth and you must be Ronaldo's Family? Come on in ( lets them in) Turn to the right and the rest of the family are in there. ( closes the door behind them. 

Kitchen- 12:53 pm

( Rachel pouring coffee)

Lily: Hey i was just wondering if you were needing help?

Rachel: Oh my gosh yes, Thank you so much ( relief tone) 

Lily: I had a feeling, All the boys seem to be in the living room watching the football. 

Rachel: And Sophie is too busy watching Kara dealing with the kids.

Lily: Look you seem really happy with Tyler, Are you?

Rachel: Yeah I am, it took me a while to realise that me and Callum wasn't meant to be you could say. yes the feeling may have been there but the love that he had for you he never had with me. 

Lily: I am sorry for any pain i have cause you. I never exactly wanted that. I'm not the kind of person that enjoys seeing people hurt. Especially not someone who i used to braid their hair and do their make up when the adults wasn't looking.

Rachel: Lily i understand, it just me a little bit of getting hurt to see it. I knew straight away that first day i saw you and Callum bumping into each other i knew in that moment that you guys still loved one another and i was fooling myself thinking that nothing was there when it was right in front of me. None of this is your fault, these things just kind of happen and luckily for me Tyler came back to town at exactly the right time. The more i think of it i remember how wrong it sort of was i was 16 years old going out with a 20 year old.

Callum: ( shouts) How long am i gonna have to wait for my coffee?

Lily: If you keep using that tone of voice mister you won't be getting any ( both girls laugh) 

( Outside the Backworth home one hour later)

Danielle: Are you ready to do this?

Ronaldo: ( Holding car seat in his hand) I am more than ready.

( Danielle grabs a hold of Ronaldo's hand as they enter the house)

Danielle: Hello, We are home.

( James comes out of the living room) 

James: Ah you're here, It's so good to see you ( Hugs Danielle)

Danielle: It's good to be home again.

( Danielle and Ronaldo walk into the living room)

Ronaldo: Try not be too loud little Milo Jake Alvarez is fast asleep. 

Callum: Finally you choose a name, what did it take you Three months?

Danielle: Oh Callum you are a funny one aren't you. It was only two weeks. ( she pats his face with her hand) 

Ronaldo: grandma? ( confused tone) Danielle,This is my grandma Agatha Ariel Alvarez, over there in the corner is my sister and dad Eva Shantelle and Marlon Finnegan and that would be my granda on the floor playing with your little sister Chas Alonzo Alvarez. ( Danielle smiles going round shaking hands) 

Danielle: It's lovely to meet you all, Sorry I'm so overwhelmed. I didn't expect to see you all in my home when i got here.

Eva Shantelle Alvarez: I have heard so much great things about you. ( hugs Danielle) 

Danielle: I would say the same thing but me and Ronaldo haven't exactly had the time to talk about his family. ( little smile)

Eva Shantelle Alvarez: That's alright, You will get plenty of time to get to know us. Here's a start I'm Ronaldo's big sister very out going and a little bit on the hyper side. By time we go you will be so relieved to get rid of me.

Danielle: Pfft I'm sure that can't be true.

Ronaldo: Trust me sweetheart it is. ( Kisses Danielle's cheek and Places car seat on living room floor. He gets phone call) and heads out of the room to answer it)

Kara: Danielle, Milo is just perfect. 

Danielle: Thank you, If any of you have any advice on how to be a young mother please now is the time to share ( Looking around)

Sophie: That isn't my specialty, I never did the young mother thing.

Agatha: Oh deary, everything will be fine. It doesn't matter what we tell you, You have to learn on the job. ( Hugs Danielle) You and my grandson will make the best parents, I can tell already and boy if you ever have a girl, Good luck to her because our Ronaldo would never let her have a boyfriend until the age of 30.

( Danielle Smiles) 

Ronaldo: ( Hangs up the phone) I'm sorry guys but me and Sergeant Ethan Ritchie need to go, We have a case and it looks like a bad one. ( kisses Stella's cheek) Sorry ma.

Stella: Sweet heart, go do your job. You need to earn money to provide for your little family now and to make sure they are well protected

( Ronaldo walks over to Danielle)

Ronaldo: I'm sorry that i have to do this to you, Just being out of hospital and all.

Danielle: Look it's fine, Go to work and save people. I'm here with both my family and yours I'm sure that everything is going to be alright. ( Ronaldo kisses her cheek and goes to walk away) ( Danielle grabs a hold of Ronaldo's arm) Just don't die out there ( Pause) Alright?

Ronaldo: Trust me, I won't.( leaves with Sergeant Ethan Ritchie) 

Chas: I swear that boy is always on the go  ( he points out to them and Danielle nods her head agreeing) 

Backworth household- 5 Hours Later

James: ( sits down at kitchen table with Danielle and Milo in her arms) Hey everyone is officially gone apart from myself and the Alvarez family, Are you going to be okay here?

Danielle: yeah i should be fine, You go on home. You have spent more than enough time with me this year. ( unsuring tone)

James: How stupid do you think i am?

Danielle: What? I don't know what you are talking about.

James: You have known me for what a year and I know when there is something wrong, so you might as well get it off your chest while you can because i know when something is eating you up inside.

Danielle: Okay fine, fair enough. I have just been a little worried about things,I'm 17 years old i don't know how to be a mother. I can't exactly go to my mum because she never did the whole raising the child young she left me on my dads door step. I just don't know how I'm meant to do any of it, I don't even have my dad to ask. If he was still around i would be able to ask him how he managed to get through it with me but i will never be able to. I'm so scared that i am going to end up messing this whole thing up and Ronaldo he has been amazing and he has a job but i don't want to have to depend on him to bring in support and income but how the hell am i meant to get a job when i haven't finished school and I have a baby oh and every other day i seem to be getting kidnapped. There would be no way that i would be able to do all 3 things, it's not possible and what if because there seems to be someone coming after me all the time how am i meant to protect Milo, how am i supposed to make him feel safe and know that he is going to be safe when I don't know if i am ever going to be safe. What if i continue to put Ronaldo and Milo in danger ( pause) maybe the best thing for me to do is give Milo to Ronaldo and let them move some where, Maybe Miami, huh Ronaldo always loved Miami.

James: Stop speaking that way Danielle, You have so many people in your life who will support you and any body would be a fool to think that you would put Milo's life endanger that is just ridiculous

Danielle: I just wish that my dad was still alive.

James: I know you do dear but you have a little boy to look after now ( Hugs Danielle from behind)

Danielle: Look go home, You seem tired it has been a hell of a busy day and we all need our sleep. I am going to be fine here.

James: It's been great to see you and my great grandson. Go to bed as soon as you can ( He leaves and locks the door behind him)

( Danielle goes into the living room and Looks to Alvarez family)

Danielle: Is it alright if you guys look after Milo while I go and have a shower?

Marlon: Go dear, I've got him ( Takes Milo out of Danielle's arms)

Danielle: Feel free to fill up his little bath tub and give him a little bath and put on his wee pjs ( smiles)

Eva: We would love to do that, Thank you.

Danielle: Normally i wouldn't trust people so easily but you are family so I am going to try my best. 

Agatha: Oh deary, Ronaldo told us all about it. I'm sorry to hear about your father, He was a lovely man ( Old voice) 

Danielle: Thank you, I really should be getting cleaned up. I have lost count of how many time he has puked on me.

( Danielle goes for shower leaving the Alvarez Family with Milo) 

Stella: What do you think of Danielle?

Eva: Ma she is a really nice girl, I understand your scepticism but you have heard everything she has been through and when you seen her and Ronaldo together you can tell how true the love they have is. 

Marlon: Stella, Did you see how happy our boy was tonight? The smile on his face was unreal,I have never seem him look that way before. 

Stella: I know you are right but i just wanted what was best for my son.

Chas: No you mean that you didn't want him to have a baby at the age of twenty. 

Stella: I just didn't want him to go through what i did when i was his age.

Agatha: ( sighs) Look at that baby in the arms of your husband, look at him that is your blood that is your sons child, you may not have wanted him to have a baby at his age but look at how adorable he is and the effect he has had not only on our family but also the Backworth family. 

Marlon: I can see it in your eyes, You love this child already, all of you do. It shouldn't matter the age of Ronaldo because he is a father not and we are grandparents and nothing is going to change that. 

( Stella looks to Milo and smiles)

Eva: Suppose we should get him bathed shall we. 

Backworth household- 6 hours later

( Danielle and Milo asleep in the bed room with the house in silence. Ronaldo creeps in and stands over Milo's crib) 

Ronaldo: Hello little guy, Have you been a good boy for mommy ( whispers)

( Danielle wakes up and hears voices and pulls the gun from under pillow and points at the shadow over Milo)

Danielle: Who's there? Put your hands up before i shoot you.

Ronaldo: Danielle,  Look at me it's Ronaldo. 

( Danielle turns on lamp)

Danielle: I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to ( tear rolls down face realising she almost shot him) 

Ronaldo: ( Takes off clothes and jumps into bed) Do i need to be worried at the fact you have a gun under neath your pillow and you just aimed it at me as i looked over our son.

Danielle: No you don't need to be worried,It was just something i did so that i could feel safe for when you weren't going to be here.

Ronaldo: ( lays with Danielle) It's going to be okay and I am here now. You have nothing to worry about. Come to sleep please.

Danielle: Gladly ( cuddles into Ronaldo) I love you, You know and i would never hurt you.

Ronaldo: I love you too and i would never hurt you either or our little boy. 

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