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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6 (v.2) - scene 6-Forgive Me, Are you really who you say you are?

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Scene 6- Forgive Me,Are You Really Who You Say You Are?

Backworth Household - 

( Officer John walks over to Callum to make sure he is okay after punching the wall feeling guilty to have to reveal the news to him.) 

Officer John: Callum take a seat, we need to  get some to look at that hand of yours( He lead him into the living room and sits him down on one of the chair. He waves to a police officer who was once a paramedic) I know this might seem absurd but I'm just trying to do my job.

Callum: I know what you're getting at, please just get it over with ( he nods his heads knowing proticol) 

(The officer come over and takes a look at Callum's hand while Callum and Officer John spoke.)

Officer John: How close are you and your sister? ( he pulls out his notebook needing answers) 

Callum: Very close. From the minute i seen her I knew I had to protect her.

Officer John: I hear that Jake isn't your biological father is that true?

Callum: Yeah, when my mom had me she was employed by Jake, Me and Danielle would be placed in the playroom and we just got along really well. After they came to agreement about April being Danielle's mom, Jake had become attached to me from that point on he decided out of choice to be my father. My mum even gave him full custody of me after he signed the adoption papers. Why is this relevant?

(The offcier looks up at them both interupting their conversation) 

Paramedic: It doesn't look like it is fractured or broken. Could just be a mild sprain, do you have a first aid kit around?

Callum: Yeah in the bathroom ( He points him off into the direction and he head off to get it. He comes back with the kit and cleans up Callums hand and applies a bandage) Keep this bandage on and if the pain gets any worse go to the hospital and get it checked out.

(Callum nods his head at the him agreeing with what he said and he gets up leaving the pair to it. )

Officer John: we are just trying to gather all the appropriate information so that people don't suspect you were involved in the kidnapping. When was the last time you spoke or saw your sister?

Callum: I spoke to her a few days ago when I heard something happened in San Francisco, as for the last time i saw her was in July.

Officer John: How did she seem?

Callum: Normal, annoyed at April because April kept arguing with her all the time but she was still happy and chipper.

(Officer John sits on the coffee table in front of Callum needing a rest from all the over time he has been doing) 

Officer John: Have you ever met this guy Paul?

Callum: No but the name sounds familiar, You would be best to ask her best friend Rachel Rebecca Glennie she might know more than me.

Officer John: Thank you man, You have been a great help

( Callum stands up and puts out his left hand the non- hurt one and shakes Officer John's hand. Callum walks into the corridor and he sees the front door open and a older man walk in. ) 

(Pause) Jake... Jake Backworth.

Officer John: Ah good day Navy Officer Backworth, Your son is in the kitchen.

(James shakes Officer John's hand and begins to make his way over)

( Officer John walks out the house. James looks around seeing endless cops taking notes making sure that Callum and Jake have nothing to hide. He walks over to the kitchen greeting his son while Callum stays out of sight.)

James: It has been a long time son. ( he pipes up which makes Jake turn around to look at him) 

Jake: It really has, but i get it.

James: Where is she?

Jake: No one knows, Me and April left the hospital at around ten past eight at night. We came back here to speak to Callum and fill him in to what's been on, but only to find out fifteen minutes after we left the hospital it was discovered that my littl girl was taken by Paul. 

James: Didn't the police have eyes on her?

Jake: Yeah well that's the thing, the police officers who were stationed outside her room heard a bang go off outside the hospital. They ran to check out what it was only to discover it was a kid trying to let off a firework by time they got back to her room it was completely empty. What kind of cops allow that to happen? ( he spits out wishing that they just stayed where they were meant to , wishing that they didn't have to do their job for once and stayed where they were stationed) 

James:They would be the ones who are willing to sacrifice them selves to help others who could be in need. Maybe they thought she would be okay that the nurses would recognize if someone looked out of place or they could have been dirty cops.The could have been involved in the whole plan and maybe that kid was a distraction... Jake we won't know until they get questioned.

Jake: Dad, I'm glad you came. It means a lot

(Callum walks into the kitchen after over listening to the conversation)

Callum: Dad, some chick is at the door looking for you

(James and Jake turn around and Jake nods his head and makes his way to the front door to see who it is while Callum stays in the kitchen with his grandfather) 

 walks towards him) You  have fairly grown into a fine young man. Last time i saw you, you must have been fourteen stealing ,drink ,taking drugs and now..

Callum: I sorted my self out, i joined the Navy for a few years before becoming a Lawyer. I even started my own law firm with a few Navy buddies, Backworth, Watson &Jones.

James: Yes I've heard so many great things of your law firm. Many Navy Seal officers have lots of faith in you guys and are very thankful for all you do and all you have helped.I am happy you have done good in your life.

Callum: Thank you Sir. ( he nods his head feeling greatful for his kind words) 

James: Please call me grandad or James, Sir sounds so formal and this family is anything but formal

(James puts out his hand andCallum shakes it as they lead into a hug patting one another's backs and they hear Faint sound of conversation by Jake and Sophie)

Jake: Come on, come meet Callum and my father.

Sophie: I don't think I should.

(They go into the kitchen meeting James and Callum)

Jake: Meet Danielle's mother, Sophie ( he introduces to them with a smile and James glares at Sophie feeling unimpressed for not only hurting his son all those years ago but for abandoning his grand-daughter they way she did. 

Callum: Pleasure to meet you ( He holds out his hand being welcoming and friendly towards her unlike James) 

James: Sophie ( He stays where he is stood feeling unsure about her and her presence) 

Sophie: James

Jake: Be nice to her.

(James and Callum sigh in disapproval believing that after all these years that Jake deserves better.) 

Sophie: Look i know i have been absent in Danielle's life and i have made many mistakes but i am here now, but you have no right to judge.

Callum: You might be my sister's mother and the woman my dad loves but it doesn't mean I'm going to like you for everything you put them through. So yeah i think we do have a right to judge.

James: Sophie, it's nice to see you again after many of years and to see that you have done well in life but at the same time I do not respect or care for you after you abandoned your own child on a door step. How can we trust you now when you have never been there for her before, how long until you walk out her life again?

Sophie: Haha, that's funny coming from you. Where have you been all her life huh? Where were you when i left her on Jake's door step didn't you throw him out?

James: Me and Jake had a agreement, I told him to get a roof of his own while he had his daughter so he could care for her, to learn. You have to go through struggles to get where you want to in life but i never abandoned him. When ever he needed money because his boss refused to pay him i gave him the money. I never turned my back even if it seemed as if i did. I'm a Navy Seal Commander, I have enemies in the world who could go after my family so we agreed it was best for her safety until she agrees that i would only be involved in her life if she was in danger, but i still sent her letters and birthday cards, sending Christmas presents.

(Officer John coughed to them as he walked into the kitchen making sure his presence was known) 

Officer John: Excuse me, If it is perfectly alright i would like to speak to Sophie and Jake separately in private.

(They turn and look at him and nod their head in agreement and follow him out of the kitchen) 

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