My Secret Midnight Fantasy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Double Bar D
A work based on a real dream intending to provoke discussion

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017





In my mind I behold

A sweet panoramic view from a mountain top,

Yet inside that elegant panoramic view is a simultaneous void,

A divinely ordained pathway to eternal knowledge,

A place where all questions are answered.


Inside the panorama

Stands a warm tropical forest,

With orchids and chrysanthemum in plenty,

Where all fruit is supplied year round to one’s perfect contentment,

And all hearts may feel eternally young again.


Inside the midst of this tropical garden

Flows an amber tinted creek,

That plunges o’er a jagged edge,

That sings sweet music for longing ears,

Where time knows no end.


Surrounding these falls exists a lush verdant meadow,

Inside this divine place where time has no relevance.

There daffodils, flowering azalea, and elephant ears propagate throughout,

And natural paths have climbing roses covering bushes and trees on either side.


On a stony ledge neath the falls

O’er looking a crystal cesspool,

My astonished eyes behold a nude native nymph maiden,

Who leaps amid iridescent natural showers of rose petals

Into the crystal cesspool below.


On the horizon beyond the falls

I behold a heliotrope castle with a clear crystal sheen,

Where an endowed authority emanates splendid adoration

To native pixie without,

who frolic merrily all about

Inside this splendid tropical garden beyond.


In my midnight dream,

As I behold this divine paradise panorama,

Standing high above this blessed elysium tropical forest….

I suddenly leap……


Seeking to become absorbed into this void,

Where lies the true source of all wisdom;

And an amber tinted creek tinkles most pleasantly

As native pixie citizens play throughout  merrily,

Inside this blessed tropical forest where

Time possess no relevance.




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