Their Season To Mourn

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The Prologue opens the novel in 1996 at the Belfield estate in Yakima Washington.

Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017




A LOUD SCREAM broke her out of yet another nightmare, it was the fifth one this month. She immediately reached for the lamp on her night stand while considering the possibility of her nightmares having to do with the awful November weather. Fall season in Yakima-Washington just meant endless rain fall accompanied by thunder and lightning. The thunder boomed so loud, she could literally feel her bed move. The sixteen-year-old girl shook uncontrollably when her thoughts were soon interrupted by yet another scream, closely followed by doors opening and more wailing. Alexa jumped out of bed not sure what was going on three doors from her, but eager to find out. Just as she was nearing her parent’s bedroom, the unmistakable scream from Khloe spread goosebumps on her skin. Mom was gone. She knew it, she just knew that her mother had passed away without even saying goodbye. Her sight went blurry as she felt her limp body losing balance.

Greg: Is she going to be okay?

Nurse: The Doctor will be out with you in a minute.

Greg: She’s my first daughter, we can’t lose another family member tonight…Is she going to be fine?

Nurse: Sir, please…

Doctor Radwell: Mr. Belfield?

Greg: Is my daughter alright?

Doctor: Take a deep breath, she will be released in a few hours. The shock of her mother’s passing must have hit her hard. We are only holding her for observation.

Greg: *sigh of relief* Thank you Doctor Radwell. It has been a long night.

Doctor Radwell: You can go see her now. Oh, and Mr. Belfield, Sorry for your loss.

Greg nodded, turned around and followed the nurse in the direction of his daughter’s room. As soon as he walked in, she sat up right, stared at her Dad with tears running down her face and said in a faint tone “Dad please tell me Mom is going to be ok.”

“I’m so sorry sweetie. The doctors and nurses tried everything they could, to no avail.” Greg replied with tears stinging his own eyes as he contemplated a future without the only woman he had truly loved for seventeen years.

Alexa sobbed in her father’s arms, secretly grateful to still have one parent to comfort her. “Darling, the hospital will clear you in a few hours, so I’ll take you home to your sisters soon.” Greg comforted his daughter, while secretly wondering why he wasn’t better prepared for this moment. Perhaps because he had hoped that his wife would make a miraculous recovery.

Alexa drifted off thinking about the changes the loss of her mom will mean for her and her sisters. Emily Belfield was the glue that brought everyone together. She organized the best thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties, anniversary brunches and even school potlucks, Alexa had always held her mother to high standards and she had never disappointed her. ‘Mother was super woman.’ Alexa thought while reaching for more napkins to blow her nose.  The thoughts of her mother battling the disease brought fresh tears to her eyes, and she just lay there sobbing her frustrations, anxiety and fears away, until she heard her Dad’s voice again begging her to get ready for home.

Alexa stared at her Dad and realized for the first time since 4 am that day that he was all she and her sisters had for the rest of their lives. Whether he was up to the task, as of that moment neither one of them could tell.




As Alexa and her Dad walked into the somber mansion thirty minutes later, she knew for a fact her life will never be the same again. She paused in front of the huge family portrait, Mother had put up over the dining table. Alexa could still hear her voice urging the whole family down stairs for breakfast every morning. She even had plates for the maids and drivers. And while everybody ate, she and the butler watched from near the stove with huge smiles on their faces. It was almost like, making other people happy was mom’s goal in life, “why wasn’t the universe kind to her?” Alexa wondered as she reached to wipe the tears that were blurring her vision.

“I’m glad you’re back” Rose said in a soft voice. Alexa turned around and looked at the 14-year-old instantly thinking of how the universe had just robbed her of her teenage dream. They’ll all be vulnerable to the world, without Mother to protect them.

Just months before mother’s diagnosis, Alexa had walked in on Rose experimenting with pot in her bathtub. She had gone straight to mom with the information, and their mother had freaked out, then later made Rose promise never to smoke again, which she hadn’t, or at least, Alexa had never caught her smoking again.

Alexa’s flashback memory was interrupted by Khloe, who came running down the stairs. Alexa braced herself for the incoming hug, she knew would send her flying against the wall. Koko, as everyone called her, was a chubby kid with the biggest heart. One look at her and you could tell she had a bright future ahead of her. Alexa quickly worried what that future would look like now that Mother had passed onto her next life. Khloe was scared, and Alexa could feel it as she squeezed her warm body against her own, stroking her hair and trying not to burst into tears. The last thing she wanted was for her siblings to see her breaking down. From this day forward she had to be their rock.

She didn’t feel like a rock, at least not like their mom. She didn’t feel strong now. She felt afraid, and helpless. And the sound of her youngest sister’s cry, so thin and frightened, sent chills down her spine. The foundation had tumbled out of their world unexpectedly and she was still torpidly dazed and slightly broken. Yes! Mother’s passing was unexpected, because Dad had assured them that Mom will be alright. 10-year-old Khloe didn’t understand what was meant by stage three breast cancer. She on the other hand, looked it up online and when she asked Father about the possibility of Mother recovering, he had given her firm assurance that Mother will be counted among the exceptional cases of successful cancer patients. He had gone into detail about how they had the best doctors working to revive mom’s health, and that he was absolutely sure his beloved wife would gain her health back. Unfortunately, September 5, 2006 had delivered contradictory results.

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