Saving my Saviour

Saving my Saviour

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



She was this young girl who hasnt seen anything if the world and he was the man who has even seen Miracles. But her innocence is what drowns him to her to save her, but only he knew it that she was the one is saving him.
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She was this young girl who hasnt seen anything if the world and he was the man who has even seen Miracles. But her innocence is what drowns him to her to save her, but only he knew it that she was the one is saving him.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Meeting

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Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 26, 2017





The loud honking of the truck got me out of my stupor and I looked towards it coming to me in an uncontrollable speed. You are dead Mary I say it over and over in my head as my body is stiff. The truck getting closer by seconds and suddenly my hands go up to my face to bear with the impact. The truck passes by me at a humongous speed and I watch it with awe and confusion.

It was supposed to hit me .. I'm supposed to die.

My body loosens a bit as the scene came crashing to my brain and my hand flies to my mouth to stop the cry.

“Hey kid!! “ I look back to the source of the voice and my mouth hangs open as I take in the person before me. He is an old man maybe nearing his fifties. He had a frown on his face. His hair all black with hints of white in it. He had beard which showed white hair. I can tell by looking at it that underneath that beard there is strong jawline. He has wrinkles on his forehead as he was looking very irritated.

He is looking at you Mary I warned myself.

I shook myself from my musing as I looked around to see there are Infact many people hissing about what just happened. Oh my god I was just about to die here.

My face is jerked by my jaw by his calloused yet strong fingers. “Hey what you think you were doing’ kid?”

Oh my god I just checked him out, didn't I ??? Mary get yourself together. Did he come to know that??

"Kid i am asking you. what were you doing in the middle of the street??? are you crazy?" he sad a bit louder and scared me more than i was before.

“I-I I was scared” I said it and immediately looked down. I don’t know why but I cannot look into his eyes as they held anger for me. He let go of my face and gets up with a loud sigh and extends his hand to me. I stare at the hand in front of me. The huge hand with bruises here and there. It made it look rugged. And my eyes travel from his hand to his face with a gulp. “Kid get up” and I take his hand in mine and he pulls me up to a standing position.

“What are you'll lookin at !?” he says irritated as he pushes the crowd aside to let us get through. He ceased his walking and cussing when we were a bit away from the crowd and let go of my hand. I felt chills at the loss of contact but didn't let it show. And he started walking off in other direction. I dismissed the thought of calling him and let my legs walk me to my work. I am a lot scared now.

Although I was scared to even walk on a empty road now, I still made my way to my café.

I work in a small café which was owned by my father. But after his death my mother had to pay a lot of bills on her own and she had to sell this café. And also my father was man in a deep debt so to pay his debt I have to work in this café.

I head inside the café and greet Martha my mate in café.  I didn’t let my fear show up on my face and tried controlling my scared heart that was beating erratically.

Martha is a middle aged women working to pay her sons debt.

“Good morning Martha” I beamed at her and started getting ready for today's work. I put on my apron with the name of The café on it.

“Good morning Mary” Martha said back giving me a scribbled paper.

“Here.. The guy from yesterday left his number for you.” She said slyly.

I laughed at this and rolled my eyes. “Ohh god horny boys I tell you.” I smiled at my expense and took the paper from her and put it in my pocket. I remember the guy from yesterday. He was very handsome I must say but gave away too much and was constantly flirting with the girl next to his table. “Honey you need to let loose.. Its your time to enjoy have fun girl” she said winking. “Martha not you. “ I laughed a little as she suggested me to have fun. She was the closest to me after my mother. She treated me like her own daughter.

The smile on my face faltered as the vehicles on the outside where making loud noises of horn and that made me scare of little noises.

Martha came towards me sensing my uneasiness and asked me what's the matter. I told her about the morning incident making her gasp in horror.

“Honey, I’m glad you are okay. Are you hurt???” she asked me full of concern but I said I was okay and told her about the man that saved me. She seemed happy that I was in harmed but I was not okay as my mind kept going back to that man from morning.


Our chitchat stopped as the customers started to barge in the café. It was a very peaceful place to just and have a cup of coffee over nothing or to just think about life in general. I used to sit at the last table before Martha joined here and brought me out of my sadness.

My shift ends at six and I am getting ready to leave when I hear Martha sniffing in the changing room. “Martha?? Is everything okay??” I ask as I near the room and knock on it. She opens the door and let me in. “My son Simon is called in jail for some illegal things that he is getting involved in.” she said sadly.

“Martha why you let him do this?? Why don’t you tell him that it is not acceptable for him to do this!!”

I say as my own tears starts to flow. I know Martha came from a very poor family. Her husband passed away when Simon her son was 3 years old and she did the household works to get her daily bread for her and Simon.

Simon on the other hand was left on his on when Martha used to go out for work and he got all the bad habits which he was not suppose to get into.

“Don’t you think I try telling him honey??” she said between her tears.

“I know Martha I am sorry. But its getting out of your hands now Martha” I tried telling my view and she nodded in understanding.

She got up from her seat wiping her tears with the back of her hand and looked at me.

“Well I have to go home honey. And also you. Go home Mary” she said getting up but I stopped her.

“How are you going to work out of this Martha?” I asked her because I was worried.

“I have to pay for his bail out and I’m afraid I don’t have enough money.” She said  and got up to go home for the day. “Martha wait..” I said catching up to her at the door of the café. “I can help you if you need some money” I said fiddling with my purse.

“Ohh honey my dear, No, besides you have to save something for college. You are not spending for me, No” she huffed locking the door.

“But Martha, if you need any help please tell me. I would like to help you” I said to her in a worried tone.

She smiled a little at me but the frown came back again and she signd out leaving in other direction saying goodbye.

I watched her from the back and felt really sorry for her. Martha I pray to god that every problem of yours is solved.

With this I head to my own way, my mind drifting to mornings event. I have never seen someone with so much sorrow in their eyes. Will I ever see him again??

I hope so



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