The Walking House 1

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Once Up Time They Lived Afamily Of Three Members Include Father ,mother And Son. The Boy Was Called Sinte This Family Were Cattle Keepers And Their Village Was Affected By Sun Shine And They Wanted To Leave The Village THE WALK BEGINS When Sinta's Father Went To Tend The Cattle On Tuesday Morning, He Found That The Family's Two Calves Had Died Everyone Was Shocked And Upset. We Have To Leave Today Said Sinta's Father. But Where Are We Going?' Asked Sinta. We Will Go Where There Is Grass And Water,'replied His Father. Is It Very Far, Baba? Asked Sinta. No More Talking Said His Father, Forcefully. Let's Pack Some Useful Things And Leave Now. Sinta Was Not Happy At All, But He Knew They Had To Go. Sinta's Mother Packed Some Cooking Utensils And Mats. His Father Took Some Poles And Big Knife. Sinta Packed Afew Clothes. He Looked Around, Until He Found His Favourite Flute, And Packed That, Too. Then His Father Pulled Athick, Green Tarpaulin From Abox Near Door.

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Submitted: January 26, 2017

Sinta Looked At The Tarpaulin And Asked, What Is This For, baba? It's Our New House Sinta's Father Smiled You'll Have To Carry It On Your... Read Chapter