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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 7 (v.2) - Scene7- Forgive Me,What Are You Hidding?

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Scene 7- Forgive Me,What Are You Hiding?


( Officer John walks with Sophie and Jake up stairs and Jake leads them to his bedrom. Jake heads into his bedroom while Sophie gets seperated into the spare room and Officer John has a glance around trying to get a picture in his mind of what the family was like. He opens the door to the spare bedroom and sees Sophie stood by the window staring out of it with  her arms crossed.

Officer John:Please Sophie take a seat. ( closes the door behind them to give them privacy and she takes a seat on the edge of the bed) 

Officer John: I know this isn't the nicest experience but it is something we have to do.

(Sophie just looks at Officer John with a slight worry on her face)

Officer John: I have a few questions I would like you to answer if that is alright?

(Sophie nods her head willing to do anything to help) 

Officer John: How Well Do you Know Danielle?

Sophie: Well I Did give birth to her

Officer John: We know of that, but we hear you left her in the custody of her father when she was a baby. So I will ask the question again, How well did you know Danielle?

Sophie: Umm (pause) It wasn't until a few weeks ago that i came back, me and Jake began dating again but I was afraid to get to attached so I broke up with Jake and went back home in Miami. When i was with him we did not feel it appropriate to inform Danielle that i was her real mother until things got serious which they never did. Before she did know who i was we got on very well, she treated me like I was one of her best friends and she wasn't afraid to be flat out straight with me about things. After I left I couldn't stop thinking of my daughter and the life that I could have lived with them and I decided to come back. We were going to tell her was the night she illegally drove herself from San Francisco to LA , the night that April's boyfriend strangled her. 

Officer John: After so many years, How did you find Danielle and Jake?

Sophie: When I was in Miami i read a article about a young female who volunteered to help the less fortunate who's houses were destroyed in a recent earthquake. The young girl and her father spent all their spare time building them new homes offering them shelter. It was a beautiful and well deserved article and i read at the bottom the man and women in charge of this amazing work was Jake Backworth aged thirty one years old stood next to his sixteen year old daughter and I knew i had to get in touch.

Officer John: Whilst you have been visiting here have you noticed any strange behavior coming from Danielle?

Sophie: Nope, not that i noticed. Before she knew who I was she would come home from school, She would go out with her friends, her and Rachel would come to the house. She would complain about April here and there but Jake told me that it was normal for her because the pair don't seem to get on easy with one another. 

Officer John: How about any boys? Did she have a boyfriend? or a crush that you knew about?

Sophie: I know that she liked a child hood friend but she never told me his name. The best person who would know something like this isn't me or her father it is Rachel.

Officer John: (Looks up at Sophie) I know this must not have been easy for you, thank you for your co- operation. You may head down stairs now. ( Officer John leaves Sophie and heads into Jake's bedroom).

( Jake stands up off the bed and he closes the door)

Jake: Have you found her yet? Any new information on where she could be?

Officer John: Unfortunately not (Pause) Are you positive you have never seen Paul before?

Jake: Yes, Apart from up at the cabin.

Officer John: Have you ever heard of Danielle or any of  her friends speak of a man named Paul before?

Jake: Never (pause) but... there was this one time...

Officer John: What happened?

Jake: When she was four years old, I went out for a meal with a date. April was meant to be babysitting she fell asleep on the couch and when she woke up Danielle was gone. She was found two weeks later, the man who had taken her was on his way to Mexico to start a new life but there was some kind of car crash on the freeway and she was found. Is there any chance this could be the same man?

Officer John: Why have I never heard of this before? ( he raises his eye brow confused) 

Jake: When ever I attempted to speak about it again once she was found they kept delaying it to the point they told me they were giving up the search and there was nothing they could do.

Officer John: Who was the detective in charge of the case?

Jake: Detective Ramerse

Officer John: You have spent most time with her, Have you noticed a change in her behavior recently?

Jake: There has been a few things, she has been more annoyed with her mother recently but when i go to ask her about it she shuts me down. So after a while i just left it and she was back to normal again. Apart of me just put it down to being a teenager, You know what it is like with hormones.

(Officer John puts his hand out to Jake, they shake )

Officer John; How about School?  Anything strange going on there?

Jake: No, She was like every other teenager. She didn't like going to all her classes but loved spending time with her friends ( pauses) ( looks up at him) Our Danielle had a big heart, She would help the homeless, build homes for those who lost it even if it meant she didn't get to spend time with people she loved. She was always loving and kind to people she knew and everyone loved her. She wasn't one to start an arguement or cause problems unless she had her reasons. 

Officer John: You have been a real help to understand a lot more of what's been going on. Is there any chance you can get in touch with April? No one can seem to find her

Jake: Sure, i will try my best.

Officer John: We really are trying our best to find her. 

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