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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.2) - Scene 4-The nightmare cabin

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



Scene 4- The nightmare cabin

Present - 


(Danielle lays on the ground her eyes are closed and blood pouring out of her head)

(lnner Voice) My nightmare's had came true, it was him. He came back to kill me. I never thought i would die this young from a betrayal from one i thought i could trust dearly. Is this the end of my life, is that light i see the end or the beginning.

( 24 hours earlier)

( Danielle comes down stairs with a small suitcase in hand she is wearing black pair of shorts with braces and a black and white chequered tank top that is tucked in her shorts and black trainers on her feet. While her hair was tied up in a high pony tail)

Jake: Danielle where are you going with that? ( he spots her as he walks out of the kitchen with work papers in his hand) 

Danielle: Well last night i decided since it could be our last time to go to the Family Cabin before it gets destroyed that we should go. I'm feeling sentimental ( she puts the suitcase by the door and follows him to the living room) 

Jake: But your mother will be there.

(Jake walks towards Danielle confused not thinking she would have wanted to go after everything that has happened. )

Danielle: I am sure i could put up with April for a few days.

Jake: Are you sure about this?

Danielle: I am positive, now grab your things and let's get going. 

(Danielle picks up the car keys off the wall in the corridor and heads for the front door)

Jake: I'm not packed though ( he follows her ) 

Sophie: Funny thing that is, i packed your case last night when you were watching or should i say sleeping. Your things are in the car.

Jake: Are you joining us?

Sophie: I've already spoke to Danielle, I have a few things to do here work related of course but if i get spare time or if i finish it off early i can ensure you i will come down and see you.

(Jake turns to Danielle and mouths the words "Thank You")

Sophie: Be safe while you are away.

(Jake puts his work papers back into his brief case to keep them safe while Danielle heads out to the car placing her suitcase into the boot and gets into the passanger side of the car to wait for her father. Jake comes down stairs and he and Sophie walk to the front door, before they head out he gently pulls her back and kisses her.

Sophie: What was that for? ( she looks at him with a smile on her face.

Jake: For coming back into our lives ( he looks at her feeling full of gratitude for her wanting to come back for not only him but so that she can get to know her daughter, something that he has always wanted for them both no matter how angry he may have been in the past. The pair head out of the house and Jake locks the door behind him, He watches Sophie get back into her car before he gets into his. Danielle and Jake set out on the long car journey ahead of them giving them a chance to talk about things)

Danielle: I guess i should inform April that we will be occupying her at the cabin. ( she pulls her phone out of her pocket and opens her messages) 

Jake: Unfortunately, look whilst we are alone i thought it would be the perfect time to talk.

( she says with a concerned voice on her coming off her messages) 

Jake: I hope Sophie being here isn't a problem, I just thought that whilst she is here maybe it is the perfect time for you both to get to know each other.

Danielle: It's fine, i just don't understand why a few weeks ago you didn't just tell me when she came back instead of me looking like a complete mug.

Jake: She told me she was only going to be around for a few weeks and didn't want you to get your hopes up. She was afraid she would get attached to you or you would get attached to her, she wanted to know what it would be like if she came back and i think she got the answer she wanted all along, just know we never meant to hurt you in any way.

Danielle: I totally understand, I am sorry for how i have been recently it is just a lot to have to take in, especially in such a short time.

Jake: I know and i don't blame you for any kind of emotions or resentment you may have towards us. I've only wanted the best for you and yes along the way i may have made a few mistakes but i'm trying. 

Danielle: If it weren't for you i don't know where the hell i could have been in life. Down a ditch for all i know. 

Jake: So i haven't been a bad father? ( He glances at her feeling like he wasn't good enough, that he should have been better) 

Danielle: Don't be so stupid. Do you even realise how much you have done for me and Callum over the years. ( She looks at him waiting for an answer) I guess not. 

( After a long jounrey they pull up to the cabin it looked the exact same as it did all those years ago. Jake parks the car beside the cabin and they see April standing by someone at the front door.

Jake: Danielle, do you know who that man is stood next to April? ( he says as he parks the car) 

Danielle: Nope i have never seen him before. ( she shakes her head having no recollection of him. 

(They get out of the car  and take a big sniff in to smell the trees and the bitterness of the air and they both let out a smile having missed it. Jake heads to the boot and gets their cases out the car and Danielle goes to help him but he shakes his head at her. )

April: I am glad you decided to come here, after all it could very well be our last time coming here. ( She opens up her arms to them as she stands on the porch) 

Jake: Are you going to introduce us to your friend. ( He says to her as they walk over to them ) 

(Looks at the man and waves him down) Come meet everyone.

( He walks towards over to them with a friendly smile on his face).

April: This here is Paul Scott.

(Paul places out his hand to shake with Jake and Danielle)

Paul: It's a pleasure meeting with you sir, I've heard lots of things about you.

Jake: Firmly enough I've never heard a thing about you.

Paul: And you must be April's daughter Danielle, i have heard lots about you too. ( he holds out his hand to her and she shakes it. 

Danielle: Well I'm many things but her daughter i am not.

Paul: Surely that's no way to talk to your mother ( He tilts her head at her in a very calming matter) 

(Danielle looks at him with a strange look thinking he looks familiar but she can't figure out where. 

Danielle: Have we met before? ( She squints her eyes at him trying to figure it out. 

Paul: No, sorry you must have me mistaken with someone else

( Danielle looks confused, Jake leans towards Danielle and whispers)

Jake: Is everything okay?

(Danielle nods her head brushing it off)

April: We better let you two get settled in, You're just in time tea is almost done.

(Danielle and Jake smile before heading inside. The pair head upstairs to there room to dump their suitcases. )

April: Tea's ready, be prepared it's my famous lental soup. ( she shouts from down stairs to get their attention) 

( Everyone gathers in the dining room to have their food and Danielle sits beside her father and opposite Paul not feeling like she can stomach looking at her mother.)

Danielle: Thank you for the soup, it is rather refreshing after the long day we have had.

Paul: I hear you were previously in San Francisco, how did you find it?

(pause) I don't really remember much about it.

Paul: That's a shame, i hear it is a beautiful place.

April: Will Sophie be turning up any time soon? ( she looks up at Jake as they continue to eat their food) 

Jake: I'm not too sure. ( he shrugs his shoulder and Danielle can't help but let out a little laugh) 

April: What's so funny ( she turns her head to look at her daugther not understanding what is going on) 

Danielle: This has got to be the nicest we have ever been at a dinner table in a very long time.

Jake: She has a point

(Danielle's face goes from pink and chipper, to yellow and sickly rather quickly. She looks up at April and holds her hand up to her mouth getting a bad feeling in her stomach. She drops her spoon down on the table and runs to the bathroom. A few moments later she comes out of the bathroom looking as white as a ghost. Jake turns his head and looks at her, he gets up off his seat and walks over to her feeling concerned about her.)

Jake: Sweetie, are you alright?

(Danielle nods her head at him as she stumbles over to him. He holds out his arms taking a hold of her when she collapses on the floor.) 

Jake: Hey, hey, come on wake up. Everything will be okay. ( He attempts to shake her away but fails) Quick call 911.

April: There's no service.

Paul: I'm sure everything is okay, If she doesn't wake up within the next 30 minutes take her to A&E.

(Jake wanted to take her to see a doctor straight away but for some reason part of him listened to what Paul and April had to say and carried her up to her room and placed her in her bed. He paced around her room in a panic hoping that she would wake up) (April walks into the room genuinely concerned and sees Danielle lying on her bed not looking great)

April: Jake how is she doing?

Jake: Not good, but it has only been a few minutes.

(Danielle's eyes slowly begin to open)

Danielle: Dad ( She calls out to him trying to open her eyes and find him in the room) 

(Jake ushers to her side and sits down on the bed beside her and takes a hold of her hand) 

Jake: Are you okay?

Danielle: Yeah I'm fine, don't take me to the hospital just let me sleep.

( Jake kissed Danielle's forehead agreeing with what she asked and he and April leave the room to let her sleep.)

(5 hours later- Danielle hears a clatter from downstairs which scares her awake, she looks around her room trying to bring herself together and slides herself out of bed. She wraps her dressing gown around her and head down stairs to have a look) ( She hears April and Paul in the living room and walks past the door) 

April: Danielle? Is that you?

Danielle: Yeah 

April: come here a second.

(Danielle makes her way to the living room and opens the door to see Paul and April snuggle together on the sofa

April; How are you feeling?

Danielle: Better i think.

April: I'm glad.

(Danielle begins to get a slight deja vu of San Francisco and what really happened)

( She lets out a weak and faint heared smile wanting to get back to bed)

April: Yeah take care

( Danielle leaves the living room and heads to the kitchen to grab water from the fridge and heads up stairs grabbing onto the railing and wall to give her some more support and balance.She knows something doesn't feel right but she can't remember/ can't think of what it could be. She heads into her room and lays down back in bed. Danielle is still awake when she hears foot steps outside the room as the light goes on and someone walks in)

Paul: You're mother has gone out for some groceries she should be back in no time.

Danielle: Thank you but i really didn't need to know.

Paul: Why do you disrespect your mother so much

Danielle: Before you judge me, you should know she was a horrid mother to me.

( Paul sits down on the bed beside her)

Paul: Well tell me.

(Danielle gets a slight smell of after shave surrounding her, she begins to look confused when it hits her and she shots up out of bed)

Danielle: You! I thought i recognized you. You... strangled me( she puts all the peices of the puzzle together and begins to back away from him afraid)

Paul: I was wondering how long it would take until you caught on. ( He gives her a little smirk) 

 (begging him afraid of what he might to do her.)

( Plunges towards her attempting to grab a hold of her. )

(Danielle jumps back crashing against the chest of drawers)

( Danielle crawls along the floor and he grabs a hold of her leg pulling her back, she scrapes her nails against the hard wood floor trying to grab a hold of anything to stop her. She turns around lying on the ground with him above her and she lifts her legs trying to kick him to get off her. She stumbles her way onto her feet and runs out her room to attempt to reach her dad who was asleep in the room beside the garage)

(Paul chases after her grabbing a hold of her arm before she starts going down stairs) 

Paul: You can't out run me.

Danielle attempts to pull her arm away from Paul in doing so she trips over falling over the banister crashing to the ground).( April comes running in at the sound of the thud)

(screams) What did you do. ( she drops the shopping over the floor  and Paul runs down to the bottom of the stairs. )

(Jake awakens to the screams from inside the cabin and runs inside to see Danielle lying at the bottom of the stairs )

(he runs towards Danielle and April)

April: Call the police!

(Jake runs outside to call the police and ambulance men and by time he gets back in Paul has a gun pointed towards April)

April: Why are you doing this?

( looking at Jake) one move and they both die.

(Jake stands beside April grabbing a hold of her hand feeling the need to protect her. )

Paul: why? you don't get it do you? It's all her fault. It was always her fault and you kept reminding me of it every day. You never loved me because you were too busy blaming her for taking away the one person you loved him (Paul becomes teary and then he looks at Jake) You never stopped it. 

April: You didn't have to do this, not this way.

( Danielle has her eyes closed as she lays on the ground trying so hard to open them up, trying so hard to stand herself up so that she can stand in front of her father to protect him. She tries to get herself up but she can't move no matter how hard she tries and that's when she hears it the gun going off, the bang vibrating in her ears like it was pulled over the top of her. 

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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