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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 29 (v.2) - Scene 29- Please, I need Answers!

Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Submitted: August 27, 2017



Scene 29-Please, I Need Answers!

( Backworth household- September 14th,10pm)

( Danielle comes creeping in the door with Milo and Locks the door behind her. She Creeps upstairs into her bedroom and changes Milo into his pj, She Places him in his crib with his bumble bee blankie and looks at him for a second before she Changes into her own pjs.Ronaldo wakes up and turns on lamp)

Danielle: I'm so sorry, did i wake you?

Ronaldo: It's alright, I tried waiting up but it's been a long day.

Danielle: I was meant to be home a lot sooner but things happened in Pelican Bay.

Ronaldo: Like what?

Danielle: ( Crawls into bed) Nothing bad, I was getting all the answers from Sam and Detective Ramerese wanted me to answer him if i thought he should be on death row or not. 

Ronaldo: Who is Sam? ( Sits up on bed)

Danielle: ( crosses legs facing Ronaldo) So i will give you the short version. If this is true which i will find out tomorrow Paul is actually Doctor Sam Geller Mcduff the brother of Sophie and the son of Kara and what ever the father's name is. Paul/ Sam blames Sophie for Jake allowing April into my life leading her to beat me and Callum etc he said this whole time he was trying to protect me and told me things only he would know like the bumble bee song, me and him used to sing it and that is where it came from. We made it up together, I don't want to get my hopes up and believe it without speaking to my grandma first.

Ronaldo: I don't want you getting your hopes up baby, For all you know he could just be playing mind games with you. Hoping that he won't go on death row.

Danielle: I want you if possible to see if you can match his DNA with Sam Geller Mcduff and see if it is a match or not. 

Ronaldo: I'm going to do everything i can for you. I Just wish i could stay in this bed with you and Milo all day everyday and that nothing has to change.

Danielle: Least I'm not lying in a hospital bed somewhere and i made it home safe like i said i would.

Ronaldo: I know but i still worry about you, I never would have thought i would be in my twenties and have everything i ever wanted a beautiful girl and a baby the only thing i don't agree on is you risking both of your life's by going into a prison. Of all things you could take him to, you take him to a prison and he's not even three month old yet.

Danielle: Be mad all you want but i will find a way to melt back into your heart again and you will eventually forgive me. ( Smiles)

Ronaldo: I know you might not want to hear this but if Paul isn't who he says he is then maybe we should think about moving house you know because he knows where we live and we should maybe think about getting a fresh start.

Danielle: How about after the 30th we can both think about moving house, Marriage, Your job, If i go to Performing school of art. we will figure it all out but right now i can't do it with out worrying something is going to happen to any of us.

Ronaldo: A part of me forgot about all of that.Do even have any idea if you are going to go to the school? Are you going to be able to do it considering what happened to you and being in the wheelchair?

Danielle: I'm going to have to check with the doctors, be assed and they know what happened so they said they are willing to wait until i am ready which is really rare because they would never keep a space open but they said that my talent was just too good that they wouldn't allow me to go any where. I just don't know how it would all work though if we were to move to New York how on earth would we be able to look after Milo if i were to go to uni and if you were to go to work. 

Ronaldo: Let's not think about it tonight, You just go to sleep and don't run off anywhere with Milo when I'm asleep especially not some where dangerous. 

Danielle: ( smiles) Trust me i won't be running anywhere any time soon, I'm perfecting fine right here.

Ronaldo: Good night ( Kisses her) 

Danielle: Good night sweet cheeks ( Snuggle down and sleep) 

Backworth household- september 15th- 5 am

( Ronaldo down stairs with Milo in his arms rocking him gently , Marlon comes into the living room) 

Marlon: I didn't expect you to be down here this early.

Ronaldo: He woke up about 15 minutes ago crying and I've just been sitting down here rocking him ever since.Why you down here?

Marlon: Wake up every day at five am, morning routine you know what i mean. Not out of choice but once you wake up, you can't get back to sleep after it. 

Ronaldo: You want me to make you some tea?

Marlon: Nah, I'll get it. Might as well make you one in the process

Ronaldo: Thanks pa.

( Marlon goes away and makes the tea then comes back into the living room) ( Places cup on table beside Ronaldo and sits down on the opposite sofa)

Marlon: You look like a natural there. Never would i have thought that my boy would be on the verge of becoming a detective and have a fiancee and kid by the age of 22.

Ronaldo: I never thought it either, I thought i would be in my late twenties before ever committing.

Marlon: I really am proud of you, I'm not just proud of you for committing to Danielle but I'm proud of you for instead of being an accountant like me and your granda, You went after something you loved helping people and saving lives and in the process of that you saved that girl upstairs and in the process found love and gained a family. 

Ronaldo: Some times i just don't think that i am a good enough father or fiancee. I just don't think I've had enough life experience to understand what it is like to be a parent.

Marlon: I felt just like you when i was younger but as time went by i realized it doesn't matter how much life experience you have in some situations it just doesn't help at all. You just have to take it all day by day and hope in the process that you don't screw up. A lot of the time you will feel like a screw up especially if your kid goes down the wrong path in school. 

Ronaldo: So I'm always just going to feel inexperienced when it comes to parenthood.

Marlon: Not only parent hood but also being a husband. Some days especially after what Danielle has been through your partner is going to go through some really tough days and you might not be able to help her and you are going to feel helpless and then you will feel like your not a good enough husband.

Ronaldo: I know there is going to be a lot of tough days, I just want to be able to help her especially with when i first met her she was a young girl who was so scared, she was so afraid to be touched by anyone, She couldn't trust anyone not even her own family she was so helpless, a 16 year old girl who was kidnapped, tortured and she didn't know what the hell she did wrong to deserve it. For months i was the only one who she could trust, who could bathe her because she told me that the only reason she could trust me was because when she was found in that warehouse i sat in front of her and step by step told her what was going on. I was the sign of relief that she knew she would be feel safe. She felt that she could trust me because i was one of the men who saved her and day by day i sat with her in that old mingy room as she watched re-runs of CSI and she would sit in silence, she wouldn't let nurses she didn't know touch her. She had to have the same nurses day in and day out, she trusted Lucas because he was her family doctor since she was 5 years old. Most days she finds it hard to trust people but she continues to trust me and i am going to continue to be there for her from the start to the finish. 

Marlon: Well son i think you are doing a fantastic job so far. ( Smiles) ( Looks at time 6am) I should probably go make your mam her breakfast and coffee, dear lord we don't want her to wake up and having to wait for her coffee.( Pats Ronaldo on the back) 

Ronaldo: She was always a tad moody if she didn't get her morning coffee on time and lord help those around her. I may as well get this little one changed and fed.

( Stella comes down stairs in her dressing gown)

Stella: Do i smell coffee?

Ronaldo: Yes ma ( kisses her cheek as she walks into the kitchen and he leaves) 

Stella: You really not gonna let him see his grandma?

Ronaldo:Ma, He is just getting a change i will only be a few minutes.

Stella: Yeah yeah, Sure you will. 

Sophie's house 9am

( Kara on the floor playing with the kids while Sophie  isfeeding Kayla) 

Kara: I heard you tried to apologize to Callum.

Sophie: Yeah me and the kids went over to his house and it didn't go very well you could say. 

Kara: Those kids are hurting so you gotta understand that a part of parenthood means that sometimes it's not going to be easy for them to forget something you said or did.

Sophie: A part of me just expected that they would forgive me and forget about what's been happening the past few months.

Kara:I'm going to be really truthful to you sweetheart, If it was a one time thing then Callum and Danielle would have been able to forgive you and they did forgive you. Then things started to get rough for you to the point you couldn't except the fact that your husband has died and because you were in a little bit of denial you couldn't hear people speak about Jake because you couldn't handle any of it because you haven't been able to accept any of it. 

Sophie: I messed up one to many times didn't I. 

Kara: The difference is you still have time to fix things where as I can never fix some of the mistakes i have made. 

Sophie: Maybe i can apologize one more time, and maybe this time it will make a difference. How does that sound?

Kara: Those kids don't need to hear another apology from you, they don't need to hear any more apologies from anyone. All they have receive this year is apologies and frankly i don't think they could handle one more. This apology is not going to make a difference it will just push one of them over the edge. You need to focus on not saying sorry or what you have lost but what you have left in your life, Your family. You need to focus on the future and be there for those kids because they may be putting on brave faces but inside they are so broken and hurt and every once in a while they need to be reminded that everything is going to be okay and to relax so that they don't have the weight of the world on their shoulders. 

Sophie: mum, I just don't know if I am going to be good at this whole mum thing, They are practically adults and i don't know what I'm doing. I barely know what i am doing and now i have 5 kids to look after.

Kara: It will come to you, it's not going to be easy but just take it easy with them and be careful what you say to them from now on. ( Looks at phone) I'm sorry but Danielle has just asked me to pop by the house. I really should go see what's wrong with her.

Sophie: I'll come with you, would be a good time for me to chat to her. 

Kara: I think she wants me to come alone , Come by later her message sounds pretty serious.( Sophie looks away helpless) Maybe it's nothing and I'm over reacting. 

( Kara grabs her things and leaves) 

Cafe shop down town

( Danielle sat with a Berry smoothie) ( Kara comes over to table) 

Kara: Sorry I'm running late was over at your mums house.

Danielle: It's alright grandma, How is she?

Kara: I think she is in a little bit of a rough spot, She feels pretty guilty about what's been going on.

Danielle: There's not much i can say really.

Kara: Where's the little one today then?

Danielle: He is currently at home with Ronaldo but possibly going out later with the Alvarez family. 

Kara: How you feeling about not being with him?

Danielle: Emm, I'm alright just about now. Only because i know that Milo is with Ronaldo and his family and my future husband would trade his life to make sure our son was safe.

Kara: What was it you needed to talk to me about? ( Calls over waiter)

Danielle: I didn't want you to come to the house because i didn't want people over hearing our conversation you know. 

Kara: ( Turns to waiter) can i have ice tea please?( smiles)( waiter gets ice tea) Okay so what is so important?

Danielle: I don't know if you heard but i went to Pelican Bay State Prison yesterday and paid a visit to Paul.

Waiter: Here you go mam( Puts ice tea on table) 

Kara: thank you( smiles) What the hell were you doing going there? You could have got hurt.

Danielle: I got a letter asking me to be there at a certain time and honestly i just wanted answers, I wanted to understand what was happening and what i did wrong.

Kara: Alright so what did he say?

Danielle: Before i say anything, I want you to promise to me right now that you are going to be completely honest with me and your not going to lie out of guilt or anything.

Kara: I promise, What did you find out?

Danielle: I found out his name isn't actually Paul Scott his real name is Dr S.G Mcduff. He was my doctor when i was young before Dr Charlie took over his cases. ( Kara looks surprised) I know you recognize that name, I know you recognize that name because that is Sophie's brothers name ( Pause) Your sons name Dr Sam Geller Mcduff. He told me all about how you and your husband sent him away to his aunts Lucinda's before at the time you couldn't care for both him and Sophie. Is this true?

Kara: It is true, I did have twins and his name was Sam Geller Mcduff and we did send him to stay with Lucinda and her daughter Jessica. Honestly we really didn't want to do it and it was the worst thing i had ever done but once we sent him away we were never able to get him back and i really do regret it.

Danielle: There's other stuff too, he claims that he blames Sophie for everything that has been happening because when she left me at Jake's door she was the reason he ended up getting involved with April which lead her to beating me and Callum. He tried to sent me to boarding school when i was 4 years old but he got caught. He was trying to save me and Callum from April and then she tried to move me to San Francisco and he knew all her plans. She was going to kill me, He told me he did everything he could to protect me even though i got hurt in the process.

Kara: Do you believe this could really be my son?

Danielle: I don't know grandma but when i was younger me and him made up this bumble bee song and he gave me the blanket, There is just something about this all and it all feels like he is telling the truth. You should have seen him and the way he was looking at me.  I have Ronaldo doing a DNA test to make sure it is really him. 

Kara: Everything you have told me is true, i know about Sam and i knew Sam was somewhere in the city but i just didn't know where. I don't want you to get your hopes up incase it isn't him.

Danielle: I'm not getting my hopes up, I'm just trying to understand what is happening.  What you going to do if he is who he say he is?

Kara: I honestly have no idea what i would do. I would probably thank him for trying to save you all those times even though he didn't know you and didn't have to especially after what i did to him and i would apologize to him for giving him away and never finding him or realizing who he is.

Danielle: A part of me does hope that he is who he says he is because if he isn't he is smarter than we ever thought and i have no idea what the hell i would end up doing. 

Kara: I hope you don't mind but i think your mum might be going over to your house at some point today to see you.

Danielle: Nah it's fine, I might as well just invite everyone over and all just catch up you know. ( Looks at phone) That's Ronaldo, We should probably head back to mine. I'm sure that Agatha would love a reason to cook some food.

Backworth household- 1pm 

( Milo sleeping in bassanette in the living room. Agatha isabout to start making sandwiches and Ronaldo walks into kitchen and sits at Table)

Ronaldo: Finally Milo is fast asleep, bad news is I'm pretty sure he is getting a fever. No doubt he is going to have a sore throat from all that crying he has been doing.

Agatha: You know the trick is if a baby has a sore throat give him some paracetamol and if he doesn't fall asleep then give him some whisky. 

Ronaldo : Thanks gammy, I just got off the phone with Danielle and i think we are having the family over for some dinner so you might want to put away the bread and maybe make us a roast dinner. If you are still up to it?

Agatha:Any thing for you my love. 

( House phone rings)

Ronaldo: God dammit, if this phone rings any louder it will wake up the baby. ( Runs after the phone) This if Officer Ronaldo Alvarez, What can i help you with?

Officer Shaw: Hi it's Officer Shaw, I got the test results back from the DNA that you asked for and it came back positive. I hope this helps you with. Do we keep this to ourselves and hide the report or what?

Ronaldo: Thank you Officer Shaw, You were a great help.No we are not hiding this, that isn't how this works and it goes in great favor to the case. 

Officer Shaw: I hope you don't mind me asking but how?

Ronaldo: Just you wait and see. If you can run background check and find out what you can and get back to me that will be extremely helpful.

( Ronaldo Hangs up phone)

Agatha: Was that work?

Ronaldo: Well I'll be damned ( spaces out for a second) Yes it was work.

Agatha: Please tell me you don't have to go into work

Ronaldo: It's alright Gammy,I am not going into work.

Agatha: Thank the lord, I just want a whole day with my grandson without him running off somewhere. 

( Danielle and Kara come in the door)

Danielle:It's me Danielle and Kara, Ronaldo please don't point your gun at us again. It really does give us the fear.

( Ronaldo has gun in hand and hides it in the drawer before the Girls walking into the kitchen)

Ronaldo: I don't have my gun out, That wouldn't be safe and would be irresponsible.( and he leansup against wall) ( Danielle looks at Agatha)

Agatha: It's behind his back in the drawer

Danielle: Would have guessed ( she walks over to him and kisses him) Where's our little bumble bee? 

Ronaldo: He is fast asleep in his crib in the living room.

( Danielle goes into the living room, rubs her finger against his cheek)

Danielle: How long has he had a fever? 

Ronaldo: He has had a fever for about an hour, I have already had my uncle round and he assured me that is is just a simple cold and he should be fine. ( Puts arm around Danielle) 

( Danielle takes a deep breath out in relief) 

Kara: You two panic a lot.

Ronaldo: What can i say I'm very protective of my family and we are new parents so the slightest thing makes us worried ( smiles) 

Agatha: ( Shouts from the kitchen) Ronaldo i need your help, my little legs can't reach the ingredients. Be a doll and come help me. 

Ronaldo: Dear lord, I better go help her before she destroys our kitchen. ( Kisses Danielle and Goes into the kitchen) 

Danielle: ( Looks At Kara) Would you be able to keep an eye on Milo for me, I need to go upstairs and do something.

Kara: Yeah that's fine, If anything changes health wise you and Ronaldo will be the first ones to know anything.

( Danielle runs upstairs into her bedroom and opens up Steve's Letters

" Dear Danielle,

I know it has been a while since me and you last spoke and it didn't exactly happen on good terms either but There is something i really need to tell you, I was hoping to tell Callum but he neither has replied to me so i figured you are both ignoring me but a long time ago i used to call you my girlfriend and best friend and you used to believe in me and i understand that you don't anymore but this has turned into a life or death situation and i just need to talk to you so if you are willing please meet me on the 30th so that we can talk. I don't blame you if you don't answer this, If you don't reply or you just don't show up. It would mean a lot to me if you did though."


( Danielle puts away the letter and Ronaldo walks in)

Ronaldo: I just came to check on you, Your granda, Your brother and Lily have all turned up and are looking for you.

Danielle: I will be down in just a few seconds ( Ronaldo goes to walk out) Wait, I need to tell you something and i don't want you to be mad. 

Ronaldo: ( sits down  on bed beside Danielle- takes a hold of her hand) What is it?

Danielle: I got a letter from Steve and he wants me to meet him on the 30th. I wouldn't go but i think he knows who is coming after me and i need to make sure.

Ronaldo: ( Pause) I don't want you to meet him especially after what he did to you but i also understand that this is something you have to do because am i hell sending you to go meet some stranger without knowing anything.

Danielle: Thank you for being so understanding about this.

Ronaldo: I got the DNA results back  and Paul is exactly who he says he is, Paul who is Sam is really your uncle. I thought i should tell you.

Danielle: So he really was telling me the truth?

Ronaldo: He might of been yes but with out a lie detector test we can't know for sure.

Danielle: I really don't know what i would do with out you.

Ronaldo: You would most likely be lying in a ditch dead by now. 

Danielle: We really should go down stairs now huh.

( Ronaldo Smiles and drags her out of the room and down stairs)

James:Finally she comes down stairs.

Danielle: Good to see you too granda ( hugs James) 

James: You thinking about returning her yet ( Jokes to Ronaldo)

Ronaldo: Nah, Not planning on returning her just yet. 

Danielle: Surely i can't be that bad.

Callum: ( coming out living room) I lived with you for about 14 years and yea you really are bad.Well you were alright because you did like football and all that. 

( Danielle goes to walk into living room)

James: I wouldn't go in there if i were you.

Danielle: Why?

Callum: Because Sophie and Kara are in there, I don't know what you told Kara but I think it's spooking us all. 

Danielle: I have to go in there, You all deserve to know. ( Opens living room door)

Sophie: Now isn't a good time.

Danielle: I know that but everyone has to know. 

Backworth household- 6pm 

(Whole family gathered in the living room eating food)

Callum: So what is it that we need to know?

Danielle: ( Looks to Kara) You tell them, best coming from you.

Kara: When i was younger when i was in labor i had twins Sophie and Dr S.G Mcduff Aka Sam Geller Mcduff but because i couldn't fund him i had to send him away to his aunts but basically he is Paul who is actually looking after Danielle and making sure people don't kill her which started with April so basically is all the test results come back positive then he is telling the truth who is actually the good guy. 

Callum: Are you for real? You have a son that you didn't tell us about who we thought was trying to kill Danielle who was actually trying to save her.

James: Do we know if it really is him?

Ronaldo: I did a DNA test and it came back positive. Everything he has been telling us has all been true and we have all been blind sighted by hate and revenge. 

Danielle: I know we all have our doubts but he really did save me and without him i would never have the family i do. Maybe my father wouldn't have been dead but i would have probably been dead some where in San Francisco. 

Lily: I don't understand how you can be so brave when in like 2 weeks you have to meet up with some stranger and maybe even die. It's not right and it's not fair. 

Danielle: You don't focus on what you could lose but what amazing future you could have if you conquer what's in front of you, no matter how hard. I'm doing this to protect my family even if it means i have to die in the process. I just need you all to know i am doing what needs to be done and i can't have any of your help to do it. 

James: I swear to god i better not lose my grand- daughter. I nearly lost you three times in my life and two of them was to death and am i hell going to live a life where you aren't in it. So some how you need to make it out alive and if you don't then i am going on one hell of a revenge mission until i seek justice for those who wronged you. 




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