An Inappropriate use of Candy Canes

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Eren dosn't know what to get Alain for christmas. in a last minute effort he puts something sexy together. Slash established S&M relationship. Smut and little fluff The Character Alain belongs to a friend of mine the rest is my own.

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



Eren looked out the window, quietly watching as the thick flakes of snow continued to fall from the gray sky above. He couldn’t help sighing inwardly to himself. It was Christmas Eve and he still didn’t have a present for Alain. It wasn’t for lack of trying but he had been having a hard time thinking of what to get the man who had everything and before he could come up with an idea Alain had made plans and whisked him away to his cabin (if it could really be called that, it looked more like a mansion to Eren) in the mountains and Eren was left feeling utterly molested by the time they arrived and without any way to get the other man a present. He didn’t even want to bring it up to the aristocrat either, Alain would probably just laugh and say there was nothing that Eren could get him that he didn’t already have. That would just leave him feeling embarrassed and his problem unsolved.

Even if he thought of something now there wasn’t anything he could do. There was no town near by and he didn’t have any money with him, it had been left in his room when Alain had barged in announcing that they were going on a holiday and pretty well demanded that he pack that instant if he didn’t want to face his wrath later. In a hurry Eren had managed to pack a few clothes for the trip but nothing else before rushing out the door and hurrying to the awaiting carriage. So he couldn’t even request that one of the servants pick up a gift for him.

“If I asked he’d probably just want sex,” he muttered to himself as he watched the snow continue to fall. “After making fun of me that is…” his cheeks puffed up in a pout at the thought. He wondered what Alain was doing at the moment anyway. The blonde had hulled himself up in his office and declared that he was going to be busy with work for the morning after they had eaten breakfast. Still lost in thought he lifted up the mug of hot chocolate by on the stand by his chair and took a long sip when the idea hit him. A grin curled onto his lips as he thought it over. Yes it would defiantly be something Alain would enjoy. Finishing off the warm drink Eren stood from his cozy chair with renewed determination. He had to get some things together. With that in mind Eren went off to raid the storage cupboards for any left over Christmas decorations as his plan took shape in his head.

After nearly an hour of convincing the kitchen staff and head chief to allow him to use the kitchen so he could make what he needed for Alain’s present, the production was finally underway. He just needed to make sure that the blonde haired sadist didn’t come looking for him or it was would completely ruin the surprise he had planned. He wasn’t too worried though, aside from calling for food or the odd drink from one of the staff, Alain remained in his office. Eren was actually starting to wonder what he was doing as he watched the temperature on the candy thermometer slowly rise to the desired 280 degrees. Once it reached the mark Eren quickly poured in the peppermint extract along with some green food coloring that matched his eyes and mixed it quickly before pouring it in strips onto a cookie sheet.

Once they had cooled enough so he wouldn’t burn himself, Eren set to shaping his treats before storing them in a small box. He cleaned up his mess as he went as part of the agreement he had made with the kitchen staff in order to be able to use the kitchen. With that done he moved on to making a drink for Alain so he could pay a visit to the man a little visit in his office.


Up in his office Alain was smirking to himself. He had known that when he took his little Irish lamb on this little vacation that the younger boy had yet to get him anything for Christmas. He admitted that he enjoyed watching Eren beating himself up silently over what to do. He knew there was nothing that Eren could buy him that he didn’t already have so he really didn’t care if the brunette got him anything at all but it was still amusing to watch him squirm. It wasn’t like he had given him a moment to even think about a present so far either so feeling a little generous Alain had decided to stay in his work space, entertaining himself so that Eren could be afforded a day to come up with something. 

His servants had told him that his little toy had been busy most of the day raiding the left over decorations and taking over the kitchen for a short while and he wondered what Eren had come up with. He knew the boy was creative; he was an art major after all so perhaps he was making something out of the decorations? That didn’t explain why he was in the kitchen however. He was actually starting to get curious, Eren never failed to surprise him time after time. Before he could think on it too much a soft knocking broke him out of his thoughts. 

“Enter,” he called out and picked up another sheet of paper off the stack before him and made himself look like he was deep in work. 

“Do you have a moment?” Eren’s soft voice floated to him and the door creaked open. Alain looked up to see his lamb coming into his office with a cup of something hot, by the way the steam was coming out of the mug. 

“I do,” he said, a smirk making its way to his lips as he watched Eren walk over to his desk and offer him the mug.

“It’s just peppermint tea,” he said as Alain took the cup from him. “What have you been doing?” he asked, looking around casually. Feeling amused Alain humored him. 

“Just looking over some business papers,” he said setting the mug down to cool. “I hear you’ve been quite busy today as well.” Eren smiled brightly at him and nodded.

“I have, but it’s a surprise,” he teased lightly.

“But I want it now,” Alain said with a smirk as he turned his chair and pulled the other to straddle his lap. Eren blushed slightly and pouted. 

“You have to wait, it’s not even Christmas yet anyway,” he protested. Just then Alain’s eyes flashed dangerously and Eren instantly knew he had said the wrong thing. Slim yet strong fingers tangled themselves in the brunette’s hair before pulling harshly.

“You dare tell me what to do?” he said in a low tone. He may have looked calm but Eren knew well enough to know that the blonde was seething on the inside. A small hiss of pain escaped him and he knew he was going to have to do something to defuse the situation.

“No, I’m not trying to tell you what to do,” he said in a soothing tone, trying to calm the other man. “I merely want everything to be perfect for the surprise.”

“Oh? Thinking of me are you,” it was more of a statement then a question. Eren gave a mental sigh of relief as the hand in his hair let up a little. He tilted his head and kissed Alain lightly on the lips, knowing it was a bold move.

“Always,” he assured. He had put a lot of effort into getting everything ready and he had really only come to make sure that Alain would be busy for a little while longer. He had a few more things to do to get it ready.  

Alain kissed him deeply, pushing his tongue into the other boy’s mouth and dominated hum completely until Eren was dizzy from lack of oxygen. He pulled away letting him breath before looking deeply into those bright green eyes.

“If it’s not worth the wait, I’ll punish you,” Alain promised him before nipping at the brunette‘s lower lip, sending little shivers down Eren’s spine.

“It will be,” Eren mumbled against Alain’s lips, his eyes already clouding over with lust but he knew he had to keep it in for the moment or his present would be ruined. “Could you give me about fifteen minutes after dinner before you come to the bedroom so I can get you’re present ready?” he requested.

“Fine, but only because I’m interested in seeing what you’ve come up with. Now off with you before I decide to entertain myself with you’re cute ass now,” he smirked, pushing Eren off his lap somewhat gently. Eren nodded and got up with a smile. 

“Please enjoy you’re tea in the mean time,” he said before leaving the room. He still had a few more things to prepare. The maids were suppose to teach him how to make gingerbread scented candles and cocoa scented oil after he brought the tea up, they hadn‘t asked why he needed such things but he was sure they could figure it out. Alain just grinned after him as he left, shamelessly watching his toy’s backside.

Once he shut the door behind him he let out a breath of relief. He was certain he wasn’t going to be able to get out of there unless he did something. He was glad though, he wanted to save up his energy for that night. A small smile played on his lips before he pushed himself off the door and headed back down to the kitchen to finish up his preparations. He knew that if he didn’t hurry they wouldn’t be ready in time.

By the time dinner time rolled around Eren had already showered and placed everything he had made and gathered from the supply closet into the room Alain and him were sharing. They are in the dinning room in relative silence. Eren was starting to feel a little nervous. All kinds of doubt was running through his mind wondering if Alain would really like what he had prepared but then again wasn’t it too late for that? Yeah, it was defiantly too late and he was too proud to back down. He promised it would be worth the wait so now he just had to see his plan through and hope for the best.


Once they finished Eren excused himself first and Alain told him he would be up in fifteen minutes as they had agreed upon. Alain had to admit to himself that he was rather excited to see what the boy had come up with. The staff was reluctant to giving him too many details. Of course they didn’t know anything more then what Eren had been making in the kitchen anyway as the boy didn’t give them any details himself. Alain found the whole thing amusing so he would play along. He gave a glance to the clock and noticed there were only two minutes remaining so he stood from the table and headed up the stairs with a smirk on his lips.


Eren scrambled to get everything done. Why hadn’t he said twenty minutes instead of fifteen? He sighed; it was too late not anyway. He finished lighting the gingerbread scented candles before blowing out the match and tossing it in an ash tray. He was already completely naked with a red ribbon wrapped around his already hard member and tied in a bow like a makeshift cock ring. The cocoa scented oil was lightly spread over his skin so the smell wasn’t too over powering. He had already used it to prepare himself as well, knowing that Alain never liked to wait. On the bed side stand was a bowl of the candy canes he had made as well as some shorter strips on garland that he knew Alain could find a use for. With everything arranged he laid down on the bed, his back propped up against the pillows. Just then then was a soft knock on the door.

“Ready or not,” came the playful voice from the other side as the door knob started to turn. Eren leaned back and brought his knees up, letting them fall to the side slightly so that all of him could be seen, leaving nothing to the imagination. 

Alain stepped into the room and shut the door behind him before looking over to Eren. The sight before him had his breath catching in his throat and for a moment he looked stunned. He stood there drinking in the sight of the soft candle light washing over his lover’s damp skin, making it almost shimmer. The light scent of gingerbread and hot cocoa filled his nose. He didn’t often care for sweet things but the scent wasn’t over baring and mostly pleasant. He licked his lips as he looked Eren over, naked and completely bared to him with a ribbon around his cock like a present just waiting to be opened. With a predatory glint in his eyes he slowly made his way to the bed, loosening his tie as he did and tossing it against once it was removed completely. Never taking his eyes from Eren’s he unbuttoned his shirt with ease before letting it slip off his shoulders.

Eren visibly swallowed as he watched Alain’s every move, lust slowly building in the pit of his stomach making his cock twitch. He watched as Alain unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants down over his smooth thighs, allowing his own hard member to spring free. Unconsciously Eren licked his lips as Alain stepped out of his paints leaving him completely naked for Eren to drink in the sight. Without a word Alain made his way over to the bed and sat on the side of the bed, facing the brunette. He pulled him forward and locked their lips together in a heated kiss. Eren gasped and Alain took the opportunity to dip his tongue into the other’s warm mouth. He tasted faintly of cream and blueberry from the desert he had eaten. Alain grinned into the kiss as Eren’s tongue pushed back against his playfully. Their tongues danced together, completely tasting each other as Eren’s arms came up to wrap around the blonde’s neck. When the need for air became too great they broke apart, a small string of saliva still connecting them.

“You look delicious my little lamb,” Alain told him in a low husky voice filled with lust. It made Eren visibly shiver but not in an unpleasant way. “I dare say you might find yourself being eaten.”
Looking up at him with hazy eyes,

Eren gave a cocky smile. “Please don’t hold back, Mr. Wolf,” he purred causing Alain’s eye’s to flash but it wasn’t the same danger as earlier in the office. Oh no, this time Alain’s eye were promising to swallow him up and drown him in pleasure.

Alain captured his lips once more in a rough kiss as he moved those sinfully skilled hands over Eren’s heated skin, igniting little fires in his nerves that burned him pleasantly from head to toe. His fingers trailed down his chest, brushing over one of his hardening nipples. Shivers of pleasure went up Eren’s spine as little moans escaped him only to be swallowed up by the wolf who was trying to devour his very soul.

Alain broke away before attacking Eren’s neck, leaving nips and bites along the lightly tanned skin. His mouth and hands felt like they were everywhere at once as they roamed his body, teasing all of his sensitive spots in just the right ways. He ignored Eren’s straining cock every time his hands came close. He smirked every time Eren whined needily. Alain eventually pulled away completely as he sat back up, examining the items on the bed side table.

“It seems you came thoroughly prepared,” he chuckled as he picked up the longest string of garland and took a hold of Eren’s hands and pushed them up by the headboard before tying one end of the decoration to Eren’s wrist. He strung it thought one of the planks of the headboard then tied the other end to the brunette’s other wrist. “Don’t go breaking that now or I’ll have to punish you,” he teased with a smirk before looking at the other items. Candy canes and candles. 

Without a word he chose one of the larger candy canes and moved it down to Eren’s spread legs. Eren’s eyes widened a little, he hadn’t really intended for them to be used that way but he kept it to himself. This was Alain’s present after all.

“A-Ahhhn…” a moan floated from his throat as the blonde pushed it inside of his ass without warning. Eren was glad he had thought to prep himself earlier.

“Ah that slipped in so nicely,” he cooed, reaching a hand up to brush already sweaty locks of brown hair from Eren’s eyes. “Did you get yourself ready for me?” Eren’s face flushed further in embarrassments as he nodded. Alain continued to pet his hair as he picked up a second candy cane.

“Normally I might punish you for doing such a thing,” he said, tugging a little harshly on the brunette’s hair as he shoved the second candy cane in roughly. A strangled moan ripped from Eren’s throat. “But I’ll let it slide because this makes stuffing your eager hole easier for me.” Eren whimpered slightly as a third was pushing into him, a little more carefully thing time. Alain proceeded to nip down the other boy’s chest, leaving red marks as he went. A forth candy cane was inserted as he bite the brunette’s sensitive nipple.

By the time the fifth and sixth were in Eren’s cock was aching and he was starting to really feel stretched. He was so aroused it was starting to become painful.

“S-sir Alain,” he moaned out, his hazy mind just barely remembering the other man’s title. “P-please…”

“You have such a lewd body little lamb,” Alain looked down at him knowing what he wanted but not wanting to give it to him yet. He was enjoying playing with him far too much. He pinched his sensitive nipple once more before looking over at the night stand. A smirk suddenly curved his lips as he got an idea.

“Nnnnhh….” Eren whined as his nipple was pinched.

“Mmm okay, Eren I’ll give you what you want,” he purred before pulling all 6 of the candy canes out at once making a loud slurping sound that had Eren blushing deep red. The cool air hitting the melted peppermint inside of him left a cold sensation that made him shiver. Alain moved between his legs, pushing them farther apart so he could see Eren fully. 

Without warning he thrust his swollen cock fully into the brunette causing him to arch up off the bed at the sudden intrusion. Even with being stretched, it didn’t compare to the girth of Alain’s member. Deep inside of him, Alain paused before picking up one of the gingerbread candles off the table and blowing it out.

Eren looked up at him panting; his half lidded eyes went wide as he saw what Alain planned to do. Seeing the panicked look Alain gave him a smile. “You trust me don’t you, Eren? You trust that I’ll make you feel pleasure that you’ve never experienced before?”

Eren swallowed apprehensively but nodded his head. “Y-yes, I trust you.” he stammered out. Alain looked pleased and patted his hair before gripping one of those slender legs tight and dripping the hot wax around Eren’s belly button. Soft hisses of pain left him and Alain started to pull out slowly until just the head of his cock was inside before driving back in full force, earning a loud strangled moan from Eren. He kept up his pace as he dripped the wax onto his lover’s chest and belly, watching as the heated wax cooled and hardened on his skin.

“Dose it feel good, Eren?” he teased as he pounded into him. “You have such a greedy hole; you’re practically sucking me in.” Alain’s words went right to Eren’s painfully hard cock. He wanting to cum so bad but the ribbon was obstructing him for reaching his climax. Alain sat the candle down and gripped both of the brunette’s legs moving his hips faster as he delivered powerful thrusts one after the next. Eren’s mind was a mess and all he could do was scream and wither in pleasure under the blonde. “Ah yes, let me hear your alluring voice, I want to hear how much you love my cock in your ass.”

“F-Fuck… Alain! I love it!” he screamed out, forgetting the title in his moment of passion. “P-please fuck me h-harder!” Alain smirked down at him, happy to oblige, letting the lack of title go as he sped up his thrusts till it felt like he was in the brunette’s stomach. His cock seemed to swell more at Eren’s responses. Yes he was such a perfect toy. 

Suddenly Alain pulled out completely before flipping Eren onto his stomach, bringing his hips up before slamming back into him. He gripped one hip tight and wrapped the other around Eren’s neck momentarily cutting off his air supply before letting up. Eren was a complete mess, his body trembling as he pushed his hips back to meet Alain’s powerful thrusts. He moans were cut short by Alain’s constant pressing on his wind pipe cutting off his oxygen until he was dizzy before letting him breathe once more as the other man kept moving inside of him, making his insides feel raw and abused. Changing his angle slightly Alain struck the brunette’s sweet spot dead on.

A loud pleasured scream ripped from Eren’s throat as his prostate was hit over and over by Alain‘s hard dick. He was so close it was becoming more painful as he needed to cum. His cock dripped little beads of precum on to the sheets. His body shimmered with sweat as his hair stuck to his forehead and the nape of his neck. Alain released his throat then and sat back on his heels as he pulled Eren into a sitting position on his lap. The garland snapped easily and Eren leaned back against Alain, bring his hands up to tangle in blonde hair as he turned his head to the side and pulled him into a deep kiss.

Alain continued to bounce him on his lap as he devoured the brunette’s mouth once more before braking away panting. “Do you want to cum?” he purred in Eren’s ear.

“Y-Yes! God yes!” he cried out enjoying the feeling of Alain entering him even deeper then before with the new position. 

“Cum for me little lamb,” he said as he bit into Eren’s neck, pulling the bow on the ribbon at the same time, releasing the pressure on Eren’s member. One sharp thrust against his prostate had Eren screaming louder then before as hot ribbons of white cum short from his cock, covering the pillows with the sticky substance. “Good boy.”

Alain licked at the bite wound on his neck as Eren clenched around him, sending him over the edge as well as he filled the brunette’s ass with his sticky seed. He continued to move slowly to ride out the pleasure. Eren moaned softly at the feeling of being filled so deep. He loved how Alain’s cock twitched inside of him. The blonde smiled at him fondly and indulged his need for after sex cuddling by holding him on his lap, still deep inside of him as they came down from their sex high together. As Eren tired to catch his breath, Alain kissed lightly down his neck, indulging in the breathy moans that escaped Eren’s cherry lips.

“Tired already my little minx?” he asked with an amused chuckle.

“I don’t…. think I’ve ever… cum so hard…” he panted out, body feeling boneless.

“I’ll just have to make you cum harder next time then,” he smirked. Eren blushed before catching a glimpse of the clock that read 12:01 A.M. he turned his head back again and kissed Alain’s cheek.

“Merry Christmas,” he told him with a smile.

Alain grinned before pulling out suddenly. Eren couldn’t help turning red at the lewd sound it made before he felt the cum start to drip out. “Don’t think I’ve finished enjoying my present yet,” he laughed as he picked Eren up while getting off the bed and headed to the bathroom. He placed a quick call for the maids to change the bed sheets before he carried Eren into the bathroom and shut the door.


Eren blinked at Alain, not sure if he heard him right. 

An hour earlier the blonde had woken him up to tell him they needed to get down for breakfast. Eren was still feeling a little tired since they hadn’t stopped until nearly three in the morning but he got out of bed anyway and followed Alain’s example and quickly got dressed. Unlike Alain who put on one of his fine suites Eren dressed in a comfortable sweater that his father has mailed him earlier in the month as a present. It was a little big on him but very comfortable and a pair of pants that were a little tight fitting. Once they were ready they headed down to the dinning room where breakfast was waiting to be served. They had eaten in relative peace until Alain told him their plans for the day. 

“C-Could you repeat that?” Eren asked causing Alain to roll his eyes but repeat the statement none the less.

“I said, the weather is nice this morning so we will be taking the horses for a ride in the woods behind the cabin,” he said again. When Eren looked like he was going to ask why, he continued.

“You said once before that you like to explore new places yes?”

Eren nodded wondering what that has to do with it.

“Well consider this you’re Christmas present,” he told him with a slight smirk curving his lips. It was an instant reaction; Eren’s eyes widened a fraction before they started to shine in delight. Alain was proud of himself, yes this was defiantly a good idea. Originally he wasn’t sure what to give Eren, he hadn’t given it much thought and before last night he had decided that he didn’t need to give Eren anything. They weren’t lovers so was it really necessary? Well the effort Eren had put into his very pleasurable gift to Alain had moved him and he wanted to do something nice for Eren in return. “Get your boots and coat on and meet me by the back door.” he said as he got up to get himself ready and instructed Hector to get two horses ready.

“Alright,” Eren agreed readily as he finished off his morning coffee and got up from the table practically running to get his feet dressed and coat on. 

A few minutes later Eren was waiting by the black door in his winter boots, brown coat with fur around the collar, pale blue scarf wrapped around his neck and gloves on his hands. He was practically bouncing in place when Alain arrived also wearing boots and warm black coat and green scarf. On his hands he wore black leather gloves.

“Eager I see,” he said in amusement.

“I can’t help it,” Eren smiled. “I’ve been curious to check that place out since we got here,” he admitted.

“Well let’s not keep you waiting any longer,” he said, putting his hand on the small of Eren’s back and leading him out of the door and to the horse stables where both horses were ready for them. Eren wasn’t a great rider but Alain had thought him a while back so it wasn’t completely new to him. He could manage for the little trip through the woods. 

After helping Eren mount the horse before getting on his own with ease they headed off into the woods, following the trails that were already set for them. Even if he was going to allow Eren to explore he didn’t intend to let the boy wander anywhere that would be considered dangerous. Eren took everything in with amazement as they rode slowly through the trees. Every once in a while a deer would be spotted or a snow rabbit and Eren would get excited every time while Alain would sit back and tease him about it his childish amusements. Eren didn’t care though; noting was going to bring down his mood.

Soon they reached a small stream that wasn’t iced over do to the constantly moving water. They dismounted the horses and allowed them a rest while they drank from the stream. Eren watched a beaver dam just down the stream with interest while Alain watched him. Eren’s smile was infectious and he couldn’t help smiling as well when the boy wasn’t looking. He’d never admit it but he rather liked Eren’s bright smile and all of Eren’s other expressions. Especially the one he made when he was crying out underneath him… Alain groaned inwardly at the image that flashed though his mind, he was already becoming hard from the thought of Eren’s hot sweaty body under him.

Eren hadn’t even noticed Alain’s problem as he was too transfixed on soaking every detail in before they had to leave. He jumped a little when he suddenly felt strong arms wrap around him from behind.

“Enjoying yourself?” Alain murmured into his ear and Eren blushed as he felt Alain’s erection brush against his ass. He nodded in confirmation. “Let me enjoy myself too.” Eren could tell it wasn’t a request, not that he would ever deny Alain anyway but he wondered what he wanted him to do, wouldn’t they freeze to death? Alain solved the problem before he could even voice it. 
The blonde unbuttoned those tight fitting pants and pushed them down to the brunette’s thighs along with his boxers. He pushed Eren up against a tree a little roughly before unzipping his own pants and pulling his throbbing member out. Before were could protest from the cold Alain grabbed his hips and forced his cock into the smaller boy’s ass in one hard thrust.

“Ahh yes, you’re so damn tight, Eren,” he moaned in delight as he pulled out and slammed back in, pressing Eren’s upper half into the tree more, making his jacket and sweater ride up. Eren’s own cock was now standing at attention despite the chilly air. He pushed back into Alain, eager to get more of him inside. He loved the full feeling he got from Alain whenever the blonde was inside of him. “Such a greedy little hole you have, Eren.”

“Y-yess,” Eren moaned feeling no need to deny it. Alain’s eyes flared in desire as he started moving faster, entering him deep and hard, knowing his walls were still sensitive from the night before.

“That’s right, Eren, this ass is only mine,” he growled, slapping the brunette’s ass hard. “Only mine to fuck as I please.”

“O-oh hell,” Eren cursed, panting hard from the mix of pleasure and pain, his cock already starting to leak from the excitement he was feeling. He didn’t even pay any mine to the rough tree bark against his sensitive skin as Alain claimed his ass over and over. “P-please-”

“That’s right my slutty little lamb, beg for it,” he ordered as he pulled completely out before slamming back in, making Eren’s knees go weak.

“Ahh yes, please fuck me harder!” he cried out, knowing no one could hear them anyway. Alain slapped his ass hard again, leaving a red hand print behind as his cock swelled more. He was so close he wondered if he could make Eren cum without even touching the boy’s cock.

Eren was close just needing something to send him over the edge to completion. He was about to cry for more when Alain hit that spot inside of him. White dotted his vision as he let out a silent scream, orgasm ripping though him as hot sticky cum shot out all over the tree. Eren’s leg wobbled as he felt weaker then before. Alain held him up, smirking in satisfaction as he thrust into him hard a couple more times before following him over the edge, cumming deep into Eren’s sweet ass, filling him to the brim with hot cum. Eren panted for breath as Alain slowly petted his back.

“Such a good boy,” he praised as he were a pet but Eren couldn’t find it in him to mind as he enjoyed the gentle touched. When he started to shiver from the cold Alain finally pulled out any lewd sounds getting lost in the wind. He helped Eren fix his pants before tucking himself back in his own. “Can you walk?” he asked seeing that Eren’s legs were still shaking. 

The brunette tried and stumbled. Alain caught his arm under Eren’s legs and lifted him up easily before carrying to their waiting horses. Deciding that Eren was too weak now to ride on his own he helped him onto his horse before getting up behind him. He took the raine of the other horse into his hand and let Eren lean against him as he rode back to the cabin, leading the other horse along side them. A sleepy smile played on Eren’s lips as they made their way back.

“Thank you, for today,” he said quietly after a time. Alain looked down at him surprised. He had thought Eren had fallen asleep. He just gave him a kiss on top of the head and blamed it on a whim when Eren looked surprised.

“Merry Christmas, Eren,” he said so quietly that Eren’s ears strained to hear it. He didn’t comment, just drifted off to sleep, feeling completely contented. 


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