Boss Hog!

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The Duke of Hazard!

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



This is a collaboration between Hullabaloo22 and myself, and this time, I got the right pic!


"Squeal!" said the piggy, on the campaign trail,
"Vote pork, the other and only white meat, don't fail

me, put me in office, and you can rest assured
I'll take care of y'all; the line of truth that I've blurred

will make all things possible; with our agenda's,
we'll just soar over the constitution like The Flying Wallendas!

The Dems will try to roast me, probably to help feed the slackers
who cling to government handouts, who seem to be lefty backers.

We're taking America back, give me a minute and I'll think from whom,
 but, in the meantime, to win your vote, I'm all about doom and gloom!

Believe me, I've got the media jumping through my hoops,
I can say anything, I'm their golden ticket, even if completely fruit loops

So, if you want a 70 year old fifth grader in charge,
vote Dump--err--Trump, and y'all will be living large! 

That wall that I have talked about is gonna be constructed,
all the weeping and the wailing won’t see my plans obstructed.

You think that you should be here, well that you’ll have to prove
and if you just don’t convince me then you’re gonna have to move.

And don’t think you can sit there making terrorist threats
for we’ll make you confess all your plans when you we do arrest.

But worry not, for I am me and know exactly what to do,
you might disagree but I’ll decide what’s good for you.

Liberals be damned, I’ll get this place out of this slump,
for you are now residing in the Disunited States of Trump!"



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