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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 5 (v.2) - scene 5-My Broken Body

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



Scene 5-My Broken Body


(The paramedics rush in the hospital with Danielle strapped to a gourney) 

paramedics: Some one quick help. Patient was attacked and fell over the stair banister. We don't know the extent to the damage, you are going to need to order a CT scan and MRI.

Nurse: patients name? ( they rush over trying to get the important infomation from them before they can do anything) 

Paramedics: Danielle Louise Backworth, age 16

Nurse: Thank you, we will take it from here.

( Danielle gets rushed away into a trauma room and the doctors and nurses take over her care. Outside Jake comes running into the ER covered in blood and a nurse walks over to him in fear that he is hurt) 

Nurse: Excuse me sir, is everything okay? Are you hurt? (She looks at him up and down trying to scan him for any open wounds) 

Jake: No this is my daughters blood, she was rushed in a few moments ago. ( He sakes his head at her in a state of shock not knowing what to do with himself) 

 (points to the waiting area) we will get someone to speak with you as soon as possible.

(Jake sits down in the waiting area and holds his t-shirt out in his hands at the blood. He is waiting for thirty minutes before a doctor manages to come out and speak to him)

Doctor Charlie: Hi, You must be Jake Backworth, Danielle's father? ( He approaches him having figured by the mess of his clothes that he was the relative) 

Jake: I am in deed ( he stands up looking at the doctor with tears in his eyes at the thought of losing Danielle) 

Doctor Charlie: My name Is Doctor Charlie, we are giving you a update on your daughter because she is of the age 16 she is officially considered a adult but we would like to inform you we are taking your daughter in for X-ray before we can do anything else. we must evaluate all injuries before taking action

Jake: I'm coming with you

Doctor Charlie: You must stay here. You are going to be here for a while so i suggest grabbing a coffee and something to eat ( Pause) ( he puts his arm on Jakes shoulder) I promise when we know something we will tell you. 

( As much as Jake doesn't want to listen to the doctor and as much as he wants to see his daughter he knows he will only be in the way and be a distract and he can't have that happening The doctor heads back to Danielle and Jake takes a seat back down putting his head in his hand not caring if he got Danielle's dried blood from his hands on his face. Sophie comes running into the waiting room panicked and she races towards the reception)

Sophie: where is she? Where is my daughter?

Nurse: Mam, what's your daughter's name?

( Jake hears Sophie and gets up off his seat and heads over to her )

Jake: Sophie ( he calls out as his voice breaks along with his heart, Sophie turns around to look at him) 

Sophie: Where is she? How is she? ( she looks around wondering why he isn't with her) 

( He pulls her aside in the waiting room getting her to sit down)

Sophie: Where's Danielle?

Jake: They are taken her to X-ray to see the damage. 

Sophie: what the hell happened up there?

Jake: When we got there April was with a man Paul who seemed friendly to begin with who actually had a vendetta against Danielle blaming her for April not loving him or something like that i don't really know. I can't seem to wrap my head all around it ( pause) ( he looks over to the A&E doors) All i know is my baby girl is in there fighting for her life. 

Sophie: Why have i been told she might have multiple broken bones? ( she looks at him trying to get as much answers as she can

Jake: Because she fell over a banister in a fight with the guy.

Sophie: How bad is it?

Jake: They aren't sure yet

( Sophie takes a hold of his hand as They both sit together afraid of what might happen. They get a glimpse of April being check out by some of the nurses. Jake gets up off his chair and storms over to her wanting answers from her) 

Jake: Did you hear what's happening with Danielle? Did you hear what your boyfriend did? ( He explodes at her in anger blaming her for what happened) 

April: Jake I'm sorry, i didn't know that was going to happen

Sophie: She fell over a bannister

Jake: If you didn't screw up with her before you have definitely done it now. Don't you get it?

April: Get what? ( she looks up at him) 

Jake: The reason she always argued with you was because you were never there for her. All she wanted was a mother to understand her to take her shopping, not a mother who blamed for everything, even things she didn't even do. She just wanted to be loved by you and you mistook it for rebellion.

(April looks at Jake with guilt never haven realised how Danielle felt. The police walk into the trauma room where all 3 parents were stood)

Police man: Danielle Back worth's mum and dad?

( They look at each other oddly)

Jake: What can we do for you?

Police man: We are sorry to inform you that Paul Scott escaped from the police soon after the ambulance left with Danielle. We can assure you the police are out looking for him and we have placed his picture on the news and other forms of social media telling the public to call the police if he is found/ seen.

Sophie: What on earth are you gonna do to catch him? He almost killed my little girl the first time, he won't hesitate to actually do it. ( Her motherly instanct begins to kick in worried about her daughter) 

policeman: We are trying our hardest and using all of our resources we can.

Jake: Don't stand about talking to us then, protect our daughter !

Meanwhile back at Jake's house

Officer John: Who goes there? ( He walks out into the corridor ) 

Callum: My name is Callum James Backworth, I am the son of the owner of the house and brother to Danielle Louise Backworth. Would you like to tell me what is going on? ( he looks around confused at why his house is swarmed by the police) 

Officer John: Ah Yes Callum, You're father has told me plenty of things about you. I'm afraid that your sister was attacked by a man earlier this evening. 

Callum: Yes i was informed

Officer John: Looks like your father's home. ( He looks over Callums shoulder too see Jake walking in the door) 

Callum: Dad , How is she ( he blurts out wanting to make sure she is okay) 

(Callum opens his arms up to his father and hugs him trying to comfort him) ( They hear a knock at the door and Callum pulls away from the hug to answer it feeling like it is the only thing he can do) 

Callum: well hello mother, it's been quiet some time hasn't it. 

( Goes to put her hand on his face, he backs away)

Callum: If only it wasn't your fault that my baby sister could die ( He spits out angry at her for letting this happen)Goodbye mother.(Callum closes the door on his mother not wanting to see her face. )

Officer John: Excuse me gentlemen i just got word from the hospital. I think you should both take a seat. 

Jake: What? Why? What's going on? 

Officer John: Please ( He holds out his arm pointing towards the living room but the two boys refuse to move) Danielle's missing...

Callum: What do you mean missing? It's not like she could have got up on her own and walked out the door!

Officer John: It is believed that Paul Scott has taken her

Callum: How is this possible?

Officer John: we don't know. ( He shakes his head) 

(Callum turns towards the wall and punches his fist in it in anger that not only was his sister attacked but now she is missing and possibly taken by the man who hurt her. All his life all he ever wanted to do was protected and all he felt was guilt for not being there for her when she needed her. For not being able to join them at the family cabin on day one because he had a court case that needed to be dealt with. 

( Callum breaks down ) My Baby sister

(Jake looks away in disgusts grabs the phone  out of his jeans pocket. He looks over at Callum and calls his father needing him now more than ever and this time he wasn't willing to wait

Jake: Dad i need you now, He's taken her...

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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