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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.2) - Scene 3- Leaving Was The Hardest Part

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Scene 3- Leaving Was The Hardest Part

( Jake is pacing around the kitchen on the phone to his father) 

Jake: Dad I need your help...

James: Jake we had a agreement, we wouldn't get in touch unless Danielle or Callum was in danger.

Jake: Some one strangled Danielle

James: What do you mean?

Jake: April and Danielle moved to san Francisco yesterday and all i got from Danielle is she remembers waking up early hours this morning to get a glass of water to find a man in the living room with April, She remembers being called into the living room but from that point on she has no form of memory. Could this be the same guy who kidnapped her when was four years old.

James: This man could be anyone, but you wouldn't think April would put her own daughter in harms way do you?

Jake: Here's the issue, James i never told you but April isn't Danielle's Mother, Sophie Macduff is and she came back to town two weeks ago because she wanted to be in Danielle's life again

James: She should have thought about that before abandoning her daughter then shouldn't she. 

Jake: Yes

James: Right before we begin to start pointing fingers i know for a fact that the police won't do anything, she has no memory therefore they have no evidence or leads to work with. unfortunately the only thing you can do is keep an eye on her and speak to April. If it is the man who kidnapped her twelve years ago he will stop at nothing to get her back.

Jake: Thank you.

James: I know it's been quite some time but i will come to LA as soon as I'm back from Work the earliest i can do will be in two weeks 

Jake: You don't have too

James: She's my grand-daughter, You should know by now i would do anything for her and Callum. 

(Jake puts down the phone and walks to the living room and sees Danielle isn't there, he heads upstairs and knocks on Danielle's bedroom door before entering to see her sat on her bed with her knees held close to her chest) 

Jake: I just got off the phone with my dad he said that because you have no memory of the guy or who the guy could be the police can't do anything or most likely won't do anything

Danielle: Dad i thought you and grandpa didn't stay in touch with one another. ( she turns her head to look at his confused) 

Jake: We don't , not unless harm comes towards you or your brother.

Danielle: Don't know if i should feel honored by that or offended.

Jake: why would you say that?

Danielle: Hmm i wonder maybe because the only reason you and grandpa will speak is if one of your children were in danger. You won't even wish each other a happy birthday or go to see each other.

(Knocking on Danielle's bedroom door)

Sophie: I hope i am not interrupting anything ( sophie walks into the room and stands at the window opposite of them.) 

Jake: No nothing at all

Sophie: The look on Danielle's face tell me other wise.

Danielle: oh no we were just talking about the fact my dad and grandfather refuses to talk to one another unless me or my brother is hurt. Funny that huh. you know what i don't even think i have ever met the guy, i couldn't tell you his name, his eye color or his favorite flavor of ice cream.

Sophie: What the hell happened between you two? ( She looks at Jake confused considering they used to have a close bond together) 

Danielle: Who me and Jake? or Jake and his dad?

Sophie: both sounds good right now.

 Sophie sits down on a chair beside Danielle's bed) Me and my dad come to have a disagreement. He is hiding things from me about my past and refuses to tell me a thing which is making me really angry which is putting him in a bad mood because he thinks "It's best if i don't know". huh really? how well did that turn out with my mothers?

Sophie:Come on Danielle that was really bitchy. You gotta understand there was a reason

Danielle: Yeah and what was your reason for ditching me? ( she raises her eye brow looking for a legitiamite answer from her) 

Sophie: I was fifteen when i fell pregnant with you, I was sixteen when i gave birth to you. My mother threatened to disown me if i didn't give you up but i didn't want to leave you with a random stranger so i left you with your dad. I didn't tell him that i was pregnant because i was afraid that he would run away before i gave birth. I had my whole life ahead of me, my mum and dad was wealthy i couldn't live with nothing how would i have raised you. It didn't seem right nor fair to you.

Danielle: Aren't you forgetting some thing important? My dad was the same age as you when you gave birth, the reason you didn't tell my dad you were pregnant i think you're telling the truth about not telling him because you were afraid he would run but i also think its because you had the choice if you wanted to bail on me at last minute you know you could because he would still be there. My dad had his whole life ahead of him too he could have done anything. Did you know that he got his acceptance letter to Harvard the day you left me on his door step, he lived with his dad when you just dumped me and i think you're forgetting one thing i was sat outside that door for five hours before i was found because they were out celebrating. My grandad gave my father a choice when they got home he could go to Harvard and give me up for adoption or he could raise me forget about Harvard forget about being his family, yeah my grandad made sure there was a house over our heads as soon as my dad got a job we had to fend for ourselves. I was a helpless baby and you left me in the pouring rain, i almost died.

Sophie: I'm sorry i didn't know ( She looks at them apologetically never haven thought properly about the consequences of her actions) 

Jake: Of course you didn't know, you never asked.

Sophie: I'm so sorry. Could you both ever forgive me?

(Jake and Danielle look at each other)

Danielle: I don't know if i could ever forgive you, you didn't have to watch my dad suffer especially when you came back and walked out of his life again.I had to watch my dad every day cry and every time he began to start being happy again, something would remind him of you. At one point he got so drunk he jumped off a bridge in attempt to kill himself. I had to go in and save him that was the scariest thing i ever had to do. (Danielle looks at the guilt in her fathers eyes) (Pause) but maybe i could try... another thing if you ever hurt my dad the way you hurt him before I will turn my back on you and I will be motherless.

(Jake takes a hold of Danielle's hand feeling thankful to have her around)

April:( From down stairs) Hello, is anyone there? ( She hears voices coming from upstairs and lifts her head up) 

Jake: Who is it? ( He calls out not expecting anyone) 

April; It's me your ex- wife.

Jake: we are upstairs.

( Danielles eyes widden at the words "Your ex- wife" Her hear begins to pound in her chest not wanting to face her. April walks upstairs into Danielle's room)

April: What is this? a family gathering? ( she looks around at the three of them in her room) 

Danielle: Oh sorry your invitation must have got lost in the mail.

See's Sophie)well if it isn't Sophie.

Sophie: Hello April, good to see you again ,what's it been a few weeks.

April: I only came to here to speak to Jake about something

Jake: What would that be.

(April hands Jake a letter)

April: I got this letter through the door this morning, the cabin we used to go to each summer they are wondering if we are still renting it next week. They are tearing it down in a month time unless someone buys it so it could be the last time to go there. Mr smith was trying to call you all day yesterday, he needs to know by tonight.

Jake: You should go maybe take a friend. We have things here to figure out.

(Jake hands back the letter shaking his head)

April: If you change your mind you are all welcome to come.

(April walks away heading towards the door)

Danielle: So you come here to talk to him about a stupid cabin but not here because your daughter ran away in the middle of the night... What a great example you are. 

Sophie: you guys should go. You all need to figure everything out.

Jake: We all need to figure things out

Danielle: Well I don't want to figure things out. please leave.

(April walks out of the bedroom and Jake follows her leaving only Sophie and Danielle together) 

Sophie: I know you may not like me at the moment but you should do this for your father.

Danielle: I didn't say i didn't like you. You are a nice person i just don't trust you.

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