Inner child

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Josh has an unusual encounter with the mirror.

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



Starring at his pupils in  front of the mirror, his  body was frozen  but his mind was running a  100mps. He was  in the  room but  not there at the  same  time. His eyes were  brown  and  he could  see his  reflection in them. At  first it was a just  normal experience but the  longer  he stood in front of the mirror the  more strange the  experience became for him. He started to realise that he  existed and that  he  was  not  just supposed to  live the way he  was living.His thoughts where taking him to a  place where he ran away  from  for a really long  time. This was  a place  where  he  hid all  his fears  and now he was on a  one way trip to  this dudgeon that he  created. He knew  what he was  going  to face when he got there . All the pain and  neglect that he had buried there would  soon  surface  and  he  didn’t  know how to  deal with them  all. He  tried  to  move but for  some   strange  reason unknown  to him he could not  seem  to  move a muscle . That was   when he  heard   the  voice in  his  head . It was   laughing at him and it  said :“Hahaha .Now  you are mine! There is no  escaping this  time!” Josh had  never been so  scared in his life . He was  stuck   in front of a mirror   looking into  his  soul and he  couldn’t  move his body. “ What kind  of  madness is  this?”  he  thought to  himself .  “Today is the  day that  you finally  face  me. I have  waited for  you all these  years  and  now  we  finally  get to meet each other.” Replied the voice in his  head. This was a very strange feeling for Josh  because the voice in his head   was  his, he knew it was  his  but  he couldn’t control the  voice. It was as  if someone was  using his voice to communicate with him inside  his head. “ Am I going crazy ?” he asked himself . He tried to open his  mouth  but his  whole body was paralysed . He could see the  fear in his  own  eyes as he  stared into  them. 

Suddenly , he  noticed the lights in the room gradually  became dim , this  even  scared  him  more and the  voice  wasn’t  helping  matters either  cause  all it  did was taunt him   with  an  evil  laugh. He  felt the  hot liquid run down  his  pants as the   fear made him  pee  all over himself. “Who are you and what do  you  want from me ?” He asked .(remember  this  is  all happening inside his head ) “ Hahah, i am  your inner child that you  have  neglected  all this time  and now  cam here to claim my  rightful place.”

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