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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 30 (v.2) - Scene 30- DeathVine Street- Part 1

Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Submitted: August 27, 2017



Scene 30- DeathVine Street -Part 1

( Backworth household- 9 am) 30th September  2017

Danielle: ( voice off screen) ( laying in bed) Well today is the 30th, the day i could possibly end my life and save my whole family. Apart of me just doesn't want to leave my bed, I don't want to go and met Steve and some psycho who is trying to kill me what fun is that. Why can't i just stay in bed with my future husband and wee baby and pretend that this is just any other day but unfortunately there is no chance that i can do that because if i don't show up me and my family are dead so it's either me or them and clearly i am going to chose me. Never in a million years did i think that i would have any of this nor did i expect any of this to happen. I have the love of my life fast asleep next to me and the thought of losing him is making me kind of go mad, the thought of my son having to live his life with out his mum makes me so upset like I'm already failing as a parent ( Alarm goes off) I should probably get up, maybe if i sneak out the house it will be easier because i know as soon as he opens his eyes and speaks i will question leaving.

( Ronaldo rolls over hugging Danielle)

Ronaldo: Please please please don't be thinking about how you are going to die, i have heard about a million of your theory's and i don't think i can possibly handle one more.

Danielle: You're in luck, I'm not thinking about how i am going to die, I am thinking about how i am going to spend the rest of my life once i beat some psycho ass. 

Ronaldo: Well that's a change, do tell.

Danielle: Well first of all i was thinking we should get married in a church with our friends and family, maybe a big wedding but i will not be wearing some big puffy gown that makes me look fat. I draw the line there, for our honeymoon i was thinking we could whisk away with Milo to hmm ( Pause) Portugal, yeah Portugal sounds good to me. We will come back to our brand new house either here or in New York. Hopefully Eva has met a boy she loves but maybe not getting pregnant just yet she if far too young. You will be a detective working in the big leagues.

Ronaldo: I like the sound of that very much especially if you are by my side and god there will not be a big puffy gown at our wedding ( Smiles) 

( Danielle gets a text message) ( Danielle reads it)

Hey D, It's me Steve , I know this is a long shot but just wanted to check if you were up for today or not? I understand if you aren't. If possible get back to me, If you don't I'll still be at the coffee shop any way.

Ronaldo: Are you going to go?

Danielle: Yeah I have to, I need to know everything before i can put this all behind me.

( Danielle gets up and picks out clothes)

Ronaldo: I just need you to be safe.

Danielle: I know, ( Walks in front of Ronaldo) I doubt i will be able to see you after i meet Steve so I just want to tell you I am really lucky to be able to have found you in my life and i know i say this a lot but you mean the whole world to me and i don't know what i would have done if i never met you, i would have been so lost in my life. Ever since i met you even though i have been going through a really hard time you showed me that there is always going to be light at the end of the tunnel even if you don't think there is or even if you don't see it. You give me hope that there is always going to be good even though you are going through the worst time in your life. You and Milo are the best thing i have ever had in my life and i love you so much don't you ever forget that, I swear to god if i die i will not have you moping about for year and years on end. I won't allow you to be in your 40's and so unhappy with your life that it makes you consider killing yourself. I want you to live your life like that day could be your last. You need to promise me that you won't give up on your life no matter how bad it may be because i swear to god Ronaldo i will come back to haunt you. 

Ronaldo: Alright in the case that you do die i won't stop living my life but i won't be forgetting you just like that because girl you are the love of my life and i will be damned if i ever let myself forget you. I'm not letting you die not now and not ever. You hear me?

Danielle: We are meant to be.

Ronaldo: Yes, We are meant to be. Now as much as i hate saying this you need to go and get ready.

Coffee Shop down town- 10 am

( Steve sitting with his latte when Danielle comes up to the table)

Danielle: Steve.

( Danielle sits down at table opposite him) 

Steve: Thank you for coming Danielle, I never actually expected you to show.

Danielle: For a while i wasn't either but here i am. I really need this to be over and done with.

Steve: Alright, I will get to the point. I have stage 4 melanoma that has worked it's way into my organs. I'm going to die.

Danielle: Oh my god, I'm sorry Steve. What are your treatments?

Steve: I'm not planning on taking any treatments, I am just planning on waiting it out and letting fate takes it's course. ( really bad cough)

Danielle: You can't just gave up on your life like this, you have so much to live for don't throw it away.

Steve: I have nothing left to live for, Once upon a time i had my best friend Callum and of course i had Rachel too but most important Danielle i had you, you were my girlfriend and my best friend combined into 1 and i lost you because i couldn't help you with what you were going through and i lost a kid that wasn't even mine. Honestly i have nothing left and after all the wrong i did, I honestly think this is the best thing for me.

Danielle: How long have you left to live?

Steve: Doctors say it could be weeks or months but they don't think i will make it past a year and neither do i.

Danielle: I'm sorry that you are going through this alone, is there anything i can do?

Steve, I want you to hear me out, I made a lot of mistakes, all my life i made mistakes and i never meant to hurt you in any way. I got lost down the way and i was in denial to the point i couldn't see i was hurting you. I just wanted to make my peace and say sorry for the mistakes i have made and the mistakes that i have continued to make.

Danielle: Steve,I forgive you, I forgive you for everything. I just want you to have the peace you need but I'm sorry that i couldn't be any more help than i am. 

Steve: Trust me if you knew all that i have done then you wouldn't forgive me so easily. 

Danielle: I don't care about what you have done in the past, You weren't there when i needed you but i just want you to have what you need.

Steve: You will care one day, Thank you.

Danielle:( Looks down at watch) I'm not trying to be rude but i have to be some where and I can't be late.

Steve: It's alright, I'm just glad you took time out of your day to meet with me. Sorry it couldn't be on good terms. Be careful out there you hear me, the worlds a dangerous place.

( Danielle gets up and leaves thinking about how the person she once loved is going to die. ) 

Danielle sits at Death vine street - 11am

(Text message from Ronaldo)

Ronaldo: Hey just checking up on you. Are you okay?

Danielle: Yes i am fine, just waiting.

( DeathVine street - 12pm)

Ronaldo: You better still be alive?

Danielle: You are not getting rid of me that easy.

Ronaldo: Surprised you are able to talk.

Danielle: No one has arrived yet.

( DeathVine street- 1am) 

Ronaldo: You have been out there for 3 hours, what's going on?

Danielle: Baby no one has arrived, I am seriously worried. 

Ronaldo: I want you to leave. I don't want you to freeze your ass off out here.

Danielle: If no one shows in the next 15 minutes then i will leave.

( DeathVine street- 1;15am)

Ronaldo: Anyone show?

Danielle: nope, no one turned up. 

Ronaldo: Come on baby just leave.

Danielle: I'm so scared to though

Ronaldo: I know but they didn't show and you did.

Danielle: If you don't mind i think I'm going to go see my uncle. I need to get his opinion about what is going on.

Ronaldo: I think that will be a good idea. Take care, I love you

Danielle: I love you too.

 Pelican Bay State Prison- 2.30pm

( Danielle put phone on silence and hides it in her bra and Walks in) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: Miss Backworth, I didn't expect to see you here today. I hear around you were meeting someone on death vine street.

Officer Amy foster: Must of been scary, heard that street is no good.

Danielle: ( Handing off bag) Yes i was supposed to be meeting some one there, i waited over three hours but the coward didn't show. Frankly i just need to see my uncle. 

( Officer's Takes Danielle's property)

Officer Amy Foster: Careful in there today, the crowd is a little rowdy. 

Danielle: I can handle them. 

( Danielle makes her way down the corridor and to Paul)( Danielle walks into room)

Danielle: I can't quiet tell if those guys like me or hate me.

Paul: Maybe a bit of both. Thought you were meeting that person today.

Danielle: Yeah well I froze my ass off there for three hours and they didn't turn up so they can go screw themselves.

Paul: Danielle, I would be careful what you say. If this person hears the things you are saying then you are dead for sure. 

Danielle: At this point i couldn't care less if i died or not, all i care about it protecting my family. 

Paul: You don't really mean that.

Danielle: I bloody well do, I'm sick and tired of people threatening me and my family. Do people think this is some sick game?

Paul: I don't know Danielle but you need to be careful. 

Danielle: I just don't understand why they wouldn't show up.

Paul: They were probably trying to psyche you out.

Danielle: What am i meant to do ?

Paul: Don't walk the streets alone especially if you are with Milo because god know what there plan is.

Danielle: Trust me  I won't.

Paul: Have you any idea who it could be?

Danielle: All i know is they would leave me notes saying "Roses are Red, Violets are blue" and yadda yadda.

Paul: Wait what?

Danielle: They would start sweet and then turn violent.

Paul: Danielle, You need to get out of here right now and call Ronaldo. Don't come back here!

Danielle: ( Stands up off chair) What do you mean? I can't not come back. Sam tell me what it is!

Paul: I think i know who it is. 

Danielle: Who? Who is it?

Paul: I don't know their name but I'm pretty sure it's some one here.

Danielle: Here? 

Paul: Yes some one here.

Danielle: How? How do you know this?

Paul: One night i was minding my business, The jail was in pure darkness but i heard this note being scrapped into my cell. 

Danielle: What did it say?

Paul: " Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, You're Pretty Inspiring and The work You do. "

Danielle: They will come after you.

Paul: I just thought it was some love letter, Some one who was a fan. Someone who didn't understand what was really going on. 

( Cell Block E) ( Reception)

Officer Deryck Rogers: I'm so glad to be off Front desk duty.

Officer Amy Foster: So am I, I don't think i could spend another mind being all friendly to all those visitors day in and day out, pretending to be happy.

Officer Deryck Rogers: Nah I just like the action. 

Officer Amy Foster: I like the action just as much as you, maybe even more.

Officer Deryck Rogers: If there is any action maybe it'll be best for you to stay behind me and let the men do the work.

Officer Amy Foster: I will not hide behind no man, I can fight my own darn battles. 

Officer Deryck Rogers: I'm not saying you can't but were big boys here.

Officer Amy Foster: You want proof that i ain't no weak ass woman. ( Crosses arms)

Officer Deryck Rogers: There's not much you can do that can scare me.

Officer Amy Foster: Oh really?

Officer Deryck Rogers: I'm telling you the truth. I told you I'm a big boy.

Officer Amy Foster: Let's see how a big boy like you would deal with lets say a prison riot.

Officer Deryck Rogers: Easy, I'll beat down any prisoner that comes my way.

Officer Amy Foster: I would like to see you prove it.

Officer Deryck Rogers: We'll there is no way anything like that is happening here any time soon. 

Officer Amy Foster: Why not?

Officer Deryck Rogers: There is no way they are getting out of those cells with out us one of us letting them loose. 

Officer Amy Foster: Let's do it, Let's allow one of them out.

Officer Deryck Rogers: Stop being so darn foolish. 

Officer Amy Foster: You stupid son of a bitch. ( Walks over to controls of the cell ) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: The hell are you doing. Get away from there.

Officer Amy Foster: I'm doing what needs to be done. 

Officer Deryck Rogers: You wouldn't dare. This isn't like you, What happened to you

Officer Amy Foster: You don't know who i am, You never knew who i was so don't act like you did because you didn't.

( Officer Deryck Rogers stands up) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: Step away from the controls.

Officer Amy Foster: Why does it make you afraid? I thought you weren't afraid of anything.

Officer Deryck Rogers: You wouldn't be so stupid, They would kill me, just as much as they would kill you. 

Officer Amy Foster: Guess we will just have to see 

( Officer Deryck Rogers goes to attack Officer Amy Foster she releases prisoners)
( Prisoners start Riot) 

Officer Deryck Rogers: You screwed us all over.

Officer Amy Foster: ( Steps over the body) Sorry this was all part of my plan. ( Starts walking through hallways while the Prisoners escape)

Paul/Sam's Cell

( Alarms going off and cell door opening) ( Danielle jumps up off her chair in fear)

Danielle: What the hell is going on here?

Paul: We are in trouble.You need to get out of here now!

Danielle: What's going on, Please I'm scared.

Paul: (Peeks out cell) Oh god. ( Pause) You got your phone on you?

Danielle: yes why?

Paul: You need to call Ronaldo and tell him that the inmates are out of there cells and a riot has just begun. 

Danielle: I'm going to die.

Paul: ( Runs over to Danielle and takes a hold of her arm) You are not going to die, do you hear me. Now call them and stay here, I need to find a way to protect us.

( Danielle going into the corner of the cell) ( Paul runs out to find help) 

Danielle: ( phone's Ronaldo and receives voicemail) Oh god, Ronaldo why couldn't you just have answered your phone this one time. I need help, You need to come help me, Please baby, I am so scared. They are every where. The prisoners they got loose and i don't know what to do. Please you need to come get me, They are going to kill me. I can't die in here. Please, Help me! ( Call hangs up) 

( Paul comes back with clothes and brush from the reception) 

Paul: You need to put on these clothes. ( hands over orange jumpsuit) It's the only way, If people see you dressed like that they know you are from out there and the chance of them coming after you is greater to get a point across. 

Danielle: ( puts jumpsuit over clothes) The call went straight to voice mail.

Paul: You can't put that over your clothes, they can tell straight away. 

( Paul faces out of the cell while Danielle changes)

Danielle: I'm so scared, What do i do?

Paul: Stay beside me.

Inmate 1: Well well well, Paul what have we here. This girl your new whore? She giving away free lap dances

Paul: Dale, Don't do this please.

Dale/Inmate 1: Surely she can't be that important to you, let me have a little piece of her. ( Tries to get to Danielle) 

( Danielle In the corner of the cell in fear- Shaking) ( Paul pushes Dale)

Paul: You back away from her, I swear to god.

Dale: Your not the type of guy to hurt me man, we are best buds. What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours.

Paul: Dude, She's my niece.

Dale: That's Danielle? ( Paul sighs) Man I'm so sorry. ( Looks to Danielle) I didn't mean to scare you.

Paul: It's okay, He can help us. ( Puts out his hand)

Dale: I'm his best friend in here, Anyone who goes to harm you won't make it out alive.

Police Station- Sergeant Office

( Sergeant Ethan Ritchie in important meeting)

( Ronaldo Comes crashing through the doors) 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Officer Alvarez, I'm in a important meeting, I told everyone do not interrupt! ( Serious tone) 

Ronaldo: It's Danielle! She went to Pelican Bay State Prison and a riot has erupted. She left me a voicemail and she can't get out. She's scared man and i think she is going to die.( worried tone) 

( Sergeant Ethan Ritchie quickly rises from his desk)

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: Sorry gentleman but this is one important person. ( Picks up phone to call Pelican Bay State Prison) You get every officer out there, call swat. You know the essentials. 

Detective Donald Ramerese: What to do you need me to do? 

Sergeant Ethan Ritchie: We need to get to that Prison right now! We need to ge her out!

Pelican Bay State Prison

(Paul Has a hold of Danielle's arm dragging her through the hall with Dale right beside her)( Paul,See's April Out of corner of his eye)

Paul: Oh god , We might have a problem.

Danielle: What is it now ( out of breath) 

Paul: I just spotted April. She is on the hunt for someone.

Dale: That bitch is bat crazy.

( They Bust through the canteen doors to see fights upon fights) 

Paul: This is bad! 

( Inmates spot Danielle)

Inmate 2: What a fine piece of Ass you got your self there Paul.

Danielle: I might be a fine piece of ass but this fine piece of ass will beat your's.

Inmate 3/Gus: You got a pretty cocky girl there, Careful someone might just cut her tongue off.

Dale: You go near her you die!

Inmate 3/Gus: Is that a threat or a promise.

Dale: That's a promise!

Inmate 2: Looks like we are just going to have to show this punk who's boss. 

( Starts surrounding them)

Inmate 4: Hold up a minute Gus, I recognize this girl. ( Pause) ( starting pointing finger) Yeah yeah, That's the girl what's the name ( Pause) Demi?....Dorthy?... Diane?... Dolly? Nope it's defiantly not Dolly.

Danielle: Danielle, The name's Danielle smart ass.

Paul: Are you trying to  get yourself killed?

Danielle: If these guys are going to play that they are hard men then i might as well play them at their own game.

Inmate 4: Yeah that's right, Your Danielle. Your mum is April.

Danielle: That bitch is no mother of mine!

Inmate 2: Careful what you say, never know who could be lurking around. 

Danielle: ( Laughs) Let me guess the bitch is looking for me. Go figures, The only time she ever cared about me was when she wanted to kill me. 

Inmate 3/Gus:Yeah i remember hearing about this one, Her mum spent years trying to kill her.

Danielle: She clearly didn't try hard enough now did she.

Inmate 2: You really are a smart one, Maybe we should just finish you off. 

( Getting closer to Danielle) 

Inmate 4: No.

Inmate 2: What do you mean NO.

Inmate 4: Don't you see how valuable this girl is. She is our ticket out of her.

Paul: Don't you dare touch her.

April: ( coming round the corner) And what are you going to do!

Paul: I will kill you.

Danielle: No, You're not going to kill her. (turns to Paul) I am

April: And the loving daughter returns. 

Danielle: I am not your daughter

April: Grab them 

( Inmates grab a hold of Paul and Dale) ( Inmates circle around Danielle and April)

Danielle: Look at the stupid slut thinking she is all smart and brave because she has muscly mean stood behind her.( Pause) You are such a joke.

April: Could say the same about you.

Danielle: Least i have a life, Someone who actually loves me, A family who loves me and a baby who loves me and you are just the low life whore that has no one and will never have no one. 

( April punches Danielle) 

Danielle: Maybe i deserved that. But you deserve this too ( punches April back) 

April: Where do you think you get off hitting me?

Danielle: Could say the same to you, They should have sent you away to a mental hospital instead of this place. 

April: Oh sweetheart you would have been sat right beside me.

Danielle: Only in your dreams. 

Paul: Is this really what gives you joys April? Hurting my niece! (angry tone)

April: Ah yes, I almost forgot this piece of trash is your niece. Your clearly not Jake's brother because thankful his parents didn't have another crackhead like him so you must be Sophie's Brother.

( Danielle attacks April and Drags her to the ground punching her)

Danielle: You don't have the right to talk about my father.

( April and Danielle both stand up and the Inmates pass April a weapon) 

Danielle: Typical taking the easy way out. No wonder nobody loves you. Not your parents considering the abandoned you, Your son has a hatred for you and goes through his day pretending he doesn't know you and boy he could not care if you were to drop dead. Everyone else can't stand being in your presents.

April: Take that back.

Danielle: In your dreams buttercup. 

Outside Pelican Bay State Prison-5pm

( Ronaldo, James and Callum standing in front of swat team)

Ronaldo: I need to get in there, I need to get to Danielle! ( Worried) 

James: You need to let me in there to get my grand- daughter! I swear to god if you don't let me past. 

Callum: I am sick of your excuses let us in there.

Swat Team: We can't let you in there. It is dangerous and we don't know what the situation is.

Jake: ( Comes walking up behind them with Three men in suits beside and one behind him) I don't care how dangerous the situation is, I am going in there and getting my daughter back. So move your fat ass out the way! ( barging through) ( Everyone looks round shocked)

(Gun shots go off inside Pelican Bay State Prison) 

( Jake, Ronaldo, James and Callum all run towards the prison) 

Swat Team: Come back here! ( goes chasing after them) 


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