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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 8 (v.2) - Scene 8- Forgive Me, I Am No Longer The Person I Once Was

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Scene 8- Forgive Me,I Am No Longer The Person I Once Was


Police station- 

 April is in a interrogation room waiting to be interrogated. James walks into the halls of the police station and spots Officer John about to walk into the room. 

James: Officer John ( he calls out to get his attention, Officer John turns around and walks over to him)please allow me to talk to this woman. No one can get through to her like i can.

officer john: You can't interrogate your own family. ( he shakes his head knowing it is a bad idea) 

James: She is not my family! And she never will be.

Officer John: Alright, Only because we need to get Danielle back. But i'm warning you use your words wisely or I will pull you out.

James: Thank you sir.

( James puts his hand on the handle and opens up the door and walks inside. April fling her head up off her arms and looks at James with an unimpressed bitchy way) 

April: Look what the cat dragged in, I must be seeing  things. No way can that be James Backworth. I Swear he died years ago (Pause) oh wait no I just pretended he did because he was never around.

James: I'm not here to play games with you April, I want to find my granddaughter.( Slams hand against the table)

April: That might be a tinsie winsie difficult,  You see I never wanted Danielle to get hurt or even kidnapped for that fact but the more i think about it the more i could use this to my advantage. I never liked the bitch anyway... you know what she could die for all i cared. It won't effect me one bit. ( She begins to switch having no empathy for the child she once helped raised) 

James: ( He pulls out the seat and sits down opposite April) But it will, you could get charged for being an accompolice to murder.

April: Law always has been a funny subject but you see I have no part in his plan ( she crosses her arm with a smirk on her face) 

James:Are you telling me when you hired him or used him as your boyfriend you didn't aim for him to hurt your daughter in anyway. You didn't know of his past aggressive behavior towards women.

April: No I did

James: So You are agreeing with the fact you deliberately allowed him to be around your daughter knowing his intentions to hurt her and when you refused to love him you knew he blamed her but the Family Cabin was a part of your plot to get Danielle and Paul in the same room again after what happened in San Francisco.( she tilts her head to look at him)Yeah i know about that too, I spoke to my grand baby about it, she told me how she offended you which he retaliated to and you just sat watching him strangle her near to death and laugh about it.

April: That's not what i said though

James; You still aren't denying it isn't true.

April: Of course its not true.

James: April did you know i know when someone is lying to me. I studied body language and behavior a few years back i know all about it and when you lie you get a crinkle above your eyebrow and i can guarantee that you will squint your eyes. Most of the time you blame it to poor quality of vision but you got 20/20 vision. I think it is pretty clear that you are lying to us therefore you can get arrested for abstruction of justice. What intrigues me is what made you change after all those years huh? was it jealousy, not feeling loved anymore, attention?

April: When i first fell in love with your son it was like i was drowning and he saved me but as time went by i could tell he wasn't into the relationship anymore. He no longer felt how i felt which led him to spend more time with his daughter which just made me and him grow further apart. He would drop the whole world just to be with her but he couldn't even come to a doctors appointment with me. That was my turning point , that was when i new i could no longer be the friendly caring women who wouldn't say or do a nasty thing i changed myself into a monster to teach myself to not feel pain and that is exactly what i did until it took over my whole life. By time she was age eight i was completely heartless a part of me always blamed Danielle for that even when it wasn't her fault.

James: How did you meet Paul?

April: I was drinking at a pub one night after being rejected by my daughter and ex- husband, he bought me a glass of malt whisky. I took him home to my place we spoke to each other for a bit. He listened to me when i would bitch about how horrible and disastrous my life had turned.He understood me.

James: Why go after your daughter? Do you not feel some kind of guilt? When she was in hospital she was given a 50/50 change that she might walk again but now she only has a 25% chance and that's with out knowing how severe her damages are, don't you care about that. You watched your own daughter fall down two flights of stairs and yet some how she is still to blame.

April: Of course i was guilty, she never would have fell over the banister if i never invited him tothe cabin in the first place. Even though me and my daughter have our ups and downs she is still my daughter and i will love her.

James: So you do still care about her?

April: Of course i do

James; Where could Paul have taken her?

April: I wish i could tell you but I don't even know where he lives let alone his hiding places.

James; You are going to have to stay here for longer, you are currently our only decent contact that is useful.

( James stands up off his chair and pushing the chair into the table. He walks over to the door and turns around to her 

James: Thank you, You have just given us evidence to our investigation... you stupid bitch.

(James walks out the door full of anger and rage at the fact even though she knew he was a danger man that he would let him into her life any way. That she wouldn't care and laugh when he hurt her daughter the person she claims to love.)

( He walks out of the room and Officer John greets him ) 

Officer John: You did well, For a minute i thought you were going to lose your cool but you restrained yourself 

James: I've met woman like her before there is only one way to get through to them 

Officer John; Women like her?

James: You know the kind ( he points out his head and the pair walked down the hall) I never liked that woman from the start. 

Officer John: It would appear very many people don't like her either. 

James: It will only get worse with time. 

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