A Smart Home

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There are so many things you can now control with your phone!

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



A Smart Home


When I saw the advert

I knew it was for me

When it came back on

I had to study the TV.


Do I have a Smart phone?

Oh, yes, I surely do,

Look at all the things with it

I can now just do.


I can turn the lights on

Or I can turn them off,

Any thieves that were around?

I can surely scoff.


I can check the temperature,

Turn on or off my heat,

The blinds can be up or down

When I want to take my seat.


I can put the dinner in the oven

Set it up before I go,

Then decide when to let it cook

Once arriving time I know.


Same thing with the washing,

Once it’s put in the machine,

Just a little tiny swipe

Hey Presto, it’s now clean.


I want to watch the TV

But I’m caught up in a jam

Doesn’t matter, not one bit,

In control of it I am.


Once I’m getting very near

Even if it’s dark

The garage doors will open

And the sensors help me park.


And finally the door lock --

I don’t even need my key;

My Smart home will just let me in

For it knows it’s me.


I only have one query,

One thing that worries me;

What if I forget to charge it

And I’m left with no battery?


Who will then be in control,

Will the house hold me to blame?

I think I’ll go on as I am

And let things remain the same.

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