He Bites

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This chapter is based on Luke's (short for Lucious) point of view. His instant attraction to her.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Lucious

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



she had the most beautiful features, down to the freckle just above her upper lip


I haven't been here in London since 1923. Everything is so different now, the cars, the noise, the way people dressed. Of course I've travelled all over.. but I have to move so I don't get found out. I never age. I can only stay in one place for 10 years at a time before people start to suspect things. When I leave I don't return for at least 100 years, by then everyone I once knew is no longer alive and I'm free to be who I want without the suspicions, or people realising I haven't aged a day in over 10 years. I am of course 20 years old, been this way since 1760 when she turned me. Ahh my sweet sweet Clarissa. We were in love. Two fools who madly fell in love.This was the place we fell in love. I always return and spend at least 10 years here every century. It's home. Only now home is different. 

Upon my return I ventured into town to stock up on supplies. On my way to the nearest blood bank, that is when I saw her. Sitting at a bus stop, in such self doubt. She was beautiful, although she didn't realise just how much beauty radiated. She had the most beautiful features, down to the freckle just above her upper lip. Upon hearing her voice I immediately turned and flashed her a grin, she knows I heard her. I decided to follow her, I had to know her. 

As as she entered her college campus, I stayed closely behind, almost in the shadows, I wanted to know her classes, I found myself enrolling in all her classes. I have never been one to attend a high school, let alone a college, but her eyes.. I wanted to see deep into her eyes. I had to know who this beautiful soul was. Standing outside her classroom I could hear her talking about me, wondering if she would ever see me again. I hear "Lex you got it bad, you don't know him, you don't know his name, you'll never see him again" .. ahh Lex such a peculiar name. 

As I entered the room, I sensed all eyes on me as I approached the tutor to explain I was a new student. I sat towards the back, not once breaking eye contact with her. As I sat down she shyly turnt to face the tutor. This class lasted roughly an hour, and I didn't listen once to what was being said. I was only interested in Lex. Watching her jot down notes, how she would gently turn a page, highlighting anything of importance. She would even fold a corner down on pages of relevance. I hadn't felt this way about any girl since Clarissa. Maybe this was my turn to find true love. 

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