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zero is losing himself....will kaien cross step in to help?

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Zero was walking around on patrols, letting his mind wander. Anything else was better than what was on the front of his mind right now-his needy, unrelenting bloodlust.


He continued down the hallways, trying to stay distracted. One hand went to Bloody Rose and he began to unlock and relock the safety on it.


Snap, click. Snap, click. Snap, click. Snap, click. Snap, cli-




He paused, and leaned nearer to the wall enclosing the kitchen. Yuki had been cooking in there, and, in true Yuki style, dropped a mixing bowl full of flour on the floor. Now she tried to pick up the bowl-and was glad it wasn’t glass-while she was covered head to toe in white flour, making her look like a ghost.


She sighed, glad she was alone and not with Sayori or Kaname. Little did she know that Zero had heard all of this.


Zero continued on, silently glad she was ok. Since his apparent job was to ‘guard’ Yuki, he knew he would have to face him if he failed. Not like Kaname Kuran had anything to do with it. He just hated the guy, that’s all.


He hated Kaname Kuran’s guts.


He continued walking down the hallway, hand off of Bloody Rose, which lay securely in his jacket. He’d started to feel weird a few feet away, and knew having Bloody Rose out would be dangerous for someone like him-in his slowly weakening state, he could easily shoot himself or someone else.


He knew that he could easily have another attack soon, ansd the last thing he wanted was for Yuki to see him.


His legs gave out from under him and he fell forward, Bloody Rose dropping from Zero’s jacket. He sat on his knees, brushing himself out. Where in the world had that come from? Why did that happen?

He knew his bloodlust had an annoying habit to come out of nowhere but it had never struck him like this before.


But there is always time for firsts, right?


Zero tried to stand, only to have his traitorous legs betray him again. He felt like they had mastered a liquid-solid combination. He was suddenly exhausted.

Right now, he would give anything for patrols to be over and him to be in class- so that he could fall asleep.


A chromium bolt of pain shot through his head, and he cried out at the odd, unexpected sensation. He gripped his head and hair tightly, bent over. It felt like his head had been replaced with a hot, burning lump of metal. One that had been in the foundry until melting point, and now was being pounded into some random shape. If pain had a shape, that is.


He fell over, still holding his head. He prayed Yuki wouldnt find him in this state. He had been fighting against his bloodlust so much, and has weakened himself in the process. So it should have been of no surprise as for it to happen now.


His head pounded again, and he fell onto his knees, uncontrollable moans fell out of his mouth, no matter how hard he bit down onto his lip to stifle them.


The sharp, agonizing feeling spread through his body and he writhed in pain, his body arching and tensing at every sensation. It was agony to go through this alone. To have to gain control of himself again and have to explain why he looked so tired to Yuki the next morning.


He could feel his fangs elongating, which garnered another frustrated cry from Zero’s lips. He didn't want this to happen now, right in the middle of the hallway, where some Day Class student was bound to see him. And Yuki could easily hear him, and she could also easily walk out and see him like this. And bam, his facade would be gone.


He remembered the pack of Blood Tablets that sat inside a dusty pocket of his jacket, and he raised an arm as if to pull them out, but a piercing, protesting  bolt of pain from his stomach stopped him.


He hunched forward onto his hand and knees, retching up the contents of the Blood Tablets he’d eaten a few hours before. He felt his stomach stop heaving, and Zero sat back, his chest rising and falling rapidly.


Oh no. His vision was falling to a pinprick, a tunnel, in front of him, and the tingling sensation on his fangs was growing more strongly.


He could almost feel the students heartbeats, and taste the delicious blood that travelled through their innocent bodies. Suddenly, it seemed so much easier to let in to his bloodlust, and devour someone. The pain in his head had eased, replaced by a steady pressure. He let out a moan, smelling the student’s blood. He needed it.




A voice spoke, not the one inside his head begging for release, but a different one, one he still knew well.


“....Zero…? I have to admit, this is the farthest ive seen it get on anybody.” Headmaster Cross walked up, smiling. He was wearing his typical robe and throw.


“Sto….aagh!!’’ His body slammed against the wall in his efforts to wrestle the beast back inside.


“You can’t go back to the way things were, Kiryu. You know that, right? I didn't want to have to do this…..but i will have to call up Yagari. You know that, right, Kiryu?”


“Yea. i do-i don't care. Just please...leave me alone.” he pulled back, and sat against the wall. His eyes were a bright, swirling red, need and pain suppressed visible in his eyes.


“Zero….youre just making yourself suffer more by denying yourself blood.” Headmaster smiled sadly, and kneeled by Zero, moving his robe away.


“What….is. No….this isn’t funny.” he moaned, any trace of lavendar in his eyes gone.


He unconciously scooted forward, then grabbed Headmaster’s hand away from his robe, exposing the tanned skin.


“Kiryu. Please. I don't care if you drink my blood….anything to help one of my students.”


Zero pinned Cross’ wrists to the floor, and licked Kaien Cross’ neck, preparing the skin.

Small shivers ran through the Head’s body at Zero’s touch. All these years, he had secretly been longing for Zero’s touch like this.


As Zero’s fangs sank into his neck, Kaien Cross held back a slight moan at the odd sensation. He heard Zero gulping his blood, and decided to go where he was taking him.


Never before had he felt like this. So vulnerable, so helpless under someone’s touch.


Is this what it would be like with Juri? Like this?


Zero pulled away, again licking the wound. His eyes were closed, and when he opened them, his eyes were normal again.


For once, Kaien Cross knew what it was like to be submerged in ecstasy.


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