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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 9 (v.2) - Scene 9- Forgive Me, She Said What?

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Scene 9-Forgive Me,She Said What?

Rachel Rebecca Glennie's house

Rachel is lying on her bed with her school work spread out in front of her as she attempts to figure out her math equations when there is a knock at her door. She throws hers pen down on her paper and leaps off her bed feeling thankful for the distraction as her work was getting to much for her. She opens the front door to see two elderly men in front of her holding out a badge. 

Rachel: Hi, how may i help you? ( she looks at them thinking they must have the wrong door. 

James: This is officer John, We were wondering if we could come inside and speak to you about your friend Danielle Louise Backworth

Rachel: Sure come on in. ( Rachel allows the two men into the house leading them into the living room)

Rachel: Have you found her yet? 

James: (Takes a hold of Rachel's arm, sitting down with her) No, I'm afraid we haven't.

Rachel: Well, Where the hell is she huh? ( She sits down on the soffa opposite of them) 

Officer John: That's what we are trying to figure out. ( he pulls out his note book. 

Rachel: I have nothing to do with her kidnapping?

James: Don't take offense to this, but we don't really know you so we can't rule you out as a suspect just yet.

Rachel: What do i have to prove, that i have no part in it?

Officer John; Just answer some questions ( Officer john searches the living room looking at photos.): How well did you know Danielle?

Rachel:( stands up and walks over the unit in her living room taking out photographs) We have known each other since we were five years old. Her and her dad moved out here when he got a job, he worked with my father for a while before getting a promotion and we more or less grew up together. We had some problems in the past but it is all fine now. (Hands over photographs)

Officer John: ( Takes a hold of photographs)  Do you know of anyone at your school who had a problem with Danielle?

Rachel: (Sits back down) Honestly no. She was loved by everyone, everyone wanted to be her friend

James: How about a boyfriend or a crush?

Rachel: She has a boyfriend, his names Steve. I think they have been going out for around a year.  Before you ask he wouldn't do anything to hurt her

Officer John: can you think of maybe anyone who was jealous of the relationship? Or perhaps Jealous of her? Some one who may have anything against her?

Rachel: Well there was this one time... (Pause)  Danielle, me and a few others got called down to the depute head teachers office because they wanted to speak to us about the possibility of producing a musical to perform in front of the school and possibly to a few celebrity guest.  We were at the depute heads office for around half an hour as they told us who they wanted to play the leads. Danielle and Tyler was going to be the lead and the rest of us were going to play the other important role but there was one girl who wasn't happy about it.

James: (Interrupts): What was the girls name?

Rachel: I think the girls name was Jessica. Anyway on the way back to class Jessica turned around and said "Typical, she always gets everything".  A fight broke out she ended up getting in Danielle's face and said something like " First you get Steve, then you get the main part. I think you buy what you want "  Jessica ended up slapping Danielle, something else was said then Danielle ended up slamming the girl into the lockers in themain corridor, the girls face was pretty busted up and Danielle ended up being shoved into the vending machines. Both girls were rushed into hospital and sworn never to speak about it again but the two made up eventually.

Officer John: Why did the police never hear about this?

Rachel : Because they knew it could end up them getting charged and it would have been such a big hassle which they didn't want to happen.

James: Where did the girl go?

Rachel: six months after the fight she moved away to Brazil, no one heard from her since.

Officer John: ( stands up and puts out his hand, shakes with Rachel) Thank you for all your help

(Officer John and James both begin to walk away to leave the house)

Rachel: We were all glad when Danielle slammed the girl into the lockers. she was selfish, horrible and only cared about herself, she had it coming.( She walks them to the front door) Please hurry up and find Danielle

James: When we find her we will call you as soon as we can.

( Officer John and James leave Rachel's house heading back to the car)

James: something doesn't seem right.

Officer John: Some one must know where she is ( he opens the car door and gets inside while James climbs into the driver side) 

James: We need to speak to more people 

Officer John; Least we know who the boy friend is, It's a beginning. 

James: None of it makes sense, when ever we have spoke to anyone they all agreed on one thing Danielle had a big heart and would never intentionally hurt someone so why would someone kidnapp her. What could she have done wrong? ( He starts up the car and leave the street while Rachel watches from her window) 

Officer John: Perhaps we have been looking at this all wrong. Maybe we should be asking ourselves what has her family done?

James; Why would you think it has anything to do with the family?

Officer John: She is like the perfect person that everyone grows up wanting to be, she's beautiful, She works hard and gets where she wants, Everyone loves her and she has a big heart helping the less fortunate. It doesn't make sense on why anyone would go after her which only makes sense that someone is trying to hurt someone by using her. 

James; But who would do such a thing?

Officer John; We will get the answers we need even if it means we have to work day and night. I will not let this case slip through my fingers. 


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