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Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



In a land where tears never stain the cheek. Where yells never echo through the air. Where babies never cry out in the night for food. That's where He lives. Who might He be? Well, He is He, and He shall always be He. He is named He, He gave himself the name He, and He shall keep his name He. He lives in a place with no noise. A place where even mice try to mute their steps. A place where the wind itself is fearful of disturbing the echoing silence.

He lives there, because of Someone. Someone, though, is now No One, ever since He came to this place. And that's how He likes it. He didn't like Someone, so that's why He made Someone hold his breathe by the tubes that used to belong to She. He used to love She. She had great and magnificent long brown hair. He would pretend to eat it sometimes. She would ask why and He would say that it reminded him of chocolate.

He loved her until Someone started to eat She's chocolate. Not She's head chocolate, though, her under chocolate. He walked in one night with a long silver. The silver found its way into She's stomach, and out poured her wine covered tubes. Someone jumped back when they landed on him. He grabbed the tubes, covering his hands in wine, and cinched the tubes around Someone's neck. Someone's face became a Blue-Berry, so He took a bite.

Now He sits here, the land without noise. A yellow and soft land. He sits here, thinking about the Blue-Berry and the wine covered tubes. He hates that he can't touch the soft yellow with his hands though. 

© Copyright 2018 Jacob Dexter. All rights reserved.

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