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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 28 (v.2) - Scene 28-Please, We Need To Talk!

Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



Scene 28- Please, We Need To Talk!

(Backworth household- September 14th , 2017 8 am)

Ronaldo: ( shouts from downstairs kitchen) Danielle, Milo has been fed and changed, he is currently with Grandma Agatha. I have to go to work. Be safe today, Love you.

Danielle: Okay baby, Come home alive please ( she shouts back down to him) 

Ronaldo: ( Looking at Milo) You, yes you Milo. Do me a favour and be a good little boy for your mommy and granny please.  Love you gammy ( Kisses Agathas cheek and Milo's forehead before he Leaves house)

( Danielle comes down stairs and into the living room)

Danielle: Is he gone?

Agatha: Yes dear he is. ( Smiles cradling Milo)

Danielle: Would you like something to eat and drink?

Agatha: Do you know how to make porridge?

Danielle: ( Smirks) I make a mean fruit porridge.

Agatha: Sounds delicious.  ( Danielle starts making Porridge and Agatha follows her taking a seat at the table) How are you finding motherhood?

Danielle: Honestly it is a little bit scary, I'm so afraid that i am going to hurt him. He is just so little and fragile but he fills my heart full of joy. He means the world to me and without Ronaldo i honestly think that i would be dead.

Agatha: That boy really does love you. He just has that way about him you know. You are doing a wonderful job with both of them so just try not worry so much and you are making a wonderful job of that porridge. I also know that you are worried that our family doesn't like you but we all actually do. You have been the best thing for the boy before you came around he was going down a slightly dark path after losing his little brother but you pulled him out of it, i don't know how but you did and we are all thankful for it and we are all really thankful for you and him bringing Milo into this world even if you guys are young. Oh and i think it is type you may as well call me gammy 

Danielle: Thank you so much Agatha that really does mean a lot to me, for so long i felt as if i was doing the wrong thing by everyone but you have just helped me see that i haven't. ( Hears postman) I should probably get that. Here's your porridge, I will warn you now it is very hot ( places bowl on table and goes for mail she Comes back and reads letter)

Danielle: Oh my god ( slowly sits down in shock) 

Agatha: What's wrong?

Danielle: It's a letter from Pelican Bay State Prison. I have been summoned to go and talk to Paul and say if i think he should be put on death row or not.

Agatha: I'm going to be brutally honest here, I have heard all about this Paul guy and he does seem like bad news but I think you just need to go to see Paul and hear what he has to say. After all he has saved your life a few times.

Danielle: I have Milo to look after, I can't go.

Agatha: I would offer to take him but me and Chas have an old people  trip today and Eva and is out shopping with Marlon and Stella. You could always try get a hold of them but you have a 10 % percent chance of actually reaching them. 

Danielle: No, It's alright I will figure it out some out how.

Agatha: What ever you do, do not tell Ronaldo that you are going, tell him afterwards because i know that grandson of mine and he will try to stop you or will say that you aren't going alone and i know this is something that you will need to do on your own.

Danielle: Thank you Agatha. You take care today and don't lose Chas, We tried going shopping yesterday and lost him four times.

Agatha: Let me guess, He got distracted by something on either the opposite side of the street or on another isle.( Danielle smiles)

Chas: Agatha, ( raising his voice to her )

Agatha: What? What is it?

Chas: The old people's bus is here.

Agatha: Alright, Alright. I'm coming, I'm coming.

( Agatha gets up and hands Milo back to Danielle she leaves with Chas hand in hand) 

 Pelican Bay State Prison- 11:15am

( Danielle walks in with baby Milo in the car seat with his blue baby grow and a baby blue blanket with a teddy bear wrapped around him asleep)

Danielle: Hello, My name is Danielle Louise Backworth and I was summoned here to see if I feel Paul Scott should be sent to death row or not. I have the letter right here ( Put car seat on reception desk and rummages in bag for letter) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: Thank you mam, If it's alright can you please place your bag, cell phone, keys etc in the tray.

Danielle: Yeah of course, ( Phone rings) I'm sorry i need to take this ( Phone in hand)

Officer Deryck Rogers: Take all the time you need man

( Danielle takes Milo off the counter and goes near the doors with car seat in her hand)

Danielle: Hello granda, sorry now isn't really the best time for you to call me, can you call me back later?

James: Oh Sorry Danielle, I'm just sitting in my car, I just went to drop by the house to see you and Milo and saw that you weren't there, Are you in town? I can come meet you.

Danielle: I'm not in town exactly. 

James: Where are you?

Danielle: I just went to visit a old friend i shouldn't be too long i swear.

Guard: Gates opening, Inmate coming through. 

James: Which old friend exactly? Because as far as I was aware you didn't have any friend in jail.

Danielle: Alright, I wasn't going to tell you but I got a letter this morning and me and Milo had to take a trip over to Pelican Bay State Prison to visit Paul. Please i don't need to hear the lecture. This isn't exactly something I want to be doing my choice. 

James: If you told me earlier I would have came with you.

Danielle: I know exactly what you would have said to me. This is something I had to do alone and I  didn't want Ronaldo to find out because i knew he was going to say the exact same thing to me and that wasn't what i wanted so when i get home you are more than welcome to give me a lecture but right now i have to do this and if you wouldn't mind I would prefer that you didn't tell Ronaldo, I want to be able to come home tonight and speak to him  by myself.

James: Fine but trust me, I'm not exactly happy with you, especially because you toke your son there. 

Danielle: I know but It had to be done, I'm sorry but i really do need to go now.Don't get worried if you don't hear from me in a few hours, I love you Granda

James: I love you too sweetheart but promise me that you will call once you are out of jail.

( Danielle hangs up the phone and walks over to receptio. She Places Milo back on top of counter)

Danielle: Sorry i hope you don't mind, it's just he is really heavy and this year i have had about 10 different surgeries and it is painful. 

Officer Deryck Rogers: That's alright, It's a good thing you have a very cute son.

Danielle: Thank you ( Smiles) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: Don't take this to offence but we need another officer here to make sure that everything is done by protocol. 

Danielle: No no it is fine. Go ahead.

( Officer Deryck Rogers gets another Officer)

Officer Amy Foster: Hi, My name is Officer Amy Foster and I am assisting Officer Deryck Rogers here today.

Danielle: Hi, I'm Danielle Backworth and this Cutie right here  is my little boy Milo Jake Alvarez. 

Officer Amy Foster: Wait a second, you are the Danielle Backworth?

Danielle: Yeah that would be me.

Officer Deryck Rogers: You seem to be a big thing around here. Everyone seems to know about you.

Danielle: What a surprise, Let me guess they all want my head on a stick?

Officer Amy Foster: Honestly we don't know, We never get told all the inmates just turn you could say quiet as soon as we ask them about it.

Danielle: Well I assume me walking in those corridors are going to go down a treat isn't it.

Officer Amy Foster:Usually we don't do this kind of thing unless it is completely necessary but You should keep a hold of your phone incase things get ugly in there. 

( Officer Deryck Roger hands Danielle a note) 

Officer Deryck Roger: This is our number for the reception, if any thing was to go wrong all you need to do is call us and we will do all we can to help.

Danielle: Thank you ( Takes not placing it in pocket and turns her phone on silent and Hide it under Milo's blanket then Hands over bag etc.) 

Officer Amy Foster: We are about to buzz you through. Please be safe Miss Backworth.

Danielle: Thank you ( Takes a grip tight of the car seat and walks through gate.) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: Good luck( Danielle turns around and smiles) 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: ( Walking towards Danielle) Ah you must be Danielle. I have been expecting you.

Danielle: I would apologise for not coming sooner but I'm really not sorry because frankly this hell hole is the last place me or my baby want to be, So I'm trying to be nice here but can we get this out of the way with please( Half- assed smile) 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: I understand that you don't want to be here so lets just get this out of the way with.

Danielle: Donald forgive me because I'm not trying to be rude and I have known you for so long but you don't understand why i don't want to be here because you weren't kidnapped by two people who are sitting in this jail and being fed bull shit by people. Pardon my french.

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: Come here, I am really sorry ( hugs Danielle) 

 Callum's Apartment- 

Sophie, the triplets and Callum in the living room)

Sophie: ( Picks up her cup of tea)

Callum: What are you doing here Sophie?

Sophie: I know it is long over due but i wanted to come here and say sorry for how i acted when we were all in the hospital. I have been doing this a lot, I have been barking up peoples trees about the loss of Jake because i couldn't except the fact that my husband is dead and i often forget that Jake was your dad and i keep snapping as if he was nothing to you and Danielle but he was the whole world to you both and i forget about it, I am selfish and i end up only thinking about myself.

Callum: I don't want a apology from me, You know what i want? I want to have my dad back and I want to be able to speak about my dad without some bitch yelling at me because she is only thinking about herself. You need to stop using his death against us because you wasn't the only one who lost someone and you keep acting like you are. Do you realise that you make us feel so worthless and you belittle me and Danielle when the topic of Jake comes up because in your eyes he only meant something to you. So even if i was to consider accepting your apology i don't think i would accept it because of the way you have been treating us all, the way you have been treating your family. 

Sophie: Callum please, i really am sorry.

Callum: If you really were sorry then why on earth did it take you this long to come and apologise to me? Have you even spoke to anyone else about your actions. ( Pause) (Looks at Sophie) ( She looks away ) That's what i thought. The only people you haven't been horrible to is the triplets but that is because of possibly two things 1- They are just little bitty babies who can't say anything  and 2- They are the kids of Jake.( Pause) Then again so is Danielle, Yeah you remember Danielle your first born? The  one who has been kidnapped god knows how many times, and if i remember correctly you have been going off on one at her constantly. 

Sophie: I know i have been horrible to her and to you and i see that now.

Callum:Stop fooling yourself Sophie, You don't see it, You can say that you do but you really don't. You know how i know that ? I know that because when you first showed up you were so far up everyone's ass trying to get them to like you and as soon as Jake died you forgot about everyone's feelings and you stopped being there for your family, You barely even show up to anything, No one ever sees the triplets because you always have them cooped up inside of the house because of your fear that the world is going to harm them but that's the only way they are going to learn is by going outside and catching colds and falling off of walls and if you keep going like that you are going to deprive them of their childhood and they will turn on you.

Sophie: Callum that is not what is happening.

Callum: Is it not? Then how come Danielle feels more awful and hurts more by your actions now than when you weren't in her life at all. 

Sophie: Callum you are angry but please calm down.

Callum: Damn right i am angry, I have a right to be angry after everything that i have gone through. 

Sophie: I know you have the right to be angry but so do i. My husband died on my wedding day.

Callum: Yeah and your daughter watched him die whilst he laid in her arms and she was forced to sit in a pool of blood because she could barely move her legs. I Was right beside him as he bled out. He laid in his children's arms and died.

( Lily walks through the front door with shopping bags) 

Lily: Sorry am i interrupting something?

Callum: No I'm just leaving

Sophie: Callum please don't leave, don't do this.

Callum: Do you think i want to leave my brother and sisters, do you think i want to walk out of my own house  but i have to because you just don't get the pain and even though i try to explain to you all you do is think of yourself.( Begins walking to door)

Lily: ( Places shopping bags down beside door) Callum, Just sit back down and you guys can talk it out.

Callum: I have to go to meet granda ( Kisses Lily's cheek and leaves)

Lily: I'm sorry Sophie, I've been trying to get him to talk to you.

Sophie: I can see he is trying but i have stuck my foot in it this time. ( disappointed tone) 

Pelican Bay state Prison

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: I recommend you sit down , take your baby out of your car seat and hold him close. Don't touch Paul and try not be on edge.

( Danielle walks into rooms and Takes a big breath in) 

Paul: ( watches Danielle walk in) Well Well Well, I didn't expect to see you here. 

Danielle:  I didn't have muh of a choice ( Sits down on chair and contemplates taking Milo out of car seat)

Paul: You look really lovely,You have changed a lot since the last time i saw you.

Danielle: Yeah i really have changed since the last time you kidnapped me and tortured me. I was almost paralysed. Do you remember that?

Paul: Unfortunately Danielle, I do remember it. I remember every single bit of it. I am very sorry for all the pain i caused you. 

Danielle: i want to be able to say that i can forgive you for you torturing me but i don't know if i can. ( Pause) But i am also thankful because ( takes Milo out of baby seat and cuddles him) if it wasn't for you then i wouldn't have met Ronaldo and i wouldn't have my gorgeous miracle boy. I am also thankful because eventually you ended up saving mine and my baby's life and you warned us that someone was coming after us and you didn't have to do that.

Paul: I owed you after i almost cost you your life several times so i thought that i might as well help you out. You have a beautiful son Danielle, and i just want you to know that i am not going to harm you or your family and you have my word on that. I can assure you that i am not just saying this because what you say to all the soon to be preachers  outside could lead me to going on death row, I am saying this because I just want to look out for you. 

Danielle: I don't understand any of this Paul, Why would you aim to kidnap me and then months later you tell me that you don't want to hurt me and my baby. I just don't understand what the hell is going on here. I have never been so confused, I'm going to be turning 18 in a few months and i just don't understand what i ever did to deserve what happened to me not only by you but also by other people.

Paul: You came here for answers and I'm going to give you some. I knew that incase i was going to die sometime soon, i wanted you to have all the answers and i wanted you to hear them from me because i knew that hearing it from someone else you wouldn't understand and you would have questions.

Danielle: You better start talking because right now your life depends on it. 

Police Station-1.20 pm

(Eva, Marlon and Stella walk in and walk into Ronaldo's office) (Ronaldo- Reading a case and writing on white board)

Eva: Here's the old man ( Gets hit on the arm by Stella)

Ronaldo: Wow Eva, very funny. Come on in( tries to clear up) I didn't expect you to turn up here. 

Marlon: Well your mother decided she wanted to drop you off lunch since Danielle wasn't able to.

Ronaldo: What do you mean Danielle wasn't able to. Wasn't she meant to go shopping with you guys. ( Marlon and Stella look at Eva hoping she wont say anything) When you guys do that I know that you guys are hiding something so tell me.

Eva: ( Looks at mum and dad) I'm so sorry i can't hold it in. Danielle was with Gammy this morning before she went on the old peoples trip and she got a letter from Pelican Bay State Prison and she had to go there today or something would happen. ( Speaks really fast then takes a Big breath) Wow that toke a lot out of me. 

Ronaldo; And how do you guys know this?

Stella: She called me and me and gammy told her that she should go and get it all sorted out, It sounded very serious.

Ronaldo: Okay? Where's my baby? 

Marlon: He is very much safe. 

Ronaldo: Who has my son?

Eva: Well the thing is ( gets cut off)

Ronaldo: Please tell me he's not in prison. 

Eva: He's not in prison per say. He can come out at any time. Look don't get mad it's just that we were all the way across town and no one could look after him and Danielle had to be at the prison by a certain time.

Ronaldo: I can't believe she didn't tell me this, Do you know if someone at least went with her?

Marlon: No one went with her, I did offer and so did her granda but this is something she had to do on her own and i actually get that. I admire her for not wanting to get you involved because this could hurt her or put you in danger. Ronaldo son, it was going to happen at some point. You can't protect your child from the harms from the world.

Ronaldo: Dad i get it , i do but i just don't want him to be in a prison. You don't know what the hell could happen.

Marlon: That is why i took percautions and i called up the prison and they have assured me that she is fully protected and no one can harm her, and you know that.

Pelican Bay State Prison-

( Knocking on door, Danielle and Paul both turn their heads) 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: ( enters) Just checking to make sure you are okay.

Danielle: I am fine. Thank you though

Paul:  ( Looks at Sergeant Donald Ramerese) Do you really think i would do something?

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: You are a prisoner.

Danielle: He does have a point Paul. 

( Sergeant Donald Ramerese leaves again) ( Danielle's phone keeps buzzing in the blanket ) 

Paul: You should probably answer that.

Danielle: ( takes out phone) How did you know i had it?

Paul: Of course they weren't just going to let you in here with a baby with no type of protection. ( Pause) Just answer it because I'm guessing it's someone who loves you trying to make sure you are okay or they are going to give you a lecture. 

( Danielle picks up the phone)

Ronaldo: Danielle are you stupid or something? Why on earth would you go there? Why the hell would you take our baby there? Why the hell would you go there by yourself, what the hell were you thinking? 

Danielle: ( Walks into corner of the room with Milo in her arms) Calm down, We are both fine. This was something i had to do and if you asked around people will tell you that i tried to get a sitter but i didn't have time to sit and wait around. I know that this could be dangerous but I have protection here I'm not that stupid. 

Ronaldo: I'm sorry but i just want you both to be safe but if you keep putting yourself in the eyes of danger then you are going to continue to get hurt. You lost your dad, Do you really want your son to lose his mother or for me to lose the woman i love and my son?  You can't just think about yourself now, You have people in your life, a son to look after!

Danielle: I know that Ronaldo but you see I had to do this for myself. I needed to come here and get all the answers i needed, I need to know why me and i wanted to do it myself because i knew if i came with you or granda i wouldn't get all the answers i need and i hope you can understand that and i hope that you can forgive me.

Ronaldo: There's nothing to forgive you for, I just want to be able to come home tonight to my fiancee and my new born child rather than coming home to plan a funeral for them both. 

Danielle: I never toke it in consideration about the effect this might have on you but trust me we will both be coming home safe and sound tonight and you have nothing to worry about. 

Ronaldo: I'm not going to stop worrying until i see you both. I Should be home in the next three hours i will see you then.

Danielle: We might be a little longer than that. I will let you know. I really should get going now.

Ronaldo: You better be safe do you hear me. I love you and Milo.

Danielle: We love you two.( Hangs up the phone)

Paul: How sweet are you both, So in love with one another.

Danielle: I'm sorry about that. ( Sits back down) 

Paul: Nah it's all good, You should probably hide that phone again. 

Danielle: Nice to see you care.

Paul: Don't you get it by now of course i care.

Danielle: I just don't understand why.

Paul: I don't suppose you have spoke to your mother lately?

Danielle: Which one? The one who tried killing me and is in this prison? or The one who blames me for the death of her husband?

Paul: Huh, That's funny. The second one i guess.

Danielle: Well apart from basically always being blamed for my dad's death or being yelled at for speaking his name then no I haven't exactly spoke to her, why what is this about?

Paul: Poor little mommy keeping all her dirty little secrets.

Danielle: That's rich coming from you.

Paul: I guess it must run in the family.

Danielle: What family? Yours? because I know it's definitely doesn't run in mine.

Paul: Don't you mean our family. 

Danielle: What trash are you talking about now?

Paul: Oo i like this side of you, the bitchy side where you turn a little bit nasty. 

Danielle: I can turn as bitchy as i need to be to get those god damn answers i need. 

Paul: Alright no beating around the bush, why don't you come sit down next to your uncle and allow me to see my grand-nephew.

Danielle: What are you talking about?

Paul: Your mother didn't tell you? Go figures. I'm your uncle from your mother's side obviously.

Danielle: That's not possibly, my mum is an only child.

Paul: ( crosses his arms) Well someone is lying to you. 

Danielle: I can't believe i am saying this but I'm going to believe what you are saying, I am actually going to trust you. Please just tell me everything. 

Paul: Me and Sophie are twins but at the time that our mum Kara was pregnant they couldn't afford to keep one baby at the time let alone two so i was sent to go live with my papa's aunt Lucinda Foster and her daughter Jessica.

Danielle: Okay so you were my mum's brother, did she know?

Paul: She probably did but she just never said anything or pretended like she didn't know.

Danielle: If she did know why would she pretend that she didn't. Wouldn't she want to know who you are?

Paul: Or maybe she just liked having all the attention to herself, I don't exactly know.

Danielle: Why kidnap me when i was little? I have heard so many stories the main one being that you were going to smuggle me into a different country sell me off to someone.

Paul: I was trying to help you, I was trying to help you get away from that family.

Danielle: Why? What was so wrong with my family?

Paul: Your father was practically poor, Your other mother April we was abusive to you and your brother. Do you not remember when Your dad toke you to the hospital to see me Dr S.G Mcduff because you had a broken arm. A two year old with a broken arm in 3 places, their excuse was you fell down the stairs. What parent doesn't have guard rails at the top and bottom of the stairs for a two year old? Once i treated you I followed you guys outside and waiting across the street outside the supermarket was your big brother Callum with a cut on his head while April clenched onto his hand so tight you could see the tears in his eyes. 

Danielle: Dr. S.G Mcduff, Is that your real name? No i don't remember it, As you said I was only two years old and if i did remember it then I would sure as hell try as hard as i could to forget it. Okay so maybe i broke my arm, maybe it was her and maybe it wasn't doesn't prove anything. Doesn't give you the right to kidnap me when i was wee.

Paul: Dr. Sam Geller Mcduff that is my official name, It wasn't the only time, that scar behind your ear which goes down your neck, that was because you had a ballet recital coming up and your teacher wanted you to come into school the next day with your hair curled so that they could do a dress rehearsal a few nights before the big show, April offered to curl your hair and in the process she held the curling wand up against your ear and neck, she held it there for a good 1 or 2 minutes before she let you go and of course your dad couldn't do anything because he was away in the army trying to earn a living. That scar on Callum's back that was due to having a belt slammed off his back more than three times a day. 

Danielle: I don't remember( upset tone) 

Paul:I called the police and every time they would go to your door but walk away because April seemed like the perfect little wife and mother to her little kids, I tried to take you both away from April but the police started coming after me and i couldn't find a way out and i knew that if they caught me then i would never be able to protect you when you needed me the most. 

Danielle: Okay so then why did you come back after me?( phone starts buzzing) After all this time why did you come back? Why start a relationship with April? Why come to San Francisco? Why the hell did you hit me in San Francisco ( phone continues to buzz) Why go to the cabin? Why poison me? Why attack me? Why push me over the bannister? I was almost paralysed. ( Tears) Why would you try get money from my family? Why kidnap me again? Why hold me hostage in that warehouse?Why handcuff me to the boiling pipe? Who shot my dad? Who kidnapped me again? Why then try to save my life by warning me? I have all these questions but no answers

Paul: I'm going to give you all the answers that i can give you. ( Danielle's phone continues to buzz) Please lord just answer the god damn phone.

Danielle: Apologies. ( picks up phone) Seriously!

Paul: What is it now?

Danielle: 9 missed calls. ( Looks at Paul/ Sam) God sakes here we go again number 10, do people not get the hint.

Paul: Maybe try answering the phone you never know, It could be a important call. 

Danielle: ( Answers phone) Seriously 9 missed calls, What's so important you had to keep calling me Steve?

Steve: Please, We need to talk. I tried sending you emails, letters, I've tried phoning the house and the precinct and your phone and you weren't answering any of them. 

Danielle: If i didn't answer then maybe you should have got the hint that i didn't want to talk to you.

Steve: Yeah well i really need to talk to you it's really urgent. Just read my letters, It's really important that you do.

Danielle: Maybe i don't want to read your god damn letter Steve, I have more important things to deal with.

Steve: Please Danielle, Just read them and if you change your mind come meet me on the 30th and we will grab a cup of coffee and have a talk.

Danielle: Fine, I'll think about but if i don't turn up don't be hurt by it.

Steve: Thank you.

Danielle: Don't thank me. ( Hangs up phone)

Paul: ( Arms folded) Is someone having a couples quarrel with Ronaldo? Anything i can do to help? If he's hurt you, I'm sure that i can find a way to sort him out. 

Danielle: No it wasn't Ronaldo so i don't need you to sort him out ( Pause) Or anyone in fact anyone. 

Paul: Who was on the phone

Danielle:No one ( She feeds a hungry Milo )

Paul: Oh right it's Steve, I've heard about that one. Sneaky little snake isn't he.

Danielle: I would prefer if you didn't speak about my ex-boyfriend and if you could just answer my questions if that is alright Sam. 

Paul: Okay where do i start. I came back for you because even though i was ran off, I had to change my appearance and i changed my name at the same time and as creepy as it may sound i got with April so that i could keep an eye on you and make sure that i knew what her plan was and i heard that she was planning on whisking you away to San Francisco so i knew that i had to make sure April had everything she wanted so that she would ask me to come with her, I never wanted to hurt you that night when we were at San Francisco but your mother she was so dedicated to destroying you and your day, She would speak about it day in and day out and eventually i became part of her plan and i had to roll with it but it made me so angry what i was doing to you. I wanted to tell you the whole time what was going on but i knew it wasn't the right time.

Danielle: Alright i can understand that but don't you think you went a bit too far. 

Paul: I know i did, I went to the cabin because i knew that she was planning on poisoning you and putting it in your food, the dosage she did was meant to kill but because i knew what was going on i lowered the dosage just so that it would make you drowsy and then knock you out for a few hours and make April think she got the dosage all wrong. After i wasn't able to get you to boarding school when you were younger i knew that the only other possible way to get you out of that family and away from April was when you were knock out from the drugs, You were meant to be knocked out for hours and while everyone was asleep i was going to put you in the car and finally get you out of this place but April made the food far to early, 4 o'clock then she ran out for groceries, Your dad was busy sleeping it was the perfect timing but you woke up, you woke up before i could get you out of the place so i had to pretend that i was going to kill you but unlucky for us you fell over the bannister and i again was on the run.I panicked like crazy when i heard how bad your injuries were.

Danielle: And you came back for me again hoping to get me out of this place and being the doctor you were, You knew exactly how to treat me and what to do. It's all starting to make sense

Paul: I asked for the money because i wanted to make sure that if we did get away that i had enough money to take care of you if the plan was to work. Yes you could say that i held you hostage at the warehouse but i only kept you handcuffed to the boiler because 1- It was the only place i could handcuff you, to ensure that you wouldn't be able to escape 2- If you did try to escape you would get hurt and learn your lesson and i know that it sounds horrible but it was the only thing that i could think of and 3- I knew that if you were found by the police it would look real and people would think i had a real vendetta with you.

Danielle: The only problem with that plan was i was born a stubborn child and i kept trying to get lose even if it meant i had to hurt myself because at the time i was just a scared little girl who didn't understand what was going on. ( Puts baby bottle away) ( Places Milo back in car seat wrapping him up in his blanket and buckling him in.

Paul: I don't know who shot your father but i wish that i did know because i sure as hell wouldn't be sitting here doing nothing. I never really had a problem with your father he eventually had the money to provide you with a good life and you did but i blamed my sister for leaving you at his door then disappearing to Miami with my mum and dad because if it wasn't for that day then Jake never would have met April and gotten involved with her and i never would have felt the need to protect you for all these years and i know that i did wrong and the things i did and you probably don't think you needed my help but i really thought you did because i always saw you as my helpless little niece and you still are. I heard rumours that someone was coming after you so of course i was going to do all i could to make sure you were safe and i have people ( Pause) Good people on the outside who can take care of you. 

Danielle: Thank you for telling me all this, I just hope that you really are telling me the truth because it is all starting to make sense to me.

Paul: I am telling you the truth i swear to god i am. I really am just trying to look out for you. 

Danielle: ( Milo starts crying and she Takes an old yellow small blankie with a bumble bee filled with fluff on top out of pocket) Here you go buddy. ( Tucks it in beside Milo andPaul smiles) What is it?

Paul: When you were little i gave you that and called you "My Little Bumble Bee".You used to smile and sing "I'm a little bumble bee, so small and round, Got strips all over me but watch out, I've a little stinger on my bottom and with one little sting and You'll say ouch. I'm a little bumble bee hear me out". It used to be our little song.

Danielle: No way I sing that to Milo before he goes to sleep, I always thought my dad taught me it but i guess i was wrong. 

Sergeant Donald Ramerese: ( he walks into the room)  Is everything okay ( smiles)

Danielle: ( Stands up, picking up car seat) Thank you uncle Sam, I hope you don't mind me calling you that.

Paul/ Sam: I don't mind, ( Stands up) I really do hope that you can trust me. 

Danielle: I'm going to try my best,.

Paul/Sam: I don't care what you tell all those people outside, I'm just glad that i got to tell you the truth.

Paul/ Sam: Goodbye my little bumble bee.

( Danielle walks out and turns her head to look at him feeling conflicted as she holds the car seat in her hand and takes deep breaths in and nout)  

Detective Donald Ramerese: How did it go?

Danielle: It surprisingly went really well, I got all the answers i needed. 

Detective Donald Ramerese: I know that it might be very quick of me to ask this but have you decided if you think he should go on death row or not?

Danielle: Honestly not yet, I heard something's and i have to make sure that they are true before i give you an answer but i swear to you it will only be a couple of days. 

Detective Donald Ramerese: Fine fair enough, Come back to me when you have your answer. ( Walks Danielle to the gates) Take care Danielle.

Danielle: Thank you, You too Donald.

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