Their Season To Mourn

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



Chapter One

Summer 2017


Khloe couldn’t believe that she of all people in her family had beat the odds and was finally graduating college after four years. She was exhilarated. She held her phone out for one last selfie before walking to the stage to receive her graduation package from the dean.

The gag is, she had successfully received her degree in Accounting without sleeping with half of the faculty.

“We are super proud of you lil’ sis.” Rose screamed. “Time to party it up.” Alexa added, while walking around to hug Khloe from her left side.

“Picture-perfect family” motioning to Greg, the photographer waved his arm for him to get closer to the girls for a picture.  

 ‘Congratulations Khloe.’

Khloe’s eyes spun round. Professor Gary Hamlin was standing only a few feet away. A sturdy man who in his seventies had more wrinkles on his face than an old hairless cat.

 Khloe nodded. “Thank you, Professor.” She replied with a slight smile, dreading the pep talk that would follow. “I hope you take everything you learned here and use it in the outside world. It is a hard world out there, but I’ll like to believe that we gave you the right tools to combat...” He started and was interrupted by Greg who was signaling for her to walk toward the car. She couldn’t have been more thankful for this interruption. Knowing Professor Hamlin, he would have gone on for another half hour before pausing long enough to wipe the spit that would have settled at the ends of his lips. She smiled at the thought of never having to speak to him again at such close range for what she hoped will be the rest of her life.

As soon as Alexa pulled up to the driveway, Khloe jumped out of the car and ran inside her Dad’s house to take snapchat videos of all the beautiful decoration her step-mom had put up. She walked around the entire living room, then slid through the slightly open backdoor onto the deck. She couldn’t believe what she was looking at. The deck had been completely redesigned for her party. She could feel the blood rush to her face, she felt like bursting into happy tears.

She ran upstairs to quickly change into her party outfit before her guests arrived. She took off the Chanel suit she had worn at the graduation ceremony, and took a quick minute to admire her slim frame in the mirror before sliding on the sleeveless lace dress her big sister had given her as her birthday gift two weeks prior. The dress was a perfect fit for her small frame. The front slit was long enough to expose her perfect legs. "Money well spent at the spa", she thought briefly.

Oh no!” Khloe thought. She had forgotten to invite the spa ladies to her party. Such lovely Vietnamese ladies. She had fallen in love with them the first time she went there for a full facial with Alexa.

 “Koko…Koko…KHLOE!” Rose yelled from the living room below Khloe’s room. Khloe half smiled to herself, still looking at her beautiful reflection in the mirror in front of her, thinking about all the cute little nicknames her sisters had given her over the years.

“Yes! What do you want Ro?” Khloe screamed from her bedroom door as she made her way down the spiral staircase, half wondering why her Dad hadn’t thought to have an elevator in the house, opposed to the flight of seemingly endless stairs.

“Your guests have started arriving sweetie. Over here...” Rose was caught midsentence by a loud screeching sound. Khloe had just spotted her best friend of 15 years walking past the Butler. “OH, MY GOSH!!! Sophie I didn’t think you’ll make it. I thought you were still in Europe.” Screamed Khloe as the two friends ran into each other’s outstretched arms.

Khloe grabbed the package out of Sophie’s hand and tore it open like her life depended on it. Sophie Jose had taken off her last year of college to go visit Europe and find fashion inspiration for her line. Being the only daughter of a seamstress Sophie’s passion for fashion had come naturally.

Sophie was also the daughter of a Mexican carpenter who had been killed in a car accident when she was only 3 years old. She and her mom had travelled a lot after her Dad’s death in search of a better future. Her life had been filled with many cold nights, hungry days and no friends. Her mother had not tried to find dependence on a man for their survival like most single mothers her age. Instead, she had worked two jobs to pay the rent, bills, school supplies and food. There was barely any money left over by the end of the month for clothing and shoes. Sophie understood hard work, and she made a promise to herself at a young age to one day give her mom a comfortable life. If anybody deserved comfort, it would be Mama Helen Jose.

In the summer of 2002, Helen decided to park up and move to Washington state to take up a job as an assistant seamstress. She was going to be paid below minimum wage, but she could apply for section 8 housing and an EBT card. Someone at her job in Maryland had informed her that welfare benefits were easily accessible to low income earners in the Pacific Northwest more so than the East Coast. Helen had spent the last five months saving up for their train tickets.

The train rolled into the Seattle King Street Station at approximately 7:11am. They were both exhausted after the 59-hour train ride (stops included), but Helen didn’t have enough money left over to pay for a motel. Instead, she took Sophie to an Ihop restaurant and ordered breakfast.

“It has been difficult for you Soph, but I promise to make it up to you. I will do everything humanly possible to give you the kind of life you deserve.” Helen said as she reached out to hug her daughter. She blamed herself for her husband’s passing. She felt undeniably guilty for robbing her daughter of her childhood. “Mama, I love you more than life itself.” A soft voice broke her out of her thoughts. A voice she recognized even in her sleep. Sophie was the perfect gift from God. A gift she’ll forever be grateful to have received. Sophie had given her hope for a better future. Hope that had kept her from attempting suicide after Jose had been killed in that ghastly accident. She stared at her daughter sitting across from her and realized that this move to Yakima was the right move and the timing couldn’t have been better.

After eating, Helen led Sophie into the bathroom to freshen up before heading for the bus that’ll take them to the Greyhound for their 3-hour ride to Yakima. They arrived the transit center in Yakima Washington at exactly 12:15pm.

“Hey sleepy head…we’re here.” Helen said as she reached out and gently tucked her daughter. Sophie stretched her tiny arms and yawned as she looked out the window. “This was very different from home.” She thought “super clean. Oh! And there were a bunch of Hispanics and whites.” She half smiled, thinking she’ll have the time of her life making new friends. “Mama can we stay here forever?” She requested. Her mom smiled down at her, as she nodded her affirmation.

Agatha ran up to them as soon as she saw them and gave them each a big hug. She handed Helen a bouquet of welcome flowers looked over at Sophie and said “and a pink teddy bear for a beautiful princess.” Sophie hugged her new stuffed friend tight and then looked up at Agatha, whom she was meeting for the first, but had heard so much about from her mom and said “thank you so much Aunt Agatha. I love it. I will name her Agie.” Agatha smiled and slightly squeezed Sophie’s cheeks.

Agatha was the owner of the biggest seamstress shop in Sunnyside. She encountered Helen while visiting Baltimore for the first time. Several months later and Helen had taken her up on her offer to work at her shop in Sunnyside as one of the seamstresses. It was a laundry mat she inherited from her family. Business was good and Helen could be an asset to the shop.

“How far is the shop from here?” Helen inquired as Agatha pulled up in front of a family sized house, Helen assumed was hers.

Agatha smiled and assured Helen that she’ll take her there as soon as she was well rested. They all walked inside and Agatha proceeded to show Helen and Sophie their respective rooms. It was a large house for three people. Agatha’s kids were all grown and had moved out of the family house.

Sophie was excited to finally get her own room opposed to sharing a bed with her mom.

Sophie was enrolled in Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School on 16th Street because Aunt Agatha had accepted to sponsor her, and public school wasn’t good enough for Aunt Agatha.

First day of school as the new kid was tumultuous for Sophie. She had only attended public school before, but her mom had pleaded with her not to mess this up. Mama told her that this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

She knew she couldn’t ruin it.


First day of school was easier than Sophie had anticipated because the kids were all picking on another kid whom they called "Koko-Banana head."

As soon as it was 3:30pm, Sophie rushed into the bathroom to pee. As she was finishing up, she heard someone run in crying. She quickly cleaned up, washed her hands and started looking under the doors. She quickly recognized the fuchsia pink backpack sitting on the floor, but she couldn’t see any feet and the door was locked inside. She considered climbing up the door, but quickly ruled that out, for her tiny arms couldn’t possibly take her to the top. So, she rather leaned into the door and said in low voice, “I know you’re in there. Wanna talk?” No one moved. Sophie wasn’t one to give up, so she pressed, “you introduced yourself as Khloe, is it ok if I call you Khlo? Nice backpack Khlo.” That was when she heard movement come from within the stall.

Khloe pushed open the door and Sophie reached out and hugged her until she stopped crying.

No words were needed. Khloe was secretly grateful to God her new friend hadn’t asked her why the other kids were so mean towards her.

As they neared the exit door, the school bus was leaving, and Sophie knew she was in trouble. “Oh no! I missed the bus. Ugh! Not on the first day.”

“Where do you live?” Khloe inquired.

“Not too far from here. I live on 23rd, close to the Safeway.” Sophie answered.

“OMG! You are literally around the corner from me. We can drive you home, if that’s fine with you?” Khloe offered.

Sophie smiled at her and nodded, and Khloe pulled her hand in the direction of the parked sedan “this way.” Both girls giggled and hopped away happy to have found each other.




 “OMG SOPH!!!”

Sophie smiled knowing the next words that would follow.

“I cannot believe you got me on the cover of Vogue! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Khloe screamed as she stared at the cover. Her best friend had outdone herself.

“I love you so much bestie.” Khloe continued as she hugged her friend tight, secretly wondering how she had pulled this off, but knowing that there was nothing Sophie couldn’t accomplish once she put her mind to it.

Khloe motioned for the photographer to take more pictures of them both.

They all walked out onto the porch where the other guests were socializing with her Dad and sisters.

More guests walked in and joined the party. It was loud and fun. Khloe did not know all the guests. Some of them had been invited by her sisters, but Khloe didn’t mind; the more the merrier.

“Over here baby girl” Dad waved an empty glass at Khloe.

It was time to give a speech. ‘Ugh’, Khloe thought as she walked reluctantly towards her father. She did not like being the center of attention, but she knew she couldn’t make an ass of herself in front of everybody.

“Thanks Dad.” Looking at her Dad, she smiled, and he nodded and looked at her with admiration. He couldn’t believe his little girl had completed her bachelor degree in Accounting from one of the best universities in the state. “I know Mom is here, I can feel her presence, and she’s happy; not just with me, with my sisters too. You guys have been amazing. A thank you from me wouldn't suffice. I owe you two for the rest of my life.” Khloe continued, and everybody smiled and nodded their agreement. “I feel blessed to have this amazing group of people in my life. I am sincerely grateful to each one of you. Thank you for coming and I look forward to starting this wonderful journey called life.” She paused for a second and started shaking the bottle of champagne getting ready to pop it. “Hey Soso! you ready with that bottle?” Sophie smiled at her and winked her agreement.

“Oh, that reminds me.” Khloe briefly shook her head and closed her eyes “how could I pop this bottle without acknowledging my best friend in the entire world? Because we share everything, this certificate and party is hers too…hahahaha.” She looked over at Sophie and inquired “Sophie do you have anything to say?”

“I love you baby, thanks so much” Sophie blew kisses at her bestie, before starting the countdown “5…4…3…2…puff!” everyone screamed and reached out their glasses for a sip.

“Cheers to many more amazing accomplishments.” Gregg, Alexa and Rose all yelled in unison.

“Salut!” the guests responded with their glasses raised in the air.

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!! Blasted and boomed immediately after the toast and Khloe snatched Sophie and dragged her to her room for some one-on-one time before she got drunk.

 “Seriously Koko, what now?” Khloe smacked her lips thinking of how to exclusively tell Sophie her plans. Sophie smiled half thinking how little her friend had changed.

Khloe grabbed a Cosmopolitan magazine from her nightstand and handed it to Sophie. “Check this out” She ssid. Sophie slightly frowned and then gave Khloe a knowing look even though not quite understanding what any of it meant. “Ok? Uhm…” Khloe interrupted her before she could finish, “girl, that is Felix, and according to this article, he is the son of Queen Margrethe of Denmark.”

Sophie gasped pointing to the words on the cover that read “MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR IN EUROPE.”

She remembered Felix. ‘How could she ever forget Felix and his charm?’ Sophie thought rather quickly, before asking Khloe for more details.

“Well. I plan on flying back to Europe next week, only this time I will be in the South of France where he will be visiting the Luxury Lakeside Chateau.” Khloe smiled as the words came pouring out her mouth. Sophie could see the excitement in her eyes, but she owed it to herself to talk Khloe out of the idea, “I don’t think popping up on him like that is such a great idea.” Sophie tried.

Unfortunately, when Khloe made up her mind about something, there was no changing her mind. She believed that people had to make their own destinies, not wait on some Higher Power. ‘What was that thing she always said’ Sophie tried to remember ‘oh yes, if some Higher Power had my destiny in His hand, then my mom would have raised me. That choice was taken away from her.’ Sophie shook her head thinking of all the times she had tried to talk Khloe out of a bad idea. She had stopped trying after she told her that having a one night stand with Felix, who at the time they didn’t know was a prince, was a terrible idea. Khloe had been so angry at her and accused her of being jealous.

“I promised myself to never try to talk you out of a bad idea.” Sophie said to Khloe who stroke her arm and replied “how many times should I apologize to you before you’ll let it go? I am so sorry. I know you’re not jealous of me, I said that out of anger. Plus, it was so one year ago.”

“No no no…that’s not where I was going with this. Ok, lemme rephrase. I love you too much and for that reason alone, will I encourage you to go on this trip.” Sophie said with a kind smile.

“Yay! Thank you thank you thank you. One more thing though. You cannot tell anybody the real reason for my visit. If Alex or Dad ask, tell them it’s just a vacay and I’ll stay with you.” Khloe begged.

“of course, I got your back little lady.” Sophie assured her with a thin laugh. 

Khloe let out a sigh of relief as she thought of the time she and Felix had spent together. What Sophie did not know is that she and Felix had shared more than a one-night-stand. In fact, they dated for a few weeks, but she didn’t tell Sophie because they had decided to keep the relationship private.

She had met him in Switzerland on her last spring break in college, only a few months prior. He was the perfect gentleman. He had treated her to shopping sprees in all the high-end shops in Geneva, taken her to the best touristic sites, museums, restaurants and spas. He had been the perfect gentleman, on the street and in the sheets. The sex was wild, like nothing Khloe had ever experienced in her life. He was the master of sex. She blushed slightly as she replayed the time they had been caught fucking in the back of his Rolls Royce Phantom. He had teased her nipples until they were rock hard and then dropped some of the most exquisite wine she had ever tasted down her neck. The wine made its way down to her right nipple, and he leaned down and gently licked off her nipples, working his tongue all the way to her neck and then her ears.

She moaned softly and then pushed him on his back and kissed him; his lips were the softest to ever touch her skin. She stared into his eyes before working her tongue down his broad chest. She paused for a quick second to pull his zipper down and place her warm mouth on his hard cock. He gasped. She tasted the precum and loved it.

She had neither seen nor heard from him after she returned to the United States, even though they had exchanged numbers, and snapchat names. She had replayed their love-making scenes over and over in her head every night for 8 months until she saw him bare-chested on the cover of Cosmopolitan. 

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