Their Season To Mourn

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Chapter 3 (v.3) - Chapter Three

Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: February 10, 2017



Chapter Three

Alex called her at 6am, to inform her of Khloe’s decision to go to Europe and stalk some rich guy. The news did not surprise her Khloe had always been the adventurous type. She spent most of her teenage years fantasizing over marrying a prince and one day being a Queen. Yup, Khloe was a dreamer, but Rose didn’t judge her. She deserved the right to make her own mistakes and find her path. Thoughts of Khloe preoccupied her mind so much that she forgot to double check her appointment schedule with Dr. Kent. She got dressed and drove over to his office still thinking about Khloe’s chances of someday being a Queen.

“Hi Avina. I am here for my appointment.” Avina frowned slightly as she double checked Dr. Kent’s schedule.

“On Wednesdays, you are scheduled for 10, not 8:30.”

“Oh no,” Rose sighed “thank you. I will be back in an hour then.” She waved and started for the door.

“Rose–“Avina called from behind her. Rose spun around “Can we talk briefly please?”

“Sure” Rose answered and Avina led her into the bathroom. It was the only place in the building that didn’t have cameras.

As soon as they were securely locked in, Avina took a step towards Rose and said “I missed you.” Rose smiled and pushed her to the wall and kissed her passionately. Running her hands up and down her waist. She reached her hands behind her shirt and untucked her bra. Her hands felt those big tits, then worked their way down to her ass. Avina gasped, but then tilted Rose’s head back and licked her neck while Rose squeezed her ass and tapped it slightly, careful not to make loud sounds. Avina worked her tongue over Rose’s crop top and sucked on her nipple, before pushed the top up and burying her head inside those voluptuous tits she couldn’t get out her mind. Rose could feel the wetness and it turned her on even more. Rose took off her top, exposing a pair of perfectly hard nipples visible through her sheer bralette. Avina ripped the bralette off like a hungry lion and proceeded to suck on them causing Rose to let out a loud moan.

Avina covered her mouth with a passionate kiss, happy that she had let her guard down.

“Avina, you’re getting me wet.”

“No, we are getting each other wet.” Avina responded with a big smile.

“Can I see?” Rose said as she unzipped her ‘friends’ skirt and seductively pushed it to the floor. Then lifted her and placed her on the sink. Avina instinctively spread her legs wide open as Rose slid her tongue over her clit un and down. Avina held her breath and pushed Rose’s head in deeper, while she leaned back and pushed her right tit into her mouth, sucking on her nipple, and trying not to scream with excitement.

A big part of Rose was surprised at how much she was enjoying her first lesbian experience. She quickly wondered if the reason she had avoided men was because she was a lesbian. Or maybe it was her new way of dealing with the molestation incident. For someone who didn’t watch porn, she was surprisingly good at eating pussy too.

Avina’s moans broke her out of her thoughts, and she ran her free hand over her leg, causing Avina to orgasm. Rose licked the cum, then stood up to give Avina a taste. They kissed passionately with Avina’s legs wrapped tightly around Rose’s waist like her life depended on her.

“My turn” Avina said with a mysterious smile.

“Oh don’t worry about it, you don’t have to.” Rose attempted to stop her, but she was too late. Avina pushed her left leg onto the sink, kneeling under her started kissing her thighs.

“Uhhh you’re wet, missy. Did I turn you on?” Avina took her undies off and started stroking her clit with the tip of her tongue. Rose moaned loudly, and Avina hushed her.

“Touch your tits for me babe, I love that.” Avina said as she licked the back of Rose’s knee. The tingling sensation sent a rush of warmth through Rose’s body. “Uh” she let out a low moan.

Gosh, she felt so good. She didn’t want it to end.

Rose felt Avina’s tongue slide into her tight, extremely wet pussy, and she instinctively started to move her hips in a back and forth motion, until she orgasmed. Avina helped her onto the sink and they hugged tightly. Rose liked women, at least so she thought in that moment.

“What does this mean?” Rose inquired.

“This means that we meet here an hour before your Friday appointment. I’ll bring toys, and don’t wear any bra. That’ll save us time.”

They picked up their undies from the floor and got dressed. Rose had half an hour before her appointment. So she sat out in the waiting room and avoided making eye contact with Avina.

“Hi Rose. Welcome back.” Dr. Kent motioned for her to enter his office. After she had settled into the couch, he set the alarm clock.

Rose: “I have had an interesting week.”

Dr. Kent: “How so?”

Rose: “Well, my sister travelled to Europe without letting us know. I scheduled a date to defend my thesis, and I got a summer internship.”

Dr. Kent: “Whoa that’s all very interesting.”

Rose: “Yes, it is. I am excited.”

Dr. Kent: “Would you lie to continue from where we stopped on Monday?”

Rose: “Sure. I remember telling you about my childhood and how my mom’s passing still haunts me.”

Dr. Kent: “How so?” He asked because Rose hadn’t mentioned her mother’s death in their last session.

Rose: “Mom was my pillar. We’ll sing together while cooking dinner. She taught us how to be responsible. Always insisted that we shouldn’t rely on other people. I think I lost my path when she took ill, and couldn’t perform those tasks anymore–“ she paused trying not to break down after all these years. I don’t think I got the chance to mourn her properly.”

Dr. Kent: “What do you mean?”

Rose: “I spent my mourning time regretting why I didn’t tell her about Uncle Vincent. I thought she’ll have more time with us. In fact, Dad assured me that Mom would be ok.” She broke down, sobbing. Dr. Kent handed her a box of Kleenex tissues and sat in silence until she calmed downed.

Dr. Kent: “What did you not tell your mother about Uncle Vincent?” The doctor urged her to speak, but she had zoomed out. She just sat there starring into space like she was waiting on someone to fly in and pick her up. The doctor had seen this one too many times to know that there was something deeper she wasn’t yet comfortable revealing. He felt it was his place to nudge the information out of her, to help her heal.

“Rose? Do you want to end your session now and pick up tomorrow? I can squeeze you in for an hour.” Dr. Kent offered kindly. Her follow-up session was slated for Friday, not Thursday, so she asked him if that’ll incur additional cost, and he refused.

“Thank you so much doctor. I am so sorry, this is the first time I’ve talked openly about my Mom.” Rose said. The doctor nodded and led her to the door.

Avina jolted up, surprised to see Rose walking out before her session was over. She secretly worried that Rose had divulged their secret bathroom encounter in her session. So, she made a note to find out.




Hi J


Who is this?


I got your number from your file. Hope you don’t mind.

Oh, hey girl!

I left abruptly.


Was thinking about you?

What r u up to?


Watching Lethal Weapon

Aww, missing you too.


Doc demanded that I squeeze you in for 2pm

Will that time work with your schedule?


Thank you.

See you then


Rose wasn’t sure about the winky face, all she knew is that she wasn’t up for another bathroom fuck session. She was emotionally drained after her session with the doctor that she had even considered canceling. A huge part of her knew she needed all the help she could get, and so she decided that maybe it will be best to stop the receptionist. Just thinking about her sent a rush of blood down her pussy. ­God the girl was gorgeous and she smelled like an exotic island. The thought of her made Rose smile.

Rose showered, got into her pink onesie and jumped into bed. She turned the light out, and reached for her phone.

wow, she screamed and then frowned. Uhm...what was Avina thinking’ Rose questioned, wondering what to do.

Sorry, OMG! I just took that and accidently sent to you.

I am so sorry.

No worries. Your secret is safe with me J

Whoa that was one big ass emoji, haha

I almost killed you huh


Good night.

Rose woke up early and carried on with her day as usual. She stopped for her appointment with Dr. Kent, but Avina wasn’t at the front desk. That was a relief, because the last thing Rose wanted was to deal with a horny female in the middle of the day.

Rose: “Hi doc.” She said while pushing the door open. The doctor looked up at her with a kind smile and pointed to the couch. She lay down and got comfortable.

Dr. Kent: “So, did you have a good night’s rest?”

Rose: “Yes I did. I slept for 5 hours. Longest sleep I have had in years. Thanks to you.”

Dr. Kent: “No, it’s thanks to you. I always tell me patients that without their effort, I am a total waste of time and money.” He said with a smile before adding “yesterday you were telling me about a secret you kept from your mom–“

Rose: “I was molested by a close family friend.”

Dr. Kent noticed the lack of emotion in her face. She looked suddenly went pale. This time, she didn’t stare into the wall, she closed her eyes. Dr. Kent made a note of the absence of emotion, noting that she was more upset about keeping this secret from her mom.

“She told me to count on her. She said she was my rock and I could tell her anything without receiving judgement.” Rose continued.

Dr. Kent: “So why did you decide to keep this from her?”

Rose: “She was sick. I didn’t want to make it about me. She had Khloe and Alex to worry about. I didn’t want to pile on her. I was afraid the news will break her heart. But then again I wonder if I could have prevented him from hurting another child like he hurt me.”

Dr. Kent: “How old were you when this happened?”

Rose: “I was 12.”

Dr. Kent: “Is this the reason why you turned to drugs?”

Rose: “I was terrified of closing my eyes at night because all I saw was his face and body on me. I tried to think happy thoughts about my Mom, but will end up sobbing because all I would see was her losing strength every day. I didn’t even understand the sickness at the time, and why it had chosen Mom, and not the bastard who had raped me.” She burst into tears. Her doctor sat patiently and waited for her to calm down. He had very little doubt they’ll finish the session.

Rose: “I’m sorry doctor, I’m not usually this emotional.”

Dr. Kent: “That’s ok. This is a safe place.” He scribbled some more into his note pad. He only stopped to ask her how she was feeling. 

That was when Dr. Kent realized that her breakthrough was possible, but he had no doubt it would be difficult.

He stayed in his office an extra four hours after Rose left tying the knots together. She had finally opened about her terrible past, but something about the expression on her face was unsettling. It was like she was missing a piece of the puzzle. The puzzle being her past. She appeared to be battling with herself. Dr. Kent had to convince her to trust him entirely. He so desperately wanted to help her. She was missing the sparkle in her eyes. The excitement to live and that worried him. On Wednesday, before she broke down, he had caught a glimpse of excitement. She had walked in all mysterious, but the moment she started reminiscing she fell apart. She was such a strong girl, with a bit of fragility. The fragile part of Rose, was the part in desperate need of fixing. He knew he was up to the task.

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