Here I am: Part 1

Here I am: Part 1

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



A middle age woman finds herself on an alien ship with lost memories. An alien working for a narcissistic boss hates his job. Will they ever escape their reality?
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A middle age woman finds herself on an alien ship with lost memories. An alien working for a narcissistic boss hates his job. Will they ever escape their reality?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1: Fuck you

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 25, 2017



Chapter 1: Fuck You


Well here I am. Still waiting for someone to come and get me. I’m so dang hungry. The pain hurts. It not just hunger. It’s pain. Something deep in my stomach. I want to throw up but there is nothing. It creeps into the my heart, my arms, my fingers, my eyes… I breath. Breath, 15, Breath.

It doesn’t really matter if I open my eyes or keep them shut, either way it is completely dark.

Some sort of smell is seeping through the door. Something close to rubber and meat. I crawl towards the smell and feel the edge of something. My hand moves up and down its curves.

I stare blankly into the darkness. Who am I? Did I die?


Well here I am. In the food processing station. We stole some meat from the underland and mixed it in with some vegetables back home. The subjects must be starving. Then again they don’t have feelings. Just instincts.. What a dry existance. I guess we are helping them in a way. No work. Just sleep and eat. I kind of envy them. Sometimes thinking itself is exhausting. I look down at the list of subjects. It contains their weight, nutrients, and last time they ate. One of the subjects has not eaten yet. Perhaps she needs some help. I took the newly processed meat with some vegetables that the subjects body needs and brought it to door 15. Boss stopped me on the way. He wanted me to put in some narcotics in the meat. He then let me know it's time for subject 15 examine. Boss likes the subjects.. he seems them almost as his kids… I don't get it.


The edge of something started moving. I still tried to Lean my body against the edge I learned so well with my hands. Something cold grabbed me and moved me away from the edge. I felt my heart drop but I simply stayed limp. Suddenly I felt a wet mush go all over my face. Some got into my mouth. It tasted like cow mixed with some sort of rubber. I didn't care… I went for the rest of the.. whatever it is. I felt each bite making me stronger. The cold being left. I knew cause the mumbling it makes stopped. I started feeling full…. and sleepy. I felt my eyes feel extremely heavy. I closed them down and laid my head down onto the cold ground.


I woke up in a sweat. What am I wearing? A white one piece? The whole one piece was a bit baggy and felt like it could flap if there was any wind. The room is completely white. There are no corners. Just white everywhere. Suddenly a voice drops in. “Hello. We have taken you away from your world to study you. Thank you for complying. In order to return to earth, you must complete these tests. Your memory of this will be forgotten.. much like your memory of earth.”

Earth… I saw a flash of a little girl’s face all around the white walls. My daughter? “Let this memory be your motivation”

Suddenly three paints cans came down from the ceiling. Blue, yellow, red.

“This is your first test. Paint what you felt from earth”

“How am I supposed to know????? I don't remember!”

No response

“Hey are you listening up there?! Think you are so high and mighty? What sick game is this? What did you do with my daughter?”

No response.

This is ridiculous. Why me? I did nothing wrong! Or did I? Did I deserve this? God damnit! Remember 15!


The subjects cries are always so annoying. They obviously do it for attention. Luckily if you ignore them enough, they will stop. Subject 15 is in test 1. Nobody passes test 1. We simply wait until they are on the bleak of insanity. Only a couple hours past in their earth time but time is slowed on the ship… I can't wait to get to my cot and catch up on the latest dimension drama. Time literally drags on up here.

“Fuck youuuuu” said the subject with a shrill scream from the examine room.  I flipped the app to see a mini hologram of subject 15, The middle aged woman who refused to eat. She was pale white and crazy curly black hair that draped down her back.. not to mention a bit plump but lost some weight from the “time” being here. She took the red paint and drenched her whole arm in it. Then continued to write f-u-c-k y-o-u. Her attitude was an interesting one. Boss would definitely like her. I watched as the red paint was erased from the white room.

“You will not go into level 2 until you complete the test 1” the boss said in a monotone.

I turned off the hologram. Memories and feelings are dependent on each other. Control the memories, control the person. Not even the picture of the little girl was that woman’s daughter. We use the same picture over and over again. But what does it matter? All these animals look alike. They probably can't tell one from the other themselves….


I looked up into the whiteness. The tears were draining out of my body. Perhaps I could die from dehydration if I cry enough. Giving up, I rolled up into a fetal position. “Why can't I remember anything?” I said outloud.

I slowed my breathing. Ok, let's do these tests. These sick tests. Why do I remember blue and yellow make green but not my own daughter’s face? Is that my daughter?

I absently minded my took my arm that was now dried from the red paint and poured a little yellow and a little blue from each of their buckets onto the white floor. I took my clean hand and mixed them together to make green.

Suddenly my heart sank. Green. Why did I feel so… anxious?

My vision went in and out as my head pounded. Green….

The feeling made me uneasy so I covered the green bucket with the blue one and put my head on the floor.

I layed there in quietness for awhile. Thoughts passing in and out of my head. Why have i not gone to the bathroom yet? Why am I not thirsty? How will he … she… know that I am not lying?

“Because we can read your thoughts” said the voice.

Damnit. My mind started racing to the worst things in my mind possible…. Sex… drugs… sex…

Ha! I bet he/she liked those thoughts! I grinned to myself while still in the fetal position. I shall bring him to all the dark corners of the human mind if he wants to mess with me! Ha! Even though I don’t know who I am. I started thinking of anything bad… murder… weird sex… pollution…. The voice didn’t reply. Well… I tried….

My mind now went into itself as I stared onto the wall that had no corners, no doors, no windows… nothing to define it. Did I have a family? Did I have friends? Was I important? My mind started picturing me as an important CEO, or a well liked politician, or a farmers wife with many animals and kids. Then it went to the other spectrum. A killer… a person with hate…. A person who deserve these “tests”....

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