letter to Pain

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this is a depression letter to Pain

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



Dear Pain,

Please go away. For years i have had to endure you. Even when i can't see you i can feel you. You are always there lingering waiting for an opportunity to strike. Can you not see that i have not done anything wrong? Can you not see that i don't deserve you?


The first time you visited was when it all went sour with the now ex partner. You came to me in the early hours of the morning and intertwined deep within my heart. You were heavy you hurt really bad. You got into my mind and made me feel real hatred for myself, why did you do that? What did i do to deserve you? You hurt me and you seemed to get heavier the more i hurt. You horrible thing! You made me feel that i didn't want to be on this earth……. That i wanted to die!


You keep appearing just when i think i have seen the last of you. 4 years have passed since i first met you and i have had enough of you. I think it is time for you to leave before you get your wish and i depart this earth. Is it not enough that you have taken my confidence, my desire , my passion for life and good things to look forward to?


Please go away! I do not like you and i never have. This is not me being mean or nasty. I just want to live. I want to live where there is no fear of looking over my shoulder and seeing your face. Months could go by where i don't hear from you and i hope and pray that you have died. Pray that you feel guilty of doing this to me for so long.


I'm writing this and boom there you are , flashback of what you have done to me and i look up and you are staring at me , your eyes on fire. You are angry with me and i can feel it in my stomach. What have i done now? Please tell me! I FUCKING HATE YOU! I WANT TO BE HAPPY. FUCK YOU!


You see i can't fight back any longer i have no strength and that turns you on i feel it does. You sit back and take pride in what you have done / doing to me don't you!


I'm on the verge of letting you win. But before i do please understand that this time i'm not on my own. I have back up and a renewed desire to make you suffer for all you have done to me and people in my life who are so dear to me. Get ready you bitch! I'm here and i'm coming looking for you. For too long you have been my only fear but today i'm saying bring it you absolute nob head, so your worst. I'm ready for you. Did i mention i'm not alone this time? Hahaha fuck you dick head! Think you can prey on me? I have a woman who is the greatest and best thing on this earth. Shes at work now but im still not alone. She is standing right next to me in my heart and in my thoughts.


Basically pain, you my son are fucked.


I hope to hear from you very soon……


Seriously get to me first! As i have said i'm coming for you and i will not rest until i have you in the palm of my hand, i will squeeze every last bit of pain out of you.


Good luck you horrible nasty manipulative prick!


Kindest Regards

Mr Gary Swann

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