Their Season To Mourn

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Chapter 2 (v.2) - Chapter Two

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



Chapter Two


“C’mon Rosie, I’ll buy you anything you want. Just lemme put it in there.”

“But Uncle…”

“Doesn’t that feel good?” He said while thrusting his penis further inside her.

“Ouch!” The last thing she remembers seeing was blood. The pain rippled through her heart causing her to squeal before her body hit the ground.

Rose had replayed that scene in her head every day for 13 years. Constantly asking herself the questions: ‘why me? What did I do to deserve that? Did I lead him on?’ Vincent Dubrow was Daddy’s boss and best friend. She had even taken to pot and cigarettes as a pre-teen in her effort to numb the memories. Mother was so sick at the time it happened that she decided not to tell her about Uncle Vincent. However, Mom noticed that Rose started acting weird every time Uncle Vincent came by the house for Sunday dinner with his family. She either locked herself in her room, faked a fever and refused to eat dinner until after he left or she went to the neighbor’s house for a sleepover. Mom questioned her new attitude, but every time she pretended like she hadn’t been acting out and promised to do better.

One little detail about that day still bugged her though. She remembered being molested very vividly, but she couldn’t remember how she had ended up in her bed. ‘Had she walked upstairs, cleaned up after the incident and gone to sleep? Or had Uncle Vincent cleaned her up and put her to bed? Maybe he had even drugged her.’ She wondered for the 100th time that night as she lay in bed unable to sleep without narcotics.

She had decided to quit the drugs after her 25th birthday. Twenty-five was like a quarter of her life, and she vowed to live the rest of her life as a normal person. “Crackhead” wasn’t a label she wanted to wear for the rest of her life.

 her phone rang, breaking her out of her thoughts.

“Ugh” wondering who was calling her in the middle of the night.

“Hey sis.” She should have known it was Alex.

“Have you heard from Koko? Dad sent me a text asking if she was over at my place. I told him that I had neither seen her nor heard from her since her party.” Alex sounded worried.

“Not here. She won’t stay here even if the world was on fire. She hates my place.” Rose half smiled thinking of all the times she had tried to convince Khloe to sleepover to no avail. The girl was super stuck up, she wondered where she got it from, not mom, maybe Dad. He loved the finer things of life. Rose, by contrast, was more of a hipster. “It’s the natural way of life,” she chided, every time someone questioned her choice.

“I needed to cross all possible options out.” Alex interrupted her thoughts.

‘Did you try Sophie? Maybe she knows something. Those two are like Frick and Frack.” Rose said.

“I will, thanks sissy.”

“Have a beautiful night my love.” Yea, she couldn’t help that hipster voice.

Rose went to the bathroom to pee, then later the kitchen to make some tea. She ended up on her couch watching reruns of the “The 70s Show.”

The sound of her alarm clock broke her out of a three-hour sleep. She had to get help, this was the fifth night in a row. She had considered canceling her apointment with the shrink at least six times since she set it up. She walked into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. She had a 12:20 class, and a meeting with one of her project supervisors right after. ‘It was going to be a long day, way to start the week.’ She thought as she started the engine.

“I have an appointment with Dr. Kent.”

“May I see a picture ID ma’am?” The receptionist inquired.

Rose pulled out her driver’s license, placed it on the desk and watched as the beautiful redhead punched the keyboard all the while staring at the computer screen.

“Oh, here you are. Please take a seat and Dr. Kent will be with you in a few minutes.” The receptionist said while pointing to the chairs in the waiting room area.

Rose sat down, nervously wondering whether this shrink was up to the task. She was so nervous she could feel her palms getting clammy. She decided to go wash them in the bathroom before the doctor came to fetch her.

She stood in front of the mirror wondering how she had ended up here. She had gotten her mom’s beautiful looks, and thick black hair. She was the epitome of a hot brunette. Perfectly round hips, beautifully shaped tits, that fit nicely into a 38B cup Victoria secret bra. Her face was flawless, she had never met a male species that didn’t want to bone her. However, something was missing. She felt empty, as such she had tried to fill her void with drugs and alcohol from a very early age. At first, she only used recreational drugs to ease the emptiness and feel good in the moment. Before long, her dealer introduced her to coke and heroin. A tear dropped down her beautiful face as she reminisced her obsession with needles and powder.

“Miss Belfield! Are you in here” the voice broke her out of her thoughts and she attempted to dry her tears quickly to no avail. It was that gorgeous redheaded receptionist.

“Are you ok?” The receptionist inquired.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…sorry, I just wanted to wash my hands.” Rose explained, feeling like she had been caught with her pants down.

“It’s ok, Dr. Kent is really good. And I’m not just saying that because I work for him.” She responded with a kind smile. Rose wondered how old she was. She was breathtakingly gorgeous.

It is almost like she could read Rose’s thoughts, because she leaned in and kissed her lightly on her lips. Rose was shocked, yet she liked it. The curious side of her, pulled the receptionist closer, tilted her head slightly and kissed her passionately as she ran her free hand up and down her tits, reaching to pinch slightly on her nipple. “What should I call you?” Rose inquired.

“Avina…Avina Vongtraugh” she answered as she ran her hand through that full black hair stopping only to look into her eyes with lust. 

“The doctor is ready for you.” Avina reminded Rose as she pulled away and started straightening her skirt.

“OMG! I am so sorry…” Rose started.

“No. I enjoyed every second. Hope you feel better.” Avina responded with a wink and then turned around and walked out of the bathroom.

Rose sprinkled water on her face before stepping out. She couldn’t believe her luck. ‘She had always thought American women were easy, but this was a lower standard’ she thought as she strategized to capitalize on the opportunity.

“Hi Rose, I am Dr. Kent. Good to have you this morning” Dr. Kent said as he stretched out his hand to shake hers. She immediately noticed the gold band on his other finger.

“Hi Doctor. Thank you for having me.” Rose said while shaking the doctor’s right hand. She secretly hoped he didn’t notice that she was flushed.

“Make yourself comfortable.” He said.

“Erm…I’m not quite sure how this works.” Rose began.

“Well, you have a 90minute window to tell me whatever you chose, while I listen patiently.”

“Ok. Got it Doc–Uhm let’s see.” She stuttered, struggling to figure out where to begin her story. “Ok. I am having trouble sleeping.”

Dr. Kent: “Hmm for how long have you been having trouble sleeping?”

Rose: “Last night was the fifth in a row.”

Dr. Kent: “Any idea what could be causing this lack of sleep?’

Rose felt irritated for a brief second, thinking how this was a waste of money and time

Rose: “No doctor. No, I do not know what is causing my lack of sleep. That’s why I am here so you can help me figure it out.”

Dr. Kent quickly noticed the irritation in her voice and rushed to scribble something down on his notepad.

Dr. Kent: “Ok, I understand. Anything else you’d like to talk about, we still have 82 minutes on the clock.”

Rose made a face, but proceeded to shake her head.

Dr. Kent: “Can you please tell me about your family?”

Rose wondered what her family had to do with any of these, but she answered with a slight smile.

Rose: “I like to refer to my family as the poor version of the Kardashians. My Dad is amazing. He treats us…” she proceeded to brief the doctor on her childhood, growing up with siblings, and losing her mother at a young age.

Dr. Kent: “Why do you think that you disappointed your mom?”

Rose: “You know, with the whole pot thing–“

Dr. Kent: “What pot thing?”

Rose: “A friend gave me a brownie cookie she had stolen from her abuela, and I ate it. I liked how the cookie made me feel so I asked her steal some more for me. And then one day after school she took me to an abandoned construction site and we smoked cigarettes. I coughed so had, but kept going there after school every day. On a certain Friday, her brother showed up with this dry grassy thing. He promised it will make me feel really good, and so I smoked it with them. The rest is history.”

Dr. Kent: “Is there a reason you asked for more brownies, besides the fact that it made you feel good?’

Rose: “uhmmmm…well…actually–

The alarm went off signaling the end of the session.

Rose: “whoa, this was intense.”

Dr. Kent: “Looking forward to our next session on Wednesday.”

Rose thanked the doctor and walked out, feeling like she was heading down the right path. She winked at Avina, who smiled and blushed slightly.

Even though she had struggled with drug use, she had maintained good grades and kept focus on her dreams of becoming a diplomat. Her mother’s passing was her sole inspiration. Drugs to her were a form of numbing the painful memories, not a lifestyle.

She had a few hours before her class, so she decided to stop at the Starbucks opposite her shrink’s office and work on her paper. 

Rose dived into bed, exhausted. It had been a long day. She sent Alex a text to find out about lil sis, and then passed out. She woke up at 5 am, that was a first in a long time. ‘Maybe therapy was worth it after all’ she thought.

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