Duel of Kaliden

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This was a short story i made for the writers club group i am in at school. As at first i didn't expect it to turn out into much but i actually enjoyed writing it as it tried to experiment and enhance my skills of writing action and more types of environments. This is a small step feel very free to comment and leave any questions or thoughts of the story.

A legendary war maiden and leader of a small city must fight an unknown beast in order to defend her people and her family as corrupt spirits and demons threaten any human that breaths.

Kaliden was the of a legendary war maiden and guardian for the small and almost silent city of Liynami.  The guardian title bestowed onto her has the most authority and power if not under direct influence of a king or other leadership. demons were scattered across the world and even taken control and dominance over half of the earth. Kaliden had a friend who fought alongside her in most her journeys and became sentinel of the city. She was one of the rare humans who were born with a gift to harvest and control light or dark energy that resonated inside her soul. Kaliden also gave birth to Meridia who is now 13 and inherited the same ability. most demons already possess this capability and with it can wreak havoc on human civilization.


No one is sure of the creature’s intensions but the demons have been causing worldwide genocides with their sheer power and some leading armies of dark spirits in their conquest. Kaliden was named a guardian as she managed to lead a successful defense against 2 dark spirit sieges on the city.

 “Kaliden”. A nearby sentinel called out her name. The sentinel quickly leaped through the rooftops as if he didn’t have heavily fortified armor incasing his body. As the man neared her house, Kaliden sighed at his arrival as the sun was barley up leaving a blue tiny in the sky and her servant was cooking breakfast. “please, a siege sized army is approaching!” as he knocked on the door. Areen being the servant of the house hands began to shake upon hearing those words. “another siege?” Her daughter, Meridia mumbled sitting down at the kitchen table. Kaliden walked downstairs and opened the door laying her sights onto Dalouis.

 Suddenly kneeling down to her he always liked showing her great admiration despite there long friendship. Dalouis also never wore a helm inside the city as it was forbidden for obvious disguise methods by any type of malicious creature. “Kaliden, another army has been spotted 25 miles from the city east according to our scouts.” “Only 25 miles away?” she asked. “We can’t sustain another fight that large. We have to many wounded from the siege last week.” Dalouis lifting up his head. “Shall we request military aid from Jeralin”

Kaliden pondered for a few seconds shutting her eyes. “we already extended our resources to them and the water is nearly depleted as it is” She took a deep breath before stating her order. “Gather any available soldiers and militia” “Once that is complete I need an experienced pair to man the ballista, understood?” Standing back up Dalouis nodded his head before carrying out his mission.

Kalidien quietly closed the door baring her head on it for a few moments before stepping back upstairs. In the midst of cooking the servant glanced back at Kalidien. “isn’t it impossible for another army to arrive this quickly?” “anything is possible with those damned things lately” she responded. Kaliden began heading to her room to change into her guardian inspired armor. “Can I finally join u this time mother? “u saw me! I can kill them too!” The servant kept cooking while pretending not to hear the conversation behind her. “oh, right said her mother, I did forget to put a punishment for sneaking out just to prove me a point.”

Meridia increased her voice, slightly raised from her seat “you said once I’m stronger and you even brought me my sword and armor! The least I can do is guard the inner city inca-“ turning her head back with a rather fearsome scowl, Meridia remained silent. “Areen” Kaliden used telepathy to communicate while walking to her room. “Make sure she eats and only give Meri her blade and armor if u hear word the walls have failed.” Meridia was able to sense the energy between them but could not interpret what they were saying, leaving her even more annoyed.

“What did she say?” asked Meridia. Areen grabbed plates from the upper cabinet as she finished up cooking. “You know I cannot go behind your mothers back” she said. “Now eat up.” Areen presented Meridia with a plate of ham slices, seasoned rice, collard greens and bread. As Meridia began eating she looked back up at Areen. “but I’m her daughter, right?” she quietly said. “Don’t I have power too or authority or something?” Areen began making her own plate of food as she prepared to sit down with her. “well, yes technically you do have power… just not above her’s and you know that. “but what if this time the demons break into our house during the siege?” Meridia asked with a joyed look on her face. Areen easily became disheartened at the thought. “That won’t happen Meridia, your mother is a very powerful woman” Meridia raised up in her seat once again. “But I’m powerful too! I can help save people even better than any of our guards could!”

Meridia sat back down in her seat and put her fork down. “your mother has to think of you first, one mistake against them and it could be your last said Areen. Meridia ignored her as she picked up her fork to finish slowly eating. “I should be out there and I know it.” Appearing through hallway Kaliden returned in modified light steel armor but keeping her head uncovered. Instead a golden circlet shined on her forehead, showed to her guardian entitlement. Walking by the door she put her hand behind her upper back and a mystical aura of light generated her weapon. Summoning her large claymore, it was still small enough to carry inside the lengthy holster on her back. The sword was somewhat thick and its blade reached from her upper back to slightly lower than her waist. Kalidien looked back at Meridia with full confidence and smiled. “I’ll be back before the sun is fully up, after the little skirmish, okay?” she said. “yeah, I know. Said Meridia as she barley paid attention to her departure.

Exiting, Kaliden virtually slammed the door behind her for anticipation as she was only able to truly fight once every siege since anything less would usually be taken control of the guards or the sentinel. As she rushed off to meet with the sentinel her presence drew much attention as many civilians glanced by her and feared the worst. Focusing on Dalouis energy, she connected his location and followed the aura on top the wall that protected the small city. Using dark energy Kaliden jumped and easily climbed onto the top of the wall. On top was scattered broken siege equipment, only baring one functioning energy powered ballista. “How was the quick recruitment?” Asked Kaliden as she walked towards him. The Sentinel stared at the destroyed half of the city in rumbles right beneath the feet of the wall. “Terrible” he said. “to many are terrified from being separated from their families and the chance they won’t return.”

“Terrified? we all have people to lose if they breach these walls.” Said Kaliden “I know, but I can no longer reach them.” Dalouis faced her. “They need you to talk to them this time, they need to be inspired again. The last siege took to many of our people’s lives despite everything we could do.” Kaliden’s cheeks nearly turned red. “You want me to give a speech? She asked. “No” he said as he looked at Kaliden dead in the eye. “They need a speech from you, they need to hear your voice and feel your power. I cannot give them that gift” he said. Before making a response Kaliden spotted a large ball of dark energy rushing right towards them. The sentinel felt its energy but the sphere was too fast to evade. In a split second Kaliden pulled the sentinel behind her with her right hand and almost instantly grabbed her great sword with her left. Perfectly blocking the large sphere, she reflected it, sending it crashing to a distant part of the destroyed city below.

Dalouis starred at the explosion in near amazement as his life was nearly taken in a blink of an eye. He knew no dark spirit could make that amount of energy. “Sentinel get the militia out here immediately, since the beasts wants to come early I’ll have my fun now. Said Kaliden. Already taken off by time he responded, Kaliden jumped down the wall onto the destroyed half of the city. Her eyes widened seeking the thrill of battle and charged in the direction of the nearest dark spirit. Spotting one dark spirit, it was as transparent as a shadow and climbed on the broken remains of a pillar while it stared back at Kaliden. A mass began to arrive and they flooded the destroyed city. Spirits consumed by the darkness that were puppets for any demon to use. Some bore resemblance to shadows, while others took the appearance of animals, some even human. Deciding to take out the dark spirit on the pillar first, Kaliden jumped and crashed her great sword into the structure. The spirit immediately dissipated as her sword shattered the pillar and destroyed the spirit by the sheer force of her energy. Baring her head up after the hastily land she charged into the mass sweeping her blade forward. Dark energy was shattered through the air as each attack slain one of them. In the fray of the swarm a dark spirit in the form of a corrupted bull charged her.

The bull had 8 black tiny eyes on its forehead and was slightly bigger than normal as it bore 3 disfigured human arms on its rear, replacing its tail. Seeing the bull in midst of slaying all the other dark spirits, Kaliden turned around with her sword ready. In no less than a split second the bull impacted her great sword with great force, still this did little to impact Kaliden. Drawing up her large blade, she tossed the bull in the air with her great sword and jumped into the air, forming a second swing. Kaliden’s second swing was aimed towards its neck as its head was instantly detached filling the air with its blood. Focusing on the dark spirits reaching for her from the ground, she infused her great sword with dark energy and prepared to crash down. Before she could complete her infusion of energy, all three of the disfigured human arms grabbed onto her right leg as they feel through the air.

The arms began to burn into her skin as she began to pull them off with her free hand. With little time before she reached the ground, the bull’s head reappeared and flew to bite a chunk of her face off. Knowing it would take too long to take a swing at it with her great sword, she dropped it down and blocked the bite with her left arm. The deep bite into her arm easily struck blood as it pierced through her amour and poured through the bull’s ravenous sharp teeth while still attached. Forced to ignore the bite, Kaliden made her great sword cause a small explosion as it landed in the wave of dark spirits. This however still only created a very limited amount of space. In slight anger, she griped the bulls head attached to her arm and generated dark energy. The Bull made a beastly screech as its dense skull could be heard cracking and filling Kaliden’s hand with even more blood. Gripping even harder the bull’s skull soon shattered into bone fragments inside its broken head and severely rupturing its brain.

The large dark spirits head finally released itself from her however she was still profoundly bleeding from the critical bite. The shadow dark spirits rushed even quicker to her on the sight of her dark blood running through her left arm. No time to use energy to heal the grave wound, Kaliden picked back up her great sword with her main left arm despite the blood. Being annoyed at her wound so early into the battle she gathered dark energy into her great sword and relentlessly swung it around her body as dark spirits tried to launch any means of assault against her. Each swing also drew blood from her arm as it began to spray around the dark spirits. Keeping up the barrage and rapid slashes of her blade, the dark spirits began to halt around her seeing how quickly many of them dissipated or was slain.

Baring her great sword down as she began to take heavy breaths, the blood continued to flow through her arm and blade. Suddenly a horn was sounded as the gates of the city opened, releasing all the militia and soldiers. About 500 men and women charged out baring makeshift armor but fine quality blades. Despite many not baring the gift of energy, they fought none the less. The sentinel led the charge with his bulky helm, large bulwark shield and heavy steel sword. Despite even more weight, he was easily the quickest one out of the defense. Looking towards her cities people charge into battle made her proud. A massive light infused arrow from the city ballista landed around Kalidien destroying many dark spirits in an instant. In sight of her, Dalouis put out his large shield in front of him and pushed through all in his path. Reaching Kaliden he slammed his bulwark shield down creating a barrier of holy energy around them. Once the barrier was in place he took a good look at her while nearby soldiers gained ground from the wave of dark spirits around them. As he looked he saw Kaliden’s left arm nearly covered in her own blood and being somewhat exhausted. “Kaliden what happened to your arm?” asked the sentinel. Kaliden looked down at her arm in disgust. “Nothing but a careless mistake” she said. “Are you able to heal it?” Dalouis planted his shield into the ground as it kept the barrier projected around them. “I’m not a medic and you know u should be more careful then that. seeing their guardians arm bleeding like a goat isn’t going to help their moral.” He said as dropped his sword and knelled down to look at her arm. “The bites far too deep, I can only stop the bleeding” said the sentinel when he was done investigating her arm.

Kaliden re summoned her great sword in her left hand as it was outside the barrier and looked at the second wave of dark spirits emerging from the forest. A forest was connected to the destroyed city as it slowly grew its reach each day. “That’ll be fine then. She said egger to slay the corrupt spirits. Dalouis took off his steel coated gauntlet. His hand became wrapped in light energy as he gently placed his hand over the deep bleeding bite marks. It was a pretty sizeable hole but he was able to seal it, as her cells began rapid growth to repair itself while it was strengthened by his energy. “You’re lucky I took these classes when I did, Kaliden.” He said while he finished up fixing part of her arm. Kaliden looked at him but did not reply back. The sentinel stood back up faced her. “The interior of your arm is still fractured, including some of the bone and a part of your muscle.”

Griping her sword in her left hand she brushed off the pain of her injury. “Once I’m back in the battle I will barely notice it, now let’s catch up.” Said Kalidien looking at all the soldiers pass by them into the black forest. The sentinel glared up at her though difficult to tell from his thick helmet and soon deactivated the barrier. A second later Kaliden darted off into the forest to join the fight while the sentinel recollected his gear after looking off at her.

Once Kaliden found herself in the forest she noticed many trees roughly cut through scattered with blood and many dark spirit beasts slain at its entrance along with many soldiers. One of the slain militia caught her attention as the girl was no more than 16 years old. Her armor was frail as chain mail was seen split open through the area guarding her stomach. A gashing wound showing few of her pink liver and intestines they were still inside her body. Her neck however was brutally split open from the side as her head barley stayed on. Her body remained rested on a broken tree as Kaliden forced herself not to stare for too long.

Heading deeper into the forest it was getting harder to detect any source of energy but knew her soldiers were up ahead. While wandering, she noticed a beacon of energy with a feeling she must be getting closer to joining the action while also helping any remaining soldiers in the area. Reaching where the beacon was felt, dead ahead of her faced a human like creature but was slightly taller with multiple faces stretching across its back. 3 horns protruded back from its skull as they were also laced in gold lining and rings. The creature bore oddly shaped feet as 2 toes each held up his foot from both the front and back. His right arm and hand was pure pitch black with 7 lengthy fingers with sharp claws. His left arm was a normal human arm but covered in several eyes spread open as if before his victim’s execution. Its own face however was that 2 humans but split directly down the middle. One was female and the other was male, but both their eyes shined with light. These eyes were held behind chains attached to the creature’s head ignited with dark energy. Kaliden eyes couldn’t look off the creature as she never seen anything close to it, even from several dark spirits. The creatures arm covered in eyes held up one of her soldiers by his arm and controlled him as he was paralyzed. His hand was forced to open an illusionary beacon to directly attract Kaliden only. Once she looked forward and gripped her sword, the creature smiled as it used its pure black right arm to instantly break into the soldier’s back and pulled out his soul. The tiny ball of energy glistened in the demon’s dark hand before he opened his mouth to eat it. The soldier’s body became concealed in unholy energy as his soul was cruelty extracted. Disappearing, the body was completely gone without a trace of energy left.

“Forgive me for using such cheap methods” he said speaking perfect English. “This siege wasn’t going all according to plan.” Kaliden knew he was a demon but always looked forward to seeing one and even more, slaughtering one. “Where’s the rest of my men?” she pointed towards it with her great sword. The demon felt her aura eager to fight and slay him. “No introduction first? Even in this cursed body I can still try to be formal right Kaliden?” He asked. She wasn’t too surprised the creature already knew her name, as many terrifying stories and tales she heard about demons. My name is laqeius, Tormentor of the 5th realm of hell. “They’re further along, playing with my favorite companion. I do honestly wish they don’t die too promptly, though with that sentinel I bet he can at the very least make it engrossing for her.” Said the demon.


Kaliden began charging up her blade with dark energy. “Come on then, I can be very engrossing too, even if you can’t see it once I cut off your head. Besides the quicker I get done you, the faster I can get to my other soldier’s and slay your pet too.” Me and my pet? You got some Augean goals then. Though I always loved that radiant pugnacious energy in your kind. “Please Kaliden, allow me the subsidy to quell it and I shall give you some hilarity before you succumb.” Said laqeius “You can try all you’d like, but I don’t know how much I’ll hold back.” Kaliden said baring her sword by her chest watching his legs for any movements. “Then I will assure you in using your full strength also. Said Kaliden.

Laqeius immediately lunged himself towards Kaliden baring out his left arm filled with eyes. With near impossible speed, he was already by her face and looked as if he sought to draw out her own eye. With a late and unsteady reaction Kaliden swung her blade in front of her. The demon suddenly disappeared right before her sight. Knowing this was some type of trick, she soon closed her eyes tried to search for any nearby energy for a sign. Upon feeling a slight wave of energy behind her Kaliden re opened her eyes and instead of behind her, she made a quick sweep with her great sword around her entire body. The demon jumped back easily dodging her blade and charged at her again. Laqeius tried to jab Kaliden in the head but was blocked as she raised her great sword to cover her body. Jumping to the side he moved to puncture her rib with the same hand. Holding her great sword with only one hand she blocked and held his left arm.

Unsure how the demon’s paralysis worked, she avoided looking at the eyes on his left arm. Baring her great sword in one hand she aimed to chop the demon in half while holding his arm. Seeing an opportunity while she lifted her sword for the attack, the demon rammed his 3 gold laced horns towards Kaliden’s stomach. With a swift but faint back jump, she escaped the grave impalement. One of his horns however did connect and broke through her sturdy but light amour, Drawing some amount of blood from her body. “Good you didn’t go out that brisk.” Said the demon with one of his horns dipped in Kaliden’s blood. “Your things should stop underestimating our kind then.” She said. Raising his right arm full of dark energy, he rushed back at Kaliden. Instead of guarding, she lunged her body towards laqeius with her great sword swung in a wide arc in front of her. The demon Jumped way up above the trees as her hit only struck the air. A few seconds after he jumped, 3 Dark orbs began raining from the sky and targeted Kaliden. Leaping out of the way, they caused large explosions and formed craters in the ground. Landing by a nearby tree after dodging the orbs of energy, Laqeius appeared coming out of the tree behind her. Feeling a hint of energy her eyes lit up as she hastily rotated her entire body. crudely cutting through the entire tree including the demon with her great sword.

Kaliden looked surprised as she noticed she got a hit but bore her sword by her chest while keeping focus on the demon’s body. Half of Laqeius’s body suddenly fell of the tree and turned into a black liquid and was absorbed by the ground. Somehow appearing perfectly behind her without a trace of energy laqeius placed his right arm on the back of her head as she tried to turn around. his energy flew through Kaliden’s brain and her entire body. Laqeius forced her body to knell to the ground while still baring his corrupted hand on the back of her head. “This is the last time you shall see our world that you have pilfered from us.” In an instant the entire forest went pitch black and the suns warmth was gone as she collapsed to the ground.

Feeling as if she was fading, she then awoke Stumbling to get up she held her eye in confusion. She felt a small cut below her eye but her eye was still there. Re summoning her great sword, she regained her balance and looked around. in what seems to be another world. The ground was made up of dark metal like material and extremely dense. There was no grass, no life nothing else but her and pillars that arose from the ground but also an empty black sky. It didn’t take long for Laqeius to appear again and stand before her.

Kaliden looked upon the demon. “Can’t defeat me in our world so you Brought me in yours to have a fair fight?” Laqeius jumped and sat on one of the pillars facing Kaliden. “My world is far exquisite for this one. Well it once was beautiful. He said. I’m surprised a guardian doesn’t know these worlds. But since the clock starts once you arrived I shall make this information abrupt.” While he was about to begin to speak, Kaliden spun her sword forward and launched it towards Laqeius. Using his corrupted hand to create a portal he got back up and easily slipped through. Kaliden’s great sword kept flying even as it broke through the pillar. The pillars contained glowing patterns but once the pillar crumbled the glow faded. Kaliden felt a sharp pierce in the back of her skull after one of the pillars collapsed.

Laqeius’s portal re opened a few feet from Kaliden as he stepped back into the world. “Be careful which ones you destroy Kaliden” he said as he charged her with both his arms drawn in excitement. Entering a unique stance without her sword, she readied one arm by the center of her body and the other by her waist and relaxed her energy. Nearing her distance Laqeius used his corrupted arm to create a portal in a near instant and jump inside it right next to her. Re appearing from the side a portal re opened as he tried to strike her with his left arm. Seeing the portal before he could come out she was well prepared and blocked his hit. While blocked, Laqeius made a large arch with his corrupted arm that extended itself. Diving towards the ground Kaliden dodged the swing of dark energy and took a sweep at his legs to gain control of the battle. Catching himself before he fully fell, he stumbled backwards. With uncanny speed Kaliden maneuvered around his body in complete focus. With a heavy strike to the back of his knee with her foot, Forcing him back to the ground.

Unable to turn around and block the next strike, Kaliden aimed a devastating punch infused with dark for his head. This amount of energy well enough to destroy any normal human’s skull with ease. Keeping her foot pressed on the back of his knee, Kaliden struck the back of his head with a clear and powerful blow. Laqeius’s brain shook at the impact but his thick skull stayed well intact despite the blood on the back of his skull. Trying to recover, he could barely see straight and even his energy senses were temporarily destroyed. Changing positions in front of him Kaliden tries to finish breaking his skull with a swift and brutal roundhouse to the side of his head.

Laqeius flew away to the side by the mighty strike as his body spun and turned like he was unconscious, periodically hitting the ground. His skull was slightly cracked but even as he hit the ground multiple times with vast speed, his bones stayed well intact. As his speed begin to slow, Laqeius suddenly opened his eyes and gripped the ground with his hands and feet to halt the remaining force of the kick. Opening his mouth as soon as he recovered, a small dark sphere was formed. Not expecting him to regain himself so quickly her guard was perfectly down as it slowed her reaction. The sphere of dark energy was shot from his mouth at lightning speed however the previous kick created a lot of distance. Laqeius purged the floor around him with his own energy as it turned black all below him. Digging his corrupted arm into the ground, it reappeared by Kaliden and clasped her leg emitting a frozen pain.

Her balance was lost while noticing she was stuck and the frozen pain also began faintly sapping her energy. Seeing the wicked sphere charge at her, she tried to block the blast with her arms. Kaliden was greatly knocked as the blast connected with her arms causing a mild explosion of ice. Kaliden’s arms spontaneously formed a painful frostbite as she felt like her arms were nearly frozen and could barely move them. Her own dark energy barley flew through the now afflicted arms. Her arms bore a new stinging sensation and could hardly feel anything with her hands. Seeing such an opportunity, Laqeius sprung into action and created a portal. Appearing behind Kaliden, she only made a slight reaction trying to adjust to the new pain.

Using a precise punch, Kaliden was struck at the bottom of her spinal cord. Though the hit was actually gentle, it spread dark energy through part of the spine causing faint paralysis in her back. Trying to move out of the way, Kaliden only managed to stumble and nearly fall to the ground. Laqeius couldn’t help but to chuckle while moving closer. An energy infused wild swing to the face crushed part of her right cheek bone. Still able to somewhat stand with her back immobile, the demon grabbed and tossed her into the cool air. Her back mostly recovered, Kaliden spun her body and looked towards the ground. Laqeius nowhere in sight she took a quick look behind her. In an instant, he appeared in front of her coming throughout a portal. to block the assault, Kaliden tried to put her arms crossing over her face. Before she could complete her block, Laqeius brought his knee forward with blitzing speed. A cruel knee to her chin made her head fly back while she was still in midair. Her skull trembled at the impact of the demon’s knee and was practically stunned as she started to fall to the ground.

Laqeius grabbed onto her leg before she got much distance and forcefully threw her back down with tremendous force. In less than a second, she couldn’t do anything as her body impacted the ground and formed a small crater around her. Her back was shattered and now lies mostly destroyed. Kaliden gasped for air as it felt like her lungs barley functioned and most of her body disabled. However, energy still flew through her body as her only option was to rest and focus on continuing to breath. Laqeius gently descended down right next to Kaliden. “Get up Kaliden. I thought you was strong, I only showed an inch of my talent.

Unable to get up, she didn’t even look at him as her eyes seemed bleak while looking into the sky and faintly breathing. “Disobeying your new god? You know that demands dire punishment, Kaliden.” Remaining to ignore him, the demon’s corrupt arm became extremely sharp and formed as a long-curved blade tangled in dark energy. “Get up Kaliden, now. He said in a lingering sinister voice. He was met with no response, he used his new blade to cut deep into Kaliden’s leg. She screamed as Her skin was effortlessly punctured and the blade burned her skin while it passed through drawing blood. “Get up, Kaliden” he repeated himself. Only a tear was shed from Kaliden while still tried to remain deterrent and somehow regain enough of her energy back. Lifting up his blade again, Kaliden saw it as it ripped through her leg with ease and immitted another burning sensation while formed another opening. Laqeius forced the blade through her bone and all the way to the back of her leg, until he could feel it touching the thick ground. Withdrawing the sharp blade, Kaliden cried aloud as blood flew through his blade and passed down her leg. Laqeius Got his blade ready to create a third wound in her leg.

“Tell me Kaliden, are you not use to pain? Even my previous guardians took more time before they began to whine. you should know I despise weakness. If you’re going to be that pathetic I won’t waste my time anymore.” His corrupted arm formed back into a hand with thin 7 fingers as he grabbed Kaliden by the head. With his palm masking most of her face His long fingers began wrapping around the back of her head as panic filled her heart. While she was still laying on the ground, Laqeius used his other arm to phase through her chest. Reaching into her soul chamber he sought to extract it and end the fight, along with her life.

Laqeius began grasping her soul and started to pull, slowly erasing all of Kaliden’s remaining strength. Despite feeling powerless, she faintly clenched his arm and used any power left to keep her soul contained. Using her other arm, she pleased it above his chest and acted as if she was trying to force him back. Secretly pulling back in her great sword that she previously threw, with the remnants of her energy. As the demon felt the transmission of energy, Kaliden Began a final resolve and held the demons arm into her soul chamber while his arm was still in a spiritual form. Feeling something approaching Laqeius let go of her head to free one of his arms. Before he could prepare a block, Kaliden opened her mouth and furiously bit down on his corrupted arm, With adrenaline fueling her body.

In an attempt to disconnect his arm from her soul, he began to spiritually rupture the inside of her soul chamber. Blood ran down her nose and some from her eyes as Kaliden tried to bear the agony. Unable to succeed, her great sword soon dived directly into Laqeius’s back. The large sword protruded from his back as he looked at it in shock. “Don’t you ever… call me pathetic. she said still weakly breathing. The demons body began to bubble around the blade and the new dimension he brought her into, began to fade away and became disoriented.

 Suddenly Re appearing in the bright forest, Kaliden still had all her injuries and looked into the sunny sky as she bleed. With her breathing slowly coming back to normal the blood loss set in and it became difficult to focus. “Kaliden.” Barley hearing her full name, she thought it was the demon for a few moments. Extending the use of her energy in her resolution against the demon also took a toll on her body as she couldn’t even move her neck. Kaliden didn’t know what to that at that point when she heard a large object slam into the ground. Seeing a barrier form above her she smiled as she closed her eyes. Feeling a man try to mend her crucial wounds she eased her body.

After a few seconds of treatment her body began to regenerate its own cells while the man stopped some the profound bleeding from her legs. Able to open her eyes, she saw Dalouis’s face trying his all to stop all the bleed from leaving as it tainted the grass. Seeing Kaliden open up her eyes, a tear feel from his. Having a great urge to hug her, he knew she was still very frail in her current state and her back was still greatly injured. “Kaliden what the hell happened to you?” he said in an appalled voice. Regaining back enough of her energy she tried to sit up but fell back down. “Just a demon, I had to slay. She smiled “I’m fine, now don’t get your tears on me.” Said Kaliden as she had a large smile. As tears still drew from his eyes he smiled back. “Says the All mighty Guardian with a broken back. He responded. Gently lifting her head up, Dalouis carried her body carefully with both his arms.

“You know Melida is going to have a word with you, seeing you in the hospital." he said. Kaliden briefly looked into the sky, "I guess ill have to tell her this story also, and hear her voice after this mess. Ill look forward to that" She said with a relaxed and peaceful sigh. While your still recoverying, you know she will try to take some of your respsonbilities." Dalouis softly chuckled.  "Further reason why i cant die here yet" She resonded and laughed still broken. The medics at the city should have a much better time at the injuries, but this time you got to admit I saved your ass.” He laughed. Kaliden relaxed as he carried her through part of the forest, returning home. “I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the medics who get that honor, until someone brushes up on their healing skills. Said Kaliden. “But you’re the one who said they were useless, I know your memory isn’t broken too.” Dalouis said as he looked down into her eyes while carrying her. “Once we get back I’ll give you to the medics, then ill head back out to check on the res-“ he was saying before a portal opened up in behind him. Laqeius fell out of the portal gripping the ground as Kaliden’s large great sword remained inside of his back, and filled part of his ribcage. Throwing up thick pints of blood he gritted his bloody teeth towards them.

Dalouis faced the seemingly dying demon and assumed it was the one that nearly killed Kaliden. “You bicth… You actually tried to kill me. Said Laqeius as he successfully got back on his feet. “Making me use such forsaken language.” He said while he patiently pulled out the sword from his back with his corrupted arm. Yelling as he pulled out the large blade, it nearly cut a piece of his heart. Seeing the demon struggle as he removed the blade, Dalouis lightly laid Kaliden back down. “I was nearly trapped in that realm.” I was nearly imprisoned inside your mind for all eternity. Said Laqeius as the blade was fully removed and he dropped it to the ground.

Calming down the demon made a final statement. “I am going to slaughter you, including everyone you love. Dalouis looked upon the horrid body of the demon and knew he was no match to face him on his own. Thumping his stalwart shield into the ground, the barrier was re projected around them. “Looking into Kaliden’s eyes as she laid down, he bent down to passionately kiss her for a few seconds. Although enjoying the kiss, Kaliden was still slightly shocked despite also knowing he had some type of feelings towards her. Lifting up his head, he stayed by Kaliden “ I know this isn’t the right time but, Sorry I wasn’t able to tell you more sooner, before you came into title of a Guardian.” Kaliden softly grabbed his face to kiss him again and chuckled. “It’s takes me to be bloody beaten for you to finally tell me yourself huh?” The demon energy stabilized as the sword was removed and his bleeding miraculously healed on its own.

Standing back up, Dalouis unsheathed his heavy sword and left his shield by Kaliden for the barrier to protect her. His heart became much lighter thinking about Kaliden’s kiss and his energy flourished while it shined through his eyes. Re applying his great helm, he was Surrounded in light energy and his heavy steel armor also glistened with the new holy aura. Laqeius looked straight at Dalouis and decided he was going to take away his life first with pure distain. Dalouis sprinted towards the demon unsure how many minutes he has left on this earth and trying to draw distance between Kaliden. Slashing with his light shining blade, it was perfectly blocked by Laqeius as he raised him arm. The blade not only was blocked but was also reflected as the demon created a spark of dark energy while the slash impacted his arm. Dalouis tread to tried to quickly regain his balance but Laqeius unleashed a fiery of jabs with his corrupt arm. Using his sword to block all of his strikes, Another Laqeius appeared behind him. Forcing his attention to his front, the one behind him created a sphere of potent dark energy. Ramming its fist into Dalouis’s armor, a large explosion engulfed his body. Kaliden saw as his body flew out of the explosion of dark energy with a bleeding hole in the back of his armor. Refusing to fall, Dalouis turned his body and slide backwards on the ground. Creating traction to slow his body down, he dug his foot into the ground and began pulling the rocks back along with him. Staying on guard he didn’t know how to distinguish which one was an illusion or if it was a real fleshed clone. Feeling a slight wave of energy, he looked up but knew it was too late to move. Laqeius came from above with his arm infused in dark energy as it crashed into the ground, fragmenting the earth below him in a mass crater. Kaliden seeing a great explosion of energy and feeling slightly better tried to get back up, but her back remain too ruined. Kaliden was only able to call out his name praying he was still alive in the distance.

Dalouis’s armor was half cracked while he was stood in a blocking stance and generated a great amount of light energy to protect him. However, accumulating that much energy costed a price. His holy aura dimmed out and his eyes returned to normal. Laqeius charged behind him with a different but much more sharp sinister arm with 3 scythe like claws. The demon slashed into Dalouis’s back as blood was scattered in Laqeius’s face. His body was nearly cut clean through as the claws reached through most of his body regardless of armor, leaving it completely mangled along with his heart organs. Screaming at the final pain, Blood surged through the demon’s new arm and life from Dalouis faded away. Dalouis was now deceased and purged with blood on his entire body with most of his back and side of his stomach split open. “Damned fool wasting away his life, trying to hinder me from my destiny.” thought Laqeius. Dragging Dalouis’s fresh corpse, he uses his arm to create a portal out of the crater.

Kaliden looked in pure terror as laqeius reappeared right before her with Dalouis’s mutilated corpse. Dropping the corpse right next to him, the demon sat down and removed the sentinels helmet. “Don’t worry Kaliden, I’m upset too, he was actually quite handsome despite lasting only a few minutes.” he said with a different feminine voice.

Hearing the demon’s words all she could do was see Dalouis’s eyes still open but far gone. Grabbing the corpse beside him, Laqeius turned his arm translucent. Seeping his arm through his soul chamber there was no ounce of resistance from the corpse. “Don’t you dare eat his soul!” she yelled staring into both of the demon faces as her heart began to burn. “Trying to sit up, she recovered by was still in great injury.” me? He questioned. No…. I’m not going to let this prospect go to waste.” You are going be embraced, Kaliden. Laqeius said as he stood up baring a tiny sphere of light that once was Dalouis’s soul. Kaliden summoned her great sword back in her hands as she used it to try to get back up and stand. “You damned sick creatures, Id rath- “she said before the demon kicked down her sword and fell back to the grass.

A shadow of laqeius appeared behind her and placed its hand on the back of her head. Suddenly feeling overwhelming pressure Kaliden’s eyes went forfeit and she lost all control of her body. While her heart and her spirit entered a fury, her body still and only would reply to the demon while the shadow laid its grasp. “Eat, Kaliden.” Said Laqeius as he represented her with Dalouis’s soul few inches from her face. Her eyes were still bleak and her lips silent as if possessed while she held his spirit in her hands.

Holding his soul with both her hands, she felt all of his emotions while seeing altogether seeing his memories. Her soul cried to break free of the demon’s touch but the demons will has manifested as greater. Opening her mouth, she Poured his soul into her as tears ran down the side of her face and falling onto her arms. Her soul began to rupture itself as it tried to gain control replacing her tears with blood but it was too late. Kaliden devoured his soul as Laqeius stood in front of her carefully observing her death. Kaliden now held 2 souls inside of her soul chamber and her chamber began to collapse under its own energy. Able to sit up she griped the ground and began to throw up blood as her soul chamber began tearing and collapsing upon itself.

Laqeius looked at her in slight amazement. “Your soul chamber has not yet fallen? You continue to breath…good.” Laqeius soon sensed her energy slowly mounting but still coughing up blood onto the once peaceful grass. “has her soul grown? Did she absorb it into her own soul or did they blend? Laqeius speculated. Her energy began to spike causing a massive aura of dark energy around her body. The shadow that once bound her dissipated from the sudden burst of energy. The dark energy quickly began healing her body as she looked up at Laqeius. Dalouis’s body turned into pure darkness as it soon disappeared.

Kaliden screamed as their souls began to mix into each other and internal bleeding took hold in her body. Her own memories began to fade, just as Dalouis’s memories were gone as they confined in her. Kaliden’s bones began to shatter from the immense energy as her darkness grew. Her body turned incased in profane energy as her cries became even louder. Laqeius only watched as any past victim he tested this experiment on, died within moments. After a few seconds the screeches finally stopped and no more blood rained from her mouth. The demon sensed the new energy and grinned at her recovery while waiting for her to arise. Kaliden perfectly stood up shadowed in corrupted energy as her body was wholly healed as if never touched. As the dark energy slowly unsealed from her body Laqeius was unsure was it still Kaliden he was going to have to subdue.

 Her amour was different as it appeared heavier than Kaliden’s armor yet slicker and naturally fitting. A helm now shielded her face in synch with her armor. Matching its sleek style as it had 3 openings down each side of her face but only dark energy could be seen through them. No expression was seen and only one expression felt. Most her memories now lost, only a her will to Kill laqeius remained. While she summoned her weapons into her hand it appeared a bit different as well. The same markings and the blade was slightly thinner but also longer in length as it held within it even stronger dark energy then previous.

Despite achieve a new limit to her power, Laqeius was curious but still remained confident. Baring her head face to face with laqeius, her body structure was that of Kaliden and bore no resemblance to Dalouis’s nor much of his energy. Stepping backwards into a portal, Laqeius tried to draw distance between her not knowing how capable she is. Sensing where a new portal would appear, Kaliden started walking forward before blitzing at its arrival. As the portal opened Laqeius stepped out but only saw her blade soon to slash through his faces. Enriching his arms of demonic energy, he withstood the hit as it dragged him a few feet back. Being much stronger then he imagined, it drained a lot of his energy to block her blade. Her sword nearly vanished as she brought it around her head to make a second slash. Barley able to even see her blade in such speeds, Laqeius tried to back step.

The demon was inches away from being decapitated as thunderous energy roared within the second slash baring an echo. Despite his dodge the echo caused a disruption in the demon’s spirit and momentarily blocked his use of energy. Unable to even see properly, his vision was greatly blurred and hindered nearly unusable. While backing up to safety as soon as Laqeius felt this effect, he was met with another assault by Kaliden. Rushing towards him even faster than he could move he was forced to defend. Kaliden leaped in the air as she neared the demon and brought her sword down upon him. His corrupted arm was severed as her blade crashed into his arm and the rest of his body faintly dodged the attack. Little time to react to only having one arm, he yelled and wasn’t able to fully counter. With her blade, still in the ground and very close to Laqeius, she lifted and twisted her body to kick him in his stomach with one foot. Laqeius flew back from the impact as it caused internal bleeding from the powerful kick. Unable to slow down from falling, he continued to tumble as he caught a glimpse of Kaliden already where he was soon to land as she already had her sword going through the air. Before he was too close however his energy was regained and the echo was gone from his soul allowing him to see clearly. Feeling his energy back, Kaliden charged towards him with abnormal speed while a portal formed. Kaliden cut through the portal before Laqeius could even enter it causing it to disappear. The demons back were nearly spared but Kaliden lifted back up her sword in an attempt to cut through the demon’s body. Evading the upwards strike aimed at his back, Laqeius flipped his body to the side and kick Kaliden’s great sword out of her hand. Creating another portal within a second he tried to jump inside of it. As her sword was in the air Kaliden managed to grab the demon before he went inside of his portal. Grabbing onto Laqeius’s leg, she yanked him back out of the portal while tossing his body. The demons body furiously spun throughout the forest, breaking into multiple trees and finally crashing into the tree as some of the wood slowed his fall.  

His spine was severally cracked and still missing his arm, he only had a few seconds to breath. Trying to remain collective he couldn’t help but to grit his teeth. “How could she actually have a chance? All my research will be in vain if I fall to weak.” Laqeius thought Unsure what her next move would be and barley able to fight. Laqeius spawned several of his shadows to enter into the ground. Focusing energy onto his limb, it patiently recovered.

Feeling his heart race Laqeius knew he had to play the rest of his cards carefully to regain the battle. Standing back up he stood over the invisible shadows he buried inside the ground. Before his arm fully recovered a sudden and deadly spark of energy flashed behind him. Kaliden’s sword entirely dismembered Laqeius’s stomach from behind. The tree he stood behind was cut in half as well as it toppled onto the ground. In shock the core of his body was split and both halves of his body feel to the ground. Regaining control, he used dark energy to keep his blood intact while half of his body was detached still in the air.

Using dark energy to keep intact his blood, he only had one chance. Only having function of his upper body, he slammed together his hands to activate the shadows. As the higher half of his body landed, the Shadows sprung from the ground and made a damning screech. Kaliden was stunned as several shadows leaped into her body and formed chains piercing throughout her body. The chains locked almost all parts of her body and she was soon lifted into the air. Laqeius then formed a sphere to surround her, severely limiting her energy. As much energy, his shadows cost including the sphere, he knew he would quickly reach his limit if he has to keep this up. However, no one before has been able to escape from his personal shadows chains. Kaliden now being the strongest person he ever fought, questioned if even those bindings will be enough.

Crawling back to the lower half of his body, tendrils merged from both of the inner halves and re infused itself. Standing back up he nearly gloated at the sight of her being trapped and able to easily kill her while her energy was low. However as soon as he stood before Kaliden, her energy somehow began to fester back up. Her Armor suddenly lite on fire and began to tear away at the chains. Unable to snap out of the shadow chains, her heat started to burn down the nearby forest. Kaliden began shrieking in a summit of pure rage and anger as her fire began to kindle even hotter temperatures breaking the sphere around her. Laqeius knew she would soon break free and created a portal to disappear. Only able to stay in the in-between realm for a few moments and limited to where he can teleport, Laqeius prepared to unleash his final chance. However, he was unsure if such a technique would even work as he never needed to use it before.

Reappearing in a distant part of the forest he still was able to feel the warmth as not too far away, trees remain scorched. Laqeius used his corrupted arm to break through his own soul chamber but had to do this act physically, as he lacked the energy to turn his arm spiritual and phase into it. Puncturing his own chest, he had to tear through his heart to reach his soul. Laqeius Grasped half of his soul to gently extract it to not cause any more damage to his body. His heart soon healed on its own after the extraction but quite a few blood was spilt in the beginning of the process. The piece of his soul appeared black as expected from his kind which was cursed by the gods, when they were once around. Dispersing the soul portion into 4 separate pieces he began a chant.

Speaking in tongues the 4 faces on his back stretched out and formed stretched their flesh over each of the 4 fragments of Laqeius’s spirit. With the fragments trapped inside each body of flesh began to grow. Blood was developed within a few seconds, just as most vital organs. Forming into the bodies of the 4 guardians on his back, the dark energy even manifested the guardians armor. Though they bore a brain, they were completely locked under Laqeius’s control and linked to his own spirit. The 4 guardians surrounded his body as all their eyes somehow remained removed. Eyes weren’t necessary as he could control them either way, however there is still much to this practice he barley understands. Feeling Kaliden’s energy rising closer all past 4 guardians stood idle.

Within a blink, Kaliden appeared with her great sword soon to crash down unto Laqeius. Using so much energy in forming the guardian’s bodies, he noticed how he couldn’t even create a portal. While Kaliden was in the air one of the guardians threw his trident as her. Continuing her assault, she began spinning her blade in midair downwards, like a fan of death. The trident was repelled however another guardian used a shield connected to her arm to block Kaliden’s sword. Stopping while still in the air, the 3rd Guardian leaped by Kaliden’s side. The same guardian, made 2 cheap shots into her amour with a steel spear before unleashing a third devastating strike to the side of her stomach. Shattering her amour and fracturing a piece of her ribs, Kaliden suddenly found herself impaled by a ray of light, by the 4th guardian. While in the ray of light, it distorted her energy and one of the guardians infused energy into a kick in attempt to shatter her helm, only managing to bring her head back and the sound of split metal.

With her head still greatly protected by the helm, Kaliden grabbed the guardian that kicked her in the head and sent them crashing down with her. Trying to control them again, Laqeius instead threw up some of his black blood. The other guardians stood faint while one of them was erupted into the ground by Kaliden. As she broke through the ground and baring the body in her hands, the guardian’s back was easily shattered from the impact. Standing back up as the guardian remained on the ground having difficulty moving, Kaliden slammed her armored feet into the downed guardians head. No cries were heard as His skull was destroyed just as any means of control, though he was also once again dead. “Is my energy too exhausted to maintain them?” Laquies thought as he looked at his blood on the ground.

Kaliden removed her boot from the inside of the dead guardian’s head and faced the demon. Baring out her sword, Kaliden energy exploded as her blade was sent ablaze. Charging at the remaining guardians with abnormal agility one of the them summoned down lighting to strike her. Feeling the lightning strike go through the air, Kaliden tried to dodge but it was too late. Striking her head of all places, the bolt of electricity not only shattered her helm but also sent her crumbling to the ground. Her eyes appeared completely dimmed out, revealing her face. Laqeius however noticed a critical detail, her great sword was missing. Her great sword shined like a beacon of fire behind the guardian that summoned the powerful strike. Burning the inside of his body, His organs began to quickly fail. Kaliden seemingly teleported behind him while now holding her great sword while the blade was still in his body. Vigorously lifting her sword upwards, the second guardian now lies dead as his body was perfectly split down the center, releasing all his blood and most of his organs. The fire on her great sword kindled down after the death but now remained almost completely covered in blood.

Laqeius stared at Kaliden in fear seeing her slaughter them with relative ease. “If only I had more time…, I could have easily killed her by now.” Baring only two guardians left, Laqeius instead planned his escape to avoid his upcoming fate. Absorbing back a portion of his soul from one of Guardians, he regained some energy, despite destroying one of his enslaved guardians. Laqeius not only summoned a portal but this portal was a bit different as it had the capability of warping him out of the forest and save his life. Generating the mass portal, Kaliden tried to kill him before he could escape.

Kaliden’s body turned wholly translucent as she phased her entire being through the last guardian in extraordinary haste and pushed her sword towards the demon. Re appearing in the physical realm, her great sword pierced through Laqeius’s back as he was halfway in the portal. The edge of her blade protruded through his stomach while he was halfway inside the in between realm. Curved spikes sprung out on the edge of her sword as she tried to drag the large blade back. With his soul chamber penetrated, the last summoned guardian disappeared into a wisp.  Noticing the spikes at the end of her blade, Laqeius used the energy from the guardian’s soul he ate, to try to hold his ground and survive. With tremendous power, Kaliden yelled as she pulled the demon back into earth’s realm and out of the portal. With such force Laqeius’s body was once again split into two halves while the spikes on her blade pulled back onto his stomach, gashing it open leaving him to shriek in agony.

Barley able to hold onto his breath, he had no more energy as he could only faintly open his eyes to see his lower half remaining torn on the ground. Kaliden walked by him a brought her great sword baring over his head. “please Kaliden.” Laqeius pleaded. “I can return your fallen memories…., I know where they lie scattered…. Forgive me Kal-.” Before he could utter another word, Kaliden’s great sword struck through the back of his head, ending the life of Laqeius and any of his experiments.

Kaliden knelled down with her hands attached to her great sword inside the demon’s skull, void of any memories or thoughts. Her new and only goal was complete, but her body and conjoined soul remains sealed into earth’s realm by the demon. Kaliden’s soul may never rest and her mind shall remain in limbo as the demon lies slain and fades from existence.

Submitted: January 26, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Blair225. All rights reserved.

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