Against The Grain

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taken from my book, "Breaking Thru The Thought Barrier"

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Against The Grain


The world of love and loss

Even love of loss

And loving what was lost

When I came to, this morning

I knew, only, what I dreamt of

And probably why

But my day took a twist

I realized that the women I have loved

__and lost

____are gone

______for good

________and I cannot get back

But I am not about to go mad

'Cause I know they were just

__not "the one"

I don't know where tomorrow will take me

But I know tomorrow holds more for me

If I could only ever really be

__financially ready

____then I would never have to forget that

______like I've been doing

________from time to time

As I sit in my brain

A lonely peanut on a rocking chair

I rock back and forth

Thinking there is nowhere else to go

Imagining no emergency

And not saving money for one

__before I go shopping

____and not after

And with the messes I always get myself into

You'd think I would have learned by now

But it seems like I haven't

And knowing that

__how could I ever have faith

____in a future love-life?

Thee unknown habbitats that surround me

__day to day

____hold no promises

______that I can depend on

I want nothing, but to rip their heads off

They desert me, here, ev'ryday

And they expect me

__to accept

____that they don't want to be in my life

Even though I make an effort

__to be in theirs

So even before I'm financially ready

A woman will not love me

If love really exists in the hearts of women

__at all

I guess it's hard to give a shit about some one

__that you don't know

So why else would they not give a shit?

I don't know them

Because they don't know me

And that is a cycle

__I cannot break

So I feel doomed to my fait

It only makes me feel pathetic

Wanting love this bad

Because love should not be a "want"

Loving should

But if it's not mutual

How could I not mind that?

People say "we should be more independent

And not rely on a feeling

__felt by some one else"

But even science knows "love is a need"

A damaging need

__that wrecks your life

____if you don't have it

Love should come first before money

Maybe that's why I have so many emergencies

But I refuse to fall in love

__right now

____while I still have money problems

But that's just me

Going against the grain



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.