Powerhouse Blues

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When you think you have everything in your path cleared, there's just some things that come to make their way onto it.

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



While I'm trying to put the pieces together, I'm also stuck between choosing to leave after my long days at work or staying to keep the pain constantly beating me down. I can't hide my pain anymore than a camel could hide it's toe. The thought that even through the truth i seen, I'm still bashed for the lie i was meant to perceive from this other "side". There's no competition here at all or atleast not through my eyes. No need to lie i can feel the hate. Not much of a word to say, but the power behind it is incredibily strong and a miserable one to deal. The options i'm left with aren't any good ones as I still see corners that have my name on them with each thought passing through my mind.

This brings me back to my first problem which is finding a house full of love rather than someone to opress the good to make them seem like the weak to an "audience" that never existed from the start. I see everyone as a form of family in some type of way, but the hate from one that you considered to be so close is an everlastiing pain rather they stay with you or not. The pain gets deeper when i look in the mirror searching for the "horrible person" i was made out to be. Hate can eat you up so bad that you'll be shopping for dinner, but as soon as you get home you'll notice your appetite disappear. Now it won't occur that its been days since you have had a proper meal until someone on the outside looking in addresses.

Even though i work all day so I'm only home at night it still seems that i'm the problem as i feel a thousand eyes stinging me like spot lights on a stage for a play you never prepared or knew about. Death is no answer to any problem as i'm concerned for all my brothers and sisters around the world that ever feels unwanted, hated, or even remotely sad. I love you all honestly, even through my time of triumph i can still provide the comfort and support anyone may need in their time of terror. I'm only a click away, and more than likely welcoming of any struggle that you come with. Even now since it is very hard for me, there's no better feeling than helping others they help you as well by providinng smiles.

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