Long awaited train

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a whole year has passed since adam had been offered a job 10 hours away, he's coming home and the wait has been maybe too much to handle as adams partner releases her inner most passions.

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



I spent the last few days going over and over in my head firstly nerves I guess followed by chills and then excitement, I had not seen Adam for a whole year since he took a job up north. The money was incredible although our time together was sliced in half more like non existent with him having to work the whole year without a break to visit or see anyone. He had the weekends off of course but being 10 hours drive away it was not realistic to travel down so we often spent Friday nights on the phone talking about our week and yes before you  ask, sometimes just sometimes things got a little hot and we finally made use of that face time calling feature on our phones.
You could say I picked up some very risqué skills from our calls, Adam suggesting placing the phone on the coffee table in our lounge and then slowly stripping for him. I'm sure at first I wasn't very good and my entertainment value would have been low with one time as I removed my bra and twirled it around my head as seductively as I could, it caught the ceiling fan above sending it flying across the room into a glass vase. Overtime I put that behind me and rode that horse again and I'm pretty sure from Adams expressions I could now safely say I would have to be one of the top strippers on the east coast who never once set foot in a stripper bar.
I usually started starring into the camera biting my lip looking as naughty as I could hoping to achieve that certain spark in my eyes that indicated I was hungry and only he could stem the hunger that I ached for. I would stare like that as I slowly removed maybe a skirt I was wearing slipping it carefully down facing away from him so it rolled over the curves of my ass revealing a tight g sting sealing his eyes out with another painful layer to get through. My hands would grasp my butt and I would run my hands down my thighs and tease myself inching closer and closer to where the heat now pulsed out. I would then face him and take my bra off taking note of the fan with the memories of that incident and peeling the cups down slowly so that my hidden nipples just popped out showing themselves hardening for him to see. By this stage he would be lying back in his chair hand around his thick cock and stroking it up and down, watching his glide over his  tip circling it spreading his liquid over it then running it back down to the base hard pumping his hand down. I wouldn't be able to control myself watching him so it wouldn't be long before positioned my phone so it could take in the very naughty view of me lying down and removing my lace panties slightly wet from his preview.
This next part I normally wouldn't tell but I guess it does feel very freeing recounting the events that led up to me waiting for him at the station so I will continue. After the usual running my hands over my breasts and tickling them, teasing his ever growing eyes as my fingers tip toed over my body visiting each area for a short stay before moving to the next hot zone. I asked Adam to wait one minute as I got up and walked from view sneakily popping my head back to catch him feverishly working his dick laying back thrusting his hips upward at his own hand, I was sure I could see his sweat dripping down his chest, working hard so I had to reward him. I quickly ran to the kitchen as my increased wetness now had me extremely worked up as I felt in between my thighs.
I returned and lay on the lounge once more flipping my long blonde hair behind me and watched Adam as I drove a very long and hard cucumber over my leg stopping at the tip of my knee so he could see. His eyes popped a little and I'm sure his hips moved forward as if to take that cucumber as an extension of his body and dance over me with it. Now I know I couldn't pick just any cucumber as there were some scary looking ones at the market that day, so many types but after perusing all the different wares they had, I skipped over the Japanese cucumber as it was too short, I passed on the Persian only just as it was fat and thick but only just bigger than the Japanese one. I jumped well away from one I'm not sure the name as its spikes pointed out from many holes being rather painful I would imagine rather than pleasuring ones self. I then found the perfect one the continental, long, great shape to it, a slight bend where I wanted it, a good thickness to it not showing off but right where I liked it so I chose that one to take to the register and now thinking back to that morning the young guy probably working there just to get through uni must have wondered about my purchases, one long continental cucumber, my fav moisturising cream and a bottle of spring water. I did actually need choc dipping sauce for my indulgent waffles but that a story for another time.
Adam now gripped it tight as I said to him, ' just wait baby, I want you to see this, all of it!' I kind of whispered it in the most dirty voice I could do. I parted my legs slightly running it down my inner thigh softly moaning as I ran into my swollen lips. I glanced to watch Adam as he slowly played it like an instrument, his Movement almost hypnotising as one hand moved in perfect lengths every stroke and occasionally the other would come over and circle his head teasing him that little bit more as his fingers sometimes looked to just tickle the tip like my lips would ever so gently kissing it and licking those precious drops off. 
My lips quivered as the cucumber found its way through my lips peeling them back as it navigated its way deeper inside me, I pinched my nipples as I pushed it in a little harder, I could feel every naturally formed bump and lump on the outside of it as it sailed in increasing my lust for pleasure. Adam now seemed to pump faster as if he had turned the dial on his perfectly massaging hand machine. He lay back and called to me, 'oh god baby, this is so hot! I need to be inside you now!' I was only encouraged more by this and proceeded to widen my legs more allowing my new friend to explore the very edges of my deviant world.
My breasts were so firm and my nipples reached up and out I could smell it all, that wild scent that drives men to become that animal inside of them to take hold and succumb to its power. I could hear Adam moaning as I slipped it in and out one leg now up and hanging over the back of the lounge. My fingers worked my clit as the cucumber had found a rhythm to bring me to orgasm, my wet pussy now growing in ecstasy as I pounded it faster and harder checking back on Adam and seeing him doing the same in time with me, I had to show him everything to give him what he wanted, I turned to the camera and spread my legs to show him the glistening drops I so wanted him to find and devour them. I placed the cucumber between the folds in the lounge and again faced away from him and then lowered myself onto its hard welcoming form. 'Ride it for me baby, show me how you want it' Adam excitedly yelled at me. 'Oh you want me to? I'm imagining this is your long thick dick baby and this is what I want to do to you' I said looking over my shoulder in my dirtiest slutty voice I had. I was consumed as I found myself in a trance like state purely there to fulfil my need to release. I bounced as fast as I could each time I could feel it all, the blood pumping, my senses heightened, the smells, the sweat, it all turned me on to the point where I didn't care how much the neighbours heard me enjoying my continental friend.
'Show me more, I beg you baby, I need more!' Adam pleaded with me as his cock was gripped harder and became even more red from his hard pulling. I could not take it anymore as I decided to  face the camera and may back spreading my legs almost back behind my head giving him the view of my open wet centre. I slid it in once more and ran fingers over my lips pulling them a little while rubbing my clit and thrusting deep inside myself. Adam worked himself equally hard and I could see his face tighten as muscles went to work pushing him to orgasm, his face shivered as his eyes rolled a little and his hand became weaker as his final strokes bought on an intense release covering his chest. I could feel myself like I was that close and it was almost clawing its way inside me building as if every inch it travelled through my body a mixture of pain and pleasure. I held the continental tight as my legs went to jelly I held it inside me and used the remaining strength in my fingers to run and pull and tickle my clit bringing me to a powerful shuddering orgasm rendering me helpless as all I could do was feel it's power and accept its pleasurable gift.
We both lay there 10 hours apart exhausted not a word spoken between us but the silent satisfaction written on our faces. A cool breeze swept over me from the balcony chilling me as my body covered in sweat and my precious juices.
He had looked up at me and said, 'that was the greatest thing I have ever experienced darling and I can't wait until I see you.' That was one of the many times I face timed Adam, I had visited that supermarket a few more times since that day and sampled a few of the varieties on hand and I must say the Japanese while small on size still delivers on quality. I also think jack, oh jack is the guy at the register, I think he might be on to me as every time I go there, I place on that tiny conveyor belt, a spring water, my fav moisturising cream and a single cucumber and every time I do unseen written words of naughty pleasure is scrawled across his face.
So now I sit at maple tree station waiting for Adam, my brown skin soaks up the rays of sun streaming through my open window, there is a tiny sting to it as it beams upon me. 
Sweat beads and drips down between my breasts, I came dressed for the Occassion well underdressed as I wore a tiny tight skirt with a very common female celebrity look of no panties. I'll just be sure of when I get out I don't swing anything more open then the car door. I had a very sexy bra on that pushed my boobs up creating a great cleavage shot, all for Adam of course with a very loose top over that.
I thought I would quickly txt Adam and tell him I'll just wait in the car as the station looked packed. Almost immediately my phone lit up and a message buzzed through.
It was Adam,
Adam: 'hey baby, that's fine if you wait in the car, the station looks crazy busy today.'
My phone buzzed once more,
Adam: 'God, I have missed you baby, not long now I'll see you in a couple mins,
And I'll see your tight butt cheeks, your perfect breasts and beautiful blue eyes.'
I was starting to heat up and ran my still ice cold coke can over my neck and face, as I ran back down over my neck I felt a little naughty and slowly checked around for anyone before popping out a boob letting it taste the hot air before cooling it with the coke can. It felt incredible as I slid it over to the other boob letting it feel the icy can hardened my nipple making it reach up and out. More naughty ideas filled my head as the can found its way down to my legs parting wide enough for the can to pass through landing directly onto my pussy lips.'fuck!' I squealed, the chilled touch of the can rolled a wave of pleasure through me holding it there my fingers found my clit and the can and my hand worked together building me to climax.
By the time Adam had reached the car I was in back arching, butt clenching, leg weakening ecstasy. 'Wow!' Baby, this is a welcome fit for a king.' Adam beamed in with a lustful look in his eyes and his eyes seemed to hold a horniness that was begging to break free and explore on its own. 'Hey baby, just entertaining myself he he' I said cheekily laughing. 'We should get going, I said straightening myself up a little looking in the mirror. Adam leaned in kissing me softly on my lips then again on my forehead, saying, 'you miss me darling?' 'You know I did, babe I really want to get you home.' 'Just hang on one sec babe' Adam whispered in my ear as his fingers searched my body for a long sought after treasure. My mind had other ideas like getting my man home and fulfilling every desire we both had had in the past year. It's not that I didn't want to then and there just I never really had been in a theatrical production before let alone a hot porn film. My body seemed to reject the idea of going home as it took control of my mind flooding it with pleasure sensors controlling it opening my legs allowing Adam full access to me like he had his very own vip pass to my body.
I gripped the steering wheel as Adams head disappeared from view, I held it so tight that knuckles turned from red to white as a couple wandered past, I tired to hide my facial expressions as the guy seemed to take a second look, Adam worked my body smoothly moving from clit to pussy kissing his way along my inner thighs licking and working along an imaginary track from mole to freckle to his wet destination. I could feel how wet I was as 3 of his fingers rotated from pleasure spot to pleasure spot. I held on as long as I could and just as I came onto his fingers another group walked right by my window, I had a rush of adrenaline sear through me and fear of being caught as well as the intensity from Adam manoeuvring his well trained fingers. I starred straight ahead as I held my mouth shut quivering I battled the orgasm as it flowed through my body stimulating me but trying to focus on holding it together and not calling out in absolute pleasure. 
'We should go' I painted out exhausted trying to catch my breath, 'we almost were caught Adam' I explained. 'Ha ha, he burst out laughing, ' well you started without me my dear, I had to make up for lost time.' 'Ok, ok focus, before we both explode in the car full of arousalness if that's a word' I said smiling. 'I don't think it is baby, but let's go, I'm beat.' Adam urged me on. I asked about his work for the last year but as he started talking I tried to listen as intently as I could but all I could think about was how hard he was and that it was protruding from his pants and practically poking out my eye. I could hear his voice In the background but my own thoughts screamed over the top of him. All I could think was sex, sex positions, moaning, sweat, juices, the smells and sounds of it all the way my body pulsed right now, the wetness between my legs and the way my panties were so wet. I don't recall any of the short 10 km drive back to our apartment as we cruised into the undercover car park. 'I'll grab ur small one babe' I said as I took one of Adams smaller bags and made my way to the stairwell. As I made my way up the first flight I could feel Adams beautiful blue eyes searing a hole through my soaked panties and pleasuring my pussy.
I opened the door to our apartment and swung Adams bag on the bench, however his arm followed behind me as his leg kicked back shutting the door and his arm swept the bag off the kitchen bench, his body moving like a Russian gymnast. 
He lifted me up onto the kitchen bench and buried his face between my legs as I Locked my knees around his ears I starred at the ceiling moaning for him to push his tongue in more, I felt it swirl around my clit and push in and out tasting my sweetness. I let him have me for a few minutes then I pushed his head up and said,'your turn babe!' I lead him to the lounge and forced him down slipping off my bra and bounding it around his head covering his eyes. I propped my self just above his hard thick cock with my lips edging closer whispering sweet breaths to it, my tongue lapped at the cum trickling down the side bringing it to life tensing it stood firm waiting to receive its attention. My finger lifted under his balls and I pressed and rubbed just under his ass, his thrusting toward me told me I hit the spot. As my lips curved around him I could taste him, the smell coming off him heightened my senses delving me back to my world of sexual pleasure where I was the deviant queen. My fingers nails clawed in slightly as I bobbed up and down so he felt the pain of not having me and the pleasure of my mouth at the same time, allowing him to grasp the full extent of what it was like for me the past year being trapped in ecstasy but anchored by the pain of wanting him.
I danced over his tip lashing my tongue from side to side as my had worked his balls and the other his cock. My stroking increased to the point of him breathing heavily a a I could feel his balls twitching wanting to release his cream. I climbed on top just above him wrapping my arms around his neck and teasing his cock with my lips, it seemed as if his dick strained upwards towards my pussy extending for its delights as it led him on dripping just out of reach. I allowed my pussy lips to taste him as I fell around him his hard cock filled me, I felt every inch enter me reaching my end. We each said not a word as we let our senses guide us, the smell filled our nostrils as he breathes heavily taking in all he could, my hair, my lips, I tasted his salty skin as I kissed his neck and felt him push further inside.
I bounced hard filling the air with our moans I gripped his hand as they intertwined and our bodies locked together in motion I could feel him fill me as I leaned back with the last of my strength I lifted my bum slipping it back on to him once and twice before succumbing to my primal urges, I shook all
Over coming over him. We both lay back exhausted and feeling a cool breeze come in off the balcony chilling out sweaty bodies, over the next week Adam stayed, our bodies sang together fulfilling our natural instincts and releasing our most sexual desires. Thinking back on it now, it was well worth waiting for the train.

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