Weeping Willows

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My grandmother once told me: If you have Want in one hand and Wish in the other, you have nothing but empty hands; I guess this poem says that. --- This poem was inspired by the Cover Photo. Now the artist has more to tell about their wonderful and imaginative work.

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



There once was a woman

Whose name was Willow

And everything she needed 

Was close at hand

Then one day she met a man

His name was Want

But much of what he took

Turned to sand.


Willow was not happy

Once she met him

And what she had

Was not valued anymore.

She wanted Want

So Contentment slipped away

And Obsession

Came knocking at her door.


She sold her need

For whatever she could get

Then Obsession

Became payment for Desire.

She went to Want

Thinking he would always love her

But all he ever feels

Is Passion's fire


In the Morning

He walked away with Wish

For both are just as fleeting

As can be.

Then Willow wept

And wept for many years

Her sorrow made her change

Into a Willow Tree.


Now Weeping Willows weep

In her memory

They bear the sadness

That their lonely mother felt

They hang their branches

In the form of a veil

Or some may see a candle

Soon to melt.


JE Falcon


Rew. 2018

© Copyright 2018 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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